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Hallmark’s The Good Witch follows the story of Cassie Nightingale, a newcomer in the town of Middleton. She’s a breath of fresh air to the town, albeit a quirky one, and the movie has plenty of great quotes to match!

Here’s the scoop on the 100 best The Good Witch quotes!

cassie with broom the good witch
Photo: Brooke Palmer © 2007 Crown Media

1. “Lori’s having nightmares again. So I stayed up to keep her company.” – George

2. “Well, I promise we’re going to do something about those monsters.” – Jake

3. “You can’t arrest monsters. Everybody knows that!” – Lori

4. “I just saw the Grey Lady.” – Lori

5. “You’re just imagining it, just like you imagine all your other monsters.” – Brandon

6. “Cruising the streets of Middleton. That’ll take all of 10 minutes.” – Derek

7. “I am astounded to know you let that drunken Walter Cobb out of jail.” – Martha

8. “Grey House? Who would want to live there?” – Jake

9. “A drug lab? In Middleton?” – Jake

cassie and jake promo the good witch
Photo: Brooke Palmer /© 2007 Crown Media.

10. “Chief Russell, as chairperson of the Citizens League, it is my responsibility to keep apprised of all developments in our community.” – Martha

11. “Nosy old bat.” – Derek

12. “I think she wants to be mayor more than her husband.” – Derek

13. “I’m sure it’s nothing, but just stay behind me.” – Jake

14. “Welcome.” – Cassie

15. “It’s more of a mutual admiration society.” – Cassie

16. “Only you know what you saw yesterday.” – Cassie

17. “I think it has character.” – Cassie

18. “I see the beauty beneath the surface.” – Cassie

cassie the good witch
Photo: John Medland /© 2007 Crown Media.

19. “Miss Nightingale, this community has standards.” – Martha

20. “Now I want you to go home, and stop scaring these children half to death.” – Cassie

21. “I’ve always had a way with the fur people.” – Cassie

22. “I don’t need your help, lady.” – Walter

23. “You just watch your back or that witch will take the bark out of you too.” – Rusty

24. “She’s a witch.” – Lori

25. “Witches don’t exist.” – Brandon

26. “Grandpa, you used to box, right?” – Brandon

27. “I just want to be able to take care of myself.” – Brandon

28. “Did you come to deliver those community standards?” – Cassie

cassie and jake the good witch promo
Photo: Brooke Palmer /© 2007 Crown Media.

29. “You have to understand, Mrs. Tinsdale, she tends to get a little passionate about things.” – Jake

30. “Do I look that cracked, and faded?” – Cassie

31. “Yeah, I know them. They’re my kids.” – Jake

32. “Well, they probably didn’t want it on their police record/” – Cassie

33. “Would you like that tea now? Or coffee, because I know that cops drink coffee and eat donuts.” – Cassie

34. “They also wear those big dark glasses so nobody knows what we’re thinking.” – Jake

35. “Drop by anytime, neighbor.” – Cassie

36. “I like a challenge.” – Cassie

37. “I’ll see you later, Chief Russell.” – Cassie

cassie and jake the good witch
Photo: John Medland /© 2007 Crown Media.

38. “It’s a trick.” – Jake

39. “So I hear you want to learn how to fight.” – Jake

40. “If you got a problem with somebody, you know you can talk to me about it.” – Jake

41. “If you make up your mind you want something, all the obstacles seem to vanish.” – Cassie

42. “You’re not under investigation.” – Jake

43. “Life’s a journey, not a destination.” – Cassie

44. “You all must miss her very much.” – Cassie

45. “Good luck with the shop, Miss Nightingale.” – Jake

cassie book store the good witch
Photo: John Medland /© 2007 Crown Media.

47. “Would you like to come inside for a tour?” – Cassie

48. “And if you would like, you can stop by my new shop on Main, the Bell, Book and Candle.” – Cassie

49. “I’m not scared.” – Lori

50. “Can you do something about monsters?” – Lori

51. “Monsters are a bit trickier than dogs.” – Cassie

52. “They really can’t hurt you, but they make you think they can.” – Cassie

53. “I’m always cooking up something.” – Cassie

54. “Give it time. People just want to get to know you.” – Jake

55. “You have a magic touch.” – Jake

56. “That’s the witch I’ve been hearing about.” – Derek

57. “She’s different.” – Jake

58. “She’s different all right.” – Derek

cassie and lori the good witch
Photo: John Medland /© 2007 Crown Media.

59. “Martha has a vision for Middleton.” – Nancy

60. “So she’s a visionary.” – Cassie

61. “This one smells like…cinnamon buns?” – Nancy

62. “Just consider it a fun little experiment.” – Cassie

63. “Middleton’s a special place, and it attracts a special sort of person.” – Martha

64. “We hold tight to our traditions here in Middleton.” Martha

65. “Sometimes if you hold too tight to what you have, you end up choking it.” – Cassie

66. “They look like symbols used in witchcraft.” – Martha

67. “I have had it up to here with your masks!” – Martha

68. “You used to love to go down there and sing the old songs/” – Jake

69. “It catches the bad dreams and only lets the good dreams get through.” – Lori

70. “I want you to arrest Cassie Nightingale!” – Martha

71. “Well, fair exchange for food and a place to stay.” – Walter

72. “I believe the right people always show up when you need them most.” – Cassie

73. “I almost didn’t recognize you without your gun and badge.” – Cassie

74. “You know, she could cause real trouble for you.” – Jake

75. “You are very trusting.” – Jake

the good witch cassie and lori
Photo: John Medland /© 2007 Crown Media.

76. “I’ll take that as a compliment.” – Cassie

77. “She made the monsters go away!” – Lori

78. “You mean that dream catcher thingy really works?” – George

79. “No more monsters!” – Lori

80. “Well, everybody can do magic, Brandon.” – Cassie

82. “When Martha’s not happy, I’m not happy.” – Mayor Tinsdale

83. “I can’t change the facts.” – Jake

84. “All I’m asking is that you do a little digging. Aren’t you curious about her?” – Mayor Tinsdale

85. “I did find a Cass Nightingale. She was New Zealand’s top bodybuilder in 1987.” – Derek

86. “The only thing we know is that Cassandra Nightingale’s name is not Cassandra Nightingale.” – Derek

87. “Thank you, Jake, you’re a miracle worker.” – Cassie

88. “I think you’re the one working miracles.” – Jake

the good witch shot
Photo: John Medland /© 2007 Crown Media.

89. “Your name’s not Cassandra Nightingale, is it?” – Jake

90. “You’re so good at getting everyone else to open up, why can’t you?” – Jake

91. “They were so strict. They killed the magic.” – Cassie

92. “Not running. Experiencing new places.” – Cassie

93. “Her black magic shop is a dagger through the heart of our lovely business district.” – Martha

94. “Then let’s show her exactly how we feel.” – Martha

95. “I just wanted to meet the lady who is the talk of my household.” – George

the good witch cast
Photo: Brooke Palmer /© 2007 Crown Media

96. “Now how did you know I’m from the old sod?” – George

97. “Oh, George, never do the sensible thing.” – Cassie

98. “You always seem to give people exactly what they need.” – Jake

99. “I want to be a witch when I grow up.” – Lori

100. “You’re not a witch, are you?” – Jake

If you loved these quotes, we highly recommend checking out The Good Witch on Hallmark!

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