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15 Hallmark Movies to Get You Singing

Ever have a song you can’t get out of your head? While watching the Hallmark Channel, this happens a lot. Many Hallmark movies are centered around musicians or songwriters. Get the scoop on the top ten Hallmark movies that will get you singing!

1. In the Key of Love

Fans of Broadway and “Crazy-Ex Girlfriend” need to watch this movie. It’s about two exes, Maggie (Laura Osnes) and Jake (Scott Michael Foster), who used to be a music duo. They reunite unexpectedly at a wedding. It turns out that they still have more songs to sing together. Also, make sure to check out Best Running Gags in “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” if you like Scott Michael Foster.

2. A Song for Christmas

The “Glee” cheerleader Becca Tobin plays a pop star in A Song for Christmas. But, she’s a bit tired of the lifestyle. She escapes her manager and finds herself in Virginia. Luckily, she’s taken in by a family. The eldest song recognizes her, planning to use her fame for money. But, of course, he ends up falling for her.

3. Country at Heart

Shayna’s a struggling country singer. She returns home to help out at a music festival but ends up partnering up with the songwriter Grady. The Hallmark movie “Country at Heart” has multiple musical performances. Our favorite is “Right in Front of You,” which captures the love story between Shayna and Grady.

4. A Christmas Love Story

Tony-winning Kristen Chenoweth continues to astound us with her singing abilities in A Christmas Love Story. She’s a youth choir director that is trying to write a song for the holiday show. While she gets distracted by a handsome widowed father, don’t worry, she still manages to sing a few songs.

5. A Family Christmas Gift

Amber spends the Christmas season with her Aunt Dora, played by the successful singer Patti LaBelle. You can hear her wonderful voice in A Family Christmas Gift. They are fundraising for a Christmas concert, so you also hear many popular holiday tunes along the way.

6. A Christmas Melody

Kristin and her daughter return home, and she runs into her high school rival, played by Mariah Carey. But Mariah Carey isn’t the only one with a great voice in A Christmas Melody’s cast. Kristin’s daughter sings an original Christmas song titled “Oh Santa” that will also get you in the holiday spirit!

7.  Time for You to Come Home for Christmas

Actor Lucas Bryant sings in this Hallmark movie as well. You can see him playing the guitar and falling for the widow Katherine. He plays in a band that is performing at a charity event for families of veterans. It is sure to get you tapping your toes.

8. Christmas at Dollywood

There are many Celebrities You May Not Know Are in Hallmark Movies, including Dolly Parton! She plays herself in this movie Christmas at Dollywood. She also offers wisdom to Rachel, who falls for the party planner Luke. There are one or two dance numbers that are sure to get you on your feet.

9. The Christmas Choir

The Christmas Choir is about members of the homeless shelter run by Sister Agatha. Peter leads the group in song, specifically, holiday tunes. As the characters work through their problems, they find power in the music they sing together. If you want to watch more Christmas movies, read Top 10 Hallmark Christmas Movies to Watch This Season.

10. One Royal Holiday

This movie hasn’t premiered yet, but we know it will be one of our favorites. It features two Broadway stars, Laura Osnes from Rodger and Hammerstein’s Cinderella and Aaron Tveit from Moulin Rouge and Les Misérables, who is nominated for a Tony award! In this movie, they sing Christmas songs while sheltering from a blizzard. We can’t wait for it to premiere on October 31st!

11. Time for Me to Come Home for Christmas

Music is a great way to help people heal. This is very true for Cara and Heath, who have recently experienced loss in their life. Heath is a country singer who crosses paths with Cara when the snow forces them together. With the help of music and a few Christmas miracles, the holiday may not be as bad as they once thought.

12. Christmas Song

This Hallmark movie gives off Glee vibes when two rival choirs merge. Can they blend harmoniously, or will their music sound out of tune? Watch “Christmas Song” to find out!

13. A Christmas Duet

Averie and Jessie were a big success together, especially because of their song “Wouldn’t Be Christmas.” However, the two parted ways when Averie opens up a lodge. But fate brings them together again, and perhaps they still have more duets to sing.

14. Angels Sing

A man doesn’t like Christmas after an accident that happened when he was a child. However, a mysterious stranger gives him advice and hope. There’s music at the church he visits that will make you feel merry and bright.

15. Love at Sea

Love at Sea” isn’t centered around music, but it stars Carlos PenaVega. He sings a rendition of “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” at a cruise ship party. The scene will make you misty-eyed as you sing along.

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We hope you enjoyed our list and maybe hummed a song or two. What your favorite Hallmark movie? Comment down below!

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