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20 Best Harry Potter Quotes for Christmas Time

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter takes place at Hogwarts Castle and is created by the world-famous author, JK Rowling. The films and the book series are bound to take you on a journey through a magical world with the golden trio (Hermione, Ron, and Harry) and the marauder’s map. Besides the three main characters, Professor Flitwick, Molly Weasley (Mrs. Weasley), Professor Quirrell, and Professor Trelawney are all memorable characters that we have come to love.

Many of the Harry Potter quotes occur during a Christmas scene. Here are some Harry Potter Christmas quotes to prepare for your Harry Potter marathon this holiday season!

1. “Good haul this year,” he informed Harry through a cloud of paper. “Thanks for the Broom Compass, it’s excellent, beats Hermione’s — she’s got me a homework planner -Ron (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix)

When the trio exchanges Christmas presents during the holidays.

harry potter, ron, hermione
Photo by Murray Close – © 2006 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Harry Potter Publishing RightsJ.K.R. Harry Potter Characters, Names, and Related Indicia

2. “No, it’s not. All we’d need would be some Polyjuice Potion…”— Hermione and Harry planning to use Polyjuice Potion over the holidays with Ron Weasley (Deathly Hallows Part 1)

So they can turn into Slytherins and find out if Draco Malfoy is the head of the Slytherins.

ron and hermione deathly hallows harry potter

3. “The Yule Ball is of course a chance for us all to — er — let our hair down.”-Minerva McGonagall (Goblet of Fire)

Professor McGonagall talks about the ball that happens on December 25th for students in the fourth year, fifth year and sixth year students. First years aren’t allowed to attend in less they are invited. The Yule Ball is part of the Triwizard tournament.

goblet of fire professors
Photo by – – © 2005 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. – Harry Potter Publishing RightsJ.K.R.

4. “I didn’t think of giving Kreacher anything. Do people usually give their house-elves Christmas presents?” -Harry (Half Blood Prince)

Kreacher use to be Sirius Black’s house-elf till he was gifted to Harry. This house-elf quote has to be one of the most memorable Harry Potter quotes.

5. “There are all kinds of courage,” said Dumbledore, smiling. “It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends. I therefore award ten points to Mr. Neville Longbottom!”-J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone)

Neville is portrayed as an ordinary character until the order of the phoenix. Confidence is fueled by encouragement by Dumbledore’s army.

© 2001 – Warner Bros. – All Rights Reserved

6. “Merry Christmas!” said Dumbledore as Harry, Ron, and Hermione approached the table. “As there are so few of us, it seemed foolish to use the House tables… Sit down, sit down!” – Albus Dumbledore (Prisoner of Azkaban)

The headmaster, Professor Dumbledore invites them to the table and mentions that very few people are at Hogwarts.

7. “Mistletoe,” said Luna dreamily, pointing at a large clump of white berries placed almost over Harry’s head. He jumped out from under it. “Good thinking,” said Luna seriously. “It’s often infested with nargles.” – Luna (Order of the Phoenix)

Nargles is known to infest mistletoe and act like skilled thieves.

luna harry potter
Photo by Murray Close – © 2006 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Harry Potter Publishing RightsJ.K.R. Harry Potter Characters, Names, and Related Indicia

8. “One can never have enough socks,” said Dumbledore. “Another Christmas has come and gone and I didn’t get a single pair. People will insist on giving me books.” -Dumbledore (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone)

Since Dumbledore is the headmaster, people assume that gifting books is the best present, but he would rather have socks.

© 2001 – Warner Bros. – All Rights Reserved

9. “I never promised Hermione anything,” Ron mumbled. “I mean, all right, I was going to go to Slughorn’s Christmas party with her, but she never said…just as friends…I’m a free agent… -Ron (Half-Blood Prince)

When Ron finds out that Hermione is planning on taking Cromac Mclaggen to the party. A love triangle Harry Potter Christmas quote?

harry potter, ron, hermione half blood prince
© 2009 Warner Bros. Ent./JKR. All rights reserved.

10.  “There might be a way. Of course, it would be difficult. And dangerous, very dangerous. We’d be breaking about fifty school rules, I expect… What we’d need to do is to get inside the Slytherin common room and ask Malfoy a few questions without him realising it’s us.” -Hermione Granger (Deathly Hallows Part 1)

When the trio uses the potion to disguise themselves as Slytherins.

ron, hermione, and harry potter deathly hallows

11. HAVE A VERY HARRY CHRISTMAS – Order of the Phoenix

Dobby gives the room of requirement a Christmas makeover. The house-elf and part of the death eaters, Dobby likes to show kindness back when Harry invites him into his world. He wants to create a Happy Christmas for him.

dobby deathly hallows

12. “And you’re not sitting with the prefects today, either,” said George. “Christmas is a time for family.”-George Weasley (Philosopher’s Stone)

He tries to encourage Percy to wear a sweater. The Weasley twins notice that this is Ron’s first Christmas away from family.

13. “I’m warning you now, boy- any funny business, anything at all- and you’ll be in that cupboard from now until Christmas.”- Uncle Vernon -J. K Rowling (Harry Potter and the Chambers of Secrets)

This quote represents Vernon’s hostility towards Harry Potter. The cupboard near the living room used to be Harry’s room until he was given Dudley’s old room. His harsh behavior towards Harry never seems to change even during Christmas break. It is definitely a terrible thing to have foster parents who treat you indifferently. Has to be the most frustrating Harry Potter Christmas quote.

uncle vernon and harry potter
© 2002 Warner Bros. All Rights Reserved. Harry Potter Publishing Rights/J.K.R.

14. “Professor Snape was forcing them to research antidotes. They took this one seriously, as he had hinted that he might be poisoning one of them before Christmas to see if their antidote worked.” -J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire)

Severus Snape wanted Harry to be the first to test the antidote in the potion class that rarely requires the use of the magic wand.

professor snape harry potter goblet of fire
© 2005 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. – Harry Potter Publishing RightsJ.K.R.

15. “Let me explain. The happiest man on earth would be able to use the Mirror of Erised like a normal mirror, that is, he would look into it and see himself exactly as he is. Does that help?”Harry thought. Then he said slowly, “It shows us what we want… whatever we want…” -Sorcerer’s Stone Dumbledore

The scene where Harry Potter was given the invisibility cloak and Dumbledore shows him the mirror’s dangerous qualities. Although the cloak is not error-free it comes to attacks in the long run.

16. “Harry had never in all his life had such a Christmas dinner. A hundred fat, roast turkeys; mountains of roast and boiled potatoes; platters of chipolatas; tureens of buttered peas, silver boats of thick, rich gravy and cranberry sauce — and stacks of wizard crackers every few feet along the table… Harry pulled a wizard cracker with Fred and it didn’t just bang, it went off with a blast like a cannon and engulfed them all in a cloud of blue smoke, while from the inside exploded a rear admiral’s hat and several live, white mice.” -J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix)

Harry spends his first Christmas away from the Dursley family and is introduced to quite the meal in the great hall. Who would’ve thought that Hogwarts has such a delicious thing called wizard crackers? The dinner is held on Christmas day.

Christmas dinner harry potter
© 2002 Warner Bros. All Rights Reserved. Harry Potter Publishing Rights/J.K.R

17. “I always stay at Hogwarts for Christmas and Easter holidays, and I don’t ever want to go back to Privet Drive.” -Harry Potter

Harry Potter would rather spend Christmas time and Easter at the Hogwarts Castle as he thinks he would have a good time with his fellow classmates. This is the first time Harry has a chance of escaping the Dursleys.

harry potter order of the phoenix train scene
Photo by Murray Close – © 2006 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Harry Potter Publishing RightsJ.K.R. Harry Potter Characters, Names, and Related Indicia

18. “Harry, I think it’s Christmas Eve!” -Hermione (Deathly Hallows)

When Harry and Hermione walk the snow-covered streets and hear carols inside a church.

19. “Hogsmeade looked like a Christmas card; the little thatched cottages and shops were all covered in a layer of crisp snow; there were holly wreaths on the doors and strings of enchanted candles hanging in the trees.” -J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets)

A description of Hogsmeade Village during the Christmas holidays at Hogwarts Castle as well as the location of the three broomsticks. Hogsmeade will put you in the holiday spirit! Who wouldn’t want to wake up Christmas morning to see Christmas trees and a real-life Christmas card?

harry potter chamber of secrets poster
© 2002 Warner Bros. All Rights Reserved. Harry Potter Publishing Rights/J.K.R. -Germany

20. “It’s Christmas, and it’s not a crime to want to come to a party. Just this once, we’ll forget any punishment; you may stay, Draco” -Professor Slughorn (Half-Blood Prince)

The party was held by Slughorn for his favorite students. Draco thanks him for his generosity when he tells him to let loose and forget any punishment from their day lives.

harry potter half blood prince dinner
© 2009 – Warner Bros. All rights reserved.

The Harry Potter series compares to Dr. Seuss in that they both are internationally acclaimed works but one teaches wisdom while the other teaches creativity. Hope you enjoyed this list of Harry Potter Christmas quotes from both the films and the books!

Whether you celebrate Christmas the with Weasley family in The Burrow, at Hogwarts in the Great Hall or in Diagon Alley there is nothing quite as magical as Happy Potter Christmas!

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