16 On The Go Low Point Weight Watchers Breakfast Ideas – With Freestyle Points

by Sarah Scoop

We all know that our journey to weight loss is incredibly difficult! Thankfully, we’ve come across a variety of programs that help assist our weight loss journey, weight watchers! I have found it is important to make my points last throughout the day so starting off with a low point, yet filling breakfast is a great way to be successful. Here’s the scoop on 16 Weight Watchers breakfast ideas that taste great and are lower in the points! 🙂

Hard Boiled Eggs- 0 pts

Boiled eggs can be a great contribution to your daily food intake if you’re on weight watchers. Boiled eggs will be the easiest food/snack idea you’ll have while on this program, so make sure to make them in bundles. Stick them in your refrigerator, and pull whenever you’re in need of a snack or two.

Oatmeal – 4 pts

There are a variety of options and recipes to chose from when it comes toinsulin levels down, and metabolism up!

Omelet with Vegetables – 0 pts

If you’re an omelet type of person, than definitely try out an omelet with veggies on it! Veggies are great for you, so adding veggies to your omelet will not have any negative attributes to your weight loss. Make sure to load up on the veggies as much as you can. Vegetables provide the body with vitamins C & K, and eggs provide the body with B-12. Adding onto that, omelet with veggies is very filling, and insures a that you have nourishing foundation for you body.

Babybel Cheese (Light) – 1 pt.

Babybel cheese has recently become a member of the weight watchers freestyle point family! These babybel cheeses are travel friendly, and can go on anything! You can add these baby cheeses on salads, or even crackers to snack on. Remember to eat in moderation.

Coffee with Premier Protein – 2 pts

Believe it or not, but this is a coffee hack for all you coffee lovers. Coffee with premier protein! Crazy huh? Weight watchers has you covered. You can now drink coffee adding the

Dunkin Doughnuts Caramel Latte (light) – 4 pts

Just like Starbucks, Dunkin Doughnuts has a coffee option that applies to your weight watchers freestyle points. Their Caramel Latte (light) has between 120 and 160 calories. You get to enjoy this tasty drink, and get your points!

2 Toast Slices & 1/4th of Avocado – 5 pts

 Everyone loves avocado toast right? Well it’s even better because you can earn five pts by eating two toast slices slathered with avocado! You get all the benefits, and nutritional value an avocado has to offer, plus that savory taste the toast has. This is an easy, go to breakfast idea that saves you so much time, and is incredibly filling.

Kodiak Pancakes – 5 pts 

Made to provide consumers with a source of protein,

I hope these Weight Watchers breakfast ideas help you have a successful day! Make sure to check out more of our weight watchers posts!

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