20 Best Barefoot Minimalist Shoes for Work in the Office [2023]

Searching for the best barefoot minimalist shoes for work in the office? Your feet are what carry you around all day throughout your life! It is key to make sure they are taken care of properly while choosing the best option for you!

Searching for the best barefoot minimalist shoes for work in the office? With Spring just around the corner, Barefoot shoes are known to be very lightweight, making them a much better option for warm weather. Barefoot runner individuals claim to have way less injuries than people who don’t wear barefoot shoes. These flat shoes are created with zero heel, which are great for both wide feet and flat feet as well!

It is important to feel the earth around you! With a thin and flexible sole, it provides a comfortable fit for the individual while being on your feet for hours at a time! Barefoot shoes are the way to go, because of their many health long-term benefits overall!

Here is the scoop for the best barefoot minimalist shoes for work in the office!

1. Vivobarefoot Ra II Men’s Shoes

The Vivobarefoot Ra II Men’s Shoes are a high quality minimalist choice for the office! This barefoot Oxford lace-up shoe contains a very thin sole, with a lightweight feel. If you are someone that suffers from any foot pain, you are simply wearing the wrong shoes!

For instance, the office flooring can cause long-term pain on your feet and ankles without wearing the correct shoes! Brands like Vivobarefoot, Xero, Feelgrounds, Anothersole, and many more are fantastic shoes for wearing in your office space throughout the day!

In addition, barefoot shoes just like these are becoming more popular each day because of the many benefits for your health. With a flat bottom, these conventional shoes provide the individual with much better posture leading to less knee and back pain as well!

2. Vivobarefoot Gobi II Men’s Barefoot Desert Boot

A true minimalist shoe like the Vivobarefoot Gobi II Men’s Desert Boot provides a very comfortable fit for everyday use. Some shoe brands just like Vivobarefoot, encourage consumers to send the shoes back to them instead of throwing them away into landfills. The Vivobarefoot Gobi II Men’s Desert Boot helps relieve lower back pain as well as muscle tension overall.

Looking for great barefoot boots that can be worn every day? Vivobarefoot is a great brand option to choose from while searching for barefoot shoes because they recycle old materials making it much better for the environment as well.

In addition, these boots provide the individual with a cork insole. For instance, a layer of cork plus foam provides the individual with constant cushioning while being worn. With many benefits, Barefoot boots strengthens an individual’s ankle stability, and can even straighten muscle fibers as well!

3. Vivobarefoot Men’s Addis Sneaker

Made with Ethiopian-sourced Wild Hide Leather, the Vivobarefoot Men’s Addis Sneaker has nothing but reviews saying how individuals have the best experience with these while being worn. Like other barefoot shoes, a snug fit creates better balance for the individuals since it does not contain a heel. If you are someone that wears heels most of the time, it can hurt your posture, causing pain eventually in your knees!

Available in a variety of colors, these Vivobarefoot Addis are useful for being on your feet for hours at a time, providing great comfort throughout the day. Individuals are always happy shopping for any Vivobarefoot brand shoe because they are a great company to purchase from.

Since minimalist shoes like these become more popular each day, more people are leaning towards purchasing barefoot shoes for themselves as well. Not only do they provide the individual with a low-impact gait, but aligns your ankles and knees in the correct form.

4. Xero Alston Men’s Shoes

The Xero Alston Men’s Shoes are 100% true to size when ordering online, and are a good barefoot option for wearing in the office! Xero shoes are known to be great for arch support and come in many different sizes when purchasing. These men’s shoes have a more formal look, perfect for any job in an office!

With wide toe boxes, it provides the individual with enough room for their toes to move freely while being worn. These minimalist dress shoes not only contain a roomy toe box but are great for your natural foot shape as well. The Xero Alston Men’s Shoes are also a perfect fit for office meetings, presentations, and more!

5. Vivobarefoot Opanka Women’s Shoes

The Vivobarefoot Opanka Women’s Shoes are very convenient in the fact that they are slip-on. Women’s shoes similar to these are a great day shoe for everyday wear. These Vivo barefoot slip-on shoes come in many colors such as limestone pictured above that can be matched with any outfit! These very lightweight and flexible slip-on shoes are perfect for just about any event!

The Opanka women’s shoes are perfect for long walks through the park, and even the beach. The rubber sole also provides a smooth walk on rougher surfaces for the individual. With the help of arch support, wide feet, and bunions, these shoes got you covered!

From a personal experience, slip-on similar to these is great if you are in a rush to get somewhere fast, without having to worry about tying laces as well. The neutral colors available are perfect for wearing in your office space at work!

6. Feelgrounds Original Knit Barefoot Shoes

Looking more for a casual look? The Feelgrounds Original Knit Barefoot Shoes are the perfect barefoot shoes to choose for the office. Since it is very important to have comfortable shoes for your bare feet, you also want to make sure they last a long time. Grey is a great neutral color to consider when purchasing shoes because they match with just about any outfit!

For any individuals that are searching to purchase from a brand that cares deeply about the environment, Feelgrounds is for you! Luckily, Feelgrounds are known for using recycled and natural materials just like the Vivobarefoot brand, which is a very positive aspect to consider when purchasing.

7. Primus Lite III All Weather Women’s Shoes

If you are an individual looking for more of a sneaker look to wear in the office, the Primus Lite III All Weather Women’s Shoes is the best option for you! Primus Lites like these are so flexible that it doesn’t even feel like you are wearing shoes at all! Like most barefoot shoes, they are very lightweight as well, making them a popular shoe overall! These shoes are a perfect choice for jogging outside in the park!

With a very flexible outsole, these are great athletic shoes to consider for your feet while working! Luckily, the Primus Lites are also water-resistant, making it a great shoe to wear while even doing outside activities. Colors available include Midnight as pictured above, Charcoal, and even Obsideon Molten Lava. In addition, these all-weather shoes provide a vapor glove, making sure the foot is closest to the ground.

8. Men’s Premier Low Top Leather Sneaker

The good news about the Men’s Premier Low Top Leather Sneaker is that they come in a variety of colors, with long-lasting polyester laces. These are one of the best barefoot minimalist shoes that come in colors such as dark brown, light brown, black, and even grey! Leather sneakers are beginning to get a lot more popular today!

These casual shoes are a great option for everyday wear because of their leather classic style look. These versatile shoes are great for the office including a leather upper, providing a fantastic finish that will last in the long run. They are a great shoe for both casual and formal events!

9. Anothersole Luisa Everyday Flats

With a soft and natural feel, the Anothersole Luisa Everyday Flats is another perfect fit to wear to the office! This model encourages less shoe and more flats. These everyday flats also come in other colors such as black and white and are great for on the go. This pair of shoes is a good option if you are looking for a lightweight and sustainable shoe in general.

The Anothersole brand is all about bringing comfort! The new models for this shoe are called the “Stella” and also come in colors white and blush. Flats are so convenient and look amazing with outfits especially in the warm weather! The Stella shoes are very similar to the Luisa shoe and are great for every day as well. Lace-up flats like these are becoming much more in style today!

10. Vivobarefoot Men’s Araba II Shoes

Another example of great barefoot minimalist shoes for work in the office is the Vivobarefoot Men’s Araba II Shoes. With a rubber sole, they will prevent the individual from any slips or falls! These soles provide a much better grip, and will also protect the foot from getting burnt on hot surfaces as well.

You don’t want to have to buy correct toes toe spacers! Slip-on shoes in general are perfect for warm seasons, without wasting time tying your sneakers! Since these are shoes that don’t require socks, they leave a breathable environment for your feet. Slip-on shoes are one of the best barefoot minimalist shoes for work in the office! Slip-on shoes like these are just as comfortable as sneakers, and also pair with any pants!

11. Revivo Scott III Eco Men’s Boots

These ankle boots are called the Revivo Scott III Eco Men’s Boots, and they are fantastic if you are looking for a more casual look. In addition, this style is perfect for colder seasons and is good for everyday wear, leaving comfort in the cold temperatures. The Revivo brand has high quality products including boots like these.

These water-resistant minimal design boots provide lots of foot mobility, leaving enough room for the toes. The Revivo Scott III Eco Men’s Boots are not just great for a sunny day, but rainy days as well! The Revivo brand is by Vivobarefoot, which also sells other minimal footwear and has similar technologies to Vivobarefoot. Both these brands sell similar items that really encourage the natural movement of your feet.

12. Women’s Ebony Barefoot Grounding Shoes

Shoes like the Women’s Ebony Barefoot Grounding Shoes are a perfect casual look to start your day off right! This model is a great option of minimalist footwear that is convenient for the warm seasons. These grounding shoes keep the foot as close to the earth as possible, making it a fantastic barefoot shoe overall.

With an easy slip-on, you won’t have to worry about retying your laces! A Barefoot slip-on is an overall great choice for not just your comfort, but for your general foot health as well! With a flexible material, these are the right size for just about any foot! Stay grounded with the Ebony Barefoot Grounding Shoes! These grounding shoes are one of the best barefoot minimalist shoes for work in the office!

13. Women’s Gray Atoms Everyday Walking Shoes

Plantar fasciitis can be such a pain to deal with! Luckily, the Women’s Gray Atoms Everyday Walking Shoes are beneficial for just that! This model comes in a variety of colors that include, grey, black, neon, and navy! This brand is also good with returning, remember to have your return label and you will get a full refund back!

These walking shoes contain a mesh upper with lots of cushioning that brings comfort! The upper part of the shoe adapts to the individual’s foot while being worn. In addition, this model is free shipping throughout the United States online and provides antimicrobial copper insoles reducing foot odor and bacteria. These everyday walking shoes are an excellent choice for nurses or doctors that are on their feet for hours at a time!

14. Allen Edmond’s Super Sport Driver Men’s Casual Loafers

The Allen Edmond’s Super Sport Driver Men’s Casual Loafers are a great option to wear in your workspace! This style fits very true to size and comes in both black and brown colors. Like these casual loafers, the Allen Edmond brand has many minimalist designs that are now available online.

These are some of the best minimalist shoes because they could be worn on both casual and formal occasions! Loafers are an excellent choice because they allow your feet to get air, and are very breathable. Like every barefoot shoe, there is no toe drop, but also contains a comfy toe box for the individual.

15. Vivobarefoot Gobi HI IV Women’s Boot

Another great barefoot option is the Vivobarefoot Gobi HI IV Women’s Barefoot Boot. With a Vibram sole and zero-drop platform, a physical therapist would highly recommend this boot for comfort. The first thing a person must consider is how their feet feel in the shoes while shopping. Boots are useful for the colder seasons, but these are also useful in the rain as well!

Vivobarefoot is also a great brand to shop from because of its privacy policy on its website, which protects your personal information as well. This boot contains a layer of cork plus foam provides the individual with constant cushioning while being worn. These boots are very true to size when ordering online, and are a minimalist classic!

16. Vivo Barefoot Geo Court II Women’s Shoes

With a heel drop, the Vivo Barefoot Women’s Geo Court II Shoes are another barefoot option to wear in the office. Other than white, the Geo Court’s are also available in other colors such as obsidian and misty rose. The Geo Courts have an athletic or sporty vibe to them, making them popular for doing activities!

Like other barefoot shoes, it encourages the foot to be closer to the ground providing a more natural and earthy feel. Geo courts like these are very lightweight, without a heavy feeling dragging you down! These shoes fold up into your exact foot shape, making them a very flexible shoe to wear every day!

17. Unisex Nutrail Cross Sport Barefoot Sneaker

Searching for fantastic outdoor barefoot shoes? Luckily, the Unisex Nutrail Cross Sport Barefoot Sneaker is the shoe for you! These high demand shoes are super lightweight, making it much easier to participate in activities. Mountains, hilly, and rocky surfaces are no match for the Nutrail Cross Sports!

Also available in blue, this latest version of Nutrial Cross Sport will keep you hiking all day long. Only shoes like this model will survive anything mother nature throws at them while on your adventures. These abrasion-resistant and quick-drying shoes provide lots of stability when cross-training! These shoes are great for both men and women, and the material lasts for a long time!

18. Altra Cayd Men’s Lifestyle Shoe

The Altra Cayd Men’s Lifestyle Shoe will not be the next footwear fad, but will remain to be a very popular men’s shoe! The word “Cayd” means “battle” and is a great lifestyle shoe to wear anywhere! Made with a premium leather upper, they are one of the most popular modern trends among men’s footwear.

Minimalist shoes like these are beneficial because they cause the individual to land on your forefoot instead of your heel, and can reduce forces around knee joints as well. The brand creates products that resemble the biological foot shape of men and women, with balanced cushioning.

These sneakers also have great flexibility similar to the Spacecloud Work Sneaker! If looking more a more casual look, this is the shoe for you! This is one of the best barefoot minimalist shoes for the office!

19. Snibbs Women’s Spacecloud Work Sneaker

With a small toe spring, the Snibbs Women’s Spacecloud Work Sneaker is a great comfy shoe to wear in your office space! These are designed for individuals to work on their feet for long periods of time without having any pain afterward!

Snibbs is a brand that really inspired small businesses to not give up on their goals by the story they tell on their website. The Spacecloud sneakers became so popular worldwide, even as far away as the Czech Republic submit great reviews!

This model is available in multiple colors such as black, white, charcoal, and even supernova pink. These are perfect for anyone who has suffered from shin splints and might need cushioning on their Achilles tendon as well. The soles leave the individual with a spring or bouncy feeling, leaving them with complete cushioning overall. In addition, these shoes are a great recommendation for nurses, who have to be on their feet most of the time for countless hours!

20. Vivobarefoot Primus Knit II Shoes

Similar to the lems primal, the Vivobarefoot Primus Knit II Shoes contains a wool sock that has a natural heat regulation as well! New releases similar to this model will be available online very soon! These sneakers have a sporty look to them, making them popular to do sports and activities in.

These Primus Knit shoes will definitely keep your feet warm when cold out in the best way. High heels are completely the opposite compared to barefoot shoes, while flat shoes are common to have a zero drop. With a rubber sole, these will make it easy for anyone running on rough surface textures. For the first time, this traditional shoe will be available in other colors online!

As a result, shoes that aren’t barefoot give our feet too much support, weakening our muscles over time causing injuries. For example, the more support our feet get, the weaker they become. Individuals are starting to realize how barefoot shoes are the better option for their feet and posture overall. It is key to figure out which are the best barefoot minimalist shoes for work in the office that are correct for your foot type!

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