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100+ Quotes from Season 1 of Ms. Marvel

Kamala Khan (Iman Vellani) transforms into the fierce hero, Ms. Marvel, after receiving a special family heirloom. While trying to figure out her family’s past, Kamala has to navigate being a teenager with her mother’s strict rules. Based on the popular comic, Ms. Marvel is a hilarious, fun, and electric journey through cultures and time. The number of inspiring quotes from Ms. Marvel will have you wanting to be a superhero too.

Here’s the scoop on quotes from Ms. Marvel!

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1. “You all look very good for being around in the 40s.” 

2. “Don’t even have a license.” 

3. “I don’t think anyone saw.” 

4. “You expect her to signal every single time?” 

5. “You got to be with me girl.” 

6. “Can we stop acting like your mom is Darth Vader.”

7. “Steampunk is dead.” 

8. “I will eat your brains but I also have superpowers.” 

Ms Marvel (Kamala)
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9. “That is junk.” 

10. “What does she have to discover herself?” 

11. “You really are too short for that.” 

12. “Is Bruno recording this for the internet?” 

13. “It’s not that tight!” 

14. “It’s not like I am asking to go to a party and have cocaine.” 

15. “Well, this says 12.” 

16. “I have a surprise for you.” 

Kamala and Bruno
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17. “It is so humiliating.” 

18. “Are we fighting?” 

19. “Tell Bruno that Zuzu is possessed by an evil jin.” 

20. “How many slushies have you had today?” 

21. “Me embarrass you?” 

22. “You being a genius will come in handy.” 

23. “I’d say you have a 0.001% chance.” 

24. “How likely will I find it there on my way back?” 

25. “She doesn’t even like the Avengers.” 

Nakia, Bruno, and Kamala
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26. “Who is this rebellious girl who is sneaking out?” 

27. “I feel like secret identities are secret for a reason.” 

28. “Do you want to be this cosmic, head in the clouds person?” 

29. “It’s not really the brown girl from Jersey City that saves the world.” 

30. “I’ve seen what happens when people become obsessed with their fantasies.”

31. “Favorite couple yeah.” 

32. “The best thing about AirPods is you don’t have to stand too close to each other.” 

33. “She is sitting there bragging about being saved by the budget Captain Marvel.” 

Ms. Marvel
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34. “She’s celebrating the fragility of life.” 

35. “I guess super strength is not part of the equation.”

36. “It’s always the same two that are late.”

37. “The change is here and the change is her everyone.”

38. “She can’t. She failed.”

39. “He knows my name is not Bryan.” 

40. “History is written by the oppressors.”

kamala and her family
Photo by Daniel McFadden. ©Marvel Studios 2022. All Rights Reserved.

41. “Everything is just changing really fast, Max.” 

42. “Someday you will feel like Jersey’s your home.” 

43. “Sprouted into like a sunflower.” 

44. “She followed a trail of stars right back to her father.”

45. “It’s gotta be the evil eye.” 

46. “If it wasn’t for slippery when wet, your father and I wouldn’t have ever yet.” 

47. “You wouldn’t kill our dreams would you?”

48. “I have a feeling you did this for the lights…”

Kamala Khan
Photo by Daniel McFadden. ©Marvel Studios 2022. All Rights Reserved.

49. “Good is not who you are but what you do.”

50. “Next time, take off your shoes.”

51. “That bangle is made with something bigger than you.”

52. “The man who chooses family is never alone.” 

53. “Maybe it’s not such a bad thing that you are not her.”

54. “I swear, he gets my name wrong on purpose.” 

55. “I thought I wasn’t allowed to speak.”

56. “How are you so casual about this?”

Ms. Marvel
Photo courtesy of Marvel Studios. ©Marvel Studios 2022. All Rights Reserved.

57. “I’m breaking more than I can fix.” 

58. “Oh, sorry. I didn’t realize you were in here with someone.” 

59. “You can bring your flying teddy bear.” -cousin

60. “Nobody told me about the no jeans policy.”

61. “Is this place not exotic enough for the ABBC’s Instagram?” 

62. “How do you know I’m not Canadian?” 

63. “Where did you learn to jump like that, ninja turtles?”

64. “Come with me if you want to live.”

Kareem and Kamala
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65. “Are you going to murder me because I don’t want to be the subject of a true-crime doc right now.”

66. “Why is the sweet and sour sauce so red?”

67. “Did you Americans learn how to whitewash Chinese food too?”

68. “It’s a bit of an education.”

69. “I wasn’t trying to run away from you. I just wanted a change.” 

70. “I didn’t need your stories mummy. I needed my mother.” 

71. “Can’t you drive any faster?”

Nakia, Bruno, and Zoe
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72. “Oh my god. I knew you were going to murder me.”

73. “Why you mean this one?”

74. “Well, I changed my mind.”

75. “She looks at you as though you’re magic.”

76. “What are you actually running from?”

77. ‘You chose us, and that’s what matters.”

78. “Cause you are here.”

79. “The Veil, it’s open.”

Ms. Marvel
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80. “Like spyware for parents?”

81. “I left him behind.”

82. “Our family’s magical.

83. “Are you night light?”

84. “I like to think that the two are creating something much bigger than the two of them.”

85. “God is always right.”

86. “Although, the US government may have warrants against me.”

87. “It was Bon Jovi.”

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88. “I couldn’t see what you needed me to see.”

89. “I don’t know where else to go.”

90. “You have powers too?”

91. “This is what happens when the wrong people have power.”

92. “Speakers are really convenient.”

93. “We are all in awe of you.”

94. “This feels more you.”

Kamala's family
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95. “This is a mosque in America.”

96. “You are describing practically everyone here.”

97. “There is no normal, it’s just us.”

98. “I feel like I’m being crushed from the inside out.”

99. “You kinda hate superheroes.”

100. “We’re going to stop damage control with softballs?”

Nakia and Zoe
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101. “You know you like these moves.”

102. “You have always been our Ms. Marvel.”

Kamala Khan might not have a lot of history, but she is bound to take on the future with her powerful abilities. Being the first Muslim superhero gives her room to create even more diversity in the MCU.

Watch Ms. Marvel exclusively on Disney+ now!

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