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12 Ways To Enhance The Safety of Your Family in 2021

If there’s one thing that you’re probably most concerned about, it’s the health and safety of your family. There’s a lot going on in the world right now, so taking care of your family and ensuring they stay healthy is more difficult than ever. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to ensure your family stay healthy this year – read on for some advice that will help you in 2021:

  1. Install CCTV

Start by installing CCTV. It might sound extreme, but having CCTV at home can help to deter thieves, intruders, and anybody in the vicinity looking to cause trouble. It also gives you evidence if something else happens outside the home and you need to show it to the authorities. CCTV can give you peace of mind, so look into it before you decide against it. 

  1. Add More Deterrents To Your Home

CCTV is a great deterrent, but there are even more deterrents you can add to your home. You can put up signs declaring you have a dog (even if you don’t) and this alone can be enough to warn people away. Even dummy CCTV cameras can help if you can’t afford the real deal just now. Do your research and see what else you can find

  1. Keep Your Home Clean and Tidy

Keeping your home clean and tidy not only ensures it looks and smells better, but it helps you to neutralize anything that could be a hazard. Making sure germs and bacteria are wiped away can help to keep your family healthy, and ensuring it is tidy can reduce hazards and stop people you love from getting hurt. Coming up with a schedule for the whole family to follow can make a big difference and ensure everything gets done. 

  1. Stay On Top of Home Repairs and Maintenance 

Staying on top of home repairs and maintenance will reduce your bills and keep your family safe. You’d be surprised at the hassle that even minor repairs can cause if left alone for too long. With a little knowhow and a few basic tools you should be able to mend many repairs yourself. However, if something is not within your means or could be dangerous, then don’t hesitate to call in a trusted professional. 

HOLIDAY HOME MAKEOVER WITH MR. CHRISTMAS (L to R) Benjamin Bradley and elf Barb with The Sosoo family in Episode 1 of HOLIDAY HOME MAKEOVER WITH MR. CHRISTMAS. CR. Courtesy of Netflix/©NETFLIX 2020
  1. Watch Out For Pests 

Stay on the look-out for pests. They can take up space inside and outside of your home – and even if they are outside, they can cause problems. This is why you should ensure that your trash cans have lids on them at all times, and that they are emptied regularly. Sometimes, there’s nothing you can do about pests. Looking for humane bee removal services and similar removal services can ensure you clear your home of pests and keep your conscience clear, too. 

  1. Explain Safety To Your Kids 

Make sure you have a talk with your kids about safety. Just make sure you approach it based on their age. You’d have a completely different talk with a 15 year old than a 5 year old, so ensure it’s appropriate. Take a look online if you’re not sure how to broach the subject. Ensure they know what they should and shouldn’t be doing at home, anything off limits to them, and so on. Just remember that this is equally your responsibility. You can tell them not to play with fire, but that doesn’t mean you should leave a lighter laying around for them to find. Take precautions. 

  1. Invest In The Right Apps 

Apps can help you to ensure your family is safe and sound even if you’re not there – and without needing to call them. It can also help you to control certain things remotely, such as lighting and temperature. This can get the house ready for your return and ensure it looks like you’re home to any outsiders. 

  1. Eat Your Meals Together

Eating meals together is a great bonding activity, but also has many other benefits, according to studies. Eating just one meal together each day can ensure your children do better at school, and that they avoid peer pressure, amongst other things. 

  1. Remove Toxins From Your Home

Removing toxins from your home can make it a far healthier space to live in – especially for any family members with allergies. For example, many store bought candles have toxins in them, so look for candles made with soy wax instead. Traditional cleaning products can also be unhealthy. Carpets tend to catch dust and toxins and can be bad for family members with allergies. 

  1. Develop Healthy Sleep Habits 

It’s up to you to ensure your family develops healthy sleep habits. This will mean ensuring everyone goes to bed at the same time each night, and gets up at the same time each morning, no matter what the day is. If you all feel the need to sleep in on the weekend, it could mean you’re not sleeping enough during the week. Sleep can be a complicated subject, but helping your kids get into a routine while they are young will do wonders for them in the future. 

  1. Get Active As A Family

Getting active as a family can help to bring you all closer together, and will also ensure you stay healthy. Again, this is one habit that you’ll be doing your kids a massive favor by getting them into while they are young. 

  1. Take Your Vitamins 

Vitamins should always be taken alongside a healthy diet – much of your nutrition should come from solid foods. However, taking the right vitamins can make a big difference, too. Most people don’t spend enough time outside, and for this reason, vitamin D is beneficial. If your family has cut down on meat products, like many other families hoping to do better for the planet, then b12 could be beneficial. A good multivitamin is always advisable, too, alongside a fish oil or vegan fish oil for joint health!

How are you going to enhance the safety of your family in 2021? Leave a comment!/


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.