17 Ways to Make 2017 the Best Year Yet

For some of us, 2016 might not have been the best year.  Whether it be because of anything from election drama to losing followers on Instagram, I think we can all agree that a new year and a fresh start is something everyone could use.  No matter what you plan to accomplish in this upcoming year, it’s important to make sure you stay happy and content.  


Here are 17 ways to make 2017 the best year yet!

1. Follow Through on Your Resolution

It may be difficult to follow through on your resolution every year, but when you do, it is a very satisfying feeling.  Instead of making one that’s outrageous and extreme, try opting for one that’s manageable and realistic and can be easily accomplished.

2. Get Rid of Things that Are Cluttering your House

It’s hard to be happy when your house if overflowing with things that you don’t need.  Cleaning out your house and donating things you don’t need or use is a great way to start off the new year.

3. Give Yourself a Break Every Once in Awhile

Everyone needs a break from their busy schedules sometimes and it’s important to take time to relax.  Try setting aside at least an hour each week for yourself to sit back and unwind.  You could read a book, sip some tea, take a soothing bath or just do something that you enjoy and that calms you down.

4. Step Away from Your Phone

I’ll admit that I really love my phone, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s important to set your phone down sometimes and appreciate other things in life.  When you turn off the screen you might find that you like your unplugged life more than you thought you would.

5. Stay Away from Fast Food

Fast food restaurants are okay every once in awhile, but try to limit the amount of junk food you eat.  Eating smaller amounts of fast food will make you healthier and you’ll feel better too.

6. Pick Up a New Hobby

Trying something new is a great way to stay charged and enthusiastic about the new year.  And who knows?  You might end up loving something that you thought you wouldn’t.

7. Keep a Journal

Writing daily is a fun way to keep track of your experiences and adventures.  It also gives you a chance to reflect on how you’ve grown and changed over the year.

8. Volunteer

Giving back to your community is essential for feeling good in 2017.  Volunteering allows you to help others who aren’t as fortunate as you might be, and it truly is such a great feeling.

9. Sing in the Car

This one may seem kind of silly, but singing in the car is such a fun thing to do.  There’s really nothing better than belting your favorite song with the windows rolled down, singing to your heart’s content.

10. Give a Friend a Gift — Just Because

Giving a gift is a great way to show how much you appreciate someone.  It doesn’t have to be anything tremendously expensive, but a plate of cookies, a phone case, or even just a card can really show your friends that you’re thankful for them, not to mention that you’ll end up feeling good too.

11. Exercise More

When you exercise, your body releases endorphins and endorphins have the ability to make you happy.  Exercise could be anything from signing up for a 5K to taking a walk outside, but no matter how you choose to exercise, you’ll surely feel happier afterwards.

12. Call your Mom More Often

Talking to my mom always makes me feel better and let’s face it, no one understands you quite like your mom does.  Calling your mom will definitely make her day, and it can surely make yours too.

13. Try New Pinterest Crafts

Scrolling through Pinterest is one of my favorite things to do and I’m always able to find cool hacks and crafts that I’d love to try.  Although some of these crafts don’t always work or turn out the way you planned, it’s definitely fun to try them.

14. Travel

It’s important to see what other cultures are like and to be fully immersed in a different way of life.  Even if you only travel once during the year, I promise that you’ll have great memories and you won’t regret it.

15. Splurge on Clothes Every Once in Awhile

Buying that expensive pair of boots that you really want is okay every now and then, but it’s important to not make a habit out of it.  Splurging can be fun and being impulsive is enjoyable in moderation.

16. Listen to New Genres of Music

Widening your horizons when it comes to music is a great way to be happier.  You never know, you could end up liking something that you never thought you would.

17. Go Out with Your Friends

Spending time with your friends is one of the best ways to make the year great.  No matter what you end up doing, whether it’s going shopping, or staying in and watching a new movie, your friends can always make you happy.

I hope that these tips can help you make 2017 the best year yet!  No matter what you do during the new year, just make sure they’re things that make you happy.

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