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20 Best Quotes from Prime Video’s “Night Sky”

Located in Illinois, an older couple discover a hidden chamber under the ground in their yard. For many years, Irene and Franklin would use the chamber to marvel at a celestial world. But when family and neighbors catch on to their special adventure, secrets begin to reveal themselves.

Night Sky is a sci-fi drama series that stars JK Simmons and Sissy Spacek and is sure to keep you guessing till the end.

Here’s the scoop on quotes from Night Sky!

1. “Told me not to marry an English teacher but I did it anyway.” -Franklin

2. “It’s just a wasteland where things go to die.” -Jude

chai as jude in night sky
Credit: Chuck Hodes (Night Sky) – Amazon Studios

3. “You don’t have the best history with neighbors and I would like to keep getting invited to things.” -Jeanine

4. “He looked like he knocked over a museum or something.” -Franklin

5. “He’s not an alien, Franklin.” -Irene

Irene York
Credit: Chuck Hodes (Night Sky) – Amazon Studios

6. “Let’s live dangerously.” -Irene

7. “I guess it’s genetic.” -Franklin

Franklin York
Credit: Chuck Hodes (Night Sky) – Amazon Studios

8. “Not till I’m in the ground.” -Man at a bar

9. “He’s got you wrapped around his little finger.” -Franklin

10. “See you around, space boy.” -Byron

11. “You know I fall asleep after one beer.” -Franklin

12. “I’m not some peeping tom.” -Byron

Byron peeping out window
Credit: Chuck Hodes (Night Sky) – Amazon Studios

13. “You have been in a mood since the library.” -Irene

14. “Time does not take that pain away.” -Franklin

15. “It was meant for us.” -Irene

Irene and Franklin York in Night Sky
Credit: Chuck Hodes (Night Sky) – Amazon Studios

16. “I’m special, Sadie.” -Irene

17. “You think they’re stolen?” -Franklin

Irene and Franklin Night Sky
Credit: Chuck Hodes (Night Sky) – Amazon Studios

18. “He is shaking like a leaf.” -Franklin

19. “You wouldn’t pry these old people of their caretaker, would you?” -Irene

20. “Sometimes, looking at the other stars…scares me.” -Franklin

Mark your calendars and watch Night Sky on Amazon Prime Video on May 20th!

Hope you love these quotes from Night Sky!

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