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100 Best Quotes from Tiger & Bunny Season 2

If you’re a fan of My Hero Academia, you should give Tiger & Bunny a try. Tiger & Bunny is an adventure and comedy anime that jumps right into the world of superheroes! In addition, it has been praised for its unique take on superheroes and the characters that are the heart of the anime. The brave and funny saying of the superheroes is also captured in the quotes from Tiger & Bunny below.

Season 2 follows the superheroes that are sponsored by corporations and are filmed performing heroic feats. Hence, Tiger and Barnaby continue to fight crime together in the newly released season.

Here’s the scoop on quotes from Tiger & Bunny Season 2!

tiger and bunny tiger barnaby
Tiger & Bunny – NETFLIX

1. “All right! We’re here!” – Tiger

2. “Old man? Quit calling me that!” – Tiger

3. “It’s about time we activated our powers.” – Barnaby

4. “My ice is a little cold, but your crime has been put completely on hold!” – Blue Rose 

5. “Kiss my boots.” – Golden Ryan

6. “I drank his juice from the cooler by accident.” – Tiger

7. “I’ve had enough. I’m not talking to you anymore.” – Barnaby

8. “I don’t think I’ve got any areas where I’m worse than any of you.” – Thomas

9. “That’s exactly what Barnaby used to be like a long time ago!” – Fire Emblem

10. “Old man?” – Barnaby

Tiger & Bunny – NETFLIX

11. “Hey. You’re mad about getting called old, right?” – Tiger

12. “Fine! Not talking to you anymore! No matter what!” – Tiger

13. “I never said you’re good enough to be my partner yet, Thomas.” – Subaru

14. “We’ll cooperate as business partners.” – Subaru

15. “Yep! I’m doing yoga! Just like you told me to!” – Tiger

16. “Sorry I’m late. I’ll water you now.” – Barnaby

17. “I heard you have the power to stop anything. But it won’t work on me!” – Tiger

18. “We know each other even without having to say anything.” – Barnaby

19. “Do you think my acting was a bit too over the top?” – Tiger

20. “Give me a break. You never change.” – Barnaby

tiger and bunny sky high
Tiger & Bunny – NETFLIX

21. “Maybe someone’s got a grudge against superheroes.” – Blue Rose

22. “Haters gonna hate.” – Fire Emblem

23. “Why do you still work as a superhero now?” – Subaru

24. “It doesn’t matter why we began. What matters is the present.” – Golden Ryan

25. “I became a superhero because I wanted to save people. I was just pointing out that we’re not the same.” – Subaru

26. “But you’re my partner now. You’re the one who’s most important to me now.” – Golden Ryan

27. “Well, I thought I should know the people I’m working with better.” – Tiger

28. “You’re poking your nose into other people’s business again.” – Barnaby

29. “You want me to support him.” – Subaru

30. “I thought superheroes are supposed to defeat villains and save people!” – Subaru

Tiger & Bunny – NETFLIX

31. “Mr. Black. It sounds like a name for a stagehand.” – Subaru

32. “I’ll be on film if I perform.” – Subaru

33. “Well, it’s right here. Your power isn’t making objects disappear. It’s making objects shrink.” – Barnaby

34. “I was looking somewhere else when it happened.” – Tiger

35. “I just want to stand out more than Thomas.” – Subaru

36. “When there’s someone in danger, all that matters is the person gets saved.” – Tiger

37. “But I feel like he’s changing.” – Tiger

38. “It’s easier to keep on going when we’re together than when I’m alone.” – Tiger

39. “I thought I should try to keep going for as long as I can.” – Tiger

40. “But as I spent more time with Kotetsu and the others, I started to change. I feel like I smile more than I used to. But I still don’t feel like I enjoy my own life.” – Barnaby

tiger and bunny tiger
Tiger & Bunny – NETFLIX

41. “If I could save more people, maybe one day I could start to feel like my life isn’t that bad.” – Barnaby

42. “Oh, you shouldn’t have. That’s so thoughtful of you.” – Tiger

43. “You always make me have to think about you.” – Barnaby

44. “Let’s go home.” – Tiger

45. “Why is it me who has to go along with your setup?” – Golden Ryan

46. “I thought you had more confidence in yourself than this. Turns out you’re pretty insecure.” – Blue Rose

47. “I’m not working as a superhero just to get famous.” – Tiger

48. “I don’t mind, he’d say out loud, but he’s the type of guy who’d feel hurt inside. – Blue Rose

49. “Why did she want to get away from you, Junior? It’s suspicious.” – Golden Ryan

50. “Now I have to start over.” – Tiger

dragon kid
Tiger & Bunny – NETFLIX

51. “Well, going somewhere new isn’t bad, right?” – Ryan

52. “Anyway, it’s going to be us two. No matter what happens, it’ll be fine.” – Blue Rose

53. “Did you connect the dots? It’s a big dot now, right?” – Ryan

54. “No. I believe in Kotetsu.” – Barnaby

55. “The human eye reveals every emotion.” – Ryan

56. “But we can’t let our fans see us like this. Let’s make it a fun show!” – Subaru

57. “He’s the type who isn’t interested in anyone except himself.” – Blue Rose

58. “Looks like this city is going to betray me too.” – Ryan

59. “I’ve had enough. I’ll go be a superhero somewhere else.” – Ryan

60. “You can’t turn me down like that. And I never said I’m joining you.” – Barnaby

tiger and bunny origami cyclone
Tiger & Bunny – NETFLIX

61. “Let’s go see for ourselves. We don’t know the truth yet.” – Barnaby

62. “Congratulations! You’re teaming up with old man Tiger over here, right?” – Ryan

63. “As a person, you’ve got a long way to go, but I respect you as a superhero.” – Blue Rose

64. “I know what you thought right now. That’s supposed to be me and Bunny.” – Barnaby

65. “Don’t be so mad, Princess.” – Ryan

66. “Just repeating ‘see’ won’t mean much to me.” – Barnaby

67. “I can see it. Like it’s oozing out of your body. You want people to come to you.” – Barnaby

68. “You can’t tell someone who does things right not to do things right.” – Barnaby

69. “Stop being so careful around him. Say what you want to say. That’s what partners do.” – Tiger

70. “I, on the other hand, wish you’d be more careful around me.” – Barnaby

tiger and bunny tiger
Tiger & Bunny – NETFLIX

71. “Nope. The yoga cancels out the bad parts of karaage.” – Tiger

72. “Grown-ups aren’t as grown-up as they seem.” – Fire Emblem

73. “You can give others advice, but you can’t give advice to yourself.” – Fire Emblem

74. “You’re the one who got your hopes up.” – Agnes

75. “If he really is sad about it, then you should just go for a drink.” – Tiger

76. “You said just now that going for a drink would solve the problem. But we’ve never done that before.” – Barnaby

77. “I bet you never keep things bottled up until the next day.” – Fire Emblem

78. “I’m here only because they told me to come.” – Thomas

79. “Knock it off. It’ll just make you feel worse.” – Tiger

80. “What’s wrong is wrong. But what wrong have I done?” – Subaru

 rock bison
Tiger & Bunny – NETFLIX

81. “This is not how a superhero would act.” – Sky High

82. “Not again. I’m a stagehand again.” – Subaru

83. “Actually, I don’t like celery.” – Sky High

84. “I think we still need time to work through our differences and misunderstandings. Even those two weren’t perfect in the beginning, right? ” – Sky High

85. “Though I think we should avoid bickering as much as they do.” – Fire Emblem

86. “Your suit’s starting to get a little tight, right?” – Barnaby

87. “You weren’t apologizing to me?” – Tiger

88. “When I imagine you, you don’t seem like a typhoon to me. More like a soft breeze.” – Rock Bison

89. “I don’t understand where to set boundaries. Is being partners different from being friends?” – Rock Bison

90. “I’m so happy to hear that. But please do wash your hands.” – Barnaby

tiger and bunny fire emblem
Tiger & Bunny – NETFLIX

91. “My power lets me copy appearances, but it’s still me on the inside. I want to be able to transform into other people better.” – Origami Cyclone

92. “I feel like he totally rejected who I am.” – Origami Cyclone

93. “I stopped being invisible and became human again.” – Origami Cyclone

94. “I can’t focus with you three old men blabbering about silly stuff like that.” – Subaru

95. “That’s the first time I’ve seen you do that awkward laugh.” – Tiger

96. “You apologized to me, but you didn’t mean it.” – Origami Cyclone

97. “Toilet Paper Soft Breeze is off to patrol!” – Origami Cyclone

tiger and bunny blue rose
Tiger & Bunny – NETFLIX

98. “You made the tide turn in a split second back there.” – Rock Bison

99. “Let’s start over. Nice to meet you, partner.” – Origami Cyclone

100. “That’s how a buddy should be. Mine just threw a dumbbell at me when I ate one of his gummy candies.” – Subaru

Tiger & Bunny 2 dives into the lives of other superheroes and what the buddy system means for them. While the heroes face their own personal problems and fight villains during the season. Moreover, the dramatic nature of their conflicts is captured in the quotes from Tiger & Bunny.

The anime received praise for how it handled the superhero genre. Nearly a decade later after the first season aired, Netflix released part one of the second season. After all, the second part will be released at a later date to keep the fan’s interest.

Hope you enjoyed reading these dramatic quotes from Tiger & Bunny 2! Watch this heroic anime on Netflix now!

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