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15 Best Quotes from Perfect Blue

The Japanese animated film, Perfect Blue sets the tone for the psychologically horrific anime that follows. Perfect Blue is directed by Satoshi Kon and is truly a terrifying nightmare. Even though this film was released in 1997, Japan didn’t shy away from the disturbing scenes of graphic violence, blood, and other elements that make up a perfect thriller.

Perfect Blue is about a pop idol who decides to leave her band and turn towards acting to find different sides of herself. Once murders start to take place, Mima finds it difficult to distinguish between illusions and reality. This psychological thriller is based on the novel (Perfect Blue: Complete Metamorphosis) by Yoshikazu Takeuchi.

Here is the scoop on Perfect Blue quotes!

1. “Sensei, I’m scared that my other self will do something that I don’t know about…” -Mima Kirigoe

mima kirigoe perfect blue
Perfect Blue (1997)

2. “Nobody cares for you anymore. You’re tarnished and you’re filthy.” -Mima’s Ghost

3. “It’s pivotal, Rumi. She’s the key figure in the second half.” -Tadokoro

mima and her band
Perfect Blue (1997)

4. “This thing is told by the big stars, but not by you!” -Yamashiro

5. “You’re the imposter! I’m not gonna take this anymore!” -Mima Kirigoe

6. “Illusions can’t come to life.” -Eri Ochiai

eri, mima, and her band the perfect blue
Perfect Blue (1997)

7. “That’s funny. Mima is a pop idol…and you’re just a dirty old imposter!” -Mima’s Ghost

8. “A RAPE scene? You have got to be out of your mind!” -Rumi

9. “You’re the one who needs to wake up.” -Mima’s Ghost

mima kirigoe
Perfect Blue (1997)

10. “You bad girl…you have to follow the script!” -Me-Mania

11. “Mima’s character, Yoko Takakura, completely changes personalities when she’s raped by the customers at a local strip show.” -Tadokoro

12. “Are you alright? We’re going back to Mima’s room.” -Rumi

rumi perfect blue
Perfect Blue (1997)

13. “Well… How do you think you know that person you were a second ago is the same person you are now? A continuous stream of memories. Given only that, we all create illusions within ourselves, saying that we each have only one fixed persona.” -Eri Ochiai

14. “No, I’m the real thing.” -Mima Kirigoe

mima kirigoe
Perfect Blue (1997)

15. “What? This isn’t true! I didn’t write this!” -Mima Kirigoe

Did you know that the legendary singer, Madonna used parts of Perfect Blue as a backdrop during her Drowned World Tour in 2001?

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