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110 Best Quotes from Riverdale

Based on the characters of Archie Comics, Riverdale is a supernatural crime drama featuring Archie and his gang as they find themselves tied up in mysteries. While uncovering the dark secrets of Riverdale, they must learn to navigate family, love, relationships, and school.

The popular series stars Cole Sprouse, Camila Mendes, Lili Reinhart, and more!

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Here’s the scoop on quotes from Riverdale!

1. “I feel like the prettiest girl at the dance.” – Archie Andrews

2. “We’re not gonna hug in front of this whole town. So, why don’t we just both do that bro thing where we nod like douches and mutually suppress our emotions.” – Jughead Jones

3. “You may be a stock character from a ’90s teen movie, but I’m not.” – Veronica Lodge

4. “I think she’s crazier than a serial killer on bath salts.” – Cheryl Blossom

5. “Oolong milk and wanting to burn my diaries is helping you get over the fact that Dad murdered four people and tried to kill us? If you genuinely believe that, you are in denial, Mom.” – Betty Cooper

Betty Cooper

6. “Do you think I could use Jason Blossom’s death as an excuse to get out of PE?” – Jughead Jones

7. “Get out of my way or someone will get hurt.” – Archie Andrews

8. “I’m Cheryl Blossom, a.k.a. Cheryl bombshell.” – Cheryl Blossom

9. “I learned that from the Nancy Drew detective handbook.” – Betty Cooper

10. “Who would’ve thought, at the beginning of the year, that we would all become great friends?” – Betty Cooper

11. “I was just night jogging and suddenly I hear gunshots.” – Kevin Keller

Reggie and Kevin in Riverdale
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12. “I’m not normal. I’m not wired to be normal.” – Jughead Jones

13. “Ronnie, when will you learn? You are, now and forever, the only girl for me.” – Archie Andrews

14. “You’re an enigma, Cooper.” – Jughead Jones

15. “I know everyone grieves differently, but Cheryl’s hosting a pop rally to cope with her loss. That’s either brilliant, or psychotic, or both.” – Betty Cooper

16. “I don’t fit in. And I don’t wanna fit in.” – Jughead Jones

17. “I need girls with fire on my squad.” – Cheryl Blossom

Betty and Cheryl
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18. “You wanted fire? Sorry, Cheryl Bombshell, my specialty is ice.” – Veronica Lodge

19. “Presents are the best way to show someone how much you care. It’s like this tangible thing that you can point to and say.” – Archie Andrews

20. “Doesn’t it ever occur to you how different we are, like on a cellular level?” – Jughead Jones

21. “Wanna team up for a little destruction?” – Cheryl Blossom

22. “We’re both so lucky. I mean, don’t you think? To have found the people that we’re meant to be with?” – Betty Cooper

23. “You can’t go through life trying not to get hurt.” – Archie Andrews

24. “Mija, I own that jail. I come and go as I please.” – Hiram Lodge

25. “Betty’s ponytail is iconic and beyond reproach.” – Kevin Keller

Archie and Kevin in Riverdale
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26. “Thank you for mansplaining my business to me.” – Veronica Lodge

27. “I was born alone. I’ll die alone. I’ll sing alone.” – Archie Andrews

28. “We’re endgame, Archie.” – Veronica Lodge

29. “I have a plan. It’s slightly insane.” – Betty Cooper

30. “You parade around the school in your varsity jacket like a North sider.” – Alice Cooper

31. “Betty and I come as a matching set. You want one; you take us both.” – Veronica Lodge

32. “Fear. It’s the most basic, the most human emotion. As kids, we’re afraid of everything. The dark. The boogeyman under the bed. And we pray for morning. For the monsters to go away. Though they never do. Not really.” – Jughead Jones

Jughead Jones
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33. “It’s like, you know, how in a time of crisis, people either come together or fall apart? It feels like we’re falling apart.” – Betty Cooper

34. “Veronica and I are finally free of you.” – Hermione Lodge

35. “I do everything for everyone. Everything to be perfect.” – Betty Cooper

36. “I self identify as a loner.” – Jughead Jones

37. “Maybe not every murderer is guilty, and maybe not every victim is innocent. Maybe it’s not all black and white.” – Betty Cooper

38. “Don’t underestimate her. And don’t bet against her.” – Archie Andrews

Archie in Riverdale
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39. “What? Sardonic humor is just my way of relating to the world.” – Jughead Jones

40. “Sorry to interrupt the sad breakfast club.” – Cheryl Blossom

41. “I’m not gonna stop until I prove it.” – Betty Cooper

42. “Betty, don’t take this the wrong way, but how many years did I listen to you go on about Archie and Jughead? Did you ask my permission to date them?” – Kevin Keller

43. “You tried to kill my father and my friends. You’re going to pay for your crimes.” – Archie Andrews

44. “Are we 100% sure that Archie’s straight? Because no straight man has that body.” – Kevin Keller

45. “Don’t worry I’m fine. In fact, I’m amazing.” – Cheryl Blossom

Cheryl Blossom
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46. “I know the difference between the letter of the law and doing what’s right. And feeding those kids is what’s right.” – Mary Andrews

47. “I was supposed to give you the full animatronic tour, but some robots went insane and started killing the guests, so, we’ll just wing it.” – Toni Topaz

48. “Do you think that you can just waltz in here, with a bedbug-infested Trojan Horse … and steal my daughter?” – Alice Cooper

49. “Be the Jay to my Bey?” – Veronica Lodge

50. “You ever seen what happens to a snake when a Louboutin heel steps on it? Keep talking, and you’ll find out.” – Veronica Lodge

Veronica in Riverdale
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51. “There’s no way my old man hung out and did, like, cosplay with a group of lame-ass nerds.” – Reggie

52. “Gasoline. It’s the only way we can truly start over, be purified.” – Cheryl Blossom

53. “I mean, I am devastatingly handsome in that classic pre-accident Montgomery Clift kind of way.” – Kevin Keller

54. “My mom is all up in my relationships too.” – Hermione Lodge

55. “From now on, we’re protecting our own.” – Archie Andrews

56. “The perfect daughter, the perfect sister, the perfect student. Can’t I do this one thing for me?” -Betty Cooper

57. “Betty… I’m happy to hear your voice.” – Jughead Jones

58. “I’m Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but this place is strictly In Cold Blood.” – Veronica Lodge

Hermione and Veronica
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59. “I’m in the mood for chaos.” – Cheryl Blossom

60. “That’s the common misconception about fairy tales. They very rarely have a happy ending.” – Jughead Jones

61. “Is that how long it’s gonna take you to decide between music or baseball?” – Alice Cooper

62. “This is fun girl talk.” – Betty Cooper

63. “You chose that boy over blood, my own daughter.” – Hiram Lodge

64. “Every fairytale comes with the same warning, good children should never go into the woods alone.” – Kevin Keller

65. “You were cruel to me, mother, it was abuse.” – Cheryl Blossom

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66. “When I’m with Veronica, as dark as things get — and they’ve been getting pretty dark — she makes me feel like everything is gonna be fine. She makes things fun. I don’t wanna lose that.” – Archie Andrews

67. “You wouldn’t be the first mobster to see a therapist, Daddy.” – Veronica Lodge

68. “Hands off, goblin!” – Cheryl Blossom

69. “You guys remember, back in high school, when we all used to hang out together? Us griping about how horrible our parents were.” – Hermione Lodge

70. “Taking advantage of the school’s state-of-the-art facilities.” – Jughead Jones

71. “You think you are the only one who can scare people by being crazy?” – Betty Cooper

72. “We’re looking for anything that proves Grundy isn’t as clean as she says she is.” – Betty Cooper

73. “Hey there Juliet, nurse off duty.” – Jughead Jones

Archie and Jughead
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74. “Listen up, fives. A 10 is speaking.” – Cheryl Blossom

75. “What do we do now that Cheryl’s gone full Poison Ivy?” – Betty Cooper

76. “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, especially not when there’s a snake curled up in its limbs.” – Jughead Jones

77. “In case you haven’t noticed, I’m weird. I’m a weirdo.” – Jughead Jones

78. “You’re so much stronger than all of the white noise.” – Jughead Jones

79. “I usually open this tour with a little history, some context. Riverdale High first opened its doors in 1941.” – Betty Cooper

Betty Cooper in Riverdale
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80. “I don’t know how to do this… to just pretend like everything’s the same as it was before.” – Archie Andrews

81. “I don’t follow rules; I make them. And when necessary, I break them.” – Veronica Lodge

82. “You think you can attack us from the shadows but Riverdale is a lot stronger than you.” – Archie Andrews

83. “Cheryl, I went to school with your mother. She didn’t know the difference between having money and having class, either.” – Hermione Lodge

84. “Love is finite. People run out of it eventually.” – Chic

85. “Just curious, were you born with that mouth?” – Penelope Blossom

86. “Your name may be honey, but I will always be the queen bee.” – Cheryl Blossom

87. “Have you ever seen me without this stupid hat on?” – Jughead Jones

Jughead Jones
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88. “I’m game master. Which means it’s my games and my rules.” – Jughead Jones

89. “Can’t we just liberate ourselves from the tired dichotomy of jock, artist? Can’t we, in this post-James Franco world, be all things at once?” – Veronica Lodge

90. “They’re parents. They’re all crazy.” – Jughead Jones

91. “I fought. Every day. I didn’t stop fighting. I fought for my life.” – Archie Andrews

92. “If you breathe, it’s because I give you air.” – Cheryl Blossom

93. “You act like we’ve got the same set of options. You live in this pale pink world of milkshakes and first kisses.” – Kevin Keller

94. “You’ve got the vocabulary of a baked potato.” – Cheryl Blossom

95. “I know you don’t wanna hear from me right now, but I’m still proud of you.” – Hiram Lodge

96. “Veronica, I don’t think I’ve ever stopped loving you.” – Archie Andrews

Veronica and Archie
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97. “My heart ached for you…because I felt the same way. I love you, Archiekins. For whatever good that does us now.” – Veronica Lodge

98. “As hot and smart as you are, you should be the Queen Bey of this drab hive. – Veronica Lodge

99. “We will find you, we will hunt you, and we will end you.” – Archie Andrews

100. “What, Mom? What does some guru who’s running a Heaven’s Gate commune for pregnant runaways and wives of serial killers have to say about my diaries?” – Betty Cooper

101. “If the Manolo Blahnik fits.” -Veronica Lodge

102. “In case you haven’t noticed, I’m weird.” -Jughead Jones

103. “I self-identify as a loner.” -Jughead Jones

104. “And I will be at peace with whatever the consequences of that are.” -Fred Andrews

105. “You’re a straight A student, a cheerleader. For God’s sakes, you’re the perfect girl next door.” -Jughead Jones

106. “Nightmare child, what do you mean?” -Penelope Blossom

Penelope Blossom in Riverdale
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107. “Hiram, if you harm a hair on Archie’s head, I will kill you. Make no mistake about it. -Fred Andrews

108. “How many times are we gonna push each other away?” -Betty Cooper

109. “That is why I love you, Betty. I love you.” -Jughead Jones

110. “Our story’s not over. It’s just the beginning. So you come back to me. Okay?” -Betty Cooper

The seventh season of Riverdale will be the last for the crime drama. It is set to release in 2023. Hope you loved these quotes from Riverdale!

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