2 Ingredient “Ice Cream” Magic

When it comes to food, ice cream is my go-to. But, we all know its not the best option if you’re counting calories and or carbs.  My solution mix together whipped peanut butter and sugar free cool whip!

This is my take on “ice cream” magic.  You still get that delicious creamy taste, but you cut out a lot of the carbs and calories.  Here is the nutrition on both of them. Plus, this takes just a few minutes to whip together! I mix up the ingredients and then put in the freezer for few minutes to let it harden back together.  Only about 5 minutes.  It will get creamy from stirring the peanut butter with the cool whip, but just a few minutes in the freezer and you’ll be back to ice cream texture!

Be aware of portions on this recipe. And most importantly, enjoy!!

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