17 Best Minimalist Barefoot Shoes for Winter

Let’s face it, minimalist shoes are the future of footwear. That’s because they come with so many benefits! With so many areas getting snow this year, lots of people are in the market for minimalist winter shoes.

Minimalist shoes support your feet to keep them both mobile and strong. Comfortable, cute, and chic, barefoot boots are all the rave! When looking for the right pair of shoes, there are so many important factors to consider! Comfort, good grip, lightweight construction, and a healthy sole are all essential for your physical wellbeing.

We’ve managed to formulate a diverse list of barefoot shoes perfect for the wintertime. It’s time to stop wasting time on shoes with poorly made soles that make your feet uncomfortable. Why bother when you can look and feel great at the same time with these many choices?

17 Best Minimalist Barefoot Shoes For Winter

Make this next chilly season your first winter with minimalist footwear! Believe it or not, barefoot boots possess all of the same wonderful qualities the average set of kicks has. Except minimalist shoes are much better on your feet. It’s time to get on board with this healthy trend that’ll keep your feet happy and healthy long-term.

Finding the Right Shoes For You

We think shoes should be cute and durable, too. Forget what you’ve heard about minimalist footwear. We’re here to change your mindset on the concept. Barefoot shoes are specifically designed to protect your feet, as well as preserve them.

Imagine your body is a building. Just like a building, your body has a foundation or a base. In order to keep the other floors in good shape, the foundation has to be well taken care of and functioning. Your body works the same exact way. Your feet are the foundation! Barefoot shoes aim to improve your body’s overall functionality, so you can continue to do the things you love for as long as possible.

Seriously, there’s not a catch! Think of this list as your ultimate guide to winter footwear. We don’t want you wasting any time on low quality brands with insanely high prices! You deserve higher quality and lower prices. Don’t get it twisted.

To save you from scavenging for hours, we picked out 17 of the best minimalist kicks on the market. Skim through our list of winter favorites to find the pair best suited for you.

Here is the scoop on the best minimalist winter shoes for you to wear this season!

1. Xero – Alpine Minimalist Boots

Starting off strong, Xero Alpine Minimalist Boots are comfy, appealing, and supportive! Who knew barefoot booties could look this good? Xero is a trusted brand in the world of footwear. Xero’s collection of winter boots has excellent reviews from customers all across the globe.

Are you familiar with the brand manitobah mukluks? Just like them, Xero provides its consumers with grade-a footwear for people from all walks of life. These magical shoes belong at the top of your wish list!

2. Mincool – Snow Boots

Fans of ankle-rise kicks, it’s time to welcome Mincool Snow Boots into your wardrobe. The shoe possesses all of the most important features that protect your feet from the harshness of winter. Better yet, these barefoot boots have a flexible sole. The simplicity of their design makes them match with just about anything!

Mincool has a great customer service if you’re interested in learning even more about their brand!

On the days you need to be out the door as quickly as possible, Mincool Snow Boots are your go-to winter footwear. They slip-on easily, and don’t lack in thermal protection! This is the perfect combination. Basic boots are so last year! Time to rock a brand new sole. Grab a pair for yourself here.

3. Xero Shoes – Winter Boots

To combat the cold weather, Xero Winter Boots provide extra warmth and security. The boots don’t resemble the typical barefoot shoe. It rocks a classic look that’s trendy and sophisticated. There’s no need to sport thick socks as the boots have a good ground feel to them!

Your feet will remain in their natural position, preventing the possibility of blisters. Xero’s winter boot has a thin sole to contribute to the barefoot feel. There’s no height difference that harms your posture!

They adjust to your natural foot shape! Brands like Freet Mudee use similar technologies to develop their products. The criss-cross lace-up was built for aesthetic reasons — of course, we want to adopt a trendy pair of boots! Expect nothing less than high quality with these chic kicks. You can look good and feel good all at the same time! Check them out here.

4. Astral – Minimalist Boots

Water resistant and lightweight, Astral Minimalist Boots are easily a top pick. The picture looks almost too perfect to be real! Don’t worry, this is not an optical effect! To put it simply, the brand is dedicated to producing a quality barefoot shoe that can handle wet weather. On top of this, the design is fresh and simple. Without a doubt, these kicks were born to compliment you.

They come in many different sizes, so you can bag a couple of pairs for your friends! The company is based out of Atlanta, Georgia, so if you’re located in the United States, you can expect all US orders to be fairly swift!

They’re made to feel like a pair of thin socks, without lacking in waterproof material. Astral Minimalist Boots are the latest version of the model. There’s minimal stack height, giving you that barefoot feeling! Want to snag a pair of your very own? We don’t blame you. Click here.

5. Fudynmalc Snow Boots

Take a closer look: Fudynmalc Snow Boots were built to resemble a classic winter boot. This is a great choice to combat the colder weather! It’s a flexible boot that leaves plenty of room for your feet to feel comfortable and secure. Just a side note, the link to the product doesn’t require the use of cookies!

Did we mention these bad boys are waterproof? This could be a sign you should start dancing in the rain. Well, maybe.

If you’re keen on the traditional style snow boot, Fudynmalc is your brand to stick with. This snow boot has excellent grip when walking down those slushy roads!

Without a doubt, Fudynmalc Snow Boots are a good alternative to standard winter footwear.

6. Xero – Minimalist Winter Boots

Perfect for casual wear, Xero Minimalist Boots have uses a water-repellant canvas to keep your feet warm enough for maximum comfort. Not to mention, they don’t look like a typical minimalist shoe. Xero shoes are well known for their unique designs and unbeatable quality.

Who doesn’t love a simple black shoe? You can rock them with anything in your closet! Run away from uncomfortable soles without the proper support for your feet. Xero is here to save the day!

This model is super retro and simplistic. The leather upper part of the shoe is so in vogue!

Xero Minimalist Boots have a wide toe box that leaves your feet with enough room to stay cozy in the cold temperatures.

7. VivoBarefoot – Tracker Boots

These VivoBarefoot Tracker Boots were made for the winter weather. They come in three different colors and are certainly built to last! The trendy style has forever changed the minimalist footwear game. You can find them either online or in retail stores near you.

When you sport these, you’ll feel like you can conquer the world. The red laces paired with the hunter green is super trendy! The heel part of the sole is designed to prevent harmful changes from taking place. These changes could affect your physical well being in the near future.

Steer clear of kicks with too much of a stack height. Barefoot boots are much better for your feet. On a positive note, VivoBarefoot’s Tracker Boots are made up of high-quality water-resistant leather Sounds like a total dream come true.

The brand has incorporated a protective membrane that prevents water and snow from entering the shoe. There’s no need to make an extra purchase of waterproof spray! The boots are made with wild hide leather and include thermal insoles that are highly absorbent. You deserve the best quality available, so we had to include these on our list!

8. Sketchers – Barefoot Boots

These Sketchers Barefoot Boots are the epitome of the minimalist winter shoe. The boots are made to last a long time and provide winter-friendly comfort when you need it the most. With that being said, they protect the blood circulation in your feet. This is so important, especially during the winter season.

If you find yourself leaning more towards a retro style that’s all simple and affordable, Sketcher’s Barefoot Boot’s just may be the right match for you! We love the cushiony sole that contributes to your foot’s natural arch.

The feel could be mistaken for a pair of socks! They’re very lightweight and incredibly chic. Choose from five different colors!

Good news! They’re also super lightweight and are fit comfortably on wide feet. Purchase a pair for yourself here.

9. Alicegana – Winter Snow Boots

The Alicegana Winter Snow Boots are zero drop boots with an impeccable style. They have anti-skid soles that are designed to combat slippery surfaces. They’re a lightweight shoe that is super easy to wear. You can rock them with many different looks for the winter! They have a thicker sole that naturally generates heat.

Not too crazy about the color brown? No big deal. The boots come in four different colors like red, blue and white! What are you waiting for? Time to take home your very own pair.

10. VivoBarefoot – Barefoot Boots

Who knew barefoot shoes could look this cool? VivoBarefoot has created a functional boot with the same qualities as the average barefoot shoe. The brand is very respected in the minimalist atmosphere. Say goodbye to cold feet during the winter!

Their quality matches tadeevo products. It’s definitely possible to look trendy and prevent longterm damage at the same time.

The boots have built-in thermal protection with good traction to match. Even cold weather couldn’t stop these kicks. You can forget about rough terrain, too. Even with the built-in thermal protection, the shoe’s rubber sole is smooth and adjustable to your foot shape. You heard right. Purchase a pair here.

11. Groundies – Odessa Boots

Check out Groundies Odessa Boots! They are a top seller, and it’s no secret as to why. They’re a great choice for minimalists everywhere. They have a heat-reflective insole with high flexibility and water resistance. The heated insole prevents the probability of toe drop.

The inner lining of the boots lengthens the shoe’s overall lifespan! Not only are the Odessa Boot aesthetically pleasing, but are the total package! Toss out those old boots harming your feet. It’s time to welcome minimalism into your wardrobe! Take a closer look at the Odessa model here.

12. VivoBarefoot – Gobi Boot

It looks like VivoBarefoot strikes again with their Gobi Boot! Less shoe with more power than ever. The Gobi is a great boot that can survive the harsh winter. If you reside in the Pacific Northwest, these may be the right choice for you. Their style aligns with the aesthetic of the Northwest! We bet you’ll fall in love the first time you wear them.

The model has narrow heels that are great for your foot alignment! The brand’s quality has been compared to names like Feelmax Kuuva and Be Lenka out of Czech Republic. Sounds like a good deal to us. Find them here.

13. Cattle Shop – Winter Warm Booties

These Cattle Shop Winter Warm Booties are super durable and come in six different colors! The shoe has a zero heel, an aspect that contributes to spinal health. Traditional shoes typically elevates the heel up to an inch, forcing an unnatural heel spike.

The interior includes fully fur lining, along with a waterproof cloth and synthetic rubber sole. In fact, these boots are suitable for any occasion! Indoor, outdoor, walking or hiking. They’re super light, too.

The insides of these boots match the comfortability of thick wool socks! Overall, these are some great winter shoes!

14. KUBUA – Warm Winter Flats

The KUBUA Warm Winter Flats are perfect to wear around the house. They slide on nice and easy, and they come in eight different colors! You can choose light blue, yellow, pink, black and more! These shoes will definitely come in handy on those days when you need to be out the door as quickly as possible.

It doesn’t end there! Inside KUBUA’s flats lies a cozy cotton texture with a memory foam insole! These flats are extremely affordable. Snag a pair here.

15. Nootkas – Merino Wool Mule House Slipper

Similar to our choice above, Nootkas Wool Mule Slippers are an excellent choice for so many reasons! In a post-pandemic world, many of us are forced to work from home. During the wintertime, comfortable footwear that can keep your feet warm is essential.

Slip-on, slip-off. These are super convenient around the house and for a quick errand run. Merino wool is proven to keep your feet warm for the long haul. Not to mention, merino wool is ridiculously comfortable.

There’s extra space within the shoe, so you don’t have to worry about uncomfortable cramping. These belong in your winter wear collection this coming year! Think of it as a king-sized bed for your feet. Fallen in love yet? Find them here.

16. Merrell – Vapor Glove Boot

These Vapor Glove Boots are made to combat anything you throw in their path. They are durable and worth every penny. If you’re a fan of combat-styled boots, you’ve found your perfect match!

Guess what? They’re completely waterproof! When you order your own pair, you get free shipping! We love the sound of that. You can choose from black or brown. Can you believe they’re super lightweight, too? We’d never guess by their presentation. Their makeup is similar to the likings of zero-drop boots and the lems boulder boot!

In other words, these are waterproof boulder boots! They’re the total package without all of that extra weight.

The Vapor Glove has a rubber outsole that brings both comfort and stability to your wardrobe. If you’re someone that works on their feet all winter long, you need to take home your very own pair. Purchase them here!

17. WHITIN – Minimalist Barefoot Sneakers

Available in twenty six different colors and patterns, WHITIN Minimalist Barefoot Sneakers are fresh and youthful. The toe box is wider than the average shoe, leaving your forefeet with plenty of room for relief. These are great to wear around the house any time of the year!

There’s built-in arch support that provides 24-hour comfort. Plus, with all of the colors and designs to choose from, the possibilities are endless. What are you waiting for? Time to add this one to your cart.

We know that shopping isn’t everyone’s favorite hobby, so we make it something to look forward to. We value your happiness! It’s our mission to find the best quality of products available today. Whether it’s beauty, haircare, or footwear, we strive for your satisfaction with every post!

We sincerely hope you’ve found a minimalist/barefoot shoe that fits all of your needs! They come with so many benefits that will pay off in the near future. Damaged joints, ankle strains, and other painful factors are the result of poor footwear.

Take care of your feet, they are the foundation of your body! Minimalist shoes are foot-shaped, allowing your feet to function properly long-term. Barefoot kicks are flexible and don’t bind the muscles of your feet, unlike stiff shoes. Limited mobility puts a damper on your plans.

There are so many options to choose from, and we narrowed them down to just seventeen!

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17 Best Minimalist Shoes For Winter

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