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105+ Best AIR Movie Quotes

Whether you are a fan of basketball or sneakers, you are going to love the latest film from actor/director Ben Affleck. AIR tells the story of the incredible relationship between Michael Jordan and Nike.

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Here is the scoop on the scoop on the best AIR movie quotes!

AIR Movie Quotes

1. “Don’t forget about Nike.”

2. “Play like Magic. Dribble like Isiah.”

3. “I always go to the Mamas. The Mamas run stuff.”

4. “I know you can’t do what I do.”

5. “What’s your last words?” “Just do it!”

6. “We got the eye of the tiger!”

7. “Don’t rush into any thoughts.”

8. “What’s that a vocational school?”

9. “I have no tolerance for people who have no insight.”

10. “We need more money.”

11. “What about Jordan?”

12. “I’d love to get some time on your calendar.”

13. “Things change. Places grow.”

14. “Why do you think this guy is skateboarding to work?”

15. “Half the running shoes that were sold last year were Nike.”

16. “Basketball’s the future.”

17. “You know what I do here.”

18. “You have to be accountable.”

19. “The illusion is that the finish line is the destination. That act itself is the destination.”

20. “More red.”

21. “I don’t want to sign three players. I want to sign one.”

22. “He doesn’t wear the shoe. He is the shoe. The shoe is him.”

23. “It’s not about the money.”

24. “Three words: State of the art.” “That’s four.”

25. “We all have a past.”

26. “If perfection is the goal I’m doomed.”

27. “I’m willing to bet my career on Michael Jordan.”

28. “I’ve been doing this 20 years I’ve never had a feeling like this.”

29. “My voice made me a part of history.”

30. “All that matters is how much you believe and I believe in you.”

31. “What happened to a phone call?” “I’m calling you”

32. “If anyone asks where I am just tell them I’m sick.” “You got it, sick in the head.”

33. “I don’t like to take no for an answer and I believe your son should be endorsed by someone with that mindset.”

34. “Doing something about it is what really counts.”

35. “I believe in our son. I believe he’s different.”

36. “I think that maybe you should take up with your therapist.”

37. “We’ve lost 2 out of shape middle age guys. This is funny.”

38. “What if we do make the deal? You and I will be best friends.”

39. “Nothing in life is free, Phil.”

40. “We create the shoe around the athlete.”

41. “Come up with something new.”

42. “Basketball shoes are the central preoccupation of my life.”

43. “Air Jordan.”

44. “I like this place better when it’s empty. What does that say about me?”

45. “If we’re gonna make it we gotta take risks.”

46. “She is always just a shoe until someone steps into it.”

47. “Its not stealing, the cashier isn’t here.”

48. “This team is all capable. You are all good enough and I believe in all of you.”

49. “Young boys gotta have fun too.”

50. “Money can buy you almost anything.”

51. “It’s an American story and Americans are going to love it.”

52. “Who are you Michael? This will be the defining question of your life.”

53. “You’re gonna be remembered forever. You’re Michael Jordan.”

54. “Nike has long been in search of its basketball star. We believe you are that star.”

55. “And we’ll let you know when we let you know.”

56. “We got him.”

57. “I appreciate that you believe in me, man.”

58. “In order for the shoe to be meaningful then Michael has to create the meaning in the shoe.”

59. “Your job isn’t done until the job is done.”

60. “A shoe is just a shoe until my son steps into it.”

61. “We need you in these shoes. Not so you have meaning in your life, so we have meaning in ours.”

62. You’re remembered for the rules you break.

63. “Big steps are how we made this place.”

64. “I don’t have friends. I have clients.”

65. “Did I, or did I not, say Air Jordan?”

66. “It felt like the old Nike days for a while.”

67. “I like four letter words.”

68. “What about the swoosh?”

69. “It’s supposed to be a sound.”

70. “You’re a brilliant guy, Sonny, and you have courage.”

71. “Everybody knew.”

72. “We can’t touch their tracksuits.”

73. ‘What’s a Converse?

74. “That slogan came from a convict about to get executed.”

75. “We pop right back up.”

76. “You’re the Mr. Miyagi of college basketball.”

77. “You can afford my mom…clubhouse issues.”

78. “We need more money!”

79. “What about Jordan?” “He’s too expensive.”

80. “I have a meeting.” “With who?” “Shoe dog.”

81. “It Strasser’s number right? 50K? How about 500?”

82. “Basketball is the future.”

83. “People watch basketball.”

84. “I can’t win if you don’t give me a bankroll.”

85. “We’re on offense, all the time.”

86. “He’s too small to be as good in the NBA as he was in college.”

87. “I found him.” “Who’s that?” “Jesus.”

88. “He wants the ball. He’s calling for the ball. He’s three seconds away.”

89. “Dean sees the same thing I do. The same things Linwood Robinson sees. Greatness.”

90. “We have $250K. We can get him for $250K.

91. “The key to Phil is making him afraid.”

92. “I hear Nike is getting out of the basketball game.”

93. “Michael’s not even taking a meeting with you.”

94. “It’s not about the money.”

95. “World class players don’t wear 3rd rate shoes.”

96. “I’m not gonna hit every shot.”

97. “Magic Johnson doesn’t have his own shoe.”

98. “Can we even get a meeting?”

99. “Why can’t you get a base on the East Coast like a normal company?”

100. “Unless I see an offer in writing I have no obligation to notify my client.”

101. “He did say if someone was to buy him a Mercedes SL 380 he’d sign a contract with any shoe company except Nike.”

102. “All that matters is how much you believe! I believe in you!”

103. “Where the hell are you?” “North Carolina!”

104. “Saying what you want is fine and good, but doing something about it is what counts.”

105. “Ask my why I’m in Wilmington, NC.” “Why are you in Wilmington, NC?” “I believe in your son. I believe he’s different.”

106. “Does the Dalai Lama have a grape-colored Porsche, Phil?

107. “I need the greatest basketball shoe of all time.” “How long do we have?” “Monday.”

Final Thoughts

That is the scoop on the best AIR movie quotes! No matter if you are a fan or Michael Jordan or just want to watch an exciting story unfold, you are going to love this movie!

Don’t miss watching AIR in theaters starting April 5.

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