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20 Best Restaurants to Eat in Fort Myers, Florida

Located in southwestern Florida, Fort Myers is a shelling mecca with beaches and isles collecting an abundance of shells on a natural shelf.

This Florida city is one of the best places to live in Florida due to the budget-friendly housing, beach access, and delicious restaurants.

This city is near Cape Coral, Pine Island, and Bonita Springs and has continuously been one of my favorite places to go for a long time.

colorful buildings in fort myers

While shelling is popular here, Fort Myers also has plenty of natural landscapes and historical estates worth exploring. Keep in mind that Fort Myers is currently still recovering from Hurricane Ian with select attractions open.

When visiting Fort Myers, make sure to try lobster rolls, ice cream, barbecue, and steak for an in-depth taste of local cuisine.

Here’s the scoop on the best places to eat in Fort Myers, Florida!

Best Restaurants in Fort Myers

1. Oasis Restaurant

With a pet-friendly patio, Oasis Restaurant provides traditional American cuisine in a casual setting. Most of the visitors praise this restaurant for its friendly and relaxed atmosphere and great service.

Take your family to a great place that reminds them of the past by ordering from a list of things like Country Fried Steak, Meatloaf, Patty Melt, or French Onion Soup.

2. The Lodge

Step up your dining experience by eating at The Lodge in Fort Myers. This barbecue restaurant features self-poured craft beer, a sports bar, and funky lodge-inspired decor that wraps the southern atmosphere up into a bow.

This is a wonderful place to eat if you’re ever in Downtown Fort Myers and in the mood for BBQ bites. Some of the menu highlights at this great restaurant include Slow Roasted Pulled Pork, Bison Burgers, Chicken Wings, and Fried Pickles.

3. Wisteria Tea Room & Cafe

wisteria tearoom and cafe with desserts
Credit: wisteria tea room

Wisteria Tea Room and Cafe are one of the best places to eat in Fort Myers for satisfying your sweet tooth with an array of sweets including cake, scones, cookies, and more.

The best part is that this fun place offers no shortage of aesthetic menu items as you sip your tea in the charming tea room.

While the tea room features an abundance of sweets with small plates, guests can also grab a light lunch from the lunch menu with a selection of specialty sandwiches and garden salads.

4. El Gaucho Inca Steakhouse

Find yourself immersed in Italy, Peru, and Argentina at the El Gaucho Inca Steakhouse. This steakhouse is a great place to take the family on a Friday night or for special occasions.

Featuring a romantic and cozy atmosphere with rustic decor, El Gaucho Inca is a place not just for delicious steaks but also for happy hour drinks and good food tied to a variety of countries. When visiting this restaurant, try the Ceviche De Pescado and Shrimp, Jalea Mixta, Parihuela, and the Flan.

5. Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls

mason's famous lobster rolls
Credit: Masonslobster

Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls features award-winning cuisine with unique and flavorful lobster rolls. At first glance, this restaurant in Fort Myers seems like a fine dining restaurant as the main menu items involve lobster.

However, this famous place is a casual setting with a wonderful experience and outdoor seating for tourists and locals looking for a quick bite. Try the Classic Lobster Roll, Connecticut Roll, and the Lobster Grilled Cheese.

6. The Standard Restaurant Downtown

This cozy, LGBTQ+-friendly downtown restaurant is the perfect place to indulge in cocktails and a great meal involving classic American dishes.

While the restaurant features outdoor seating and a casual atmosphere for meeting new people, nothing beats their trivia nights and selection of happy hour drinks like Mimosas and a Bloody Mary.

7. Ford’s Garage Ft. Myers

Choose from over 180+ craft beers at Ford’s Garage in southwest Florida. The casual American chow features a warm and vibrant atmosphere with wood and brick decor. This is one of the best places to eat in Fort Myers for people who love watching sports.

While their menu items are filled with great food like hamburgers, nachos, and pulled pork, Ford’s desserts and cocktails are the highlights.

8. Fresh Catch Bistro

fresh catch bistro
Credit: freshcatchfmb

Located on Fort Myers Beach, the Fresh Catch Bistro is a local restaurant with fresh seafood and a beautiful view of the Gulf.

The open-air restaurant is a favorite among locals for the upscale dining experience featuring happy hour drinks and a plethora of healthy options. Expect to find Lobster Bisque, Chargrilled Octopus, and Lobster Tail.

9. Salty Papa’s Shrimp House

salty papa's shrimp house pasta
Credit: nibaldo

In the McGregor Point Shopping Center, this southern-style laid-back seafood restaurant not only offers creative cocktails but also a dog-friendly patio. Visitors can eat at this casual place for lunch and dinner if they’re in the mood for a quick bite of local seafood.

Some of the menu highlights at Salty Papa’s include Charleston Shrimp, Coconut Shrimp, Raw Oysters, and a Chicken Sandwich.

10. La Trattoria Cafe Napoli

The best Italian restaurant in the area, La Trattoria Cafe Napoli offers a romantic atmosphere ideal for couples looking to spend a special night out.

Mixing Italian and Spanish cuisine, this modern restaurant provides a variety of wines and beers with your favorite food of the best quality. La Trattoria Cafe Napoli serves Veal Ravioli, Caprese, Bruchetta, and Baked Goat Cheese with Roasted Pepper Sauce.

11. Artisan Eatery

artisan eatery
Credit: artisaneatery239

Spend the day at this American cafe in Fort Myers. Artisan Eatery features a comfy setting for all coffee lovers and visitors stopping by for a light brunch.

Although, the cafe does serve dinner as well if you can’t make the brunch. Some of their most popular menu items are the Artisan Burger, Parmesan Truffle Fries, Breakfast Sandwiches, and Avocado Toast.

12. Bruno’s of Brooklyn

A family-operated restaurant, Bruno’s of Brooklyn is not only inspired by NYC but also takes Sicilian recipes and places their own unique spin on them to make delicious food.

The upscale restaurant is the perfect place for families and couples with its minimalistic decor and romantic atmosphere. Have the best of both worlds at Bruno’s of Brooklyn with Rigatoni Bolognese and Cheese New York Ravioli.

13. Farmer’s Market Restaurant

If you’re looking for a flavorful restaurant on a budget, the Farmers Market Restaurant is the best place to eat as they serve southern staples from the nearby farmer’s market.

One of the oldest restaurants also serves great coffee and dessert with a cozy ambiance. If you decide to visit the Farmer’s Market Restaurant, try the Biscuits and Gravy, BBQ Ribs, and Chicken and Dumplings.

14. Izzy’s Fish & Oyster

izzy's oyster and fish restaurant
Credit: izzysftmyers

Have your fair share of seafood at Izzy’s Fish and Oyster restaurant in the downtown area. Serving large portions of oysters, fresh fish, and creamy shrimp, every visitor of this popular waterfront restaurant will have plenty of leftovers.

This unique seafood place is a local favorite and has a sizable raw bar, happy hour drinks, and sweet desserts all within a rustic and elegant ambiance.

When visiting this favorite restaurant among locals, try the famous Clam Chowder, Cajun Shrimp Hush Puppies, and the New England Style Oyster Crackers.

15. McGregor Cafe

Spend the day relaxing with American fare at the beautiful McGregor Cafe. This local woman-owned restaurant is notable for its outdoor patio surrounded by trees alongside its selection of wines and beers.

Guests can visit for lunch, breakfast, or dinner with homemade favorites like pancakes, quiche, and lobster cake salad. McGregor also has daily specials, especially for the quiche which is the main reason that draws in more people.

16. The Veranda

the veranda seating area
Credit: theverandafortmyers

Flawlessly blending history and a romantic southern atmosphere, The Veranda is a fine dining restaurant and one of the most beautiful places with a piano bar and a garden courtyard.

Featuring a fireplace, live music, and a variety of desserts, this restaurant is the best place to celebrate special events for couples and families. The Veranda serves Creme Brulee, Scallops with Risotto, Prime Rib, and a Rack of Lamb.

17. El Patio Restaurant

Experience authentic Peruvian cuisine at this casual dining place. El Patio is one of the best places to eat in Fort Myers, Florida with a great selection of flavorful dishes that awaken the taste buds.

When visiting, make sure to try Peruvian Fried Rice, Con Lomo Saltado, and Ceviche Mixto. El Patio also provides fast service with a variety of coffee and desserts.

18. Buckingham Farms

buckingham farms sandwich meal
Credit: Buckingham_Farms

Have a hearty breakfast at the Buckingham Farms, featuring the freshest ingredients with farm-to-table meals. With a cozy ambiance and plenty of outdoor seating, this casual country restaurant is ideal for families and couples.

The 85-acre farm not only boasts a restaurant but also a rustic barn that serves as a popular wedding venue. Make sure to try the mouthwatering crab cakes and the bacon.

19. Downtown House of Pizza

For budget-friendly travelers, Downtown House of Pizza is a great place to have your Italian favorites from stromboli to buffalo-style wings and even the build-your-own pizza option.

This casual dining option is also ideal for people who are on a gluten-free diet with a variety of dishes to choose from including Veggie Pizza and Grandma’s Sicilian.

20. Osteria Celli

An upscale Italian pub, Osteria Celli has a blend of modern and rustic interiors alongside an open kitchen with bar seating.

The Italian dishes are inspired by authentic cuisine found in Italy with an array of healthy options, desserts, and coffee.

This upscale Italian restaurant not only has a mixture of seafood and Italian cuisine but visitors are also expected to have a main course with excellent food dishes and great appetizers made by Chef Marco using unique culinary techniques.

Best Fort Myers Restaurants Guide

These restaurants in the Fort Myers area only begin to scratch the surface of the diverse, incredible cuisine in Florida. Try the cottage restaurant, Heavenly Biscuit, where home meets comfort food.

Some of the popular restaurants like Doc Ford’s Rum Bar, Flippers on the Bay (part of Lovers Key Resort), Tuckaway Cafe, Coste Island Cuisine, Edison Restaurant, Bar & Banquet Center (named after Thomas Edison), and Dixie Fish Co. on Fishermans Wharf are also a few restaurants to check out next time you go.

From a small restaurant with Italian cuisine and a relaxing atmosphere to a casual restaurant with tasty seafood or sweet potato, Fort Myers is a destination with amazing restaurants that foodies shouldn’t miss.

That’s the scoop on the best places to eat in Fort Myers, Florida!

best places to eat in fort myers florida

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