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15 Things to Clean with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser + An Interview with Jillian Harris

Spring has sprung and with that a new reason to clean.  I am so excited to share the best cleaning tips from one of my very favorite television personalities, Jillian Harris.  I have been a fan of Jillian for so long and when I had the chance to interview her, I was over the moon excited.  Recently, she was in New York with none other than Mr. Clean, sharing tips and tricks on how to clean your house in record timing. After her interview I highlighted 15 Things to Clean with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Trust me, you’ll thank me later. 😉

Jillian shared that she has been using Mr. Clean for awhile now and not just in her own home.  She uses in her business, too.  And why? The same reason I use Mr. Clean.  “You can get so much done is such a short amount of time without having to put a ton of elbow grease into it!”  This is so true.  Personally, I love the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.  Just like the name, I think it’s magic.  As someone who doesn’t enjoy cleaning, I love using the magic erasers, I like instant results and that’s what I get.  Jillian shared that she uses it cleaning up the entire oven, patio furniture, sneakers, and bathrooms.

Jillian went on to answer more questions. Check out this Q&A with one of my inspirations and a true cleaning diva.


Q: Marry, shag, kill: Mr. Clean, The Rock and Howie Mandel

A: I would marry Mr. Clean (so my house would always be clean) I would shag The Rock (he looks like he knows what he’s doing in bed) and I would kill Howie Mandel.

Q: What does everyday really look like at your house? We imagine a gorgeous, magazine ready at all times kind of home. Tell us your human?

A: My house stays relatively clean but only because I like to be on top of it. But, when I come home from a trip to New York or a trip to Vancouver, I’m a disaster zone. I dump my bags and my bathroom floor is always covered with clothes, shoes and dog toys – and now there’s going to be baby toys too! So while the house is relatively clean, its usually a giant mess disaster. I have lots of baskets around my house so that if I do need to clean in a hurry, there’s a basket for all the dog toys, there’s a basket for all the shoes. I grab the basket and put it in a corner and all of a sudden people think you are really clean!


Q: You have 10 minutes before company is coming over, what do you clean first? What’s your priority?

A: I always focus on the kitchen because that’s naturally where everyone hangs out. I shove a lot of stuff in the junk drawer and I use the Magic Eraser – it’s so funny how much of a difference it makes just getting rid of those little scuffs and those little nicks around the base boards. I also like to spot wash the walls and make sure the island and counter tops are totally cleaned off. I’ll grab some fresh flowers from outside if its that time of year, light a candle and sometimes open up the windows just to allow a little bit of fresh air in. And if you have wine out, nobody notices how messy your house is!

Q: Everything in your house is white and expensive – are you going to roll up your rugs or just take a chance when the baby comes?

A: When we got Nacho our dog, who is a 75 pound boxer, everybody said all your white will be ruined. It has been a little bit harder with the dog – we have a big white linen couch and we have to take the covers off every 2-3 months and wash them which we didn’t have to do before. And we wash our sheets once a week and we have to bleach them, but for the most part it hasn’t been that bad. We’re just going to see how it is with the baby and when we have to replace something we’ll replace it with a beige or a light gray. I don’t plan on getting any more white nice things in the near future – I’m just going to stick with what we have and ride it out until its ready for the garbage!

Q: Do you have any tips for keeping things neat during a renovation?

A: Renovations are hell to go through – that’s why I recommend most people to go on our show because they don’t have to live through the renovation. We’re in and out in 6 weeks. However, doing a nice big purge and clean before a renovation can really help you live through it. Then, when the renovation is done, most of that dirty work of purging is already done. Before a reno, go through each room and toss or recycle anything you know that’s not going to make it back into that space so that you’re not hoarding junk and having to deal with it later.

Q: What do you have planned for the future? 

A: Right now I do have a seasonal clothing line that comes out twice a year. It’s a small capsule collection only sold online. I’m open to licensing and other opportunities, but one of the things that is more important to me than any financial success is family and my sanity. I’ve had the opportunity to work with a lot of really successful people in this industry and I find that people never have enough time to just sit around a campfire with their parents or have coffee with their cousin in the morning. I really enjoy that time with my family. I’ve been very lucky to have different levels of success in my life and for me, the money part doesn’t bring me anymore happiness than before when I was in debt. It doesn’t change anything for me so I’m going to keep on doing things that make me happy and that still allow me to live a balanced lifestyle. Right now looking to the future, I’m looking forward to being a mom and actually doing less. I also love blogging and want to keep that up!

Q: What are the most disgusting things homeowners leave unclean during an open house for potential buyers… things they wouldn’t normally think about?

A: A disgusting refrigerator is the worst. People are nosy and will investigate the fridge during the open house – don’t forget to clear out any smelly food from the fridge.

Q: What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever used the magic eraser on?

A: My hair straightening iron! Magic Eraser can get rid of that caked, burnt-on, gunky hair product!

Curious to what else Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser’s can clean? Here are some more ideas.

15 Things to Clean with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

15 Things to Clean with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

  1. Outdoor Furniture:  Grab Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to easily wipe away winter’s mark on your outdoor furniture.  Less time cleaning means more time sunbathing.
  2. BBQ Grills: Just moments before you invite over the neighbors for a night of BBQ, you can wipe away the winter’s build up and no one will know that grill hasn’t been used in months. Spring weather is perfect for sipping lemonade on the back porch and grilling out.
  3. Shoes: Attention shoe fanatics like myself, here is the best kept secret for sneaker scuffs. Time to dig up last year’s white sneakers and give them some love with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Your shoes will look brand new and everyone will be wondering how you stay up on all of the latest trends.
  4. Hair Straightener: Jillian mentioned this in her interview and I do the same thing.  Covering your hair with everything from hair spray to frizz serum and root lifter is sure to leave it’s mark on your straightener.  A quick swipe with the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser keeps it looking and working like it’s brand new.
  5. Skinks: Cleaning dishes in a dirty sink doesn’t do much good. I mean seriously, how gross is that.  Use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to quickly remove caked on food, soap scum and hard water build-up from the basin and faucet before tackling the post-dinner mess.
  6. Microwave: There’s nothing less appetizing than a dirty microwave. I use mine for pretty much everything and it is constantly needing a clean up. Use Magic Eraser to remove stuck-on food and grease in less time than it takes to reheat yesterday’s leftovers.
  7. Oven: Did your holiday rump roast go awry? Grab Magic Eraser to clean every inch of your oven, from the racks to the glass door. And because you don’t have to spend hours scrubbing, I do this once a week and extra if I have a kitchen mess.  A quick swipe through the oven removes all of the unwanted leftovers from cooking.
  8. Walls: I can’t stand it when I see scuffs on my walls, I mean seriously where do they all come from? I have a light gray paint and everything shows.  I use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and luckily it easily remove scuff marks from walls, hallways and trim.
  9. Floors: Again those scuffs are everywhere.  I love, love, love hardwood floors. I have them throughout my condo, but oh my goodness am I hard on them. Shoes, bags, furniture being pushed around, you know what I mean.  Our floors take a beating and with a few swipes of Mr. Clean Magic Eraser you can have them looking brand new.
  10. Paint: All of DIYers out there take note.  That refinished bookshelf in your hallway looks like a work of art. Only you know about the DIY disasters that occurred in the process – that’s because Mr. Clean Magic Eraser can remove paint splatters from moldings, floors and more before it dries.
  11. BATHROOM: The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is your new best friend for cleaning your bathroom. And by clean the bathrooms, I mean use Magic Eraser to power through hard water build-up and soap scum on sinks, tubs, toilets and glass shower doors. Feel free to spend the extra time relaxing in a bubble bath.
  12. Computer: The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is a perfect choice for cleaning up your computer monitor, keyboard & mouse. It gets rid of smudges at that random build up that appears on your keyboard.
  13. Jewelry: This is one you might not think of, but I use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser all the time to add a polished looked to my jewelry pieces.
  14. Nail Polish: Have you ever spilt nail polish? It seems the more careful you try to be, the more messes that come. Getting nail polish cleaned up can be such a pain. But, using the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser you’ll be able to get it wiped up in no time.
  15. Beauty Necessities: This might be my favorite trick of all time. 😉 The world may think you wake up looking this good, but every woman has her beauty secrets. Use Magic Eraser to remove makeup, hairspray and more from your walls, counters, floors, grout and mirrors. Mr. Clean is the ultimate finishing touch.


To be honest with all of you I am not someone who enjoys cleaning, but using the magic eraser takes the work out of it. And believe it or not I actually look forward to cleaning with it.  I know it’s because I see instant results.  If you are looking for a cleaning item that you can use in every room of your home, I highly suggest stocking up on your Mr. Clean magic erasers.  Happy Spring cleaning. 🙂

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Mr. Clean. All opinions are my own.

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