11 All Time Best Contestants from MTV’s “The Challenge”

*all numbers from before current season*

“The Challenge” has had a lot of contestants over the years. Some have been fterribble, but some have given us some pretty good TV. With so many challengers this was so hard to choose, but here are the 11 best The Challenge contestants.

Johnny Bananas

Dubbed “the Challenge” king with his 54 individual challenge wins, Bananas has been to 8 finals in his 18 seasons, and he’s won 6 of those times. His most notable win is from Rivals III when he and partner Sarah ended up winning the final, however, given the choice to split the money or keep it for himself since he finished first, Bananas kept it and left Sarah with nothing. Bananas has won a total of $685,543 in his time on “the Challenge”


Another challenge vet with a lengthy report is CT. He’s been to 7 finals and has racked up 2 wins. CT has 44 individual challenge wins and has won $265,000. CT’s most notable elimination was actually against Johnny Bananas when he was dubbed a “monster” and showed off his physical strength early on in his career.


Ashley is the most recent competitor to take over the game. She’s only been on 5 seasons and has already racked up 2 finals, both of which she won. Ashley also pulled the same trick as Johnny Bananas on her partner Hunter in the last season, where she kept all the money the team had won. This made her the competitor to win the most prize money in challenge history at $1,121,250.

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Jordan has also made a big impact in a short time having only been on 4 seasons. He reached 3 finals and won it all twice. He has 11 individual challenge wins and has won 5 out 6 eliminations he’s been in. He’s also the fourth winningest challenger after only being on 4 seasons having won $583,000.


Sarah hasn’t been on a challenge since Johnny took all of her money on Rivals III but she made an impact when she was still competing. Having made it to 3 finals and won twice on her 9 seasons. She has 16 individual challenge wins and has won $173,689.

Cara Maria

Cara Maria has a reputation for winning eliminations, going into 19 and winning 13 of them. Cara has also been to 7 finals and has 2 wins. She has 31 total challenge wins and has won $602,250. Cara is definitely the most dominate girl the show has seen recently.

7. Jenna

For also only being on the show a short time, Jenna has made an impact. She went to a final as a rookie. In her next two seasons, Jenna also made it all the way to the final, making it to three consecutive finals. Although she has yet to win a season. Jenna also only has one elimination loss.

8. Zach

Zach did something most rookie’s don’t do, he won his very first season, Battle of the Seasons. Zach has gone on to 2 finals after that in his 7 seasons. He has 22 challenge wins and has won $105, 125.

9. Wes

Wes also was a strong rookie. He went to a final in his first season, and then he won his second season. He’s also been to another final and won a second season, totaling 2 finals and 2 wins. Wes is definitely known for his “politicing” and his social game. He’s gone to 20 eliminations and come out victorious in 14.

10. Laurel

In only 5 seasons Laurel has managed to go to three finals and get one win. Also another elimination queen, she has been to 10 eliminations and won all but one. Laurel is one of the stronger females and anything physical she is in is great to watch.

11. Darrell

Darrell has won all 4 finals he’s been to. And he did it in his first 4 seasons. Darrel has 5 eliminations wins out of 7 that he has been in. He’s won 37 individual challenges and racked up $243,055.

There are many more than eleven challenge contestants that are deserving of being on this list, but these are my top eleven. I’m excited to see how this list will evolve and grow as new challengers are added next season! Be sure to check out the rest of our MTV articles. Also, shop here for a Challenge t-shirt you can wear while you watch!

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  1. I would like to see all new contestants on the challenge. It’s getting pretty boring seeing the same ppl every season. Please stop putting the same ppl on every season
    I like the show but I’ll have to stop watching if this continues..

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