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100+ Best Spiderhead Movie Quotes

A psychological thriller starring Chris Hemsworth, Spiderhead focuses on two inmates who form a bond while trying to grasp their dark pasts. In the midst of forming a connection, an experiment is being done on the inmates that threaten to alter their minds. Directed by Joseph Kosinski, this Netflix film stems from the short story, Escape from Spiderhead by George Saunders.

Besides the futuristic premise of pharmaceutical technology, Spiderhead introduces a star-studded cast and an addicting soundtrack.

Here’s the scoop on quotes from Spiderhead!

1. “Another beautiful morning friends, time to rise and really shine.” – Abnesti

2. “As volunteers in the Spiderhead Penitentiary and Research Center… you must do your part and practice the golden rules, no abuse, physical, verbal, or otherwise, and label your food in the fridge.” – Abnesti

Chris Hemsworth as Abnesti in Spiderhead
Cr. Netflix © 2022

3. “I always said they wasted your talents on janitorial.” – Jeff

4. “Don’t be too sure about that. I’ve got a bit of a scrub fetish.” – Lizzy

5. “Flowers didn’t grow… they were sculpted. Painted.” – Jeff

6. “Well, you’re cute when you’re stupid.” – Lizzy

7. “All we’ve got is time.” – Lizzy

8. “I’m just kind of a bitch.” – Heather

9. “People in love unconsciously mimic each other’s actions. They scratch their faces, fiddle with their hair at the same time.” – Abnesti

10. “It’s like their bodies can’t help themselves.” – Abnesti

11. “I want to know. I want to know, does love… does love last?” – Abnesti

12. “Hey, is there a drug to make you forget shit?” – Jeff

13. “Yeah, it’s called old age.” – Mark

14. “I mean, it’s not that I like ‘em both, or that I like one more than the other. It’s just, I… I just don’t really feel anything towards either of them, you know?” – Jeff

15. “I can remember feeling a certain way towards ‘em, but that’s all kind of hazy and worn off now.” – Jeff

16. “It would to you be random, you truly have no preference.” – Abnesti

17. “You ever loved?” – Abnesti

18. “You know that loneliness is as lethal as smoking 15 cigarettes a day?” – Abnesti

19. “Imagine if we could destroy all the world’s cigarettes. We’d have people everywhere loving, being loved, capable of love…” – Abnesti

20. “What is it you want, Jeff, more than anything in the world?” – Abnesti

21. “To go back.” – Jeff

22. “What you want is redemption. And this is how you’re gonna find it.” – Abnesti

23. “Hey, babe, you’re probably getting sick of me leaving these things for you, but I wanted to tell you the usual that I miss you and I’m sorry.” – Jeff

24. “I met someone. Yeah, her name’s Lizzy. She kinda reminds me of you a little bit. So maybe I’ll finally stop bugging you.” – Jeff

25. “This’ll be my last. I’m sorry.” – Jeff

26. “Go fuck yourself.” – Rogan

27. “You know what it does. Okay? We’ve all seen what it does. It’s already proven. This isn’t some type of skin show.” – Jeff

28. “I don’t know what you’re talkin’ about. But fuck all y’all.” – Rogan

29. “I’m not, I won’t. I won’t acknowledge.” – Jeff

Abnesti and Jeff
Cr. Netflix © 2022

30. “What the fuck was that about?” – Rogan

31. “So everyone’s just fucking everyone?” – Jeff

32. “Mark, I mean, look, man, I’ve been on some crazy-ass project teams, right? But this one… Yeah, this one doesn’t feel right.” – Jeff

33. “Jeff, you know, I sympathize, but only to a point.” – Abnesti

34. “I gotta take off my friendship hat for a second and remind you, your presence in the facility, while technically a punishment, is a privilege. Is it not?” – Abnesti

35. “Okay? Mutual respect. I don’t burst in on you, do I? So, you don’t burst in on me. We must honor that or it’s my ass.” – Abnesti

36. “At least you should return the sentiment. It’s the least you could do. ” – Abnesti

37. “I hate this, Jeff, and I’m sorry. Okay? I just… I need to know if we can count on you. Can we count on you in the future to honor our arrangement?” – Abnesti

38. “Mark, smile once in a while, okay? We’re changing the world.” – Abnesti

39. “Listen, Darkenfloxx is a tool, okay? It’s gonna help us figure out the important shit. This time, next week, right back in the drawer, I promise.” – Abnesti

40. “Holy fucking shit.” – Abnesti

41.”I felt like I was on fire. I wished I was on fire. I would have set myself on fire to make it stop. It’s horrible.” – Jeff

42. “You’re a good guy.” – Lizzy

43. “She’s moved on. It just helps to hear her voice sometimes.” – Jeff

44. “This place can really mess with your head.” – Jeff

45. “Sometimes, it’s hard to remember who I was before I came in here.” – Jeff

46. “Lizzy… when I’m with you… that’s the only time I really feel like myself.” – Jeff

47. “You look at the world through the wrong end of binoculars.” – Abnesti

48. “Life out there is not life in here, okay? Shit is messy.” – Abnesti

49. “Shit. Better to think someone’s dead, and find out they’re alive.” – Abnesti

50. “Beautiful people get away with too much. I say that having benefited myself from time to time.” – Abnesti

Abnesti in Spiderhead
Cr. Netflix © 2022

51. “Yeah, Rogan could kill you with a box of Kleenex.” – Abnesti

52. “Can I suggest if you knew Heather’s past, making her feel briefly sad, nauseous, and/or horrified, it might not seem like the worst idea in the world?” – Abnesti

53. “Am I a monster, Jeff?” – Abnesti

54. “All I can think is Heather was once a child. Loved by her mother and father… neither foreseeing that one day she might do a terrible thing.” – Jeff

55. “A thing that would separate her once and for all from love. Divorce her from joy and cause her unspeakable sadness.” – Jeff

56. “I’m responsible.” – Jeff

57. “Stay the fuck away from me!” – Heather

58. “It’s not your fault. Not your fault.” – Abnesti

59. “Grow up. You shouldn’t act like we’ve crossed some sort of line here. The time to worry about crossing lines was a lot of lines ago.” – Abnesti

60. “Pressure forms diamonds.” – Abnesti

Cr. Netflix © 2022

61. “This, uh… you know this is science, Jeff. And in science, we have to explore the unknown. This unknown can lead to the unforeseen, and we have no way of predicting that.” – Abnesti

62. “In the long run, our work will help ease suffering, it’ll save lives, not just one life, many lives. You’re making the world a better place.” – Abnesti

63. “I was eight years old and my dad told me he was gonna take me to summer camp. I was so excited. And he dropped me off, and it turns out it wasn’t summer camp, it was foster care… and I never saw him again.” – Abnesti

64. “You can walk out that door anytime you want. I can’t.” – Jeff

65. “This is my one true love, Jeff. And once you fall in love, it’s hard to fall back out.” – Abnesti

66. “Jeff and Steve… stuck at summer camp.” – Jeff

67. “To Jeff and Steve. Not that different.” – Abnesti

68. “You know, all the years I spent at State. I come here, and I’m, like… Is this place even really do much better?” – Lizzy

69. “Why do we keep saying yes?” – Lizzy

Lizzy and Jeff
Cr. Netflix © 2022

70. “Acknowledge, acknowledge, acknowledge.” – Jeff

71. “All the times you’ve said yes, why did you?” – Lizzy

72. “I guess I felt like I deserved it.” – Jeff

73. “Two cunts, voluntary manslaughter. And that doesn’t include Heather.” – Jeff

74. “Don’t do that to yourself. That’s not on you. You did everything you could.” – Lizzy

75. “No. I said, ‘acknowledge.’ And I don’t even know why.” – Jeff

76. “You’re a good soul.” – Lizzy

77. “For what it’s worth, I think we’re the least of all evils in here.” – Jeff

78. “If we’re all so bad, where’s the bad?” – Lizzy

79. “Yeah, Lizzy doesn’t deserve this.” – Jeff

80. “Jeff, come on. You sound nothing like the guy that first arrived here. That guy would’ve done anything to make this crime right.” – Abnesti

81. “Things always feel better in the morning.” – Abnesti

82. “Drugs like this will prevent places like this. No more damage, no more damaged people.” – Abnesti

83. “Only you can prevent another you.” – Abnesti

84. “There is no Protocol Committee, is there? This is his company. I saw his letterhead. Abnesti Pharmaceuticals.” – Jeff

85. “He’s the one in charge and he’s naming the drugs using a goddamn Bingo card, Mark. What are you doing working at a place like this?” – Jeff

86. “Abnesti doesn’t care about love. No, he cares about the red one.” – Jeff

87. “How can you go along with this? You could work anywhere. Why here? Why him?” – Jeff

88. “There are so few geniuses. He promised me we would change the world. I just wanted to help people.” – Mark

89. “Millennials, huh? Sorry, that’s a… it’s an unfair word. You think about it, someone arbitrarily decides that everyone born between this date and that date that they all act the same. It’s like a… a horoscope, but stupider.” – Abnesti

90. “You and Mark are nothing alike.” – Abnesti

Abnesti, Jeff, and Verlaine in Spiderhead
Cr. Netflix © 2022

91. “What are we up against here, Jeff? Huh? You think you love her? You don’t even know her.” – Abnesti

92. “The quicker we get over with, it’ll be better for all of us.” – Lizzy

93. “You can’t hurt me. There’s no greater pain than having to wake up every morning without her. Okay?” – Lizzy

94. “And I know you think you love me, but anything in me worth loving died with her long ago.” – Lizzy

95. “B-6. It doesn’t make you happy or hungry or horny. It makes you do as you’re told.” – Jeff

96. “You weren’t testing those other drugs. You were testing B-6.” – Jeff

97. “B-6 had to be perfect. The goal wasn’t obedience. It was absolute obedience without exceptions.” – Abnesti

98. “I trusted you. We trusted you with our lives! You made us do all this shit to each other, thinking it was our choice, but it was yours.” – Jeff

Jeff and Lizzy
Cr. Netflix © 2022

99. “Can’t you picture it? A world filled with people who do as they’re told. We’d be selling peace and harmony itself.” – Abnesti

100. “I’m gonna make sure you never do this to anyone ever again.” – Jeff

101. “Lizzy, I love you. Nothing you said or did is gonna change that.” – Jeff

102. “Fucking piece of shit!” – Abnesti

103. “Stop Jeff and Lizzy, not for me, for you.” – Abnesti

104. “It’s beautiful.” – Abnesti

105. “Sun feels nice.” – Lizzy

106. “I wish there was a self-forgiveness drug. You take it and everything starts over.” – Jeff

107. “Everyone you ever loved, you did right by them. Treated them like gold and you feel like it’s all ahead of me. This beautiful life, all the pleasures of it. The love I could give, the good I could do.” – Jeff

108. “But there’s no drug like that. So, we’re gonna have to do it for ourselves.” – Jeff

Even though the trope of prisoners consenting to experimental drugs is not new, Spiderhead reveals fresh possibilities for exploring hidden truths with a disturbing undertone.

Watch Spiderhead now on Netflix!

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