11 Tips For Revamping Your Home

If you are starting this new year aiming for a healthier you, you have to remember the importance of your home environment. If you are looking to revamp your life this year, what do you need to consider in your immediate home environment?

Reducing Household Mold

If your property is old or isn’t particularly good at keeping damp out, you have got to be aware of the potential for mold in your property. While mold is a very common part of the home, if it starts to develop into black mold, it could become toxic. It’s important to make sure that you air the house out properly, but also keep an eye on areas where mold can develop beyond the naked eye. For example, you may find that a loose window fitting can house mold.

And if you are looking to start preparing your home so it is healthier, you may want to replace all of these old window fittings. The great thing is that there are plenty of companies that can do it for you, Renewal by Andersen Yonkers is one that provides a full-service home window replacement. While mold is quite common, you’ve got to be in the habit of reducing it where possible. One of the best approaches is to reduce indoor humidity. If you can reduce it by up to 60%, you are doing what you can.

Oxygenating the Property

With the focus of Coronavirus still under the spotlight, many are wondering how they can breathe better. Oxygenating the property can purify the air. You can do this by simply getting some house plants. There was a report on using indoor plants conducted by NASA. It was discovered that certain houseplants can remove some very common pollutants, such as formaldehyde and benzene. If you are looking for simple ways to oxygenate the property, some Chinese evergreens or peace lilies will do the trick.

Getting Rid of Dust Mites

If you’re someone that believes you have a lot of allergies, it’s important to eliminate dust mites as a priority in the property. They are one of the biggest allergy culprits and you can reduce dust by purchasing special allergen-proof fabric covers. Covering your mattresses and pillows in these materials will make a massive difference. You also should consider investing in a stronger vacuum. If you have carpets, dust can easily attach itself to the fibers in the carpet, resulting in a sneezing fit! You should also clean out your HVAC systems on a regular basis.

Being Aware of Pet Infestations

They are not the nicest things in the world, but pests like fleas or mice can be the worst thing to happen to a space. If your property is a breeding ground, you need to stop pest infestations by reducing the ways they can get water, food, or shelter. You can do this by storing food in sealed containers, but also make sure that you handle your garbage in a more hygienic manner. You can do this simply by investing in new trash bins that are tightly covered.

Avoid Using Air Fresheners

You need to think this is a way to add a nice smell to your property, but they may be masking other odors present. In addition, air fresheners are made with harmful chemicals. Therefore, these can pose certain health risks, especially if you are someone that is prone to allergies.

Let the Air In

One of the simplest things anybody can do to improve their home without investing in a lot of changes. Opening the windows and pulling back the drapes will let natural sunlight into your home, which is great for you. But the fresh air can also flush out any pollution that’s been congregating in your house. It’s vital to let outdoor air in on a regular basis. If not, pollutants can accumulate, which may cause health problems over time.

Change Your Cleaning Products

Look at your current cleaning supplies. They may very well have ingredients that can contribute to respiratory issues or cause headaches. Purchasing household products means looking for what is called low VOCs. VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compound. If you have the opportunity, it’s better to make natural cleaning products. You can easily make products using white vinegar, lemon juice, and baking soda. In fact, baking soda is a key ingredient in many cleaning products and you can use baking soda in so many different ways.

Start Using Essential Oils

If you are feeling that your home environment contributes to your stress, this may very well be something that can help you. Essential oils are used for a wide variety of purposes. You can use them to make the home smell nicer, but they can also boost your mood and reduce headaches. It’s about choosing the right oil for your needs. For example, if you want to relax, having a lavender oil infuser can increase this feeling around the home.

Use a Humidifier

A humidifier is a fantastic way to improve the quality of indoor air. But it also helps individuals if they want to improve their sleep. Because a humidifier keeps the air moist in any room, this makes it easier to breathe and sleep properly throughout the night. Just make sure that you clean the machine and dryer door on a regular basis because mold and bacteria can collect.

Install Blackout Blinds

If you are someone who struggles to sleep at night or you rely on your electronics to help you drift off into slumberland, blackout blinds might be the best option for you. If you find that you cannot tear yourself away from your phone in the run-up to sleep, having the opportunity to reduce electronics will help you have better quality sleep. This is because it reduces the stress hormone cortisol and improves the sleep hormone melatonin. Blackout blinds are a fantastic way for you to improve the quality of your sleep because you are completely bathing yourself in darkness. In addition to this, you may want to consider incorporating a nighttime routine in the run-up to bed. Making sure that you turn off any electronics at least one hour before you get into bed and make a big difference to your life and your quality of sleep.

Declutter the Space

One of the simplest things anybody can do to make their home happier and healthier is to declutter. Clutter is one of the big signs of an unhealthy home. With piles of laundry and overflowing trash prevalent around the home can make it a stressful environment. If you have been considering decluttering your home, now is the perfect opportunity. But don’t feel overwhelmed. The best approach is to tackle one space at a time.

Learning to make your home healthier for you is not necessarily about changing your lifestyle. Of course, changing your health habits can help, but you have to remember that you are living somewhere that has a massive influence over your frame of mind. If you are someone who is spending a lot of time at home at the moment, as most of us are, now is the prime opportunity to make some of these fixes. If you can make your home environment healthier it’s going to make a massive difference, not just to your overall health but your happiness. And now as most people are very likely going to stay home and work for the foreseeable future, if not forever, now is the ideal opportunity to take advantage of making the home the ideal environment for you.

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