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140+ Best Lightyear Movie Quotes

To the movies, and beyond! Calling all Disney/Pixar fans, the latest film, Lightyear, is here! The film follows young a young astronaut, Buzz Lightyear. Along with his commander and crew, Buzz must find a way home from the planet they are marooned on.

lightyear quotes
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With iconic voices like Chris Evans, Taika Waititi, Keke Palmer, Peter Sohn, and more, this film is an absolute delight. Fans of Toy Story will love getting to see the story behind one of their favorite characters!

Here is the scoop on the best quotes from Lightyear!

1. “There seems to be no sign of intelligent life.”

2. “The ship looks like a root vegetable.”

3. “I’m better off just doing the job myself.”

4. “He’s going to have sad eyes, you know I can’t deal with sad eyes.”

5. “This suit means something. It’s not just projecting your body, it’s projecting the universe.”

6. “Respect the suit.”

7. “Move it ranger!”

8. “Everybody back to the turnip.”

9. “I’m Buzz Lightyear…I’m always sure!”

10. “I’m court marshaling myself.”

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11. “Finish the mission, Buzz. That’s what we do.”

12. “Ready Captain Lightyear?” “Ready as I’ll ever be.”

13. “To infinity and beyond!”

14. “The vines are a little feisty today!”

15. “Here is your IVAN, sir…fully loaded.”

16. “It’s an 87% chance. I’ll take those odds.”

17. “Roger that!”

18. “Hyper speed here I come!”

19. “Not today, IVAN!”

20. “You failed to reach hyper speed.”

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21. “You grew a beard. How did you grow a beard?”

22. “We thought we lost you Buzz.”

23. “The faster I fly, the further into the future I travel.”

24. “Are you willing to lose another four years?”

25. “So everyone’s just stuck here? Because of me?”

26. “You got engaged to someone you just met?”

27. “I am Sox, your personal companion robot.”

28. “We can talk about your feelings. I am an excellent listener.”

29. “I can provide sleep sounds if you’d like.”

30. “Good night, Sox.” “Good night, Buzz.”

lightyear quotes
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31. “Buzz, where are we going?” “We’re going to space.”

32. “You know what Sox, I’m not giving up on my mission either.”

33. “When should I expect you back? About four years.”

34. “You’ll be back here in a year or two and well, I won’t.”

35. “I miss being out among the stars and all of the adventures.”

36. “I’m gonna be a space ranger, too!”

37. “Goodbye Buzz. I am sorry I won’t be there to see you finish the mission.”

38. “Look at that! The actual Buzz Lightyear in the flesh!”

39. “That was the last mission Buzz.”

40. “I can still do it. I can get us out of here.”

lightyear quotes
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41. “I got some good news Buzz. I figured out the fuel problem.”

42, “Was that for me? In case I got out of line?”

43. “Buzz, where are we going?” “We’re going to space.”

44. “Commander, did we authorize a cockpit cleaning?”

45. “Commander, it’s Captain Lightyear!”

46. “Backup! We need backup!”

47. “He overrode my override.”

48. “Sox let’s break this hyperspeed and barrier and get everyone home.”

49. “100% hyperspeed!!”

50. “Are we going to crash?”

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51. “We did it! Sox, we did it!”

52. “Congratulations Buzz. That was utterly terrifying and I regret having joined.”

53. “After all these years. Thank you Sox.”

54. “I am ready to leave this planet once and for all.”

55. “Wait. What is it doing?”

56. “My ship! Where’d it go?”

57. “Where is the pilot?!”

58. “Why are there robots? Where did they come from? Where did you come from?”

59. “Sox, how long were we gone?” “Meow, meow, meow, meow, 22 years”

60. “You know, your grandma and I could finish each other’s sentences.”

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61. “All those people, they were counting on me and now they’re trapped.”

62. “Actually, Sox was a gift from your grandmother.”

63. “He’s purring! He likes it.”

64. “Operation surprise party is a go!”

65. “I have a plan and I have a team.”

66. “To do any of that, we have to not die.”

67. “Are you trying to get me to pull your finger?”

68. “I’m not trained with this weapon.”

69. “Our objectives: kill the robots…don’t die.”

70. “I’m not allowed to handle weapons. It would be a violation of my parole.”

lightyear quotes
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71. “BOOM!”

72. “So you’re rookies?” “Oh, we’d love to be rookies, still building up to that.”

73. “We’re a volunteer team of self trained cadets.”

74. “We just saved you from the robot.”

75. “I thought this would be a fun bootcamp thing and it’s not.”

76. “He’s a quitter.” “I was just going another direction.” “Yeah, the direction of a quitter.”

77. “Excuse me, robot kitty.”

78. “It’s a thing your grandma and I used to do.”

79. “Stay alert. Stay safe.”

80. “Keep working on your skills. It’s the only way to get better.”

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81. “So, this is just goodbye?” “Affirmative, goodbye.”

82. “Sorry, I forgot my cat.”

83. “I knew you were going to say get the doors and I got the doors.”

84. “I like this! An elite squad!”

85. “He can’t…he can’t see me at all.”

86. “Why are you congratulating yourself?”

87. “I don’t hear anything…now I do.”

88. “Nice job, elderly convict.”

89. “You don’t need to save us. You need to join us.”

90. “Don’t worry. We got you!”

lightyear quotes
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91. “The junior patrol has your back.”

92. “Not trained? What do you mean you’re not trained?”

93. “Sox, you’re inhibiting my visual.”

94. “Wait, they don’t know about the timer?”

95. “Do not vomit inside the ship.”

96. “Oh look, snacks!”

97. “Why is the meat on the outside?”

98. “Bread, meat, bread. That’s too much bread.”

99. “Sticky fingers! That’s the best part.”

100. “Sox, come back to us.”

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101. “Her grandma saw something in me so I started looking for it, too.”

102. “I need you to look after my best friend, Buzz. He is a space ranger and he is going to get us all home.”

103. “It’s about to get real.”

104. “She didn’t mean to be here, but she had a whole life on this planet.”

105. “Believe me, she mattered.”

106. “She’s afraid of space!”

107. “He wants me! Get back on the ship!”

108. “This is definitely a violation of my parole.”

109. “I don’t need a crystal. I need a time machine.”

110. “I’m gonna dance with Mister Boom.”

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111. “I just…I made a mistake.”

112. “Don’t worry about it. None of this is gonna matter.”

113. “The only thing people are gonna know is that we finished our mission.”

114. “We’re supposed to be space rangers. We’re supposed to matter.”

115. “I went as far as I could as fast as I could.”

116. “We can’t go back in time.”

117. “You and me. We’re not the same.”

118. “I just need to be by myself.”

119. “See, we can change things Buzz.”

120. “They have lives on that planet. Everyone does, except us.”

lightyear quotes
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121. “You’re going to take away everything. People’s family. Their friends…my friends.”

122. “I bought you five minutes.” “Why?” “I like this new you.”

123. “If you’re not gonna be me…you’re not gonna be anyone.”

124. “No, I can’t do it alone. I need help.”

125. “I don’t need your grandma. I need you.”

126. “There’s nothing out there.” “Exactly, you just go straight across.”

127. “Just don’t look down or up.” “It’s all space everywhere.”

128. “But, what if I miss?” “Don’t miss.”

129. “I’ll always find you.”

130. “I can’t do it.” “It’s okay Buzz…we can!”

lightyear quotes
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131. “It’s about to get real.”

132. “I got the pen!”

133. “The cops!! Everybody run!!”

134. “Who among us hasn’t stolen a ship?”

135. “I can do anything!”

136. “She’d be proud of you, too. She always was.”

137. “For the first time in a long time I feel like I am home.”

138. “I got out for good behavior, not good attitude.”

139. “You can count on us.”

140. “We’ve been charged to protect the galaxy.”

© 2021 Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

141. “You’re gonna be a space ranger again, Buzz.”

142. “Look grandma, I’m a space ranger just like you!”

143. “I already have my team.”

With so many amazing Lightyear quotes, you and your family are sure to love this movie.

Be sure to see Lightyear in theaters, June 17, 2022!

lightyear quotes

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10 Best Lightyear Movie Quotes