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100 Best TV Show Quotes from ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’

Without a doubt, the teenage drama The Summer I Turned Pretty is taking the world by storm. The Prime Video original series brought the book The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han to the screen, and has received rave reviews from fans of the book series and new fans alike. The series revolves around Isabella Conkins, or Belly, as she stays with her Mom’s best friend and her two sons at Cousins Beach. Throughout the series, Belly navigates her path to adulthood as well as her relationships with the brothers, Conrad and Jeremiah. While the storyline differs in some ways from the book series, the first season does a fantastic job of painting Belly and Cousins Beach. 

With season two confirmed by Prime Video and highly anticipated by social media and the public, The Summer I Turned Pretty is definitely a show to check out!

Here’s the scoop on the best tv show quotes from The Summer I Turned Pretty!

Jeremiah and Belly in the summer i turned pretty tv show
Amazon Prime Video

1. “For me, everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August.” -Belly

2. “They’ve always seen me as a little kid, but this summer, it’s different.” -Belly

3. “They’re here!”-Susannah

4. “For me, it was almost like winter didn’t count. Summer was what mattered. My whole life was measured in summers. Like I don’t really begin living until June, until I’m at that beach, in that house.” -Belly

5. “Look who came back all grown up!” -Jeremiah

Taylor, Jeremiah, and Belly
Amazon Prime Video

6. “I liked you better with glasses.” -Conrad

7. “You do not look the same at all. You’re growing up. You’re in bloom.” -Susannah

8. “It smells exactly the same, tastes the same like it’s been waiting for me to get here.”-Belly

9. “For now, it’s just the women and the children, just the way we like it.” -Susannah

10. “I’ve been waiting all summer for this.”-Belly

Taylor, Steven, Jeremiah, and Belly
Amazon Prime Video

11. “Aw, man. I’ve been wanting to go in the ocean all day, but I’ve been waiting for you to get here.” -Jeremiah

12. “You want to race?” -Jeremiah

13. “I wrangled Belly an invitation to be a debutante.” -Susannah 

14. “She’s our feral little alley cat.” -Laurel

15. “Can dinner be a screen-free zone? You know, like the olden days?” -Susannah

16. “My boys gotta get that bread.” -Jeremiah

17. “God, do you memorize every single thing I’ve ever said?” -Conrad

Conrad in the summer I turned pretty tv show
Amazon Prime Video

18. “Why are you acting so different?” -Belly

19. “I really want to see our girl in a white dress.” -Susannah

20. “I thought you said that deb balls are bullshit and all debs are sheep.” -Belly

21. “This could be my summer wish. This night. This boy.” -Belly

22. “Things change, whether you want them to or not. So, maybe I’ll change too.”-Belly

23. “He’s hopeless, but my hangover smoothie — it cures all.” -Jeremiah

24. “Take it in, Steven. This is all ours.” -Jeremiah

25. “Humor me. Use our code phrase, and I’ll be right there.” -Laurel

Laurel and Susannah
Amazon Prime Video

26. “Do you think going to a drive-in movie with me tonight might help with the wistfulness?” -Cam

27. “How do you know when it’s the right person?”-Belly

28. “Didn’t Belly tell you? She has a date.” -Susannah

29. “Just catching the end of our favorite movie.” -Steven

30. “I don’t want this night to be over.” -Belly

31. “You don’t mind if her lips touch a dead animal? And those dead animal lips touch your lips?” -Jeremiah

32. “My whole life, it’s always been you.”-Belly

33. “Why don’t you go look in the mirror some more?” -Conrad

Conrad and Belly
Amazon Prime Video

34. “I wonder if this is how all crushes die. With a whimper, slowly, and just like that, gone.”-Belly

35. “There’s the birthday girl, looking like a vision in floral!” -Susannah

36. You’re the main character, Belly.” -Jeremiah

37. “I just really want to look good next to you.” -Steven

38. “You finally took my advice. This outfit is snatched.” -Taylor

39. “It’s your 16th birthday. We have to go out!” -Taylor

40. “Well, thank you for taking care of me.” -Nicole

Nicole in the summer I turned pretty tv show
Amazon Prime Video

41. “So, Cam. You mind if I call you Cam Cameron?” -Jeremiah

42. “You don’t have to hold everything in all the time. You don’t always have to be strong.” -Laurel

43. “Zero clumps, I’m a genius.” -Taylor

44. “I never miss a chance to have a Sofia Coppola moment.” -Nicole

45. “You’re hooking up with my brother?!” -Belly

Conrad and Belly in the summer I turned pretty tv show
Amazon Prime Video

46. “Ah…to be 17 again.” -Cleveland

47. “We need to hold tight to our friendships because we never know what the future will hold.” -Laurel 

48. “Can you please, please not tell anyone?” -Steven

49. “I’ve wished for Conrad on every birthday, every shooting star, every penny in a fountain…Is Conrad still my wish?” -Belly

Belly and Taylor
Amazon Prime Video

50. “I just want one last perfect summer at Cousins.” -Susannah

51. “I wondered if it was possible to take someone’s pain away with a kiss.” -Belly

52. “Even my dream life is complicated.” -Belly

53. “I don’t know my kids anymore.” -Laurel

54. “Knockoff Dakota Johnson has her claws in our dad.” -Belly

55. “I like her. She’s confident and knows who she is. I’m surprised a girl like that would want to deb.” -Laurel

Laurel and Susannah
Amazon Prime Video

56. “I was kind of hoping for a vapid ditz in Lululemons.” -Laurel

57. “Boys may come and go, but a best friend is once in a lifetime.” -Laurel

58. “We’re just having fun, right? Nothing serious.” -Shayla

59. “I’ve always liked you with wet hair. It’s so…romantic.” -Belly

60. “Hey, do you want to get out of here?” -Laurel

61. “Belly, you don’t know the effect you have on people.” -Conrad

62. “I’m too old to be someone’s booty call.” -Laurel

Laurel and Susannah in the summer I turned pretty tv show
Amazon Prime Video

63. “How come nobody ever wants to play with me?” -Jeremiah 

64. “He’s so nice. I could hang out with him like this all summer and be really happy.” -Belly

65. “Watching Jeremiah fight with his child nemesis never gets old.” -Shayla

66. “I mean, we grew up together so I’ve always thought of her as this little kid, but now, she’s not.” -Conrad

67. “Summer’s the same, we’re the ones who are changing.” -Susannah

68. “Picasso and Jackson Pollock had a baby.” -Laurel

69. “See, this is why old people should not do drugs.” -Jeremiah

Belly and Jeremiah
Amazon Prime Video

70. “You’re my best friend. There are times I want to be more.” -Jeremiah

71. “I always hoped it would be Conrad, but here I am…about to kiss Jeremiah Fisher.” -Belly

72. “Belly, I’m sorry…for being a jerk the other day and pretending like I don’t remember when I remember everything.” -Conrad

73. “You’re glad I’m here because I’m about to get you on Team Jeremiah, which I’m the very enthusiastic CEO of….so.” -Taylor

74. “It’s not about winning for me. It’s about doing things the right way.” -Conrad

75. “It’s one thing I’ve wanted my whole life, for Conrad to ask me to go somewhere… and to an actual ball…and it was all because his mom asked.” -Belly

Conrad and Belly
Amazon Prime Video

76. “Yes, actually, She’s all yours.” -Nicole

77. “How am I supposed to fully jump into something with Jeremiah, if a piece of my heart still beats for his brother?” -Belly

78. “Connie seemed like his old self today, didn’t he? He was so…happy.” -Susannah

79. “And in the end, he would become a memory, pressed in my heart like a leaf in my book.” -Belly

80. “Winters are simply a time to count the weeks until the next summer.” -Belly

81. “There were times this summer when I felt like I didn’t know my own heart. But one thing I do know for sure is that whatever happens next, I will always come back to this place and these people.” -Belly

Belly in the summer I turned pretty tv show
Amazon Prime Video

82. “Have to admit, I like your friends.” -Taylor

83. “This is why Conrad’s a disaster. Like he’s hot and mysterious. You know, I get it…I know. But everything he touches turns to total shit.” -Taylor

84. “Real is…scary.” -Belly

85. “Isn’t love supposed to be a little scary?” -Taylor

86. “It’s always been about Belly, hasn’t it?” -Nicole

87. “You didn’t hurt me. You wasted my time. There’s a difference.” -Nicole

88. “So will you go with me to the deb ball?” -Belly

Jeremiah and Belly
Amazon Prime Video

89. “I feel like I keep doing the wrong thing when it comes to you….I just don’t want to lose you.” -Conrad

90. “I didn’t…but, it’s just hard to let you go.” -Laurel

91. “For what it’s worth, Jere was the right choice.” -Conrad

92. “I’ll grab your hand, and we’ll dance away from everybody.” -Jeremiah

93. “You’re playing with a lot of hearts, Belly.” -Nicole

94. “You’re gonna have to face that Susannah isn’t gonna be here much longer.” -John 

95. “I felt it a week before we left, every time. And then of course, when the time came, I was never ready to leave. I wanted to stay forever.”-Belly

Conrad and Belly in the summer I turned pretty tv show
Amazon Prime Video

96. “For Belly, Conrad is the sun. And when the sun comes out, the stars disappear.” -Laurel

97. “I feel so stupid…all summer long, I’ve been thinking about myself, and Susannah was sick, and I didn’t even know.” -Belly

98. “I just want to be me when I go.” -Susannah

99. “I do want you.” -Conrad

100. “In this moment I realized if this can happen, maybe anything can.” -Belly

The Summer I Turned Pretty explores growing up, love, and a loss of innocence. The author even contributed to the Amazon series to make sure the show is mostly faithful to the books.

Stream now on Amazon Prime Video!

Hope you found these TV show quotes from The Summer I Turned Pretty to be nostalgic and beautiful!

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