11 Tips to Take Your Home Decor to the Next Level

Creating the home of your dreams usually has a lot to do with your home decor. How do you picture your home decor? Probably surrounded by luxe fabrics and materials, as well as plenty of interest. Yet, so many people are spending time in homes that just don’t have the decor they dream of. Boring home decor can actually have an impact on your mood, making you happier if you like it and not so happy if you don’t. That settles it, then; the only way to feel happier is to create a home decor that you truly love.

Read on for some great advice on how to make your home decor far more interesting:

Image – layered/patterned cushions, antique clocks, and a leafy plant add interest to a neutral room

Learn How To Layer

Learning how to layer different elements in your home is going to help you to add instant interest. The easiest thing to begin playing with is your cushions. You can do this in your lounge, or even on your bed. How can you accessorize with your cushions, creating an attractive display that still makes you want to dive face first into it? Practice your layering skills and you’ll be able to branch out later on, perhaps to things like throws and rugs.

Make Texture Your Best Friend

Texture is going to be your best friend when you’re trying to create a more interesting home decor. Look for texture in everything, and use as many as you can muster to make your home look more interesting. As a rule, you should want to touch lots of things as you move around your home, and so should your guests.

Incorporate Unique Materials

Incorporating unique materials will really make your home stand out. Make sure you incorporate amazing materials anywhere, from your floor to your bathroom vanity from www.uniquevanities.com. You can find all kinds of amazing materials, and it’s always worth spending a little bit more to get a high quality option if you can, as it’ll last longer and be more durable.

Use Mixed Metals

Mixing metals is cool. Metals in the home can add an edge to just about any room, and mixing different types of metals is even better. You can change your hardware, such as light fittings and draw pulls, or add simple accessories like vases and bowls. Rose gold metals are very popular these days!

Add Lots of Leafy Plants

Leafy plants add instant texture and help to bring the outside in. There are so many benefits of plants, from purifying the air to making the owner feel happier when they look at them – it’s scientific fact! Add as many as you can, and you’ll give your home a bohemian feel. If that’s not what you’re going for, just add a couple. Don’t forget, you should include plants wherever possible, not just your living room, but your bedroom and even your bathroom. You can get realistic looking fake versions if you don’t want to have to maintain them.

Try Not To Rush

The most interesting looking homes are those that have gathered pieces over time. Shop around for your home accessories and try not to rush. You want your home to look pulled together and finished ASAP, but it can make your home appear cold and personality-less.

Your home will look more personal if you take your time rather than simply buying everything in one go. Source your items slowly from markets, unique stores, and even antique shops.

Keep It Personal

Make sure your home is personal to some extent. Don’t you want people to know that you live there? You can let people know a lot about you from your home decor. Let them know your favorite colors, patterns, and textures. Let them know what your hobbies and interests are. Put up pictures of you and your loved ones. You’ll be happier in your home this way. Some people worry that their homes will get too cluttered, but studies have actually shown that when home is cluttered with sentimental items that actually matter, people feel happier, rather than more depressed. Only if your items mean nothing to you will you feel low!

Expand On A Theme That You Love

Think of a theme you love and expand on it. It could be travel, art, pets, or something else entirely. This can give you more focus for a room, as well as ideas for finishing touches if you need them. You could even base a room on your favorite film, song – use your imagination.

Expand and enhance the theme you’ve chosen and you’ll begin to get excited when it’s time to return home.

Credit – Fairy lights make this ceiling look instantly more exciting

Add Interest From Above

Why do so many people neglect the ceiling when trying to create a more interesting decor? Add interest from above by using lights, and even by painting your ceiling a different color. This can be a lot of fun and looks great if done properly.

Find One Unique Antique

You don’t have to spend a fortune on antiques if you don’t want to. In fact, sometimes all it takes is one unique antique to make a room in your house stand out. Choose something you love and then splash out on it. If you’re going to spend a lot of money on anything in your home, then make it something like this. Nobody else will have it and it’ll do wonders for your decor!

Use Custom Stencils

Custom stencils can be a great way to get your DIY on and add things like faux details or even a hand painted border to your home. They can be great whether you want to create a mural in your child’s room, or add a few fun elements to your own room. If you’re unsure, there are so many tutorials online that can help you to get started.

Ready to make your decor less of a snore? Use these tips and comment how you got on below!

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