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13 Best Fast Food Apps To Get Free Food

It’s time to take back your wallet with these crazy deals. If you want to score some free food this year stay tuned!

Fast food App opened with a pizza in the background.


Are you always at Chick-fil-a? Then it’s time for you to download their app! Chick-fil-a offers monthly deals and more when you are a member. So how do you get the most out of this delicious restaurant? Scan your receipts QR code on the app and immediately gain points. Points will allow you to redeem FREE treats and a FREE sandwich at 350 points. So the next time you are at Chick-fil-a scan your code to work towards a FREE treat!


If you love Raising Canes then it may be worthwhile to sign up for a CANIAC card. By signing up for a membership you will receive a FREE box combo! This offer will be available 48 hours after you have officially become a member. If that doesn’t do it for you, did I tell you that as a member you will receive a FREE drink on your Birthday? It’s true and lastly, you will be given a “Buy one, Get one free” coupon on your membership anniversary date.


Craving some good Mexican inspired dishes? Taco Cabana isn’t only delicious but have some perks worth mentioning. New members will receive a FREE small Quesadilla after your first purchase! Now, once you are a member you will begin receiving points for every purchase made ($1= 1 POINT). For every 75 points you will receive a $5 reward.


Craving a sandwich, but sure if you can afford the full meal? All new members who download the app will receive coupons for a $2.99 6 inch sub! As for those who love the 12 inch Footlong’s there’s a Buy one and get one FREE deal in participating areas. All these deals are available through the Subway App


Craving some Burger King? Download the app and receive unbeatable coupons on your favorite food. They offer $30 worth of food coupons on their app. All new members will receive FREE whopper with the purchase of a whopper.

6. McDonalds

These deals are practically free, When you download the McDonald’s app. Receive a FREE drink with the purchase of an item $1 or more only through the app. Not only will you get a free drink but you can indulge in some FREE french fries after you purchase anything on the menu $1 or more! Lastly, when you purchase a medium or large McCafe receive a second one for only $.01.


The only thing better than one Burger is two right? After downloading the Wendy’s app, you will become eligible for this deal. When you buy one item off the menu, with the app you can get the same item for FREE! Consider dinner made with Wendys unbeatable deal!


Love Chinese take out? Then you will enjoy the deals Pei Wei has to offer. For every dollar spent you receive 10 points. When you reach 1,000 points you get a FREE entree! This offer is only available through the app so download it now or miss out on great deals.


If you love to eat pizza then sign up right now to start earning points! Every dollar spent, you gain 2 points. Once you’ve reached 75 points you will receive a FREE large pizza! Pizza Hut only offers this to members, sign up and start earning today!


Sweet and savory! Dairy queen has it all, from your favorite ice cream to a hardy burger they have it! When you download their app, expect to receive a FREE small Blizzard! Choose any flavor you want, it’s yours FREE for all first time members who have the App.


Find yourself buying coffee every morning? It’s time to download the Starbucks app and start earning points for a free beverage or meal once you reach 125 stars. With the app you can receive a FREE drink on your Birthday!


Don’t miss out on these incredible deals as a member with an app! Receive FREE chips and guac with a purchase of $5 on your Birthday. As a member of Chipotle you will be eligible to receive a FREE entree once you reach 1,250 points ($1=10 points). These offers are exclusive to members only.


Are you constantly trying to eat healthier? Well maybe these deals are just the right fit to get you motivated. Download the Smoothie King app today and receive a FREE $2 gift card! Now they didn’t forget those special holidays, receive another FREE $2 on your Birthday and Anniversary as a member. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.