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15 Best Sprinting Shoes Without Spikes in 2021

Running and Sprinting are one of the most fascinating sports. At any world athletics championship or Olympics, the sprinting races are the premier races of the meets.

The sprinting events captivate and intrigue the world. 

The fact that you are searching for sprinting shoes without spikes, means that you are either curious to discover if you have any speed, a sprinter in school, or a professional sprinter. 

Every year the main shoe companies upgrade their sprinting shoes to meet better comfort levels and improved technology to help athletes run faster or better monitor their runs. 

Some sprinting shoes were made with built-in spikes, but most of the recent sprinting shoes are now made without the built-in spikes, which makes them last longer because athletes can change the spike pins when they begin to wear out.

This article compiles the list of the top 15 sprinting shoes without spikes that are available on the market today!

1. Nike Zoom Rival S 9 Track Spike

Nike is one of the top brands for track spikes on the market. Some of the fastest times ever ran were ran by athletes wearing Nike spikes.

The Nike Zoom Rival s9 is one of the cheaper spikes in the Nike line of spikes. The plates on these spikes are one of the older spike plates.

Although this plate type is an older version, it’s still a good idea to get these shoes if you are an athlete that has a personal preference with a carbon-fiber plate.

This snug fit spike is great for races of short distances.

2. Nike Air Zoom Maxfly

At the Tokyo Olympics, Elaine Thompson- Herah wore these sprinting spikes when she broke the Olympic 100m record.

She ran a time of 10.61s, which is excellent sprinting performance, just .12 seconds short of the world record.

These Nike Air Zoom Maxfly spikes are the best option on the market.

These lightweight shoes are definitely a plus.

The bounce created by these  Nike shoes is responsiveness to match your speed as you race to shatter personal goals. 

These new spikes are an ideal choice for the 100m race but are also an excellent choice for longer distances like the 400m.

Biomechanist Laura Healey says these spikes do assist with overall performance in sprinting. These stiff plate sprinting shoes comes at a price point of $180.

3. Adidas Adizero Ambition Running Shoe

If you are an Adidas fan, you probably warm up in Adidas running shoes. You can get these Adidas Men’s Adizero Boston in the women’s version of the shoes as well.

You are probably wondering, which Adidas sprinting shoes are one fo the best sprint shoes to take you across the finish line.

The Ambition running shoes are a good choice.

Adidas produces some of the lightest running shoes on the market and these are no exception.

These spikes come in three colors; coral, silver metallic, and white. The upper part of the shoes has a low-top form arch. The price of these spikes ranges from $50 to $90.

4. Nike Superfly Elite Racing Spike

These Nike Superfly Elite shoes are some of the best racing flats on the market today.

These stiff plate track and field spikes are great for sprinting.

They have good cushioning which reduces the impact when you strike the ground. This is a good choice because it has all the essential feature and qualities needed for good sprinting.

Additionally, these sprinting shoes come with removable spikes and you can replace them with the spikes you need depending on the type of track surface you’ll be sprinting on –whether indoor track or outdoor track.

5. PUMA Bolt Evospeed LTD Elite Running Spikes

Puma produces some of the best sprinting shoes to date.

Needless to say, if you run track and you know Usain Bolt, you probably know that he is sponsored by Puma and ran the fastest sprint times recorded by a man in Puma spikes.

These are one of the top picks on this list.

Puma produces different types of spikes and they are known to produce sprinting shoes with very attractive colors. 

These Bolt Evospeed spikes have lace closure which produces a snug, comfortable fit. These spikes come at a price point of $70.

6. New Balance Middle Distance 800 V6 Running Shoe

The recent Tokyo Olympics witnessed the breaking of the women’s 400m Hurdles world record by an athlete wearing a pair of New Balance sprinting shoes.

This shows that New Balance knows how to produce spikes that can match up to the intensity of sprinting.

When it comes to sprinting, the right shoe or the best shoes in most cases is determined by personal preferences and or the specific event an athlete does.

The middle distance spike is designed to give you a similar comfort as running flats but with the spring you need while competing.

The shoe technology is designed specifically to assist with running longer. These spikes are available at a price range from about $55 to approximately $115.

7. Nike Zoom Rival Track Spike Shoes

These Nike sprinting shoes will give you a better grip than lots of other spikes.

These carbon fiber plates will have you bouncing down the track like never before. These traction track shoes grip the track and produce the push that you need off the surface.

The spikes are good quality, will last longer, and make you run fast.

These Nike spike plates are not the newest versions but, many professional athletes still wear spikes with these plates because it is a known fact that you can run fast in these.

Also, some athletes will practice in these spikes and race in a newer spike. These sprinting shoes come at a price point of $64.

8. Nike Unisex-Adult Running Shoe

Nike along with all the other top spikes brands produces different types of spikes.

These Nike running shoes are distance spikes ideal for long distance running like cross country.

These spikes have Nike rubber soles, which creates the comfort that runners are used to having in Nike spikes.

The unique design of this shoe has advanced features like the rubber under the heel for ideal traction. The zoning overlay on the upper part of the shoe to enhance durability.

The mono mesh windows on these spikes provide lightweight and breathability, which is necessary when running middle distance events.

The price of these spikes depends on shoe size. The price range is from $32 to $159.

9. Saucony Lanzar JAV2 Track and Field Shoe

When it comes to field events like high jump and javelin, there are specific shoes for these events.

These Saucony shoes are full plate shoes that have the perfect grip for javelin throwers.

This shoe gives a clear idea of what a lot of throwing competition shoes look like. The unique design is made 100% synthetic, it has rubber sole and the shaft measures approximately low-top from arch.

This shoe can be worn on multiple surfaces like track, grass and turf. This is ideal for throwing as it provides stabilizing support while adapting to the movement of the foot.

The price point of this shoe is $100.


This stylish Puma spikes is one of their best designs.

Usain Bolt ran fast times in spikes with a similar plate like the one on this Puma track spikes shoes.

This is still one of the super spikes on the market today.  Some of the features of this shoe technology is the top-of-the-line, soft, aerodynamic synthetic upper hugs the foot and locks the foot onto the plate for optimum support.

These sprinting shoes are ideal for shorter distances.

If you are looking for the best track spikes, then this is a perfect choice that you should consider.

This spike has ultra-cushioning comfort which will give you the best feel while sprinting. This spike comes at a price range from $40 to about $150.

11. Adidas Sprintstar Track Shoe

The 2021 US Olympic trials saw the likes of 17-year-old Erriyon Knighton in the 200m men.

In the Semi-finals won his race over Noah Lyles who is one of the greatest 200m runner all time. He was wearing an Adidas spike when he made that accomplishment.

These Adidas spikes are great for entry level athletes.

It doesn’t have a steep arch like other sprinting shoes which allows this spike to fit the entire foot. There are fewer spikes with low arches because of the technology needed for sprinting. 

These new shoes comes at a price range from about $29 to about $100. The price varies with specific sizes.

12. ASICS Hyper Track & Field Shoes

Some athletes like to have a different pair of shoes for regular training than the ones they use in competition.

Also, if you are a beginner and you haven’t found the spikes that is the right pair or the best fit for you it would be much fun to try spikes of multiple brands.

This Asics hyper LD track and field shoe gives athletes the great opportunity to try a brand outside of the main brands in track and field.

These shoes have the main features of sprinting shoes, and they are equipped with a removable sock liner to accommodate medical orthotic if needed and the removable spikes allows you to chose if you want to use 9mm pins or taller pins when competing.

The price range of this sprinting shoe ranges from about $40 to roughly $120.

13. Under Armour Speedform Sprint 2

Under Armor is another top brand for sporting goods.

However, they only began to make sprinting shoes in recent years. Nonetheless, their expertise in sprinting is still ranked high.

The technology they use in their spike plates are very similar to technology in some of Nike’s spikes. This Speedform model is a good example of what most Under Armor sprinting shoes would look like.

The shaft measures approximately low-top from arch.

The design in the spikes construction molds to the foot for a precision fit, eliminating all distraction.

Additionally, the Speedform spikes is breathable, has compression-like fit that delivers lightweight directional strength. These new shoes comes a price range of $54 to $108.


This Puma spike is for athletes that run longer distance.

Just by looking at the spikes, you can see the mesh design, which increases breathability in the spikes and gives the spikes a lightweight feel.

The best thing for distance athletes is to have spikes that won’t weigh them down and won’t be uncomfortable for the long runs.

A great thing about these spikes is the full length EVA midsole for Long lasting responsive cushioning and comfort with Evertrack heel piece for high abrasion resistant durability. This spike also comes with 5 pin pebax spike plate.

Designed in a forefoot U-shape with extra grip through sharp pin design for long lasting traction and propulsion on all surfaces. 5 changeable spike pin receptacles are strategically placed for all distance events.

This Puma spike comes at a price range between $51 to about $88.

15. Adidas Adizero Finesse Spike Shoe

The last sprinting shoe on this list is the Adizero Finesse.

This is another lightweight Adidas spike. The holes in the front of the shoe create breathability, the color and design is attractive and is ideal for sprinting.

The technology on this spike is created to give sprinters the bounce they need to produce very fast times.

This is a laced spike which enables the athlete to adjust the snug on the spikes.

As mentioned earlier spikes all depends on personal preferences when it comes to brands. Adidas is a reputable sprinting spikes brand and this line of spikes is a very good choice.

This spike comes at a price range from $53 to $85.

These 15 sprinting shoes that have removable spikes can serves as your buyer’s guide to the best picked sprinting shoes.

Sprinting Shoes

Whenever you go to sporting events like track meets, you will see different sprinting shoes from different brands,

This list compiles some of the best sprinting spikes on the market today by looking at specific features like resilient foam, shoe size, and even the technology used in the outsole of the shoes etc.

The Nike Rival S is another great sprinting shoe that offers a lightweight feel, snug fit, and designed for the sprinter in mind.

This list also includes spikes for field athletes. Want to find the best sprinting shoes without spikes, with your right size and for the right price. There should be at least one spike on this list that you’d desire.

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