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20 Best Cruises for Singles and Solo Travelers

Most of the time, families book a cruise ship to visit one or more locations in the world.

However, there are many types of cruise ships and activities that are geared toward a solo traveller or single parents, providing plenty of opportunities to meet new people and make new friends.

This may be the best way to travel, especially if you’re traveling solo for the first time. Nothing like having your own room to relax and have a great time in! Enjoy the single life to the fullest!

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These cruise ships are a great option for solo travelers and single passengers, whether you’re planning on sailing to South America or the Caribbean. Before booking your vacation, check out special events, cabin space, and exclusive singles activities.

Don’t forget to buy travel insurance to cover cancellations and health problems. And don’t pay too much attention to a cruise critic as experiences may vary.

Here’s the scoop on cruises for singles and solo travelers!

Costs of Cruising Solo

Although there are cruises specifically for solo travelers and singles, larger ships, and cruise lines for families generally charge a “single supplement” for people traveling alone due to the cabin space.

If a cruise package involves more than one person in a room with double occupancy, it won’t cost as much as someone who booked a package alone. When you book a cruise, you will have to pay at least 50% more than a two-person package.

Cruises for Singles

1. Virgin Voyages – Scarlet Lady

Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady cruise ship
Credit: Virgin Voyages

Before the pandemic, solo travel was becoming even more common, especially among millennials and Gen Zers. But post-covid, solo travel is now even more popular and desirable with the world opening up again.

Virgin Voyages is one of the best cruises specifically targeted towards solo travelers and single travellers looking to reconnect with themselves on their cruise around the world.

The Scarlet Lady cruise ship has an exclusive package for a great price to add a splash of romance to your trip with spa passes, sultry bites, and more.

The crew members place a lot of focus on inclusive activities like pub crawls, rooftop pools, and parties where you can meet a singles group.

In addition, the cabins of this cruise line offer contemporary rooms with balcony and non-balcony views. The Insider Cabin is one of the best single cabins for solo travelers.

2. Norwegian Encore

Part of the Norwegian Cruise Line, this new ship is a great way to hop from place to place with exclusive activities onboard the ship. The Norwegian Cruise Line sails to some of the best places in the world including Iceland, Hawaii, Alaska, and the Caribbean.

Although most staterooms have more than one bedroom, Norwegian Encore allows single travelers or single cruisers access. Choose between a studio, inside, oceanview, balcony, and club balcony suite.

Norwegian Cruise Lines generally have activities like a regular cruise for at least two people with laser tag, spectacular shows, and specialty dining options.

However, it is not impossible to take the Norwegian Encore alone with plenty of opportunities to meet people during dinner, shows, and other activities.

3. Carnival Panorama

Carnival cruise ship
Credit: Carnival

The Carnival Cruise Line aims for every passenger to make the most of their vacation at sea with fun activities like obstacle courses, water slides, shows, and mini-bowling.

Similar to other cruise lines, the Carnival Panorama provides casual and fancy dining options. The added bonus is the Carnival Kitchen where you can learn how to whip up meals from scratch.

On board the ship, most staterooms are ideal for solo travelers but there is the Family Harbor Staterooms and Suites with a lounge nearby.

When making the most of your trip on the Carnival Panorama ship, book a Cloud 9 Spa Stateroom and enjoy priority spa reservations.

4. Princess Cruises – Ruby Princess

One of the most popular cruise ships, the Ruby Princess is a romantic getaway with a plethora of immersive shows, dining, and audio experiences.

Every room aboard the Ruby Princess aims to give passengers both comfort and space. When booking your solo trip on the Ruby Princess, stay in the Oceanview, Balcony, Interior, or Mini-Suite.

While the 24-hour room service option is convenient, make sure to explore the ship and take advantage of activities and dining options like the International Cafe.

If you’re looking to meet new people, visit the Skywalkers Nightclub, hot tub, pool areas, and the Festivals of the World.

5. Holland American – Oosterdam

Holland American cruise ship
Credit: Holland America Line

With a blend of family and solo activities, the Oosterdam provides spacious rooms, exquisite meals, and unique entertainment options. This cruise line in particular also has roommate-matching services if you are keen on meeting someone.

The best rooms for singles looking for an adventure of a lifetime include the Ocean View, Verandah, and the Inside.

While the main dining room is always available for guests, take advantage of the flavorful cuisines at the Pinnacle Grill and the Canaletto. If you want to enjoy specialty cocktails with panoramic views, visit the Explorations Cafe as it’s a good place to bond with other travel lovers.

Some of the best activities to meet new people are the Billboard Onboard, casinos, and the fitness area.

6. Norwegian Pearl

Experience South America and the Caribbean with the chic Norwegian Pearl! A destination on its own, this beautiful ship boasts an array of dining options, lounges, casinos, and stunning garden villas.

With every room, the Norwegian Pearl offers modern luxury and comfort. Most of the rooms have a private balcony and floor-to-ceiling glass doors that allow guests to wake up with a view of the ocean.

Norwegian cruise lines provide plenty of entertainment for both solo travelers and families. Take part in the spa, bars, wine-pairings, and Broadway shows.

7. Oceania Cruises – Marina

Oceania Cruise ship sailing in Alaska
Credit: Oceania Cruises

While most ships cater to retirees, couples, and families, the Marina offers exclusive experiences tailored towards foodies and travelers craving a luxurious getaway.

Despite the ship being on the smaller side, Marina blends contemporary elegance with designer furnishings.

Solo travelers will find this ship ideal especially if they love trying out wine and private dining experiences. When booking your stay at the Marina, choose from 4 elegant suites.

8. Holland American Line – Nieuw Statendam

One of the best singles cruises, the Nieuw Statendam is a signature ship inspired by musical instruments with carefully designed experiences to blow guests away.

While onboard the ship, expect cooking demonstrations, wine tastings, and a luxurious spa.

Similar to Oosterdam under Holland America, this ambitiously designed cruise ship provides 5 staterooms from the interior to the Neptune and Pinnacle Suite.

The Nieuw Amsterdam is also filled with activities ideal for solo travelers looking to make memories with new people.

9. Princess Cruises – Discovery Princess

Princess Cruise ship
Credit: Princess Cruises

The final Royal-Class ship to sail the open seas, Discovery Princess offers 360 views of the ocean with Michelin-star restaurants and exclusive experiences only at the Princess Theater.

Known as one of the best cruise lines for onboard entertainment, expect several dazzling nights with magicians and Broadway-style productions. This ship also features live auctions with ship-wide public art displays.

A vacation isn’t complete without a night of romance and celebration featuring entertainers and cocktail mixers.

Offering more room options than other cruise ships, the Discovery Princess ensures guests feel comfortable with enough space to move around.

10. Cunard Line – Queen Mary 2

The Queen Mary focuses on freedom and relaxation for a cruise ship experience like no other.

With exclusive dining options like traditional afternoon tea and the main dining room, guests will be thrown back in time with exceptional culinary delights on this Cunard cruise.

For solo travelers and couples, the Gala Evenings invites guests to dress lavishly and celebrate the night away.

In addition, the Queen Mary 2 offers several different staterooms coated in royalty for solo travelers and families even though it’s one of the older ships.

11. MSC Cruises – Seascape

MSC Cruise ship with couple looking out at the ocean
Credit: MSC Cruises Official

One of the brand-new ships under MSC Cruises, the Seascape provides an elegant and refreshing experience for both solo travelers and families.

Usually, MSC Cruises are geared towards 2 or more passengers with additional costs for singles. But, the cruise line generally has sales specifically for solo travelers or single people when booking a vacation.

The Seascape makes it a mission to bring every guest closer to the sea with immersive experiences, stunning water views, and relaxation.

Choose from 4 staterooms with the balcony room and suites featuring a sliding door for passengers to marvel at the ocean.

12. Royal Caribbean Ovation of the Seas

Find your ideal Alaskan landscape aboard the Ovation of the Seas! Royal Caribbean cruise ships focus on providing memorable experiences and adventures for everyone.

But the Ovation of the Seas offers a whole new level of adventure with breathtaking views of glaciers, thrilling activities, and unique cuisine.

For families and solo travelers, Ovation of the Seas strives for every guest to have freedom, space, and relaxation with 4 contemporary staterooms.

13. Uncruise Adventures – Safari Explorer

uncruise adventures ship
Credit: Uncruise

A smaller cruise line than the Royal Caribbean and Norwegian, Uncruise Adventures brings aboard comfort and an adventurous spirit.

The Safari Explorer is a small ship that explores the wild and the unbeaten paths that bigger ships aren’t able to access.

The interior leans towards the style of regular ships and yachts rather than the luxurious comfort of larger ships. Enjoy a solo getaway with a rooftop sun lounge, unlimited beverages, and water sports equipment.

14. Fiesta Party Cruise

Explore the stunning Miami nighttime landscape on the Fiesta Party Cruise!

Ideal for couples and solo travelers, this intimate cruise experience not only allows guests to marvel at the beautiful nightlife of Miami but also creates a spectacular party filled with music and drinks.

While guests are only on the ship for 90 minutes, this party cruise is one of the smaller ships that immerses every traveler in a true Miami experience with memorable cocktail parties.

15. Norwegian Bliss

Norwegian Cruise Ship sailing from city
Credit: Norwegian Cruise Line

Sail to Alaska or the Caribbean on the Norwegian Bliss! While this ship offers a relaxing getaway, the highlight of the cruise ship is the Observation Lounge which grants passengers breathtaking views of glacier-like landscapes or turquoise waters.

The best activities to take advantage of as a solo traveler are the thrilling race track where you are racing others, unique bars, shows, and specialty spa treatments. Choose from several different staterooms that highlight luxurious comfort. This is the best choice if you’re looking for a luxury escape.

16. Silversea – Silver Explorer

Take an expedition to the most remote destinations in the world with the Silver Explorer!

Combining adventure and comfort, the Silver Explorer is a great choice and is one of the best singles cruises with personalized service, boutiques, solo cabins, and brightly-lit rooms.

After indulging in flavorful food and cocktails, spend the day at the beauty salon or spa. This cruise is ideal for single women who love relaxing.

17. Royal Caribbean – Quantum of The Seas

Royal Caribbean cruise ship in Alaska
Credit: Royal Caribbean

Fulfill your bucket list Alaskan adventure onboard the Quantum of The Seas! You can try their hot tubs to help keep warm as you sail to Alaska.

Similar to many other cruise ships under the Royal Caribbean, there is a number of adventurous and thrilling activities with spectacular shows and food bursting with flavors. Try out a few dance lessons and meet like-minded people.

For solo travelers and families alike, the Quantum of The Seas is the right place for an unforgettable experience with almost every room offering a view of the sea.

18. Celebrity Cruises – Celebrity Millennium

One of the most highly-rated resorts at sea, the Celebrity Millennium is a magical retreat offering unique dining experiences, relaxing spas, and bold productions with other fellow passengers.

For solo travelers, there is no shortage of onboard activities and opportunities to meet new people with the bars, rooftop terrace, and lounge.

When booking any room with Celebrity Millennium, the interior design places guests away from the rest of the world with private rooms. Sail to Puerto Vallarta and experience a laid-back Mexico adventure.

19. Costa Cruises – Costa Pacifica

Costa Cruise ship
Credit: Costa Cruise Official

Costa Pacifica offers an exciting getaway featuring music and rhythm! Prepare to be blown away by the spectacular performances and live music that will keep guests dancing even after the show is over.

With unlimited entertainment like dance classes, the Costa Pacifica is a great singles cruise, especially for solo travelers wanting to create lasting bonds with new people. Take advantage of the dance floors and find someone with similar interests.

This Italian cruise ship brings the flavors of the Amalfi Coast with a unique blend of street food. Additionally, the rooms showcase a flawless blend of luxury and comfort with orange and red tones.

20. Viking Cruises – Viking Sea

Explore hidden areas with a small ship like the Viking Sea! Ideal for single seniors, this all-veranda ship provides luxurious and comfortable Scandinavian-designed rooms that remind guests of their homes.

Depending on the room, there are exclusive benefits like first-priority spa treatments and access to the mini bar.

Every part of the ship is decked out in Scandinavian designs with spacious lounge and dining areas for a more laid-back experience during your cruise holiday.

Solo Cruisers Guide

Even though a cruise vacation provides endless activities for single travelers and families onboard, the variety of shore excursions allows passengers to dive into local cultures at their destination depending on the number of port days.

When researching single cruises with cruise packages and cruise lines, it is important to find a good company that can accommodate young singles with plenty of special activities and social gatherings for a great opportunity at meeting new people.

Every single person deserves to have a good time without an expensive cabin price or package.

If you’re having trouble deciding which cruise line and ship to embark on for vacation, you can always ask travel agents in a travel agency to help you find the best deals. Make sure to book the right cruise ship for your age group.

You can always opt to try small river cruises in the United States before embarking on an adventure around the world.

That’s the scoop on the best cruises for singles!

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