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20 Best Living Room Chairs For Sciatica (2023)

We have the perfect collection of the best living room chairs for sciatica pain sufferers. If you are looking for an ergonomic chair that helps relax the sciatic nerve, lower back pain, blood circulation, good posture, and have more additional features that are important to relieve chronic back pain, then look no further! 

We will help you to find the best option of a modern design sciatica chair that will look fantastic on your home office or living room. 

Here is the scoop on the best living room chair for sciatica!

What is Sciatica Nerve Pain?

If you are experiencing back problems, neck pain, poor posture, but you are unsure if those are sciatica symptoms? Here is a brief explanation of what is the sciatic nerve and how to deal with the pain.

The sciatica nerve is one of the longest on the human body and consists of the union of 5 smaller nerves that originate in the lumbar area. It ranges from the lower back, traveling through the entire leg until reaching down to the foot. Sciatica, tends to be a popular problem affecting around 40% of the population, generally on individuals from 40 years old and above.

The pain is more common on people that bend their spine forward for long hours or frequently, and on those who lift something heavy by applying more pressure in one of the legs. The pain of sciatica can be from medium to severe, along the entire nerve causing weakness in the muscles, numbness, stabbing or electric sensations, and in extreme cases, it can cause immobility, due to the strong pain that can also go away suddenly.

People with a herniated disk, piriformis syndrome, arthritis, and bad backs problems are more likely to feel this uncomfortable pain.

To cope with the pain of sciatica or relax the body in order to decrease the likelihood of this pain, a good chair with essential features such as, massage function, thick cushion, great back support, adjustable footrest, reclining feature, and more are the perfect choice. It is also well known that doing heat therapy in the right places where the pain is more stubborn will definitely help calm the soreness.

Remember that if the pain of the sciatic nerve becomes unbearable or very often, it is better to consult with your doctor.

1. Mac Motion Oslo Collection Cobblestone Top Grain Leather

This is an excellent choice of chair, that is high quality with a very modern look. Includes the important feature of reclining, memory foam cushions all over it, 360 degrees swivel capability, and a matching angled ottoman for further comfort. 

It relieves the pressure of the body when tired, by stabilizing the body weight, giving you a comfortable position to rest properly.

This chair already has a neutral angle position back, that helps align the spine and keeps it safe at all times, thus avoiding pain in the back and neck.

The Mac motion Oslo Collection chair is made out of durable materials. Also, the design molds to your body shape and will definitely stand out in your living room. It is one of the best living room chair for sciatica, that will help with the back pain relief and full relaxation of the body.

2. Homall Recliner Chair Padded Seat Pu Leather for Living Room

This is a high-quality Pu leather chair for back pain sufferers at an incredibly affordable price! 

It features an adjustable recliner that reaches 3 positions, made out of a durable stain steel frame which is covered with a comfortable padded seat. This great value chair holds up to 265 lbs, comes in different colors, and it is easy to assemble. 

It is one of the favorites on Amazon because its price is excellent and it has the most essential features to prevent sciatica and back pain. It also has a very comfortable foot holder that comes out automatically when you recline the chair.

Its design is sleek and compact! The chair features various colors, it is nice to the touch, and easy to clean. It is certainly the top pick chair to help relieve sciatica pain at a great value with excellent quality.

3. Esright Massage Recliner Chair 360° 

The Esright Massage is the best recliner chair with good value. It has so many excellent features such as, 360 degrees swivel, heating function for lumbar region, vibrating, massaging, two cup holders, side bags, and reclining positions. 

It has a remote control, and power cord to start the eight point of massage, which has five different modes of vibration and two intensity levels. This function helps with the proper blood flow of the body and reduces the tension levels. 

This chair is suitable to show it off in the living room, it is very soft to the touch, cushioned, and durable chair with a high back.

4. BestMassage Recliner Chair for Living Room

This is another massage recliner kind of chair, that is a good choice for those who want to complement their faux leather furniture. It comes in a variety of colors and textures that will suit every single living room! 

The price range of the BestMassage Recliner chair is super affordable. It has a very durable waterproof material, that is also very easy to clean and install, the legs and frame are made out of strong hardwood which give it overall support, and have a capacity of 275 lbs. 

The massaging function works with a control remote, and will provide you with 8 different types of vibrations and three intensity levels located at the lumbar area. This incredible feature is very efficient for people who have an herniated disc and suffer from intense back pain or sciatica.

It also has a comfortable high backrest support, a sophisticated design, and a very comfortable seat cushion that will keep you relaxing there for a long time. This chair is an excellent choice!

5. Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Sofa 

This is considered for many the best living room chair for sciatica that as its name says; it is a chair that features a “combo” of the best features!

The Mcombo Electric Power Lift Recliner Chair Sofa is the best chair for elderly people as well because it features power lift assistance. This mechanism will help the user stand up faster and easier, especially when the muscles around the sciatic nerve are weak and it is difficult to do so. With the aid of a remote control, the chair can be put in a reclined position or lifted forward.

This wonderful chair also massages the back with 8 vibration modes that are spread all over the back support. And in addition, it also counts with a heated point located at the lumbar region that helps the body relax even more.

The material with which it is made is of high quality, very pleasant to the human touch, easy to maintain without the need to apply oils. In addition, this beautiful chair has two cup holders, two USB portals, and two bags on the sides. 

You will want to be sitting there for long hours!

6. Alyssa New Velvet Armchair 

The Alyssa New Velvet Armchair by Christopher Knight Home is a type of chair that adds that necessary accent touch to the living room without sacrificing extreme comfort. Besides, it is one of the best living room chair for sciatica as well because it perfectly hugs the body.

It is designed at an upright position that will comfort the right places of your body while diminishing back pain. This chair comes in 9 beautiful trendy colours, and the build quality is excellent at a great price.

The armchair has plush cushions, comfortable seat depth, and soft armrests that will aid your relaxation routine. 

It also works as an ergonomic office chair that will give support and stability to your back, it will help you not feel tired so quickly.

7. Tafton Club Chair and Ottoman

The Tafton Club Chair and Ottoman is another armchair with a neutral position that is considered to be the best living room chair for sciatica, also from Christopher Knight Home Collection. 

It is one of the best to decorate the living room because its design is very elegant and sophisticated. In addition to that, it helps a lot with the total rest of the body and relief of pain such as sciatica because it includes footrest matching ottoman. 

Tafton Club Chair and Ottoman

This contemporary piece is perfect for the rest and comfort of the user since it is adequately padded and made out of the best quality materials. 

It is the perfect chair for those looking for style and comfort at the same time!

8. Esters Wood Armchair

Another of my favorite chairs with contemporary and modern style is this Esters Wood Armchair by Project 62 collection. 

The reason why this chair is one of the best living room chair for sciatica, is because the sitting position of the back makes it ideal to combat the pain of back sufferers. Its ergonomic design hugs the body very well and the cushion adjusts properly to all types of silhouettes.

Its price is affordable to the public and for maximum comfort, you can add a lumbar support pillow of your choice!

9. HollyHOME Modern Fabric Lazy Chair

The HollyHome Modern Fabric Lazy chair is also the kind of chair that is perfect as a pop of stylish furniture in your living room.​​​​ This is a chair with such a unique design that at the same time creates a comfortable sitting experience. 

Its design reduces stress levels, adjusts to the curve of your back and gives you good posture, and holds up to 500 lbs! It has a sturdy stained steel frame, the fabric is easy to clean, and counts a convenient pocket on the side. You can easily remove the cover so that it can be washed without a problem whenever you want.

What makes this chair so comfortable is that it has a very good quality soft sponge, that provides extra support at the tension points of the body.

10. Flash Furniture Contemporary Multi-Position Recliner

The Flash Furniture recliner chair is one of the most popular, best living room chairs for sciatica! 

To begin with, the back is adjustable to different positions, and it comes with an ottoman that matches the chair. Also, this chair features durable and soft leather, has a wooden base that rotates easily, and supports up to 250 lbs.

By adjusting the part of the back, the softness of the cushion relieves the pressure of the back, and gives more comfort. This adjustable chair looks excellent both in the living room and in the office. Take a look at the other beautiful neutral colors you can find this chair in!

And do not miss the opportunity to get this chair if you really like it, they sell out very fast on Amazon.

11. Christopher Knight Home Mervynn Mid-Century Modern Microfiber Recliner

All the styles of Christian Knight Home chairs are on trend and give a special touch of sophistication to your living room, and this is no exception. The Mervynn Mid-Century Recliner, has the regular chair design that is usually in up-right position but surprisingly is reclinable at two different angles. 

It is a very peculiar and discreet style of chair that no one will notice that it is reclinable, until you decide to show it.

It comes in a variety of colors with smooth finish fabrics, features the footrest as well, and is very sleek and compact. This chair is perfect for small living rooms or offices.

12. Mcombo Recliner with Ottoman, Reclining Chair with Massage

This is another sophisticated style of reclining chairs that comes with a fancy looking ottoman but with an extra twist. The Mcombo recliner with an Ottoman chair, in addition to reclining and turning 360 degrees, gives massages! 

It has a knob adjusting recliner feature that will let you pick your desired sitting position, has an upgraded thickened padding for extreme comfort, and side pockets. 

This wonderful chair has 4 massage functions that massage the back, lumbar area or lower back, and the thighs and legs. It uses 5 modes of vibrations with 8 massage nudes placed along the chair. Indeed, with the aid of its remote control, you have the ability to select the intensity of the vibrations and on which places. 

This chair supports up to 330 lbs, since it is made of stainless steel which gives it great stability. Also it is lined with PU leather that is very durable. it is very simple to clean and comes in 6 different colors.

13. Giantex Folding Massage Lazy Sofa Floor Chair

The Giantex Folding Massage Lazy Sofa is one of the best living room chair for sciatica because it has an adjustable lumbar support detachable cushion. It is wide enough that people of different sizes can comfortably fit on this chair. 

This recliner chair can adjust to 5 different angles, which helps a lot for people suffering from back pain to relax in the position they want.

The detachable pillow can also support your feet, or head if you want to recline the chair all the way, converting it into an instant bed.

The materials with which this chair is made are durable, waterproof and easy to clean, plus it comes in 4 colors! With all of these great qualities, this is a great deal!

14. Stone & Beam Lauren Down-Filled Oversized chair

This is another type of accent armchair that is great to calm down sciatica pain. The Stone & Beam Lauren Down-Filled oversized chair is extremely soft and comfortable. 

Besides that, it will give a relaxed and innovative look to the decoration of your house.

Stone & Beam Lauren Down-Filled oversized chair

Its design is oversized on purpose so that people do not feel trapped and instead can relax perfectly. This chair is moisture repellent, the fabric resists stains, and the cushions are deep but with the perfect amount of soft padding.

It is a furniture line from Amazon that provides comfort and good quality in incomparable designs.

It is now one of the best living room chair for sciatica because it is very comfortable, and gives rest and relaxation to those who suffer from pain in the muscles of the body or who are very tired.

15. Amazon Basics Swivel Foam Lounge Chair 

This is one of the basic pieces of Amazon that helps a lot to calm the pains of sciatica to its users at an excellent price. It has a metal frame that is very strong and durable. Moreover, the construction of memory foam provides optimal comfort and support for the neck, back, lumbar area, and legs. 

Amazon Basics Swivel Foam Lounge Chair

It is a swiveling type of chair that can be folded down for easy storage and manageability. 

What is most attractive about this chair is that it is very compact and can be used by short people, it is very comfortable, it gives good support to your spine and prevents bad posture.

16. HomCom Foam Recliner

The HomCom foam Recliner is a similar design of the Flash Furniture recliner but at a better price and available at Walmart stores.

It has a multi-function remote control that directs your massage session. 

This chair has 10 point massage balls inserted all along, plus a heat point at the lumbar area to relax all the muscles of the low back and spinal cord.

You can also control the intensity and time of the vibrations. Its ergonomic design chair creates an amazingly comfortable experience. It counts with extra-plush cushioning on problematic areas of the back and thighs. Also, this chair is made out of high-quality PU leather.

This chair gives you a complete massage from the neck to behind the legs! Let yourself enjoy pampering as if you had a spa at home, and relax your muscles to prevent the pain of sciatica using this chair.

17. YODOLLA Velvet Accent Chair with Ottoman

This is another favorite type of recliner chair that does not seem to be reclinable until it is shown. This is a great advantage for people that are looking for the best living room chair for sciatica but do not want to sacrifice the interior design of the house. The Yodolla Velvet Accent chair with Ottoman keeps the room looking very sophisticated and modern. 

This chair is made out of super soft velvety material, has side pockets, and comes in three different modern colors. 

It has 5 reclinable angles to adjust, comes with a lumbar support cushion, the whole chair is full of memory foam. Also, the large pillow for the whole back is removable for easy cleaning, and the wooden stool feet are non-slip.

It is the perfect chair for those who do not like wider and rounder designs, and prefer contemporary looks with straighter lines.

18. Costway Recliner Chair

The ergonomic design of the Costway recliner chair is ideal for back sufferers and sciatica relief. Its design provides an optimal adjustment and rest to the spine starting from the neck to the lumbar region. This chair has a backrest angle adjuster buckle in order to change your sitting posture and prevent back pain.

It features premium sponge cushion, high quality soft and shiny PU leather, thick padded armrests, footrest, on a sturdy and durable metal frame.

This is a great chair design that will accentuate your living room or it is also perfect to sit while watching a movie or reading a book without hurting your back.

It is a great chair if you are suffering from sciatica pain, and will also recharge you of energy on those tired days!

19. Open Box Herman Miller Aeron 

As a bonus, I will share one of the best office chairs for sciatica to you! Whether you are looking for an office chair or not, this will also look great at your living room.

The Herman Miller Aeron chairs are the most recognized to provide health benefits to bad back sufferers. This chair helps with good posture and support of the spine for those that work in a sitting position for long hours.

The Open Style of this peculiar chair makes it more reasonable to use in a living room because people from all sizes can use it and feel very comfortable in it.

It has adjustable armrests, has a posture fit mechanism, it is breathable, flexible, and durable. This chair supports up to 230 lbs, has seat angle adjuster, and adjustable lumbar. 

20. SIDIZ T50 Home Office Desk Chair

If you are looking for a new office chair that is the best to prevent or relieve sciatica pain, then this is the perfect for you!

The SIDIZ T50 home office desk chair is an ergonomic office chair that features adjustable headrest, two way lumbar support pieces, mobile armrests, adjustable seat depth, has a forward tilt adjustment, and its material is breathable. This marvel of chair gives you support on all your spine, promoting a healthy posture.

The chair features heavy-duty material, and the brand offers a 30-day free trial guarantee. Indeed, the five tilting angles this chair has makes you accomplish different tasks of the office easier and efficiently, without getting up and off the chair while supporting your back.

This is the best office chair for sciatica!

How to Prevent Sciatica Pain

There are plenty of factors that will help you prevent sciatica pain. Staying active will help the muscles, nerves, and bones throughout your body stay strong and healthy. Practice stretching exercises and those that strengthen the muscles of your abdomen and back because they are the ones that support your spine. Lastly, be careful with physical activities that can hurt your back.

Being overweight and obese can generate unfortunate consequences in our bodies. By having extra weight, we are forcing and putting more pressure on the spine. This causes our nerves to contract more in the future and cause severe pain frequently.

Another precaution is to try to prevent falls. It seems simple but we must always be aware of dangers.

Also, if you maintain a good posture, you help align your spine and thus prevent neck and back pain. Relaxation techniques will help you maintain a better posture.

Other Helpful Tips

Another way to prevent it is to not smoke. Nicotine damages tissues especially the spine diminishes blood sugar which makes bones weaker. This can wear out vertebrate disks easily.

Eating a healthy diet can prevent many diseases such as arthritis and diabetes that can easily damage the nerves and bones and you will be more likely to get sick.

Another good idea is to prevent a sedentary lifestyle. By keeping your body active even if you do not exercise daily but if you have a job where you walk, go up, go down, it will keep your muscles, bones and nerves working properly and you will have less risk of sciatica.

Get rid of that uncomfortable chair you have at your home that is causing you back problems!

Now that you have taken a look at the best living room chairs for sciatica, I really hope you can make the most convenient decision for you!

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10 Best Living Room Chairs For Sciatica