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15 Easy Holiday Mug Ideas for Gifts

Coffee mugs are a simple gift and a fun idea that can be given to any family member during the holiday season. Moreover, you can make the mugs unique by incorporating your own great ideas for the mug’s contents.

Some of the contents to place inside the mugs can be found at the Dollar Tree or Dollar Store and can serve as inexpensive gifts for the entire family.

If a family member or friend has shown an interest in a hobby like baking or reading, try to come up with a unique mug idea that revolves around those themes.

Here’s the scoop on Christmas mug gift ideas for the holiday season!

DIY Mug Ideas

1. Coffee Lover

coffee with swirls
Iza Javeniar

Creating a coffee lover mug may be the easiest task as the mug’s contents can be found in any store. You will easily have everything a coffee lover needs to fulfill their caffeine addiction with this perfect gift idea.

The coffee lover-themed mug can include wooden stir sticks and their favorite brew in k-cups. Add in a coffee gift card, paper shreds, and pick the mug of your choice.

2. Tea Drinker

tea with sweets

The tea drinker will not only have their favorite tea bags but also a few tea biscuits and sugar to complete the mug. This mug can also serve as a thoughtful gift to someone who may need a boost of energy when they’re sick. Moreover, add some fresh lemon and honey to a cute mug.

3. Chocolate Aficionado

chocolate in mug

It’s not difficult to know someone who loves chocolate and what better way to have a chocolate-themed mug with their favorite chocolates?

Place a treat bag of chocolates in the mug and include a meaningful mug for a nostalgic touch. Go a step further with chocolate-covered coffee beans if they’re dedicated to chocolate.

4. Hot Cocoa Drinker

hot cocoa with gingerbread

Place hot cocoa mix, chocolate chips, and marshmallows for a family member or friend who enjoys sitting by the fire and soaking in the hot cocoa. You can even take this mug idea a step further by adding candy canes for a cup of cheer. Have the hot cocoa mix in Santa mugs or even reindeer mugs.

5. Expressing My Craft

knit covers for mugs
Jam Manzano

Know someone who is creative and expresses themselves through art? A craft mug will make the perfect DIY Christmas mug for an artist. Depending on what type of art they’re interested in, you can place knitting needles, scrapbooking supplies, a cross-stitch kit, and even paint into the mug.

The crafter mug is one of the best Christmas mug gift ideas as there are unlimited options to choose from for this fun mug gift idea. Ask what their favorite craft store is and get shopping!

6. Baking it Up in the Kitchen!

coffee on counter
Ekaterina Bolovtsova

A baker-themed mug can include an assortment of things that can be helpful to both beginner and advanced bakers. For starters, you can add small cookbooks, baker’s twine, spatulas, and kitchen gadgets to make their day.

Let them create special moments in the kitchen this holiday season with a baker mug. Include all of the kitchen tools in a ceramic coffee mug for an aesthetic look. Include angel food cake mix if they love to bake cakes. This idea is one of the best hostess gifts.

7. Plan the Day

like a boss mug
Julie Kislev

This is a great mug idea for someone who loves being an organizer and working in an office setting. Have the mug include crafty items like washi tape, a planner, a notepad, and even pens.

You can create your own boss mug with adhesive vinyl called Oracal 751 to include creative hand lettering. This is one of the best DIY Christmas gifts.

The mug can also be a practical gift that an office worker or entrepreneur needs to be productive and get through the day.

8. Sweet Tooth

coffee with sweets

Time to indulge in all of the sweets with a sweet tooth mug! People who love all kinds of sweets will enjoy the contents of this mug. You can add cookies, candy, croissants, and cake mixes. They can also add a cup of coffee to go with their baked goods.

9. Time to Get Shopping!

shopping with mug

The holiday season may be the best part of the year for a shopper with all of the discounts and deals. Place a holiday card or a gift card to their favorite store in a mug with an illustration of gifts as the mug design. Don’t forget to add printable gift tags with the shopping gift card.

10. A Book Lover’s Dream

coffee with book
Ioana Motoc

Fulfill a book lover’s dream with a mug showcasing their love for books. Add in mini books, a mini typewriter, and a bookstore gift card. You can also create a mug that goes along with their favorite book series like Harry Potter.

11. Travel Lover

travel mug

One of the best Christmas gift ideas is a travel-themed mug for someone who loves to travel. This mug can have contents that remind people of specific destinations or include an overall travel theme. Add in travel-size products or a voucher for a specific destination. Let them enjoy their coffee or tea on a balcony in Italy.

12. Disney Lover

vanilla ice cream coffee

Know someone who is a big fan of Disney? Create a Disney Holiday themed mug with cute trinkets and a pair of tickets to Disney World for an additional cost. You can also include a small mickey mouse plush to complete the mug.

13. Stay Warm This Winter

coffee cup on blanket with glasses
Anna Khomutova

Place cozy gloves and socks inside a mug. This is a great way to gift a family member winter accessories for this time of year when snow and frost cover the ground. You can also add in hot chocolate mix for all of the cozy feels. You can also include two mugs of hot cocoa as a set for the cozy drinkers who love their hot cocoa.

14. Teacher Appreciation

white mug held by woman

Let your teacher know that they’re appreciated this Christmas with a teacher’s gift in the form of a mug specifically for them! Add in shredded paper, pens, a small planner, notepads, and a custom note telling them how much you appreciate them.

Make sure the mug design is geared toward teachers! This is one of the best teacher gifts!

15. Beauty Lover

woman with coffee cup in apartment
Photo by Arina Krasnikova

A cute Christmas mug idea is one for beauty lovers! This mug’s contents can vary depending on if your friend or family member is a beauty guru or someone beginning to explore the makeup world. Place mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner, highlighter, foundation, and a cotton ball or two into the mug to fulfill their gift list!

Great Gift Ideas

A whole collection of mugs exist highlighting people’s interests. Many of the mug ideas can be found on social media, at your local Dollar Store, or on Etsy by artists who make a small commission from your purchase. Explore pop culture or basic philosophy style mugs.

One recent mug trend is the color changing mugs when filled with much warm water if you don’t want to create the design of the whole thing.

Pinterest is also a great platform if you’re wanting to create easy gift ideas with a mug around a specific theme in a creative way.

The best part is that the mugs are budget-friendly gift ideas for any holiday or occasion. Step up your gift game from last year!

Get creative with your mug gift ideas this Christmas and make a friend or family member happy with their own personalized Christmas mugs and homemade gifts!

christmas mug gift ideas

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