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100 Best Where the Crawdads Sing Movie Quotes

Based on the novel by Delia Owens, Where the Crawdads Sing centers around a girl who must fend for herself in the marshlands of North Carolina after her parents abandoned her. For years, rumors circulated through the community about the “Marsh Girl” haunting Barkley Cove.

Kya finds herself isolated from the rest of the world. But what happens when two men appear from town? Where the Crawdads Sing is a grim tale that blends romance, mystery, and drama to perfectly unfold into a satisfying ending.

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Tate and Kya in where the crawdads sing
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1. “Marsh is not a swamp.”

2. “Where’s his footprints?”

3. “The truth will come out.”

4. “Is she a scientist or a witch?”

5. “I bet that door isn’t even locked.”

6. “Please, stay.”

7. “They call you marsh girl.”

8. “People forget about the creatures who live in shells.”

9. “I had a family once. They called me Kya.”

Kya reading
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10. “Ma never came back and everybody else was quick to get out the same way.”

11. “If you’re in trouble, run and hide deep in the creek where the crawdads sing like Ma always said.”

12. “I learned from the mistakes of the others how to live with him. Stay out of the way.”

13. “I’d been out in the marsh plenty of times but never without Jodi. I didn’t know which way was home.”

14. “It’s okay. I get lost sometimes.”

15. “My name’s Tate in case you see me again.”

16. “I felt something other than hurt, I felt brave.”

17. “Well, I’m mighty proud to know you, Ms. Kya.”

18. “Plenty of kids go to school without shoes.”

Mabel and Kya in where the crawdads sing
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19. “You have just as much as a right to be here!”

20. “Can you smell dog, honey?”

21. “That was the only day I ever spent in school reckon I was better off learning in the wild.”

22. “You can’t trust nobody, you protect yourself.”

23. “She ain’t ever coming back. You hear me?”

24. “Ain’t. isn’t even a real word.”

25. “Being completely alone was a feeling so vast it echoed.”

26. “I didn’t know how to do life without grits.”

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27. “It’s first come first serve ain’t no other way of doing it!”

28. “You sure are growing up fast.”

29. “If we lose, we lose big. It’s life in prison or the other.”

30. “There’s a good chance that no one murdered Chase Andrews.”

31. “Ms. Clark is an outsider.”

32. “I can’t read your note.”

33. “I don’t know. I figured you’d like the feathers.”

34. “I could teach you to read.”

35. “Don’t tell me. I got all day.”

36. “There will never be a time that you can’t read ever.”

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37. “We can all read at my house sometime.”

38. “Within all the words of biology, I searched for an explanation of why a mother would leave her offspring.”

39. “Sometimes I feel so invisible I wonder if I’m here at all.”

40. “Life can change in a second.”

41. “No sir. I don’t think at least not enough, just ask my wife.”

42. “You know it’s polite to greet people when you see them.”

43. “I’d never leave the marsh to go live with a group of strangers.”

44. “You can’t live in the marsh forever.”

45. “Watch me!”

46. “You can say anything to me.”

47. “Am I your girlfriend now?”

tate and kya in where the crawdads sing
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48. “How’d you know it was my birthday?”

49. “I care about you too much. I want you more than anything.”

50. “The only constant in nature is change.”

51. “You’re never gonna go back.”

52. “I could never forget you Kya, ever.”

53. “The heart’s pain seeped away like water into sand, still there but deep.”

54. “It’s a nice name. I like it. It’s different but nice!”

55. “You’re something else ain’t ya?”

56. “I know you think I’m trash but I’m worth more than a picnic.”

57. “It’s a great way to see the whole marsh from above.”

58. “It’s like having a friend your whole life but you never see their face.”

Kya in court
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59. “There’s nobody I know who could live out here alone like this. Most guys would be too scared.”

60. “I didn’t know exactly how I felt about Chase, but I was no longer lonely. That felt enough.”

61. “The marsh was our secret.”

62. “I don’t know if anyone really knows me.”

63. “Hey? You’re looking at the new manager of Western Auto.”

64. “Kya, I know people have disappointed you and I’m sorry about that.”

65. “If we’re gonna get married, you’re gonna have to get into the world a bit. Spread those lovely wings of yours.”

where the crawdads sing
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66. “You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone.”

67. “It’s from the marsh girl, Ms. Clark.”

68. “You taught the marsh girl her A, B, C’s.”

69. “I don’t care what you want. You’re the one who left.”

70. “Who didn’t come back when you promised.”

71. “You weren’t ‘man’ enough to face me.”

72. “I thought I had to choose between you and everything else.”

73. “I was so wrong. I’ve been sorry for years and I’ll be sorry for the rest of my life.”

Jumpin and Mabel
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74. “So I’m here now. I’m back for good.”

75. “I would have done so many things differently.”

76. “I had to do life alone but I know that. I’d known for a long time. People don’t stay.”

77. “I knew I had to find you. I just didn’t know you’d still be here.”

78. “Showed up at Rosemary’s door in her alligator shoes.”

79. “You didn’t have a family your whole life and there’s nothing I can do to give you that back.”

80.”The marsh girl thinks she’s too good for you now.”

81. “You know any other man would have tried to fix you, to change you. But I never did.”

82. “I feel sorry for you and I don’t want anything to do with any of that.”

83. “You bother me again and I’ll kill you.”

84. “The defendant, the one folks call marsh girl.”

85. “I finally understood why Ma had to leave.”

Kya in the marshes in where the crawdads sing
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86. “One thing I learned from Pa, these men have to have the last punch.”

87. “Being isolated was one thing, living in fear was another.”

88. “Don’t let him ruin this for you.”

89. “You let me know when you’re coming and going.”

90. “I don’t know if there’s a dark side to nature.”

91, “I never hated them. They hated me.”

92, “They’re not deciding anything about me. It’s them. They are judging themselves.”

93. “Who else would have the motive to take that necklace?”

94. “Ms. Clark. You are free to go.”

95. “You know I love you right?”

96. “The marsh knows all about death and doesn’t necessarily define it as a tragedy.”

Kya and the marshlands
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97. “For a prey to like its predator must die.”

98. “I’m every shell washed upon the shore.”

99. “I hope when it is time for me to leave. I will go quick and easy without making too much noise.”

100. “Will you marry me? I mean, do you want to?”

Did you know that the movie was actually filmed in Louisiana instead of North Carolina?

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