25 Best Bikes Under $200 (2023)

Whether you’re planning for an adventure or simply want to get out and enjoy some fresh air we’ve got the scoop on 20 of the best bikes under $200!

A bike is a great way to stay active while also enjoying the outdoors.

It’s also a great way to get your daily exercise in. By exercising on a bike for 30 minutes a day it will help build up your cardiovascular and muscular endurance.

You’ll feel energized after your daily bike ride.

Riding a bike is a lot of fun and can be enjoyed with your family and friends. Take a quick ride in your neighborhood or find some bike trails near you.

For those that live in the city and have no car a bike is a great option to go with. You’ll be saving money by not driving or taking public transportation. It’s also environmentally friendly! carbon fiber is also used to create toughness and durability for bikes.

Biking is a great way to relax and enjoy the outdoors especially if you work from home or are inside all day. A breath of fresh air will help ease any tensions or stress you may be feeling. 
Biking and cycling are more than just a sport or hobby, it’s a lifestyle and life-changing thing to participate in.

If you are specifically looking for the cheapest bikes (road, hybrid, mountain) here are a few we’ve found: 

Best Cheap Road Bikes

Road bikes are great for fitness riding, commuting, event rides, touring, and racing. You will notice most have a drop-bar handlebar which creates a more comfortable position for the rider.  The price range for these bikes is $200 to $10,000. The price range for these bikes is $200 to $10,000.

Best Cheap Hybrid Bikes 

Hybrid bikes are best for casual riding around the neighborhood or bike paths, short-distance commuting, and errands around town. These bikes feature large, padded seats and upright handlebars to provide a comfortable riding position. The price range for these bikes is $170-$500.

Depending on how far you go you could be on this bike for a long time so it’s important to find one that is comfortable and safe!

Best Cheap Mountain Bikes

A mountain bike can be used for everything from unpaved roads to steep, goat-path singletrack, hilly and windy roads, uphill, downhill, and mountain trails. This is the best bike for adventure seekers. They typically include large knobby tires, durable wheels, and powerful brakes for climbing steep grades. The price range is $200-$800.

These bikes may not be high-end bikes but they offer the best value and high quality for longer rides and fun! There is a perfect bike out there for everyone and the good news is there are tons of bikes out there.

If you’re on a tight budget don’t worry because there are all kinds of great bike potions out there for way cheaper than you think. We’ve got the 20 best under $200! We’ve got the 20 best under $200!

25 Top Picks For Bikes Under $200

1. Dynacraft Magna Front Shock Mountain Bike

This smooth and shiny ride features a solid steel mountain frame with a fancy paint finish. The design is finished off with custom graphics with red, silver, and white accents.

I definitely recommended this bike if you are wanting to explore the outdoors, adventure into the mountains, and are into mountain biking. This sustainable bike will help you get to the top!

This super tough bike has a front shock to eat up the bumps, front and rear linear-pull breaks to make stopping a breeze and has a wide range of gears to make climbing a blast.

This bike is also comfortable with a padded adjustable seat. Experience all the fun on wheels like never before with one of the best mountain bikes!

2. Mongoose Excursion Mountain Bike

The Mongoose Excursion Mountain Bike was built for big adventures.

Ready for action? With this bike, all you have to do is decide how far you want to go! Conquer any trail with the Excursion by Mongoose!

With 21 different speeds and a twist shifter, you’ll be able to easily adapt and change speeds to fit the terrain on the trail.

For those rugged trail rides, this bike comes equipped with a steel mountain bike frame and a front suspension fork.

This is a good mountain bike that also comes with 2.1-inch wide knobby mountain tires, providing superior grip ad traction for any trail you take.

If you are wanting a bike at a higher price point you can check out mongoose status. These bikes are a little bit of an upgrade from your normal mongoose but have the same great qualities!

3. Kent 26 In. Seachange Bike

This bike is screaming summer, the beach, and a good time!

The Kent 26″ Seachange Bike combines a classic design with modern functionality to offer you a more enjoyable ride.

Ride in style and comfort with this bike. With a single-speed, coaster brakes, a kickstand, and an adjustable cruiser seat you’ll be set for your daily strolls on this classic bike.

This bike also has wide tires that are of good quality to offer traction for a bumpy road, rough terrain or hilly terrain.

4. Huffy Women’s Highland 26″ Mountain Bike

Unplug and embrace the oasis that nature promises with the Huffy 26” Highland Mountain Bike. The glossy metallic sky blue invites you to escape your daily hustle and take a ride!

It’s strong, durable, and offers a handlebar with a slight-rise design for riding comfort.

Twist between 21 different speeds to handle different terrains, climb hills, and glide down slopes.

5. Dynacraft 26″ Slick Rock Trails Bike

If you’re an adventure seeker then you’ll love the 26” Dynacraft Rock Trails bike!

With purple, silver, and white details this bike is equipped with sturdy wheels, features a 21-speed index, quick release seat post, and rear v-brakes.

This is a good bike with grip shifters that will make any incline seem flat while the rear brakes make downhill adventures easy and safe for solid stops.

You’ll enjoy hours of fun riding this bike on slick rock trails or wherever your adventure takes you!

6. Huffy Cruiser Bike

The Huffy Cruiser Bike is perfect for any beach adventure or simply cruising the neighborhood, bike path, or everyday use. 

The low step-through frame and comfy seat are perfect for long distances and the front and rear brakes provide easy riding for all skill levels.

This bike is equipped with a single speed for those that just want to take it easy and relax.

You’ll be riding with comfort and style when you choose the beach cruiser as your new bike!

This bike is an excellent choice for beginner riders who are wanting to stick to paved paths or sidewalks. 

7. Huffy Hardtail Mountain Bike

This glossy red Huffy Hardtail Mountain bike features 21 speeds and front suspension that add to a bike that’s ready for action!

The knobby tires that come with this bike allow you to ride onto the bike path with ease and the pull hand brakes deliver consistent stopping action.

The good thing about this bike is that it offers an added bonus – with slight-rise handlebars riders are able to ride in an upright position to minimize back and shoulder strain.

8. Ozone 500 Women’s Black Canyon 26 in 21-Speed Full Suspension Comfort Hybrid Bike

The Ozone 500 Hybrid Bike is perfect for daily trips and it’s made with comfort in mind to ensure every ride is nice and smooth! It’s also one of the cheapest and best hybrid bikes out there for just $179.99.

It has a sturdy aluminum frame material with comfortable cruiser tires. With 21 speeds your ride will be a breeze and you’ll be riding in style with this glossy blue and white design.

9. Huffy Women’s Incline 26 in 18-Speed Mountain Bike

Go for a ride almost anywhere with the Huffy Women’s incline 26 in. Mountain Bike!

This hardtail mountain bike features 18 speeds, knobby tires, and a front suspension to deliver a smoother ride experience.

With the twist shifting, you can easily move through the different speeds!

This is also one of the best choice mountain bikes on this list!

10. Northpoint Women’s Mountain Bike

This black and blue Northpoint Mountain Bike has 21-speed gearing, traditional flat pedals, knobby tires, front disc brakes, and rear rim brakes.

Take on any adventure with this bike!

11. Kent Genesis 26″ Maeve Women’s Mountain Bike

This stylish yet functional mountain bike will have you riding on the trails or bike path in no time!

This bike has a 21-speed dual suspension that comes in black with hot pink accents. The front disc brakes and rear linear-pull brakes add for steady stopping power.

When considering this bike take into consideration that 26” bikes are designed for people who are 5’2” and taller.

You can get this bike at an affordable price of $174.00!

12. Genesis 26″ Whirlwind Women’s Mountain Bike

The Whirlwind Genesis Bike features a custom lightweight aluminum frame with a suspension fork to smooth out rough roads and trails.

This bike has a 21-speed drivetrain with easy-action twist shifters and rear linear-pull handbrakes to keep your speed under control.

Whether you’re on an off-road adventure or running errands in town or cruising the city streets this bike has all your bases covered! Plus, the alloy wheels with knobby tires offer a great grip on the trails making it the best road bike.

13. Schwinn Admiral Hybrid Bike

Imagine a family trip to the park, long rides, or maybe a quick trip to friends, this bike creates your picture-perfect Saturday!

This stylish Schwinn Admiral hyrbid bike is made for versatile riding. With a 7-speed twist shifter, you’ll have the smoothest ride needed to get over steep hills and through town.

The best thing is the comfort, it’s like no other. The spring seat softens the ride and the swept-back handlebars keep you upright for a ride that’s easier on your back.

14. Huffy 26″ Marietta Women’s Comfort Cruiser Bike

Every day is a good day with this Marietta Women’s Cruiser with a perfect fit frame that’ll get you feeling laid back and worry-free!

This gorgeous rose-gold cruiser is ideal for casual and recreational riders with its single-speed and padded seat this bike is made to keep you feeling comfortable however long you ride.

With comfort, convenience, and fun in mind this bike includes handy accessories: a large removable basket, a beverage holder, a smartphone holder, a rear rack, a detachable saddlebag and has some of the most important features you may be wanting.

There’s no going wrong with this bike, even run a few errands with this and no matter how much stuff you have there is plenty of space to keep it! This is one of the best commuter bikes out there!

I wouldn’t consider this a cheap bike simply because it has the best features.

15. Schwinn Bellwood Comfort Hybird Bike

With the Schwinn Hybird Bike, you can easily transition from pavement to gravel trails on a single, comfortable ride!

This bike includes a 7-speed drivetrain for quick, effortless gear changes, while the front and rear brakes deliver superior stopping power in all conditions.

Plus the upright riding position and suspension fork provide a smooth, comfortable ride.

16. Huffy Women’s Sienna 27.5 in 7-Speed Comfort Hyrbid Bike

Pink, Pink, Pink! If you love pink, you’ll love this bike!

This nice, sleek, pink hyrbid bike is great for a nice, relaxing ride around the neighborhood with its 7-speed index.

Designed for a perfect fit the steel frame accommodates different heights and with a linear braking system, it’ll make stopping a breeze.

This is one of the best women’s hybrid bikes out there!

17. KENT Women’s Oakwood Cruiser 26 In. 7-Speed Bike

Log all the miles you need riding around on this Oakwood Cruiser Bike!

You’ll get a long-lasting use out of this bike with its deluxe aluminum frame and alloy system for the front and rear fenders.

The 26-inch wheels and 36-spoke alloy rims will get you where you need to go!

18. Magna Women’s Echo Ridge 26-inch 18-Speed Mountain Bike

Built with a durable welded frame, this Magna Mountian Bike features a 26-inch front and rear wheels with alloy rims for a smooth ride, as well as front and rear, pull breaks for consistent stopping.

It also features an 18-speed rear derailleur for quick shifting, an adjustable padded seat to help keep you comfortable, and a grip shifter. The mechanical disc brakes and hydraulic disc brakes help to create friction to stop the bike.

Ride in style with this bike!

19. Ozone 500 Black Canyon

It’s lighter, safer, and faster! This hybrid bike offers an aluminum frame with a 26-inch front wheel and a back wheel that weighs just 36 lbs.

The front and rear linear brakes provide clear, controlled braking. With an index of 21-speeds on-demand, you’ll be able to climb uphill, have downhill riding, and enjoy it for pure acceleration in high speed without much effort.

20. PanAme 26 Inch Mountain Bike

Specifically designed for off-road cycling this PanAme mountain bike has 21-speed gear to choose from. It also has a mountain-style frame with a front suspension fork so you don’t feel all those bumps when you ride.

Conquer any off-road trail with the ease of this mountain bike with all-terrain tires!

This bike is a good choice for hilly terrains and offers a great value for being one of the affordable mountain bikes. Plus budget mountain bike has rear suspension as well with aluminum alloy and an aluminum frame.

21. Malibu 26 in. Cruiser Bike

This retro-style cruiser bike provides a classic look, while delivering a smooth ride. 

The coaster brakes on this bike allow for reliable stopping and the firm grip handlebars ensure your riding safe. 

This bike has tough tires with 26-inch wheels and steel rims you can take on any pothole with a breeze. It’s also ideal for both city riding and some light trail excursions.

22. Huffy Extent Mountain Bike

Head straight for the trails with this Huffy Extent Mountain Bike

Made with a steel frame and steel suspension to deliver one smooth ride after the next you’ll never want to get off. 

It’s also equipped with a Shimano 18-speed derailleur and front and rear brakes to give you maximum control and comfort.

23. Huffy Alpine Mountain Bike

No matter how rough the path gets, you can always rely on the Huffy Women’s Alpine 26 in 18-Speed Mountain Bike!

In addition to its rugged 26-inch wheels, it also features a durable steel frame and 18 gears. With 18 different gears, you’ll easily be able to find the speed for you and all your adventures. 

And thanks to the responsive Kolo 1200 suspension fork crown, you’ll be able to power along with comfort and confidence.

24. Mongoose Banish Dual-Sport Bike

Whether you’re riding on or off the trails this bike is equipped for just about anything! 

The Mongoose Men’s Banish 21-Speed Dual-Sport Bike features hybrid street and trail tires with 36-hole alloy rims that allow for smooth riding. 

When you buy this bike you are essentially getting one of the most lightweight bikes out there and its excellent off-road durability.

25. KENT Front Runner Road Bike

This sleek and stylish KENT Road Bike is economically friendly with a  31-pound design, you’re sure to have a smooth ride in any elevation.

With 21 different speeds, you’ll be able to zip all over town. Now, this is a ride you can depend on! 

This reliable and lightweight bike is great for getting around town and day-to-day use. 

When deciding which bike is for you I suggest putting much effort into it so that your bike will last a long time.

Here are a few tips to help you find the best bike for you!

First, think about where and how you want to ride your bike. Ask yourself do you want a bike that you can ride around the neighborhood on, or are you wanting one you can take on adventures?

Next, you’ll want to decide your price range because this might limit you to some of the things you may want or need.

Find the size that fits you. Bikes come in all different styles and sizes meaning there’s one that will everyone. You don’t want t a bike to be so big you can’t reach the pedals, you’re having to reach far to grab the handles, etc.

If you ware wanting a bike that you can ride to school, work, or even the grocery store you might want a bike that has a basket or saddle on the back. Not all bikes come with this so it is important to see what comes with a bike and what you can add to it. Find out what important features you want the most.

I highly recommend test-riding a bike. It’s just like shoes you might see a pair of shoes you like but when you put them on they feel weird, they are too tight or too big, or maybe you just don’t like them on.

You’ll want to find the best choice and perfect fit for you.

Each and every bike listed is unique in its own way and has its own amazing features. Whether you’re looking for everyday use out of a bike or one to take for a quick ride these 20 are the best to choose from.

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