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15 Best Quick Service Restaurants at Magic Kingdom

Just imagine your perfect day of fun at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. Whether that includes going on fun franchise-themed rides, going to character meet-and-greets, or going to parades and shows on Main Street.

Nothing compares to seeing shows at Cinderella’s Castle, seeing a beautiful firework display, seeing a cool 4D movie, or going to an interactive show that will make the whole family laugh, there’s something to do in the Magic Kingdom for everyone!

But while Walt Disney World is the most magical and happiest place on Earth, it’s a big place! Even the Magic Kingdom alone is humungous! And after doing all of that walking from attraction to attraction, you’re gonna be hungry! 

best quick service magic kingdom

Restaurants in Magic Kingdom

In Disney’s Magic Kingdom, you will always be in luck with good restaurants to eat at! When it comes to restaurants, the Magic Kingdom does it best, even better than the Animal Kingdom or Hollywood Studios.

In fact, you probably can’t even walk five minutes there without passing ten dining locations. And sometimes, you’re gonna be so ravenous that you’ll wanna eat right away.

Or other times, you’re gonna be having so much fun on the rides, that you’re not gonna wanna spend too much time in a restaurant and will want a quick service meal.

There will be some times when you’ll be hungry, but not enough for a whole meal. Other times, you may just crave something small and sweet to eat.

Whether you want chicken nuggets, chicken pot pie, corn dog nuggets, french fries, ice cream, cookies, pastries, or a wholesome meal, this magical Disney park has a good quick bite for everyone!

Here is the scoop on our list of the best quick service restaurants at the Magic Kingdom!

1. Columbia Harbor House

Looking for the perfect place for a quick bite of seafood? A good place to go is the Columbia Harbour House! This popular restaurant is best known for its New England-inspired meals.

They have a lot of different options but are best known for their lobster roll and New England clam chowder!

The next time you’re in the Magic Kingdom, head over to this quick table service dining spot! Trust us, you’ll feel like Ariel while surrounded by all the delicious seafood meals. 

2. Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe

Ever wonder what it’s like to eat in an Old West Saloon? Wonder no longer! One fan favorite for quick service options is Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe!

They have a lot of good food options but are best known for their fajita platter with sour cream and chicken rice bowls! Feeling hungry already? On your next Magic Kingdom trip, head over to one of the best places in the theme park for quick delicious Mexican food!

You’ll have a magical experience as you will feel like you’re time traveling from 2022 to the 1800s and early 1900s! 

3. Pinocchio Village Haus

Looking for a quick restaurant with good options for kids and picky eaters? If so, then you must check out the Pinocchio Village Haus!

While this great spot has a variety of delicious food, they are best known for their french fries, chicken strips, tomato basil soup, and caesar salad with chicken tenders.

On top of all of that, the restaurant has a great view of It’s a Small World Ride! Sound like a good fit for you? The next time you find yourself in Disney World, head over to this popular restaurant that made the top of our magic kingdom list of quick bites!

Not only will you feel as if you’re right in the wonderful world of Pinocchio, but you’ll also have fun watching and waving at all of the boat riders passing by as you have a nice and relaxing meal. 

4. Casey’s Corner

Want to go to one of the best counter service restaurants in Disney World? Then you must check out Casey’s Corner! This top pick spot does have a limited menu but never disappoints with their great variety of famous hot dogs and their best tasty snacks!

Are your taste buds tingling already? During your next Magic Kingdom vacation, you’ll have to head over to this best quick service restaurant! Take our word for it – both your stomach and taste buds will thank you!

5. Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe

Do you want to dine at a food court that is out of this world? You must try Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Café located in Tomorrowland! They are best known for their delicious hot dogs, burgers, french fries, and chicken sandwiches, and chicken strips.

However, this popular American restaurant tends to get crowded at times. If you want to beat the long line, a great way to do so is through mobile ordering. The best part is that it comes with live entertainment!

In the main dining area, there is an animatronic named sonny eclipse that sings and talks to you as you eat. Therefore, this is a great restaurant to bring kids to if you are a parent.

Not only does Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe have the simple meals that children like, but Sonny Eclipse will keep them entertained and off their iPads and other devices!

Furthermore, they have a great toppings bar with a great selection of add-ons for your burgers and sandwiches. Getting hungry? The next time you’re in Disney World, head over to one of the best restaurants in the Magic Kingdom!

At this amazing restaurant, you’ll have a stellar meal and feel like you’re on another planet with all of the space decor!

6. Tortuga Tavern 

Have you ever wanted to go to a restaurant with a pirate-themed dining room? Well, you can! Feast your eyes upon one of the best magic kingdom restaurants – the Tortuga Tavern!

This restaurant is best known for its pirate-inspired menu items! You’ll just have to try this great place during your next Magic Kingdom vacation!

At the Tortuga Tavern, you’ll feel as if you’re a part of Captain Hook’s crew with all of the amazing pirate decor!

7. Main Street Bakery

Want a quick sweet treat? If so, then you must check out the main street bakery! The Main Street Bakery not only has an array of unique Disney pastries, but it is also a Starbucks!

That’s right- the main street bakery has a lot of your Starbucks faves from frappes, cold brews, expressos, teas, refreshers, and breakfast sandwiches! In fact, this place is so famous that we are positive that you passed it already during your most recent visit to Disney World. It’s right on Main Street!

And the best thing is that it’s just a short walk away from the Cinderella Castle! With the Main Street Bakery, you can grab something sweet to eat and still be at the center of all of the Magic Kingdom fun!

8. Liberty Square Market

Looking for a quick little snack? Disney’s Magic Kingdom has just the spot for you! The Liberty Square Market is a great option for those who are hungry but don’t want a full on meal.

They are best known for their turkey leg, hot dog, pretzels, cookies, and sweet beverages. Is your mouth watering already? The next time you find yourself in the Magic Kingdom, head over to Liberty Square Market for a little bit of food!

The best part is that Liberty Square is near Disney’s famous Haunted Mansion. So your food at the Liberty Square Market will be so good that it feels scary!

9. Friar’s Nook 

Have you ever wanted to eat in a Robin Hood-themed restaurant? Well, you can! When it comes to good eateries in Fantasyland, Friar’s Nook is your best bet!

They are best known for their tater tots, breakfast sandwich, mousse cake, cinnamon-sugar doughnuts, and sodas. Drooling already? The next time you’re in the Magic Kingdom, you’ll have to check out this fable-like restaurant!

At Friar’s Nook, you’ll feel as if you’re right in the Sherwood Forrest with Robin Hood and his pals! And the prices are so decent that it feels like a steal!

10. Sleepy Hollow

Another liberty square favorite is Sleepy Hollow! Craving something sweet? You are in luck! Our favorite things at this magical place are their waffle sandwiches stuffed with fresh fruit and their sugar-covered funnel cakes. Sound delish?

The next time you find yourself in Disney’s Magic Kingdom, you’ll have to try this delicious restaurant. And don’t let its name fool you!

At Sleepy Hollow, you can always find a happy cast member ready to serve you your food with a big magical smile! Once you go here, your tastebuds will thank you! 

11. The Crystal Palace 

Have you ever wanted to eat with Winnie the Pooh and his friends in a Victorian-style restaurant? Then you must check out the Crystal Palace!

It is best known for its buffet-style meals where they offer delicious foods like salads, ravioli, mashed potatoes, fresh veggies, ribs, and briskets.

The next time you’re in Disney World, you must check out this quick buffet restaurant! Plus, this is another restaurant that is wonderful if you have little kids.

At the Crystal Palace, it feels like you’re actually in the Hundred Acre Woods with Christopher Robin and his friends Winne the Pooh, Piglet, Rabbit, Tigger, Owl, Eeyore, Kanga, and Roo!

Your kids can meet their favorite characters here while the whole family enjoys a quick and delicious meal. Whether you’re a kid or an adult, Crystal Palace has something for you!

12. The Lunching Pad

Another Tomorrowland favorite is the Lunching pad! Their best menu items are their wings, hot dogs, churros, and pretzels.

Plus, they have outdoor seating with colorful space-themed tables. Have a meal that is out of the world with all of the amazing views of rides in Tomorrowland like the People Mover, Space Mountain, and the Carousel of Progress at the Lunching Pad!

Believe us, at the Lunching Pad, you’ll feel as if you’re an astronaut, getting ready to be launched into outer space!

13. Be Our Guest Restaurant

Ever wondered what it’s like to dine in the west wing of the Beast’s castle? Wonder no longer! At the Be Our Guest Restaurant, you’ll feel like you’re in The Beauty and the Beast movie!

Some of our favorite meals there are the french onion soup, the dessert trio platter, and the lobster bisque. However, the Be Our Guest Restaurant is a huge buffet with so many more choices!

You’ll have to just see everything yourself the next time you’re in Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom! At Be Our Guest Restaurant, you’ll feel like you’re Belle during the “Be Our Guest Scene” in the actual movie!

But instead of being served by animated house objects, you will be serving yourself. But the bonus is that you can eat whatever you like and only pay an admission fee! And families with kids, bring them!

Your children will love feeling like little princesses and princes! At the Be Our Guest Restaurant, you will truly dine like and feel like royalty!

14. Liberty Tree Tavern

Liberty Square has so many good restaurants that this is the third one on our list! The Liberty Tree Tavern is best known for its New England and Thanksgiving favorites!

Some of their best menu items include the Patriot’s Platter, the Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake, their salads, and their meatloaf. Plus, it’s just a short walk from Disney’s famous Haunted Mansion! Feeling famished?

The next time you’re in Magic Kingdom, head on over to this great eatery! With the spooky air nearby, your food will be so good that it will feel scary!

15. Gaston’s Tavern

Ever wanted to eat at a fairytale-themed cottage? If so, Disney World has just the place for you! The Magic Kingdom has another The Beauty and the Beast themed eatery that you will absolutely love!

Gaston’s Tavern has a bunch of fan favorite dishes! There you can find their famous desserts such as the warm cinnamon roll, the goofy dome cake, and grey stuff. They also have a delicious ham, provolone, and swiss sandwich as well as a variety of fountain beverages.

During your next stay at Disney World, head over to the Magic Kingdom for a delicious bite from the quick service Gaston’s Tavern! You will feel like you’re a character in the movie who lives in the village with Belle, her father, Gaston, and LeFou!

A Guide to Quick Service Restaurants at Magic Kingdom

There you have it, the 15 best quick service restaurants in the Magic Kingdom at Disney World.

No matter if you’re craving a quick meal, a little snack, visiting table service restaurants, or want a sweet treat to eat, there is a restaurant in the Magic Kingdom that is perfect for your tastes! This is a great place for the best snacks!

Plus, in the Magic Kingdom, any restaurant gives you the bonus of escaping from reality. Whether that means becoming a part of your favorite Disney movie or escaping to another part of this universe.

No matter where you go in the Magic Kingdom, all of their foods and restaurants are surely out of this world!

quick service restaurants in magic kingdom

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