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15 Best Shoes For Walking on Beach Sand [2023]

As you know, walking on the sandy beach can be very hard if you don’t have the right shoes to help you. The sand can get into your shoes, stick to your feet, and make them itchy and uncomfortable.

Not only is the sticky sand annoying and itchy, but after a while it can become painful when it rubs on your skin! It can be hard to find shoes that are fit for walking in the sand, that are also fit for your foot.

It’s a good thing there are a lot of options, and we are here to help you find the pair of shoes best fit for you! We have created the perfect list of best shoes for walking on the beach.

Here is the scoop on the best shoes for walking on beach sand!

1. Voovix Minimalist Trail

These voovix water shoes are a great pair of shoes for walking on the sandy beach. These shoes are very flexible and breathable. The flexibility of the shoe makes it easy to bend the shoe while packing your suitcase. It can be very hard and frustrating to pack everything you want to take on a trip, but with these shoes, no room is taken up because of how flexible they are. They are very lightweight and add no extra weight to your suitcase.

Aside from having no traveling hassel, the shoes are very flexible and light on your foot. They allow the foot to bend, and they don’t weigh your foot down and limit any motion you might be doing. These shoes have excellent traction, as they have a rubber outsole which helps with wet surfaces-perfect for the wet sand and ocean waves.

The design of these shoes is a good choice if you are looking for a fast shoe to put on and off. There are no laces to tie, just tightening strings to adjust for the comfort of your foot. The breathable mesh and the lightweight design of the shoe is the perfect material to allow the foot to move and breathe, without letting sand slip through to reach your skin.

There are many great things about this shoe, and it might be the excellent choice for you!

2. Aqua Socks

Another ideal shoe for walking on the sandy beaches are the aqua socks. The aqua socks are the perfect flexible shoe to allow plenty of foot movement, as well as smooth fabrics to stay soft on the skin to keep away irritation and discomfort. The breathable material on these pair of shoes is a great choice especially when participating in water activities.

You want to allow your foot to breathe and move in whichever way is needed when you are being active, which is why these shoes with the breathable air mesh upper portion of the shoe can do that for you!

3. Aleader Mesh Slip On

The aleader women’s mesh slip on shoes are reliable, convenient, and easy to travel with. They are made of natural materials that are perfect for foot pain. They are also perfect for wide feet, especially when you are not walking on a flat surface. These women’s shoes have a comfordry sock liner, providing extra cushion that’s perfect if you suffer from plantar fasciitis.

The lightweight midsole is an important factor for excellent bounce-back, and these shoes provide that. Another great thing that these shoes provide is great traction, which brings a great grip on any surface no matter what activity you may be doing on the sandy beach.

4. Rover Flip Flop Sandals

These pair of shoes are very similar to the regular flip flop shoe. They are not necessarily good for long distances, as they can cause blisters after a certain period of time. Although they aren’t a great option for longer distances, they are very quick drying and are perfect for short distances.

The squishy footbed on the bottom of the shoe is very comforting for the foot to step on. It provides cushion, support, and softness in the most painful parts of your foot that you may feel.

This type of shoe protects the soles of your feet with it’s cushion, and is perfect for short distances or even if you are just standing in place! Get your Rover Flip Flop Sandals today!

5. Mishansha Water Shoes

The mishansha water shoes come in many different colors to choose from. Apart from the many colors, designs and patterns on the side of the shoe, the shoes have so many great features. One great feature of these shoes is the breathable fabric. They are very similar to the previous display of Voovix Minimalist Trail water shoes.

The elastic shoelace are very convenient for a fast slip on and off shoe. They are the perfect sports shoes for beach games, because of their lightweight fabric and breathable upper mesh. They dry very fast when getting wet, so water doesn’t have to be avoided when they are being worn.

These might be the best option for you!

6. Frogg Toggs Arkansas Surf & Sand

The Frogg Toggs Arkansas shoes might be the best sand shoes for you! The upper build of these shoes provide good ankle support. Another extremely important thing about this pair of shoes, is the good grip that they have on the beach sand.

The textile upper material of the shoe allows air to come in, letting the feet breathe. This also helps allow the feet to move in whichever direction with no problem. Another great feature of the shoe is the zipper. The zipper on the side of the shoe is the best for wet conditions, because it doesn’t allow the dry sand into the shoe after the shoe becomes wet.

These water boots have very important features that many look for in a water shoe to walk in on the beach sand, and could be your next best beach walking shoes!

7. Crocs Swiftwater Wave Sandals

These pair of shoes are the best for walking on the beach. The water grip outsole allows the water that gets into the shoe to drain through the holes and out of the shoe. The Crocs Swiftwater Wave Sandals are very lightweight and easy to move with. Some even say that you can’t even feel them on your feet.

The durable rubber sole creates great traction on the sand perfect for outdoor activities especially in sandy areas. Due to the holes in the show, they allow your foot to breathe more than regular shoes on a sandy beach.

The Crocs are the perfect lightweight and flexible shoe that you need to walk on the sandy beaches.

8. Speedo Water Shoes

If you are looking for some closed toed water shoes, the Speedo Water Shoes are the excellent option for you! The lower mesh towards the toe part of the shoe is very protective of your feet. It will avoid injuries from sharp rocks, glass, and anything else in the ocean that could cause pain or injury.

This brand of shoes comes in many different colors, that can be matched with any outfit you might be wearing! This shoe design is very simple, which actually makes the shoe look cleaner-and that helps to create a better outfit. The thick rubber sole on the bottom of the shoe creates excellent traction. The outsole and outer mesh helps with quick drying and minimal wetness.

Another great feature of this shoe is the adjustment system. There are no laces to tie or tuck, and nothing gets in your way. It is a simple bungee system within the shoe to find the best comfort for your foot.

Walking, running, surfing, your feet can swell up by the end of the day, but that won’t be happening with the flexible build of the shoe!

9. Sperry Authentic Original Boat Shoe

The Sperry Authentic Original Boat Shoe is perfect for beach walking. The shoe contains a cushioned footbed, that is perfect for a lot of time outside and long walks. These shoes can also be dressed up with a nicer outfit for a fancier occasion.

The cushioned footbed is also great for traction and durability. The rubber outsole protects against sand and sharp objects which is great at the beach. Whether it’s broken shells in the sand that have become very rugged and sharp, or glass that has been littered at the beach, nobody wants anything sharp to be jabbed into the foot. These shoes protect you from that.

The leather synthetic sole allows these shoes to be worn with water, which is perfect if you are walking on sand at the beach. Another great feature of this pair of shoes is the lacing system. There are no laces to tie on top, but you can adjust the laces on the side to better fit your foot and improve your comfort level.

These shoes could be your next best walking shoes that are the comfortable fit for you!

10. Blowfish Malibu

The Blowfish Malibu sneaker is a very comfortable shoe that is easy to bend and move in any direction your foot goes in. Aside from the flexibility, these shoes can be dressed up with a nice outfit, or dressed down for a more casual look. They can’t be the wrong shoes for you!

They are perfect for hot sand, soft sand, or sand in any condition-which is why they are one of the best beach shoes. These shoes are built to last a very long time, while providing arch support and perfect traction while on slippery surfaces. They are convenient because they are easy to slip on and off, and they also provide protection against sharp rocks if walking on the beach.

The Blowfish Malibus are great for the water park, water sports, and/or beach volleyball. These comfortable shoes could be yours!

11. Hydro Sport Shoes

Hydro Sport Shoes are the proper shoes for beach activities either including water or not. The breathable upper mesh of the shoe allows for quick drying when the shoe becomes submerged into water and wet.

EVA Material stands for Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate. It is a rubber like material, and the shoe has an eva midsole that helps with softness and flexibility. It also has drainage ports that help drain the water when they get wet. The open mesh works with the drainage holes to make the shoes dry fast. The last thing that the shoe provides, and one of the very important things, is the thick rubber outsole that creates great traction, which makes these shoes perfect to walk on sand dunes.

There are many reasons and features it has to be the right shoes for you!

12. Vibram Five Fingers V Aqua

The Vibram Five Fingers V Aqua water shoes are the best water shoes for any beach activity, any surface, and anything you might be doing. these shoes are very breathable for the foot and toes, without letting unwanted substances in such as sand. They allow movement and flexibility, making it very easy to be active and stay active.

These shoes are worn inside the water, outside the water, or a little bit of both at the same time. The outsole of the shoe provides excellent traction for activities, and support for the heel and toes on hard surfaces. No sharp objects will be getting through these shoes to reach your skin.

They shape your whole foot, and allow different spaces for each toe as if you were barefoot. Some say it feels the same as being barefoot, but with more protection and support that you don’t even realize.

The Vibram Five Fingers V Aqua shoe could be like a pair of desert boots, but less clunky and on the beach sand instead!

13. Adidas Outdoor Terrex Skychaser

The Adidas Outdoor Terrex Skychaser is a shoe that you can rely on in any situation. It is perfect for sportswear or just a regular lifestyle shoe! The synthetic mesh of the shoe offers flexibility and breathability for the foot.

The rubber sole on the shoe brings great traction to help with any activity that is being performed. This shoe also has a very good drainage system that helps to quickly drain and dry the water that might get unto the shoe while walking on the beach sand.

Apart from the amazing build of the shoe, it also gives off a very athletic look. It can come in many different colors and patterns and can be worn with many different outfits. One last great feature of this shoe is the quick slip on and off. It is very convenient without all of the annoying laces that take more time each time when putting on and taking off the shoe.

14. O’Neill Reactor Reef Booties

The O’Neill Reactor Reef Booties are very similar to the other sock-like water shoes listed above.

They provide extreme flexibility and breathability to the foot in the water or outside of the water. They protect the foot from sharp objects because of a very important feature on these shoe- the cap safeguard on the toe part of the shoe protecting the toes. The shoes are very lightweight allowing the foot to move as if it had nothing on it.

When they get wet, they dry very fast because of the outer mesh material. Along with drying fast, they don’t allow sand to get in, which is great when walking on the beach. Sand can be very annoying, scratchy, and irritating, but that won’t happen with these shoes!

15. Doussprt Water Shoes

The Doussprt Water Shoes are perfect for walking on the sandy beaches. They are great for short distances, long distances, water sports, sand sports, and any activities on the beach you could think of. They are even great for everything off of the beach as well.

The style of the shoe brings a very simple look, that can be dressed up or down with anything. Their flexible mesh is perfect for flexibility in the water, without allowing sand to enter the shoe. They have a great grip on any surface, and are very lightweight to allow for any movement.

These shoes are greatly built and you won’t be disappointed! Go and get your Doussprt water shoes today!

There are many options of shoes out there. Many styles, colors, patterns, etc. It is most important to find what is most comfortable to you and what makes you the most confident! We have shared 15 great choices of the best shoes for walking on beach sand to help you get your pair today!

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tom tulinsky

Tuesday 26th of July 2022

You do good job of summarizing the problem at the start: sand gets in between your foot and the shoe and rubs like sandpaper. But it's not clear how these shoes would solve the problem, except the high ones with side zipper. And-- there is only ONE best. 2, 3, 4 maybe for different situations. 15 is too many.

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