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20 Best Drawing Tablets Without Computer (2024)

The best drawing tablets are the ones you can take with you wherever you go without a computer. Purchasing a standalone device that doesn’t need a computer in order to work efficiently is really helpful.

A portable drawing tablet without a computer allows you to illustrate the ideas in your head as soon as they come to you.

Want to switch our your regular tablet for a new one but you’re sure which one to get? It’s a good thing we made this handy list of best drawing tablet without a computer for you!

woman drawing design on tablet best drawing tablet without computer

Whether you’re one of the best professional artists, or graphic designers, or just doodling for fun, this list of the best tablets will help you choose the perfect drawing tablet for you.

Here’s the scoop on the best drawing tablets without a computer!

Best Drawing Tablets

1. Microsoft Surface Pro X

Microsoft Surface Pro X best drawing tablet for beginners without computer

A great option is the Microsoft Surface Pro which is designed for on-the-go projects. This tablet’s battery life lasts up to 15 hours off a single charge.

It is the lightest and thinnest Surface Pro weighing less than 2 lbs. Its sleek and compact design is one of the most loved features of this portable device.

The 13-inch screen and built-in kickstand allow you to work on the tablet at any angle. This tablet accounts for all of your artistic needs with Windows 11 where you will have access to tools that make it easier and more efficient to illustrate your creations.

Having a single device that allows you to draw your design ideas while also jotting down notes is helpful to keep track of everything.

It can be difficult to stay organized if your illustrations and concepts are recorded on multiple pieces of paper or different devices. The Microsoft Surface Pro makes keeping track of everything a manageable task.

2. Wacom Cintiq Tablet

Another excellent choice is the Wacom Cintiq tablet. The new class of creative pen display includes an optimized feature set for creative starters that provides HD clarity and ergonomic design.

The levels of pressure sensitivity of the Wacom Pro Pen are extremely high. The pen is also tilt responsive and has virtually lag-free tracking. The Wacom tablet includes an industry level color display with full HD resolution.

In addition, the advanced features of the Wacom Cintiq allow for control at your fingertips. With responsive technology, you feel as if you are drawing on a sheet of paper.

Wacom is the global leader in drawing tablets thanks to its experience in the tablet market for over 40 years.

They will assist you in bringing your ideas to life. Trust Wacom and allow their product to give you a glimpse into where your creativity can really thrive.

3. Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 with tablet pen

This next great choice is a Samsung Galaxy tablet. Samsung tablets use an S pen and are known for having a powerful screen.

The graphics perform well and overall, the tablet is equipped to handle various types of software. You never want to purchase a product that will limit your abilities.

Samsung tablets understand the desire to download applications that are compatible with various types of software.

Since they have an understanding that users of their devices like variety, they have engineered their tablets to work efficiently with multiple platforms.

They always have vivid colors for the graphics and the speaker system for this tablet is another good reason for considering this purchase.

A standalone tablet that includes all of these functions is an investment any digital content creator should consider.

4. GAOMON PD Pro Drawing Tablet

Another good option for a drawing tablet without a computer that is sold at an affordable price point is the GAOMON PD. This tablet ensures zero lag in reaction thanks to the no air gap between the screen cover and display layer.

The battery-free pen has incredible tilt recognition in order to ensure you work efficiently. This tablet also accommodates your personal preferences with its 10 programmable express keys. These keys have the ability to work as the shortcuts you desire.

Programming shortcut keys is an additional feature every consumer says they are lucky to have when purchasing this device. Shave off some of your time by simply clicking one button instead of typing out a full request for what you want the device to do.

Shortcut buttons benefit you by making every minute count when you sit down to create. It makes bringing this lightweight device hassle-free.

5. HUION KAMVAS Pro Drawing Monitor

HUION KAMVAS Pro Drawing Monitor tablet with tablet pen

If you are looking for outstanding visuals the HUION KAMVAS Pro is the best choice. The full HD resolution lets you enjoy immersive viewing in great clarity and fine viewing.

This graphics tablet is able to reduce interference of ambient light on the creation and display of every detail.

The tilt function battery-free stylus looks and feels like a regular pencil. You don’t have to practice using the device in order to feel confident using the pen as it feels like a regular writing utensil.

The digital pen also includes two buttons on the side that can be programmed to any shortcut you think would benefit you while creating.

The HUION KAMVAS studio is one you can count on to help create your ideal images and ideas. A tablet that accounts for all the features you desire when you are creating is one you should feel confident in purchasing.

6. Wacom Mobile Studio Pro 13

This next drawing tablet is a viable option thanks to its ability to process data quickly. Also, its intel core transfers power easily. The large display screen shows artwork and graphics in great detail.

You never want to second-guess what you’re looking at when you are trying to create content. Illustrating the objects and shapes you desire is the point of drawing on the tablet.

The Wacom Mobile Studio Pro wants to assist you when designing all the illustrations for graphics and objects you love. The screen resolution promotes incredible clarity for every image.

These great tools like the Wacom Pro Pen and the 3-angle adjustable Wacom Stand are additional features that you’ll be grateful to have when working on this tablet.

The pressure level of the sensitivity to the pen reaches over 8,000. This is one of the best options for drawing tablets without a computer. Grab the Wacom Mobilestudio Pro today!

7. Apple iPad Air 2022

Apple iPad Air for drawing tablet

Another tablet that is perfect for all your creative needs is the Apple iPad Air. The Apple pencil brings your work to life. It makes painting, sketching, doodling, and note-taking better than ever.

Connecting the Apple pencil to your iPad isn’t the same as the stylist used with regular tablets. The pencil magnetically attaches and charges wirelessly.

If you are someone that likes to switch from pen to marker to pencil while working on your tablet, this is good news for you.

The operating system between the Apple Pencil and the iPad itself works together efficiently by allowing the pencil to switch among the various drawing utensils at your own convenience.

This feature is beneficial for artists that frequently rotate art mediums for their work. Don’t limit yourself to one type of digital creation. Invest in the Apple iPad Air and illustrate all your creations with zero restrictions.

8. Microsoft Surface Go 2

This next tablet has a functional screen size of 10.5 inches and is easily portable when you need to get work done on the go. The high-resolution touch screen is great for viewing Adobe Illustrator with plenty of storage space.

Digital artists shouldn’t have to worry about deciphering between the different colors when designing. The Microsoft Surface Go 2 isn’t the same as any regular drawing tablet because it allows you to connect a keyboard and use the kickstand feature to act as if it is a laptop.

The side of the tablet also includes a MicroSD card slot for uploading content. The Surface Go has a mah battery that lasts up to 10 hours.

Microsoft software has a variety of applications available to each user which is perfect for those who like to try new things.

Experiment with the different applications while using your drawing tablet and you can pick which one works best for you.

9. XOPPOX Graphics Drawing Tablet

XOPPOX Graphics Drawing Tablet with accessories for drawing

Another tablet that has a wide color gamut is the XOPPOX Graphics drawing tablet. This is one of the best standalone drawing tablets thanks to its industry standard pressure sensitivity.

The no-battery pen works to ensure each stroke is smooth and natural. This pen does not need to charge, and you don’t have to worry about the battery running out. The package includes 20 replacement tips for the end of the pen.

A good idea for installation purposes with this tablet is to find a device you want to connect it to and take your academic presentations or personal work to the next level.

Purchasing a tablet that can function as a device for work while also allowing you to express yourself creatively in your free time is really the best of both worlds.

If you have ever thought about pursuing your love for art, look into buying this drawing tablet to help you fulfill that aspiration.

10. VEIKK A30 Drawing Tablet

This next digital art tablet advertises that is helpful when wanting to work with Adobe Photoshop or various other editing platforms. It is designed with a unique touch pad that has four keys and one gesture pad.

This drawing tablet is engineered with modern technology to provide the perfect touch experience as well as stable performance levels. The active area for drawing provides optimal space for artistic creations.

The tablet supports both right and left handed artists allowing its user to work at their own convenience.

When purchasing a product you aren’t very familiar with it is always reassuring to know they have a team dedicated to making sure you are happy with your purchase.

If you are apprehensive about purchasing a drawing tablet because you’ve never had one, the VEIKK is a great brand to start with.

11. XPPen Artist Computer Graphics Tablet

XPPen Artist Computer Graphics Tablet

Another one of the best drawing tablets without the necessity of a computer is the XP-Pen Artist. The large screen of this tablet has high resolution and includes an anti-reflective screen protector.

A tablet that includes a screen where you don’t have to worry about getting to use it in areas with certain types of lighting is incredibly helpful.

When you purchase a tablet, you want to be able to get your money’s worth out of it.

The XP-Pen Artist will work efficiently wherever you wish to use it. This portable device is similar to tablet computers that have detachable keyboards, thanks to its USB-C cable.

It is compatible with various different types of software and can work hand in hand with your computer if desired.

12. UGEE Drawing Tablet

This drawing tablet produces vivid visuals whether you’re painting or drawing. Graphic tablets need to have a build quality that brings your true vision to life.

The UGEE tablet helps you make your dream images a reality with its high contrast aspect ratio display and precise color diversity.

Some artists know exactly what shade of color they wish to use when creating an image. The UGEE tablet accounts for that. You don’t have to stress about being limited during the design process when you purchase this tablet.

The screen of this tablet brings accurate cursor positioning and minimal parallax. The screen surface is also coated with an anti-glare film that can reduce interference with reflections while showcasing images at a wide angle.

Pull out this tablet on public transportation and create designs confidently wherever you go.

13. Frunsi Standalone Tablet

Frunsi Standalone Tablet best drawing tablet without computer

Another android tablet that is highly recommended for drawing and designing purposes is the Frunsi standalone drawing tablet. It comes with an HD display for digital drawing with pre-installed drawing applications.

Frunsi products give you peace of mind with their certified quality that is sure to work for you. Their technical support staff ensures your purchase is worry-free. They are happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

If you struggle setting up the device just shoot them an email or call their customer service number and an associate will be ready to assist you.

The display screen shows vibrant true colors, and the palm rejection feature allows you to draw on the screen without distractions. The ultra-long battery life supports hours of work time.

Purchasing android devices that constantly need to be plugged in or take hours to charge up is a hassle. The Frunsi Standalone eliminates that inconvenience by including a battery that is ready to support you for as long as you need.

14. Simbans PicassoTab

This drawing tablet comes with pre-installed drawing and animation applications for those who want to draw, make animations, or take notes in the classroom.

The most important factor of purchasing the Simbans PicassoTab is the free bonuses that come with your purchase.

The four bonus items included with every purchase are a drawing glove, a high-quality tablet case, a universal power adaptor, and a pre-installed screen protector.

These items are valued at over 50 dollars, and you don’t have to pay a single cent extra for them.

This tablet has a screen with HD resolution to make sure the images shown are crystal clear. The portable device can also travel with you easily. Take your creativity with you wherever you go.

15. Apple iPad Pro

Apple iPad Pro

The Apple iPad Pro is a multi-functional tablet that assists you with all your creative needs. The brilliant XDR display produces clear pictures no matter what you are viewing on the screen.

Use the Apple pencil to design artwork or take notes for school or work. When investing in a product you’ve never used before you want to feel confident.

It’s never fun to waste money and the Apple iPad Pro definitely provides you with ease of use for all aspects when creating art.

16. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

This next tablet has a slim metal design that allows the android device to be taken anywhere easily. The Samsung Galaxy S 6 includes 64 GB of ram so you never have to stress about running out of storage.

This is one of the best android tablets. When devices take hours on end to recharge it can really disrupt your productivity. You never have to worry about that happening when you are working on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 6.

The fast-charging USB-C port allows you to quickly get back to where you left off when you need to recharge.

Never stress about losing your train of thought or not getting to illustrate the idea that came to your head when using this Samsung tablet.

17. TECJOE Kids 2 Pack Doodle Board

Kids 2 Pack Doodle Board in blue and orange TECJOE for drawing and doodling

Another drawing tablet that is a good idea when looking for a gift to give to the kids is this TECJOE doodle board. The LCD tablet includes flexible liquid crystal technology that is brighter and clearer than most.

With the pressure sensitive technology, you are able to draw lines of various thickness depending on how hard you press down.

This is a great device for kids to use when you don’t want to worry about the marker getting off the page and ruining the carpet.

Avoid wasting paper and feel confident in allowing your kids to use this tablet that has an eye-protection feature included in the screen.

Long-term use won’t strain the eyesight of the user thanks to the advanced technology TECJOE used during the engineering process of the tablet.

This portable device is great for road trips or can be easily slipped into a school backpack with a weight of less than a pound.

18. BUKEBU LCD Doodle Board

Sticking with the tablet options for kids, this BUKEBU doodle board is perfect for children wanting to express their creativity through art.

The LCD writing tablet uses a 10.5-inch eye protection material screen to ensure kids don’t harm their eyesight while using this device.

The lines are colorful, clear, and eye-catching thanks to the vibrant colors and vivid display. The multi-functional doodle board is a good tool for educational purposes or to allow children to expand their imaginations through art.

This tablet is environmentally friendly with its one click erase button. Avoid wasting paper and allow your child to draw their heart out with a reusable tablet that never runs out of room for designs.

The board itself is made from durable material so you don’t have to worry about it wearing out from travel or placement in different bags.

Bring it with you wherever you go and take advantage of the drop resistant build by allowing your child to carry around a device that can be uniquely their own.

19. Apple iPad Mini

Apple iPad Mini for drawers

This next tablet is the best option for you if you are a fan of Apple products. The most functional factor of the iPad Mini is its size. The portable tablet allows you to take it anywhere you go.

This tablet can connect to Wi-Fi and provide everything you would need from a full-sized computer. Take notes at work or in the classroom.

When portable devices are larger and have awkward sizes it becomes a hassle to fit them in bags and you don’t end up getting the use out of the portable function.

The Apple iPad Mini ensures you can take it with you wherever you go. The storage space on this device is also an aspect that shouldn’t be overlooked.

If you are a person that wants to keep track of all the ideas you’ve ever thought of, the iCloud feature included in Apple products will be very beneficial for you. This tablet allows for never-ending opportunities.  

20. XPPen Paper Tablet

Another drawing tablet that is a good option for an artist that is looking to travel with a single notebook and pen as opposed to carrying around various materials is this XPPen Paper Tablet.

This digital notebook is compatible with iOS and Android systems. It allows you to connect your phone to it and immediately start writing, recording, and drawing whenever you want.

Mobile devices can be difficult to deal with when they don’t hold a reliable charge. This traditional drawing tablet has a battery that can last up to 50 days when it is put into standby mode.

This device is ideal for people who are fans of the more traditional way of creating. If you don’t want to fully transition to using an electronic device, this tablet was made for you.

It emulates a paper notebook extremely well and feels like you are pulling a sketchbook out of your bag instead of a digital tablet.

Best Drawing Tablets Without Computer Guide

Choosing a tablet that is best for you can be difficult. There are many different factors to consider before going through with a purchase.

This guide of the 20 best drawing tablets without a computer should help narrow down your search.

The important features have been pointed out, so you don’t have to worry about doing research. You can’t go wrong with any tablet on this list, and there is a wide range of prices for each device.

I hope one of these portable devices stands out to you and you purchase a companion that will allow you to express your creativity whenever and wherever you go.

Grab one of the best drawing tablet without computer from this list today!

20 best drawing tablets without computer

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