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120 Best Quotes from Thor: Love and Thunder

The epic superhero, Thor (Chris Hemsworth) returns in the hilarious action-packed movie, Thor: Love and Thunder! His mission is to find inner peace, but the MCU hero runs into the galactic killer, Gorr the God Butcher who seeks the extinction of the gods. Moreover, Marvel fans finally get to see The Mighty Thor (Natalie Portman) and Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) make their appearance again.

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Here’s the scoop on quotes from Thor: Love and Thunder!

1. “What do we have here?”

2. “Look at it. It’s gobbing up my fruit.”

3. “We have lost everything but our faith in you is never lost.” 

4. “There’s not an eternal reward for you.”

thor love and thunder
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5. “Your empire has already ended. There’s no one left to worship you.”

6. “There’s nothing for you after death except death.”

7. “Now your meaningless life has a purpose. To sacrifice your life to me.”

8. “The sword chose you. You are now cursed. That’s funny it doesn’t feel like a curse. It feels like a promise.”

9. “Fighting the good fight for those who can’t fight.”

10. “Thor’s one true love was a zarth woman.”

11. “Just because he was done loving doesn’t mean he was done fighting.”

Thor and The Mighty Thor
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12. “He went from dad bod to god bod.”

13. “Thor, we need your help to win this battle.

14. “I am Groot!”

15. “You said this holiday would be a relaxing holiday. I said it would be like a relaxing hobby.”

16. “Better late than not at all.”

17. “The odds may be against us but I’ll tell you this is for free. This ends here and now.”

18. “We can collectively take credit for that because we worked as a team.”

Thor and the Mighty Thor
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19. “God Book? Yep! I wrote it.”

20. “That movie explains everything really clearly.”

21. “Saw the hot Cheetos had to get it.”

22. “I don’t need that in my life right now.”

23. “You’re not getting what the universe is actually trying to tell you so let me translate for you. Slow down.”

24. “Maybe it’s time to play the handsome Viking card.”

thor love and thunder
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25. “Look at this place, it’s peaceful!”

26. “One more thing, you have a sister.”

27. “Peace shall reign!

28. “Giant goats!”

29. “Don’t forget the goats which you accepted and must now take with you!”

30. “Everybody just relax. The goats are going to be ok!”

31. “This is Glenda, we’re married.”

32. “You can’t get married on every single planet we land on.”

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33. “Who could have done something like this?”

34. “Maybe we should split up, so many people to save.”

35. “After thousands of years of living you don’t seem to know who you are.”

36. “They either die a grisly death or dump you with a letter.”

37. “I know it hurts but it’s better this way.”

38. “Oh, you’re giving me my ship?”

39. “Take care of my crew.”

40. “If you ever feel lost, just look into the eyes of the people you love and they will tell you exactly who you are.”

41. “Who or what is that?”

gorr the god butcher
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42. “I want to die a warrior’s death in the battle on the battlefield.”

43. “It’s not my fault I’ve never seen these things.”

44. “That guy! You’re gonna love that guy.”

45. “Excuse me, hello, that’s my hammer you’ve got there and that’s my look.”

46. “Take off your masks and reveal yourself! ‘Jare?'”

47. “Together they embraced on the journey of love.”

48. “I need you to promise me you’ll always protect her. I love you too buddy.”

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49. “Can we talk about this later? Yeah, sure! Great seeing you!”

50. “Don’t touch my things!”

51. “You better not run, you coward!”

52. “The children! They’re taking the children.”

53. “Shadow monsters, disgusting!”

54. “Quite a reunion, huh?”

55. “The last time I saw you I didn’t see you. You left.”

56. “There to see me leave, maybe it was you that left.”

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57. “I did not hear a no! Nor did I!”

58. “It must be hard for you to see your ex-girlfriend and ex-hammer hanging out and getting along so well.”

59. “My friends we must not guar! Times like this we must unite and lone together.”

60. “You write that down, meek!”

61. “Absolutely freaky monsters!

62. “So basically we are up against a curse, zombie, kidnapper.”

thor love and thunder
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63. “Hey, how’s it going kias?”

64. “A top-notch team and we are going to have you home before you know it.”

65. “And Zeus! The oldest and wisest of them all!”

66. “I’ve got a ship!”

67. “Even when I’m gone, honey. You won’t be alone and no matter what happens never stop fighting.”

68. “You’re a Viking now!”

69. “A hand grenade? No, it’s a portable speaker!”

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70. “We will return with children! Many children!”

71. “So, you still rollerblading? No, you! Yeah once you blade, you never fade!”

72. “This ends here and now!”

73. “You never forget your first.”

74. “We’re on the same team, I don’t know what team we’re on? Team Jared!”

75. “You know what opti loves? Having his head ripped off.”

76. “Thor is on his way!”

77. “Every color signifies a different emotion.”

78. “You should lead with that when you ask him for anything.”

79. “Literally heads will roll.”

Valkyrie and the mighty thor
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80. “You see the area that looks very much like a stage.”

81. “Good luck, bro!”

82. “With your help, we can crush him before he kills anyone else.” 

83. “Pretty boy, go back to your seat!”

84. “What is the signal? It will be gone!”

85. “Should we help them? We should eventually!”

86. “You are thor! The god of thunder!”

87. “How the mighty have fallen. My hero, Zeus… afraid!”

88. “All you do is cause panic. Panic is not good.”

bison and viking boats
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89. “Have some wine, have some grape. Anything goes.” 

90. “Can I borrow thunderbolts?”

91. “Eternity is a very powerful bean at the center of the universe.”

92. “The goat brought the cane in and rescued us! Another thor avenger!”

93. “You know what they say! Never meet your heroes.”

94. “You’re a team now! Teams kids in a cage.”

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95. “Thor, I’m glad I met my hero, thanks, buddy.”

96. “You got properly humiliated, and I got properly naked.”

97. “Fascinating! And hot!”

98. “Space dolphins.”

99. “Jane, I want to feel shitty about you!”

100. “I meditated. Did you meditate? No, that’s so boring.” 

101. “Jane, none of us know how long we have. We don’t know what tomorrow holds.”

thor love and thunder
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102. “You made me worthy.”

103. “He’s nothing like you!”

104. “Storm breeder, take us none.”

105. “I think I lost my kidney.”

106. “You better come back tomorrow!”

107. “All you have to do is destroy Thor’s sword!”

Gorr the god butcher
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108. “They! Don’t die!”

109. “Eternity. Finally.”

110. “Good to see you in person!”

111. “Today is a day that will go down in history!”

112. “The power of Thor!”

113. “Make your wish!”

114. “Fine, I’ll wear the boots!”

115. “They look boring before.”

116. “She will have no one. She will be alone.”

117. “Got it! Protect the nice ones.”

Thor love and thunder
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118. “I’ll call the ax when you call the dentist.”

119. “Two warriors fighting the good fight for those who can’t fight.”

120. “They are simply known as love and thunder!”

Thor: Love and Thunder is the perfect introduction for new MCU fans with a flawless blend of action, romance, and comedy. Chris Hemsworth takes to the screen to show once again how relatable a superhero can be in the eyes of the audience.

Watch Thor: Love and Thunder exclusively in theaters now!

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