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15 Delicious and Low Calorie Drink Recipes

Summer is in full swing and so is the extreme heat, gatherings with friends and family, and of course swimsuit season. Often times it can be hard to find recipes that taste delicious, but won’t completely derail your diet!

No Summer gathering is complete without a fun drink present, and we have compiled our list of 15 delicious and low-calorie drink recipes that will be full of flavor and keep you right on track for the rest of the Summer!

1. Skinny Coconut Margarita

This recipe will put a tropical twist on a classic drink without compromising your diet! It will allow you to cut out calories, but not skimp on flavor! Simple and light, this drink goes great with Mexican food and it is easy to make ahead if you are wanting to use it at a gathering.

2. Skinny Sparkling Blueberry Mojito

Mojitos are always a safe bet for a drink. Don’t let the idea of some fresh herbs in your glass scare you off, this drink will leave you refreshed and ready for another one! The combination of mint, blueberry, sparkling water, and of course rum will have you making these every weekend!

3. Skinny Key Lime Pie Cocktails

Calling all Key Lime Pie lovers! This is the drink for you! Crisp and refreshing, this cocktail will make you feel like you are bitting into a fresh slice of pie. With no added soda or sugary syrups, this recipe makes you forget that what you are drinking won’t break your diet.

4. Spiked Cherry Lemonade Slushies

This refreshing slush will take you back to the days when you were a  kid on a hot day craving something to help cool you off. Except this time you can add a splash of vodka! With a recipe so simple and ingredients that won’t having you drinking your daily calorie count in every sip, this drink will quickly become your Summer go-to!

5. Watermelon Fizz

You can’t go wrong when watermelon is involved! This drink is perfect for your next Summer gathering. With only four ingredients you won’t break the bank, but you will be extremely refreshed! Who needs all those calories if the flavor is just as good without them!

6. Skinny Coloda

If you are looking for a drink that not only skimps on calories, but also on fat, this skinny colada is a perfect match for you! This recipe is very easy to follow and is a quick fix if you are need of something refreshing on those hot Summer days!

7. Garden Fresh Summerita

This unique drink is similar to a margarita, minus the hefty calorie count! Combing fresh cucumber with crisp and a bit spicy jalapeño, you will experience a variety of flavors coming together to form your next staple Summer drink.

8. Volito

This fun drink comes in at the lowest calorie count of all the drinks on the list with only 85 calories! You will feel refreshed, but not guilty after enjoying this treat. This recipe is simple, yet it will taste like you’ve been working on it all day!

9. The Paloma

This pretty cocktail is perfect if you need a sweet drink fix. With a sugar rimmed glass and grapefruit infused flavor and garnish, you can’t go wrong with this drink. Add a little lime and tequila to finish off your masterpiece!

10. Blueberry Mint Fizz

Step out of your comfort zone with this cool drink. Nothing is more refreshing on a hot day like a blueberry-mint combination. Dress up your drink with some blueberry and mint ice cubes to a add a fun touch!

11. Cucumber Cooler Cocktail

This crisp cocktail is light, easy to make, and relatively low in calories! You can sip and relax and not have to worry about your diet while doing it. The best part about this drink is that it is so simple, yet it can be fitted to each persons liking! Add more sugar if desired or add in other fun flavors if you are feeling adventurous.

12. Lime Sorbet Skinny Margarita

Who doesn’t love a good margarita when the weather is hot? The only downside is the high calorie count that comes along with it. This fun recipe will still allow you to enjoy all the flavors you love without feeling like you are just racking up the calorie count while doing it!

13. Sunshine Skinny Margarita

Here is another example of a margarita that won’t leave you feeling guilty after enjoying one… or two! Refreshing and tangy, this drink is the perfect twist on a classic drink!

14. Skinnygirl Bloddy Mary

You can’t have a drink list without including the classic Bloody Mary. This recipe uses skinny girl vodka so you don’t have to worry about the calorie count in this cocktail. Perfect for brunches or an afternoon treat, just serve over ice and enjoy!

15. Kracked Mai Tai

This recipe involves a slight twist on a great drink to add some extra spice to it! Use spiced rum on top of the drink to give it that extra flavor kick! This calls for simply syrup, instead of buying some, go ahead and make your own! It will improve flavor and reduce the amount of calories consumed!

From sweet to savory, even spicy, this list has got you covered! Even the pickiest person will find something to love on our list of low calorie drink recipes! The best part about all these amazing cocktails? They range from 250 to 85 in their calorie counts! You don’t always have to sacrifice flavor in order to eat (and drink) healthy!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.