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12 Best Quotes From “The Croods: A New Age”

Everybody’s favorite prehistoric family is back in the new movie “The Croods: A New Age” and this time, they’re not alone! In this action-packed sequel, The Croods meet another family, The Bettermans, who live in a beautiful treehouse-oasis where everything is perfect!

Or so it would seem. As the Croods and Bettermans live together, tensions rise and eventually both families must work together to defeat a new enemy. Check out The Croods: A New Age movie review!

This movie has a beautiful setting, hilarious jokes, incredible voice acting, and heartfelt moments. Here’s the scoop on the 12 best quotes from “The Croods: A New Age!”

This is your official spoiler warning!

The Croods: A New Age
Guy and his sloth, Belt

1. “Follow the light and you’ll find Tomorrow.” -Guy’s mom.

The film opens with audiences learning Guy’s origin story. As a young boy, his parents got stuck in a tar pit. Guy’s mom tells her son to leave, and instructs him to search for a place called “Tomorrow” by following the light. A heartbreaking story, we learn why Guy so desperately wants to find Tomorrow.

2. “He gives me a funny feeling like I have butterflies in my stomach. Not just the ones I had for lunch, but like other butterflies.” -Eep Crood

This is one of the many lines that Emma Stone, the voice of Eep, absolutely nails. Anyone who remembers their first crush knows exactly the other butterflies she’s talking about. The actual butterflies she ate for lunch are just one of the many reasons we love her.

3. “I will turn this death-cat around!” -Grud Crood

While Eep and her brother Thunk argue over a tablet (stone tablet, that is) their dad Grud becomes annoyed. A prehistoric spin on the classic, “Don’t make me turn this car around” this line is very cute and relatable. Be it a car or a death-cat, we have all had a parent threaten to turn a vehicle around.

4. “Do you, Eep Amber Crood, think you could spend your tomorrow with me?” -Guy

Guy and Eep are very much in love. In a prehistoric proposal, Guy asks Eep to spend her tomorrow with him. He even presents her with a rock (not the diamond kind) that features a drawing of them together. Seeing as his whole life has been about finding Tomorrow, this shows how much he loves her. It’s so cute!

5. “Never apologize for an effective kill circle” -Grud Crood

Grug Crood wakes early one morning and discovers the perfect new home! When he runs back to tell his family they attack him thinking that he is a predator. Ugga Crood, his wife, throws a boulder and hits her husband in the face. She immediately apologizes, but Grug doesn’t mind. He is a supportive husband and father, proud of his family for their effective kill circle.

6. “We don’t eat the bananas” -Phil Betterman

The Betterman’s home is beautiful and full of delicious fruits. Every type of fruit you could imagine grows plentiful, especially bananas. The Croods are welcome to eat whatever they want, but Phil Betterman, voiced by the brilliant Peter Dinklage, has one rule: “We don’t eat the bananas.”

7. “Let’s jump more stuff!” -Dawn Betterman

This line is very simple, but it conveys a great deal. Dawn betterman, daughter of Phil and Hope Betterman, has spent her whole life inside the wall that surrounds their home. Eep, who spent much of her life in a cave, realizes that the two girls have a lot in common and wants to help her new friend. The girls take Chunk (the aforementioned death-cat) out for a joyride and Dawn begins to see how fun it is in the wild. This line pinpoints Dawn discovering her freedom and becoming her own person.

8. “Every time I’ve been hurt before, I’ve gotten a mark I can see. This hurts so much, and I can’t even see it.” -Eep Crood

Eep has an impressive amount of battle scars from life in the wild, but when she experiences her first heartbreak it hurts in a different way. Confused and upset, she perfectly expresses a feeling many of us can relate to. Her frustration is valid and heartbreaking for viewers.

9. “I told her to take a shower! Who does that?” -Guy

Guy comes to the powerful realization that words can hurt. When he argued with Eep, his comments about the lifestyle differences between The Croods and The Bettermans were very hurtful. Even though The Croods live a bit more primitively, Guy realizes that he loves Eep for who she is, with or without a shower, and that he does not want her to change.

10. “What would the Thunder Sisters do?” -Eep

With Grud, Guy, and Phil captured by Punch Monkeys, it is up to the ladies and Thunk to come to their rescue. Gran’s old stories about the Thunder Sisters serve as inspiration for an exciting girl-power montage and give everyone the courage they need to save their families. When in doubt ask yourself, “What would the Thunder Sisters do?”

11. “It’s you Eep. You are my Tomorrow.” -Guy

After finding the place that he searches his whole life for, Guy realizes that his parents would want him to be happy no matter what. To him, finding Tomorrow does not mean finding a place, but rather a person with whom he can be happy. To Guy, Eep is his Tomorrow.

12. “Boomsies?” -Sandy Crood

As Eep and Guy move into their own place, the moment is bittersweet for Grud. He is glad to see his daughter so happy, but sentimental about her leaving. But then baby Sandy says her first word! Grud and Eep would fist-bump and say, “Boom” so Sandy is now carrying on the tradition and bonding with her father through, “Boomsies?”

Eep Crood and Dawn Betterman in The Croods: A New Age
Eep Crood meets Dawn Betterman

“The Croods: A New Age” is full of memorable lines, heartfelt sentiments, and plenty of hilarious jokes all delivered by an incredibly talented cast! What was your favorite line from the movie?

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