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115+ Disenchanted Movie Quotes

Featuring Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, Maya Rudolph, James Marsden, and Idina Menzel, “Disenchanted” is the sequel to the well-loved movie, “Enchanted.” The live-action sequel continues Giselle’s journey with her family in New York.

However, Giselle has had her heart set on moving to a place that reminds her of everything she has grown up with—small, quaint houses and gardens filled to the brim with colorful fragrant flowers except without the ogres and the magical carriages.

Disenchanted movie poster
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With Giselle’s love for Andalasia, will her disillusions turn Monroeville and her family upside down forever?

Here’s the scoop on Disenchanted movie quotes!

1.“Every story ends with a happily ever after.”

2. “Over there, things never stop happening.”

3. “Where the hell is Monroeville?’

4. “I am helping. I am literally telling the whole internet that I’m getting kidnapped.”

5. “You just have to take a leap.”

6. “It’s the closest thing to Anadalesia that I’ve ever seen.”

7. “The walls were down?”

8. “It’s all part of the adventure.”

Giselle singing on a balcony
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9. “A land filled with adventure.”

10. “Don’t open your eyes.”

11. “No, but we can.”

12. “It’s very nice of you and it’s weird.”

13.“I think that every town should have a queen.”

14. “No that’s just weirdly louder.”

15. “I’m a commuter now.”

16. “Oh my god, what is that smell?”

Giselle, Morgan, and Robert
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17. “Are you poor now?”

18. “I see it now.”

19. “Oh no. I don’t have a sword.”

20. “Oh tragic.”

21. “Thank you, peasant.”

22. “A what wand?”

23. “Not if we can help it.”

24. “How do you live in this place?”

25. “We’re making a real splash at my new school.”

26. “Happily ever after is more of a concept thing here than an actual thing.”

Nancy and Prince Edward
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27. “Is that a sword?”

28. “Maybe leave the sword at home next time?”

29. “It’s just reality, man.”

30. “I feel like a human get-well bouquet.”

31. “It’s not rigged. I promise.”

32. “No one beats her at this kind of stuff.”

33. “Leaving the full cliche here.”

34. “Well imagine if she was made of magic and sang at the drive-thru.”

35. “Do you think we should add magic?”

36. “Does this mean it didn’t go well?”

37. “Memories are the most powerful magic in Andalasia.”

38. “This cannot be good.”

39. “Take it all down, all of it.”

40. “Even when I make cupcakes, everything goes wrong.”

41. “When was the last time you were truly happy?”

42. “I can’t change that.”

43. “Be careful.”

44. “How am I talking?”

45. “Jumping jelly sticks! We got magic?”

Robert with a sword
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46. “Those are always fun.”

47. “That’s wicked.”

48. “Leaping lollipops. What was that?”

49. “Mirror, did you not hear the question?”

50. “We said the most powerful not the prettiest.”

51. “You mean steal it?”

52. “I’ve always dreamed of sharing a night with you.”

53. “That is a very aggressive twinkle.”

54. “The finest hourglass would shatter with envy.”

55. “Did you buy the whole town?”

56. “It’s definitely air-conditioned.”

57. “What? It was a little judgy.”

58. “It’s turning me into a wicked stepmother.”

59. “I am the villain in Monroeasia.”

60. “Did you see that outfit?”

61. “They have cats. I can’t be an evil cat.”

62. “I believe I am.”

63. “Have you done this before?”

64. “I shall preserve.”

65. “No offense sir, you might want to find another profession.”

66. “Didn’t like what you got huh?”

67. “Uh oh.”

68. “Wicked good.”

69. “What kind of clock do you mean?”

70. “You know, that’s not a litter box, that’s where I live.”

71. “I did that for effect.”

72. “Good luck with all of this, you need it.”

73. “I have to lick this for some reason.”

74. “This fruit is very squishy today.”

75. “Be careful, the fruit can be very grumpy.”

76. “Are there imperfect partners?”

77. “I wish Ruby was a toad!”

78. “Careful with the fine print.”

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79. “You’re going to have to start from the beginning, or I’m going to have to do a little editing.”

80. “Are you speaking back to me?”

81. “Not so hard to understand after all.”

82. “You can’t be this cruel.”

83. “A giant is coming?”

84. “The big bad giant is gone.”

85. “Morgan you have to listen to me.”

86. “Stop it! You’re scaring me!”

87. “I feel superior to all living things.”

88. “Now, I just need to find that wand.”

89. “Do I get to be evil now?”

90. “You see what I got to put up with?”

91. “Delusional but hilarious.”

92. “Why am I so pointy?”

93. “I would turn around if I were you in less you want to be thrown off the roof.”

94. “Probably singing to a mouse or something.”

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95. “Another fruitless quest.”

96. “We do whimsy really well.”

97. “What? That’s how it works here.”

98. “I can bring her back.”

99. “I’m not the one she tried to turn into a toad.”

100. “Look in the mirror lately.”

101. “You ladies have been great, but I got a ball to catch.”

102. “Nope, turns out I’m good at evil.”

103. “Why does this keep happening?”

104. “Take deep breaths. Suck in.”

105. “They’re just butterflies. Idiots.”

Malvina, Rosaleen, and Ruby
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106. “What the heck is going on around here?”

107. “I don’t want minions.”

108. “Some heroes.”

109. “You can’t break magic.”

110. “You are a true daughter of Andalasia.”

111. “Why isn’t it midnight?”

112. “I had the craziest dreams last night.”

113. “I think our town could use someone like you.”

Giselle and Malvina
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114. “Stop looking at me it’s creepy.”

115. “These tiny peasants are quite fierce.”

116. “Can I have it back?”

Watch “Disenchanted” exclusively on Disney+ on November 18th!

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