150 Manifestation Affirmations And How To Manifest

Most people think that affirmations are simply positive statements that you repeat to yourself in order to feel better. If you are wondering what these words mean for you and how to manifest affirmations then read below!

However, the truth is that affirmations are much more than that – they are actually a powerful tool that you can use to manifest your deepest desires.

When used correctly, affirmations can help to reprogram how your subconscious mind works, attracting abundance, success, love, and happiness into your life.

There are many different ways to use effective affirmations to get your desired outcome.

In this article, we will be exploring 150 of the best manifestation affirmations that you can use to manifest your dream life.

But before we dive in, let’s take a look at how affirmations work and how you can use them to manifest your desires.

How do Affirmations Work?

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Affirmations work by helping you to change your mindset and focus your attention on what you want to achieve.

When you repeat positive affirmations to yourself, it programs your mind to start believing in them.

As your belief starts to grow, you will begin to see evidence of what you are affirming in your life.

For example, if you are repeating the affirmation “I am confident and successful”, you will start to notice opportunities for success coming your way.

You may also find yourself taking more risks and putting yourself out there more, as your belief in your own ability grows.

It’s important to note that affirmations will not work overnight. In order to see results, you need to be consistent with your affirmations and believe in them wholeheartedly.

The more you repeat them, the more they will start to become a part of your belief system, and the more likely you are to see manifestations in your life.

List of Affirmations for Manifesting

Below we have included a lot of things to help you come out of your comfort zone and manifest what you desire.

The good news is when you use this step guide you are one step closer to becoming the best version of yourself!

Manifestation Affirmations for Abundance and Success

These powerful statements below consist of money affirmations, dream job statements, and mantras for success in general.

1. I am worthy of success and abundance.

2. I am attracting wealth and abundance into my life.

3. I am open to receiving all the abundance that life has to offer.

4. I am grateful for all the abundance in my life.

5. I am worthy of having an abundant and prosperous life.

6. I am attracting more wealth and abundance into my life every day.

7. I am confident and successful in all that I do.

8. I trust the universe to provide for me in abundant ways.

9. My life is filled with abundance and prosperity.

10. I am grateful for all the abundance and prosperity in my life.

11. I know I can achieve anything I want in life.

12. I am capable of attracting daily abundance

13. I achieve whatever I set my mind to. 

14. I stay focused on my vision and pursue my daily work with passion. 

15. I welcome an abundance mindset.

16. I believe in myself.

17. Money flows to me effortlessly.

18. I openly share the abundance I receive. 

19. I am capable of achieving greatness. 

20. Abundance in this Universe is unlimited and I have the power to receive it. 

21. I attract money to me

22. I am grateful for everything I have in my life. 

23. I was born to be abundant. 

24. My income is always increasing. 

25. I am succeeding in life.

26. I have more than enough.

27. I am the master of my abundance. 

28. I’m a money magnet.

29. Prosperity flows to and through me. 

30. I live a positive life. 

31. I am prepared to take advantage of the great opportunities presented to me.

32. I am dependable and resourceful. 

33. I am a strong individual who attracts happiness and success.

34. There is always enough in my life.

35. Everything I touch turs to gold.

36. I have the courage I need to succeed. 

37. I am an achiever. 

38. I am open to receiving unexpected opportunities. 

39. I am confident in my abilities. 

40. I choose prosperity over failure.

41. Failure only brings me closer to greatness. 

42. I am worthy of increasing my income.

43. Today will be another successful day. 

44. I accomplish anything I focus on. 

45. I see opportunity wherever I look.

46. I celebrate the abundance of everything in my life.

47. Money flows to me in various ways.

48. Every day I become more confident, powerful, and successful. 

49. I have dreams and goals that I am going to achieve. 

50. I am my best motivation.

Manifestation Affirmations for Love and Happiness

Listed below are love affirmations for yourself and a better relationship. Plus, happiness affirmations help you be the best version of yourself and live the life of your dreams.

1. I am worthy of love and happiness.

2. I am attracting love and happiness into my life.

3. I am open to receiving all the love and happiness that life has to offer.

4. I am grateful for all the love and happiness in my life.

5. I am worthy of having a beautiful and loving relationship.

6. I am attracting my perfect partner into my life.

7. I am confident and radiant, and I attract love easily.

8. My life is filled with love and happiness.

9. I am constantly creating everything my heart desires.

10. I deserve to be loved and cherished unconditionally.

11. Today is a gift, and I embrace it with positivity. 

13. I feel joyful, energetic, and alive. 

14. I am strong. 

15. I easily align with the energy of love.

16. I choose to see the positive, even in tough times. 

17. I will stay away from negative forces in life. 

18. I am wrapped in the loving energy of the Universe.

19. I am radiant, beautiful, and thriving. 

20. I believe in myself. 

21. Everything is always working well for me. 

22. I begin each day with a grateful heart. 

23. I accept that happiness is my true nature. 

24. I appreciate what I have in life right now. 

25. I radiate love. 

26. I feel healthy, joyful, and vibrant. 

27. I am beautiful. 

28. I am proud of who I am. 

29. I radiate beauty and confidence. I am comfortable in my own skin.

30. I approach this day with joy and excitement. 

31. I choose love and love chooses me back.

32. I embrace change. 

33. I deserve a healthy, happy, long-lasting relationship. 

34. Love shines within me. 

35. Joy is the essence of my being.

36. I deserve absolute and unconditional bliss. 

37. I see so many positives in my life.

38. I am grateful for the love that surrounds me. 

39. I am radiant. 

40. I am divine love. 

41. I spread love to those around me. Love enters my life in abundance. 

42. The love available to me is infinite. 

43. I am creating the life I want. 

44. I am safe in my relationships. 

45. I am blessed.

46. I feel loved. 

47. I am creative, passionate, and inspired. 

48. I am worthy and deserving of a lifetime filled with happiness and joy.

49. I hold the key to my own happiness

50. I view life through the lens of love.

Manifestation Affirmations for Health and Wellness

The best way to use affirmations is to speak in the present tense as if you have already achieved your goal. This manifestation technique will help to reprogram your subconscious mind for positive things.

1. I am worthy of having a healthy and prosperous life.

2. I am attracting health and wellness into my life.

3. I am open to receiving all the health and wellness that life has to offer.

4. I am grateful for all the health and wellness in my life.

5. I am worthy of having a fit and healthy body.

6. I am attracting more health and wellness into my life every day.

7. I am confident and successful in achieving my health goals.

8. My life is filled with health and wellness.

9. I deserve to be healthy and prosperous in every way.

10. I am healthy and full of energy.

11. I am open to new ways I can improve my health. 

12. I deserve to feel great each day. 

13. I give my body permission to change. 

14. I have a good feeling about my goals. 

15. My body is capable of healing. 

16. I am supported and loved. 

17. My body is always working for me. 

18. I am a magnet for healthy, uplifting, and empowering energy. 

19. I take life one step at a time.

20. My health is improving each day. 

21. Resting my body is my birthright.

22. My mind is a powerful tool. 

23. I respect myself, advocate for myself, and have healthy boundaries. 

24. Great healing is within my reach. 

25. How I feel matters.

26. I am a priority. 

27. I welcome new ways of healing.

28. I trust in the Universe’s plan for me. 

29. Healthy, vibrant energy flows through my body naturally. 

30. I release negative thoughts that do not serve me. 

31. I welcome positive and healthy energy with open arms. 

32. I allow the stream of well-being to flow to me. 

33. I enjoy existing in a natural state of well-being. 

34. I am grateful for being taken care of. 

35. I am filled with strength. 

36. My body is strong and fit. 

37. I’m feeling better and better each day. 

38. I easily attract good and positive energy to my mind, body, and soul. 

39. I am worthy of good health. 

40. I allow my body to heal itself.

41. I release all doubts in my mind. 

42. I make good decisions about my health.

43. Gratitude is my superpower. 

44. I treat my body with the love and kindness it deserves. 

45. I am thankful for the support around me. 

46. Every day is an opportunity to enjoy new levels of energy and well-being. 

47. I feel good in my body. 

48. My focus is positive. 

49. It comes naturally for me to feel good and healthy. 

50. I am resilient.

Using Affirmations to Manifest Your Desires

how to manifest affirmations: writing in journal

Now that you know how affirmations work and have a list of manifestation affirmations to use, it’s time to put them into practice!

Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your affirmations. These are the right things to do and say to ensure that your affirmations are effective.

1. Choose Affirmations That resonate With You

The first step is to choose powerful affirmations. It’s important to choose ones that resonate with you, what you believe, and your own experience.

If you don’t believe in the affirmation, it will be difficult to see results.

2. Repeat Them Daily

The more you repeat your affirmations, the more they will start to become a part of your belief system. It’s best to repeat them at least once a day, preferably in the morning or evening.

This is the right way to use this powerful manifestation tool.

When you incorporate it into your daily routine it will become a new habit and you will be one step closer to creating your own life of abundance!

3. Write Them Down

Writing down your affirmations can be a powerful way to help you believe in them.

Seeing the words on paper (or on your screen) can help to remind you of what you are trying to manifest.

The best things to do are to find a quiet place to think and use the simplest terms to write your affirmations down.

4. Visualize Them

Visualizing your affirmations is also a great way to help manifest your desires. See yourself achieving your goal or manifesting your desire.

Feel the emotions that you would feel if it were already a reality. The more real you can make it feel, the better!

An easy way to help you is to use a vision board.

With the mental images from your unconscious mind, post pictures, successful affirmations, or anything else that will help you remember what you are working towards on your board.

5. Be Patient

Remember that change takes time, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t see results immediately.

It is important to have positive thinking and positive thoughts.

The law of attraction affirmations work by helping to change your mindset from negative energy to positive.

It is important to keep an open mind and positive mindset if not, it will be difficult to see results.

Just keep affirming and believing, and soon you will start to see the manifestation of your desires!

6. Take Action

how to manifest affirmations: girl running through field

While repeating your affirmations and visualizing your goal is important, it’s also necessary to take action towards achieving your goal.

Taking small steps in your daily life is a positive way to creating your wildest dreams.

For example, if you’re trying to manifest a new job, don’t just sit at home and wait for the perfect opportunity to come knocking on your door.

Get out there and start applying for jobs!

The same goes for any other goal. You can’t just sit around and wait for things to happen. You have to put in the hard work and take action towards achieving your desires.

But don’t worry, as you take steps closer to your goal, the Universe will start to work in your favor and open up new opportunities for you.

7. Be Grateful

Finally, it’s important to show gratitude for what you have, even if it’s not exactly what you want. The more grateful you are, the more good things will come into your life.

So thank the Universe for what you do have, and watch as more good things come your way.

Practicing gratitude is one of the most important parts of using affirmations, and it’s also one of the easiest ways to have good things happen.

Make sure to show some appreciation for all the good in your life, and watch as your manifestation comes to fruition.

Benefits of Affirmations

There are many benefits to using the power of affirmations. They can help to improve your mood, increase your motivation, and change your beliefs.

Here are some of the specific benefits that you may experience:

1. Boost Your Confidence

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When you repeat daily positive affirmations to yourself, it can help to increase your confidence. This is because you are effectively telling yourself that you can achieve your goals.

Over time, this can lead to improved self-esteem, personal growth, and a more positive outlook on life.

2. Achieve Your Goals

Using your favorite affirmations can also help you to achieve your goals.

This is because they remind you of what you want to achieve and help to keep you focused on your goal.

As you continue to repeat your affirmations, you will start to believe in them more and more. This can lead to taking action towards your goals and eventually achieving them.

3. Improve Your Mood

Another benefit of using your own affirmations is that they can help to improve your mood. This is because they help to change your thinking from negative to positive.

When you focus on positive thoughts, it can lead to improved mood and decreased stress levels.

4. Reduce Stress

Repeating daily affirmations can also help to reduce stress. This is because they help to refocus your attention on positive thoughts.

As you focus on the good, it can lead to reduced stress and improved well-being.

5. Increase Motivation

Affirmations can also help to increase your motivation. When you remind yourself of the goals and areas of your life you want to achieve, it can help to spur you into action.

As you take simple steps toward your goals, you will be led down the right track.

How Does The Law of Attraction Work?

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The Law of Attraction is the belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts or limiting beliefs, people can bring positive or negative experiences into their life.

For example, if you are focused on abundance and prosperity, you will attract these things into your life.

On the other hand, if you are focused on negative words like lack and scarcity, you will attract these experiences as well.

There are also different universal laws that can affect your life, such as the Law of Attraction, the Law of Abundance, and the Law of Vibration.

The Law of Attraction is based on the idea that like attracts like. So if you want to attract good things into your life, you need to focus on positive thoughts.

This is an important role in the power of manifestation and seeing a positive change.

Questions To Ask Yourself

The following questions below can be used to help increase your understanding of how the Law of Assumption affirmations work.

They can help you get in the right place mentally and emotionally to begin manifesting what you desire.

1. What do you want to manifest in your life?

2. What are your thoughts and feelings about this?

3. How can you change your thinking to be more positive?

4. What actions can you take to help manifest your desires?

5. How can you stay focused on your goals?

By answering these questions, you will start to get a better understanding of how the Law of Attraction works and how you can use it to manifest your dream life.

It will also help to create positive emotion within yourself and get rid of any negative belief you have.

Manifesting Technique

how to manifest affirmations manifest written down

Affirmations are a great tool that you can use to manifest your desires. By repeating positive statements about what you want to achieve, you can retrain your brain to believe in them and start seeing results!

Another manifestation method to help lead you in the right way is the use of affirmation cards.

The great thing is these cards can be used in conjunction with other manifestation techniques for even better results.

Thomas Jefferson even manifested his own Declaration of Independence using the power of affirmations. So if he could do it, you can too!

The final words are to just remember to be patient and consistent. Ultimately this is the only way you will start to see the manifestation of your desires work. Good luck!

Make sure to share these affirmations help other people’s lives or a dear friend to better theirs.

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