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11 Ways to Display Art in Your Home

Art can just light up the whole room and completely transform it. It adds color, a nice focal point, and it’s a great way to convey the story that you’re wanting to tell.   Another beauty of displaying art in your home, especially your walls would be the fact that you’re getting to inspire a mix of things, such as showing off your personality, creating a specific atmosphere, or even looking into ways to highlight the space itself.  

Since there are so many ways to show off art in your home, it’s best to know what some of your options are. It helps as it gives off ideas about what could go where. So here are some great ways to style your home.

Style above your couch

Whether you add one landscape, two or even three pieces of art above the couch, this set is going to be considered the “hero piece”.  The hero piece is meant to complement the couch as the couch is considered the focal point of a living room.  When it comes to complementing this focal point, you’re going to want a  “go big or go home” piece. 

Sometimes all a space needs is one statement piece of art. You have an array of options for this as well such as framed postures, paintings, creative art prints, and co-op pieces. If you want to add a strong personal touch, you can even go as far as just using your own photos that you took.  In general, there are many options on the market, so you’re going to want to utilize this.

Style above a sideboard

This can be your entryway, hallway, next to a cabinet, drawer, or console. Having pieces of art within the entrance of a room (including the entryway of your home) is a spectacular way to set the tone for the space. It invites you in, it entices you, and it gives you a warm welcoming inside the space. One of the best ways to achieve this is through nature, so why not add a nice touch of nature with art prints? Better yet, why not take it up a notch by using black & white tree branch wallpaper for your space?

Take it to the dining room

The kitchen is known to be the hub of the home. This is where everyone gathers in the household to spend quality time together while indulging in homecooked meals. This is the space that reminds you that home is where the heart is. Since the home is the centerpoint, it’s great to add a beautiful piece of art to it, specifically something to hang on the walls. Large kitchen art is not only trendy but it can be styled in such a way to make it timeless.

Creating a statement piece within your dining room and/or kitchen is one of the best ways to bring more attention to the space. Whether you choose to place a three-piece set adjacent to the dining table for a polished look or opt into one large by your countertops, both of these can make that statement, that theme, and that mood that you’re wanting to create.  While there are plenty of reasons to get an interior designer, this is a job you can simply do alone.

Let your home be a museum, style your home with beautiful imagery, a mish-mash, or something a little more organized. Embrace the mix of artworks and just create some fun and interesting composition. While you could go the route of having prints or paintings, the beauty of the gallery wall is the fact you can style it however you like. There are simply no rules! Pair your art with tapestries and other fun artistic-decorative objects that can go nicely on your wall.

The main trick to creating the perfect gallery wall is to have some solid planning. So how can you do this? You’ll want to create a cohesive theme, whether this is common colors or other design elements. In general, the goal is to have this look cohesive.

Embrace picture ledges

Picture ledges are a fun way to create a gallery wall but it’s in shelf form. No need to stress overhanging multiple pieces in hopes that everything is even. Picture ledges allow you to display various forms of art from vinyl records, prints, books, photos, some decorative accents, and so much more. It provides the perfect opportunity to show off things that normally wouldn’t get much recognition. One of the best parts of having a picture ledge on your wall would be the fact that switching out is a complete breeze.

Whenever you’re in the mood for a change, it takes seconds to switch things up. So you can update your wall whenever you please, and how often you want. So where can you find picture ledges? They’re available at IKEA, but plenty of other stores sell them as well.

Put it above the bed

Just like the focal point of the living is the couch, the focal point of the bedroom is going to be the bed of course! The bedroom is meant to be the place where you’re going to want to relax. It’s where you go to unwind and just fully reset after the day you’ve had. So why not add pieces that not only complement the elements of the room (such as your bed), but go a step further and choose images that help relax you. The imagery of nature is one of the best ways to do this. Feeling that connection with nature will instantly soothe you, and the colors that nature brings have the same effect.

You can choose a landscape print or even opt into the sister artworks, where two pieces of art go together. Sister artwork is one of the more popular options for a bedroom. Hang these side by side has a way of creating this nice balance to the bedroom. Balance is exactly what you need in order to achieve that calming environment for the bedroom.

Don’t forget the little nooks!

All the little nooks and crannies in your home deserve some art as well. In fact, you can even create a fun statement in these little areas of the home.  Why not try stacking two pieces of art on top of one another for those little walls, or even a nice large piece of the corner next to the window. All of these small-awkward spaces deserve to be nicely decorated just like the rest of your home. It adds up too because you’re getting to show off the beauty that your space has and the art is getting to help with bringing it out.

Go with a grid layout

Similar to a gallery wall but it’s more structured and the theme is a lot heavier too. Grid layouts will make your space look very sophisticated. It’s also great for making the wall look expensive. There’s something about structure and organization that makes a space instantly look expensive and luxurious. You can get the same frames and similar art pieces for a more uniform look. This is a hack that not only saves you some money, but it also tricks people into thinking your home is super expensive. It’s a win-win!

Lean it against the wall or other surface

Leaning framed art against a wall has become very trendy over the last year or so. You’ll find photos on social media of people displaying art in this fashion. Sometimes art can look best when it’s leaning against a wall rather than being hung up somewhere. This is also very renter-friendly as many landlords do not allow for anything to be hung up unless it’s through adhesive hooks. So don’t be afraid to embrace this style. It can look fantastic in areas such as your living room, leaning upon your dresser in your bedroom, or even placing it on your bar cart.

Put it on some shelving

Why not integrate your art onto some shelves? You can create a cute shelfie! Shelfies are very renter-friendly as many rented homes do not allow for art to be hung by nails. Shelving gives the chance to allow art to be displayed against a wall, but it’s also perfect for bringing other elements into the space as well. Whether you’re wanting something big or bold, or you want to opt into mini-painting, it’s all perfect. 

You can pair the framed art with some plants, ceramic pieces, a candle, and stack some books on top of one another and that’s it! You’re done! Shelfies are fun, they’re easy to style, and you simply can’t do it wrong.

 Go beyond the frame

When it comes to displaying art, you’re not confined to only paintings and photos. The art within the frame is only one aspect of art, but there’s so much more. Consider wall hangings, tapestries, antique flags, plants, and sculptural pieces to fill your walls and the rest of your space. If you’re wanting to skip out on art entirely, you could instead opt for a floating shelf and fill it with books or plants.  The options are limitless and this is something you simply can’t forget.



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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.