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105 Best Quotes from Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Receiving the highest rating in ENA history, Extraordinary Attorney Woo is a Korean drama about an autistic lawyer working at a fairly large law firm. Due to her photographic memory, she is able to remember laws to go against false claims from opposing lawyers.

Unlike many other k-dramas, Extraordinary Attorney Woo explores the point of view of someone with autistic tendencies and further rejects the misconceptions that all autistic people lack social skills and emotional intelligence.

This popular Netflix drama stars Park Eu-bin, Kang Tae-oh, and Kang Ki-young as a part of the law firm that places a long-lasting footprint in the legal world.

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Here’s the scoop on quotes from Extraordinary Attorney Woo!

1. “Colleagues are supposed to learn from each other. To grow.” – Attorney Jung

2. “Anxiety can be relieved if pressure is put on the body during sensory overload, right?” – Lee Junho

3. “In a life full of anxiety, it’ll be too late to find the only way to happiness.” – Bang Gu Ppong

4. “If you have me on your side, you lose. It’s better if I’m not part of it at all.” – Woo Young Woo

5. “I’m not an attorney who is helpful to the defendant.“ – Woo Young Woo

Young woo
Cr. ENA Korea and Netflix

6. “Do you resent me for what I’ve done?” – Attorney Tae Sumi

7. “The thread and the needle were fighting and the police arrested the thread. Do you know why? Because the needle sewed the thread.” – Geura Mi

8. “I’ll be your friend. You don’t have friends.” – Woo Young Woo

9. “There’s a lot that you should be aware of when meeting future in-laws. First off, say things that they would want to hear. Anyway, whatever you say, it really depends on the situation. Good. And most importantly you have to be lively. Just keep smiling.” – Dong Geurami

10. “You shouldn’t touch other people without their consent.” – Woo Young Woo

11. “When I’m with you, I’m safe.” – Woo Young Woo

Young Woo and Jun-ho
Cr. ENA Korea and Netflix

12. “Have you ever heard that we know more about the dark side of the moon than we do about the deep sea?” – Woo Young Woo

13. “Even when I’m working as attorney Woo Young-woo, it feels as if I’m autistic Woo Young-woo in people’s eyes. Autistic Woo Young-woo is the weakest link.” – Woo Young Woo

14. “When he was with me, his eyes were so lifeless. But right now there truly seems to be life in them.” – Ji soo

15. “When I was with him… I was lonely. I wasn’t happy.” – Ji soo

16. “How you feel right now is not important. How you felt when it happened is.” – Woo Young Woo

Extraordinary attorney woo and jun-ho
Cr. ENA Korea and Netflix

17. “Hans Asperger, the first person to do research on autism, thought there was a positive side to it. He said, ‘Not everything that steps out of line, and thus abnormal, must necessarily be inferior.’ That with their new ways of thinking and experiences, people with autism can later accomplish great things.” – Woo Young Woo

18. “That sounds like prison, not an academy.” – Woo Young Woo

19. “Psychological independence from parents is necessary for marriage.” – Attorney Kwon

20. “You should bring home a girl who can make you happy. Not someone you have to take care of.” -Lee Seung-Hui

21. “When a husband loses his job, he becomes jobless. But when a wife loses her job, she’s still a housewife. Are you going to make your husband’s life embarrassing and pathetic?” – Attorney Ryu

Joo Jong-Hyuk
Cr, ENA Korea and Netflix

22. “Conversations don’t just happen right away simply by making an effort.” – Young Woo’s father

23. “Methods are always obvious. What’s hard is accomplishing them.” – Young Woo’s father

24. “It’s hard to understand people’s feelings. The feeling of gratitude was gone in an instant.” – Dong Dong Il

25. “What’s your baptismal name? Mine is Gabriel.” – Attorney Kwon

26. “Mine is Jennie.” – Choi Suyeon

27. “What is Jennie? Are you the saint of BLACKPINK?” – Attorney Kwon

28. “If you want good grades, study. If you want to lose weight, exercise. If you want to communicate, make an effort.” – Young Woo’s father

29. “To the Nazis, people who were not worthy of living were those who were physically disabled, terminally ill, or mentally ill, including autistic people.” – Woo Young Woo

extraordinary attorney woo
Cr. ENA Korea and Netflix

30. “Even just 80 years ago, Mr. Kim Jeong-hun and I were people who weren’t worthy of living.” – Woo Young Woo

31. “It’s a typical father’s dream to walk his daughter down the aisle.” – Young Woo’s father

32. “I want to play all day, every day. I want to be liberated.” – Lee Sewon

33. “If it’s just you and me, just the two of us, we can talk about whales?” – Woo Young Woo

34. “Don’t just let people walk over you.” – Choi Suyeon

35. ”Go home? What does that mean? Is it like having a life after work? The thing that only exists in fantasies and not in real life?” – Choi Suyeon

jung myung-seok
Cr. ENA Korea and Netflix

36. “I’ve realized through experience that everything in life is political and that every decision has a political reason behind it.” – Young Woo’s father

37. “Whales are intelligent. She knows that she will also be killed if she doesn’t abandon her baby. But she never does. If I were a whale, would my mom not have abandoned me?” – Woo Young Woo

38. “Just because one has autism does not mean they all have to get treatment.” – Psychiatrist

39. “You know, at major law firms, we have to do unjust things and bully the weak as well. Because those who can afford attorneys with high commission fees like us are the rich and powerful.” – Kwon Min Woo

40. “If you have such a powerful father, you can live as a princess forever.” – Attorney Kwon

extraordinary attorney woo
ENA Korea and Netflix

41. “Sometimes small cases become big cases and can even become new cases.” – Attorney Jung

42. “Come up with a way to solve this politically and less romantically. It may not seem like much but sometimes things like this work.” – CEO Han

43. “I’m not acting like a grown-up. I am one.” – Attorney Kwon

44. “You keep popping into my head like whales. Even though you’re not one.” – Woo Young Woo

45. “The cleverness of a veteran.” – Choi Suyeon

46. “When it was difficult for me to know what others were thinking or feeling when I didn’t understand how I was feeling, or when I got anxious because there was a sudden loud noise while I was working. Every time something like that would happen, I wanted to hear expert advice on how to handle these situations or hear about the experiences of others with autism.” – Woo Young Woo

woo young woo
ENA Korea and Netflix

47. “It really doesn’t take long for a person to show their true colors.” – Ms. Sung

48. “It was nice when we looked at the tree together on top of the hill in Sodeok-dong. I wanted to meet you at least once. It was nice to meet you.” – Woo Young Woo

49. “I can’t leave my father just to join my mother’s firm. Especially not when my mother gave birth to me but abandoned me and doesn’t recognize me at all, even now.” – Woo Young Woo

50. “The only thing I’ve been good at was studying. I’m not even sure what that is now.” – Lee Junho

51. “I can’t tell the difference between life and death. I can die. If I die.” – Lee Junho

jun-ho in extraordinary attorney woo
Cr. ENA Korea and Netflix

52. “Even now, hundreds of people click the like button on a comment that says, ‘It is a national loss if a medical student dies, and an autistic person lives.’ That is the weight of this disability that we bear.” – Woo Young Woo

53. “There’s nothing weaker than a person’s mind, especially in the face of money.” – Attorney Tae Sumi

54. “The inheritance law that’s been revised and is presently applied states that all children should receive equal amounts of inheritance, regardless of birth order, gender, and marital status.” – Woo Young Woo

55. “I can tell how my autism and the defendant’s autism are similar and how they’re different. But the prosecutor can’t.” – Woo Young Woo

Kyo-hwan Koo and Park Eun-bin
Cr. ENA Korea and Netflix

56. “I have autism spectrum disorder. So for you, my speech and actions might seem inarticulate and awkward. But I love the law and my respect toward the defendant is no different from any other attorney.” – Woo Young Woo

57. “I won’t be greedy for what was not mine in the first place.” – Dong Dong Sam

58. “It was uncomfortable sleeping in an unfamiliar place.” – Woo Young Woo

59. “If I have to be discouraged, I would like to face it and cope with it myself. Because I am an adult.” – Woo Young Woo

60. “Can I touch you just once? I want to check whether or not I like you.” – Woo Young Woo

61. “Don’t act all self-righteous when you just want to bully Young-woo.” – Choi Suyeon

62. “I like you so much that it feels like I’m sick inside.” – Lee Junho

Jun-ho and Young woo in extraordinary attorney woo
Cr. ENA Korea and Netflix

63. “If the definition of being close is having a specific topic to discuss when alone, then yes, we’re close.” – Woo Young Woo

64. “If you have conflicting opinions while working, you need to talk it out with each other and resolve it. Giving rewards or punishments over who’s right and who’s wrong, is not how I work.” – Attorney Jung

65. “My husband typically can’t say no to his older brothers. I think he’s more scared of them than his parents. He just thinks their word is the law. – Dong Dong-Sam’s wife

66. “We all want to love and be loved. It’s the same for people with intellectual disabilities, too. Rather, the desire is even greater. Because in most cases, it’s harder for them to get the attention or affection they want from others.” – Psychiatrist

Cr. ENA Korea and Netflix

67. “I wanted to thank you for hugging me when we witnessed Mr. Shin’s death.” -Woo Young Woo

68. “I want to be on the same side as you, Attorney Woo. I want an attorney like you to be on my side.” – Lee Junho

69. “It’s scary to think that if we start things, it might make things difficult for both of us.” – Lee Junho

70. “Even if other people say it’s not if you say it’s love, it’s love.” – Lee Junho

71. “Loving me is hard.” – Woo Young Woo

Jun-ho and Young woo
ENA Korea and Netflix

72. “Discrimination against the disabled is legally prohibited! You not being employed anywhere with your grades is discrimination, dishonesty, and corruption.” – Choi Suyeon

73. We’ve heard that sometimes people with autism are brilliant. But seeing it in real life like this, made us feel strange.” -Kim Jin Pyung’s wife

74. “When you reach my age, children feel like your report card for life. As a father, I didn’t want to admit that Sang-hun was that unhappy.” – Sang Hun’s father

75. “Children who are only 10 and 11 years old cannot properly eat, sleep, rest, or play because they have to study for 12 hours every day. And yet, you’re saying the enemies of the children of Korea aren’t schools, academies, and parents?” – Woo Young Woo

extraordinary attorney woo
ENA Korea and Netflix

76. “Even if all they’re doing is looking up at the sky and snickering at the clouds floating by, as long as the child is smiling and is happy in that moment, that’s what playing really is.” – Bang Gu Ppong

77. “Children have to play right now. Later is too late. It’s too late after getting into university, after getting a job, and after getting married. Playing with marbles, tag, Red Rover, double dutch. Later is too late.” – Bang Gu Ppong

78. “Dates are like that. No meaning, no efficiency. Foolish.” – Lee Junho

79. “Holding hands can wait.” – Lee Junho

ENA Korea and Netflix

80. “I see him in a positive light when I’ve only met him a couple of times. But as a mother, shouldn’t you do so even more? Shouldn’t you listen to him at least once with an open heart?” – Woo Young Woo

81. “I don’t think you and I should date.” – Woo Young Woo

82. “My name is Woo Young-woo, as in flower and luck. It means a lucky charm as pretty as flowers. But perhaps Young-woo as in clever and foolish would’ve been a better fit. Woo Young-woo, who remembers every single book she’s read since birth but can’t even go through a revolving door. Clever and foolish Woo Young-woo.” – Woo Young Woo

83. “The law takes intention very seriously. How you felt changes your charge.” – Woo Young Woo

woo young woo
ENA Korea and Netflix

84. “My name is Woo Young-woo. Whether it’s read straight or flipped, it’s still Woo Young-woo. Kayak, deed, rotator, noon, racecar. Woo Young-woo.” – Woo Young Woo

85. “Looking straight into the other person’s eyes is the most difficult thing in the world for someone with autism.” – Woo Young Woo

86. “First, children must play immediately. Second, children must be healthy immediately. Third, children must be happy immediately.” – Bang Gu Ppong

woo gwang-ho in extraordinary attorney woo
ENA Korea and Netflix

87. “It’s more like people live in a world that is made up of me and you but people with autism are more used to living in a world made up of only me.” – Woo Young Woo

88. “When I say my name, children laugh.” – Bang Gu Ppong

89. “There isn’t anything people can’t write in their diaries. That’s allowed when you’re having a hard time.” – Kim Jin Pyung’s wife

90. “But attorneys are human… each case might just be work for a judge or a prosecutor, but it’s different for an attorney. We sit next to the client as someone they chose for protection and as fellow humans.” – Attorney Ryu

jung myung-seok and woo young woo
ENA Korea and Netflix

91. “I think the good-looking match should sit side by side.” – Woo Young Woo

92. “If you have a disability, I think merely liking someone is not enough. Because even if I say it’s love, if other people say it’s not, then it’s not.” – Woo Young Woo

93. “Ultimately, securing evidence is also the key to said cases. If there’s no evidence, it’ll turn into a psychological battle. Like appealing to the judge’s emotions about who is more pitiful.” – Choi Suyeon

94. “You can’t only look at criminal law with this case. You have to look at civil law to solve it.” – Woo Young Woo

95. “Am I someone who can make Junho happy? Wouldn’t I make him lonely?” – Woo Young Woo

attorney woo
Cr. ENA Korea and Netflix

96. “What you see isn’t everything. Don’t be blinded by what you can see. Keep in mind the essence of what lies beyond that.” – Buddhist Monk

97. “I was too busy taking care of other people’s kids that I didn’t realize my son had headed down the wrong path.” – Gu Ppong’s mom

98. “A person’s heart wavers even over groundless gossip posts on an anonymous bulletin board.” – CEO Han

99. “I wanted to see you. I waited here because I wanted to see you.” – Woo Young Woo

100. “If you think your feelings are temporary, don’t be nice to her.” – Choi Suyeon

101. “Yes. It appears so.” -Lee Junho

102. “Even just 80 years ago, autism was an illness that was not worthy of living.” -Young Woo 

Kyo-hwan Koo in Extraordinary Attorney Woo
Cr. ENA Korea and Netflix

103. “Eight vowels, eleven consonants, an exclamation mark, and a comma appeared in court today. Because they are due to be sentenced next week.” -Hairy

104. “Cats sometimes make their owners lonely. But they make them just as happy, too.” -Junho

105. “Fool?” -Attorney Kwon

The production company of this emotional drama is expected to come out with a second season in 2024 after unexpectedly reaching a high audience viewer rating.

Watch Extraordinary Attorney Woo on Netflix!

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