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15 Best Snacks at Walt Disney World

Here is my list of the top 15 snacks found at Walt Disney World.

1- Dole Whip

Probably the king of magical treats, dole whip is a staple for many Disney diets. Made from Dole pineapples, this frozen soft serve snack is found at Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Animal Kingdom and the Polynesian resort.

2- Cinnamon Roll

Gaston’s Tavern nestled in the corner of Fantasyland serves massive cinnamon rolls that are big enough even for Gaston. It is a great sharable snack for 3 or more people.

3- LaFou’s Brew

Also found at Gaston’s Tavern is a frozen apple juice smoothie type drink topped with a marshmallow whip. It is perfect for the sweltering summer Disney days.

4- Mickey Premium Bar

This snack is another clasic Disney snack and shaped like Mickey himseld. The chocolate dipped vanilla popsicle is a quick buy located at almost every popcorn stand around property.

5- Ice Cream Sandwich

I actually had the chance to sell these when I was working in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. This snack makes the list because I see it as one of the best bang for your buck snack buys. It’s huge and 100% sharable between two or three people.

This is one of the newest treats introduced inside of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Based on the snack in the new Incredibles 2 movie, the num num cookie is a warm chocolate chip cookie easily 6 inches in diameter.

7- Funnel Cake

The classic fair/theme park snack is found in Epcot in the American Pavilion. They tend to always have the class powdered sugar funnel cake as well as a seasonal specialty. The most recent flavor I have seen is a cookies and cream funnel cake.

8- Spring Rolls

The cheeseburger spring rolls at the popcorn cart in Advertureland in Magic Kingdom used to be a permanent staple. But within the past year they disappeared for a couple of months. But have no fear, they have made a come back and are not offered with a new flavor every couple of weeks, including the cheeseburger flavor.

9- Totchos

Friar’s Noo is nestled in the heaert of Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom and they offer some of the best tater tot nachos I have ever had. Piled with nacho cheese, sour cream, and BBQ pulled pork. The tochos are also big enough to act as a full meal.

10- Tortilla Chips

This is a seasoned verteran life hack at Disney. In Pecos Bill’s located in Frontierland in Magic Kingdom, they sell a side of just normal tortilla chips. However, everything bought at Pecos Bill’s is allowed to be used with the condiment bar. So a $4 make your own nachos is one of the cheapest snacks tou can find at Walt Disney World.

11- Nutella Waffle

Also found in Magic Kingdom, the nutella waffle is great snack and could be be considered for a brunch type meal. The thick waffle is filled with a healthy topping of warm nutella, bananas, blueberries, and strawberries.

12- Corn Dog Nuggets

Casey’s Corner is right at the end of Main Street USA and one of the most popular quick service locations in Walt Disney World. However, the wait is well worth the corn dogs nugs they sell. They are perfect for children as well.

13- Turkey Leg

For my family especially, turkey legs were a must have anytime we were on vacation. Easily shareable and not that messy, turkey legs are a little harder to find now, but they are offered for sure in the America Pavilion in Epcot and Fronteirland in Magic Kingdom.

14- Stuffed Mickey Pretzels

The cream cheese stuffed as well as jalapeño stuffed Mickey pretzels are my absolute favorite Disney snack. Recently, they have been found to pop up in the Disney water parks during peak season and sometimes they can be found at the Lunching Pad in Tomorrowland.

15- Capt. Cook’s Nachos

If you want to get away from the park crowds, the pulled port nachos from Capt. Cook’s inside of the Polynesian Resort are incredible. The chips are housemade and topped with sweet pulled pork, pineapples, and a Polynesian mayo sauce. Plus the scenery around the resort is stunning as well as easily accessible on the monorail route.

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