20 Best Retrievers for Disc Golf

For fans of disc golf, having a good retriever is essential when you’re on the disc golf course.

You don’t have infinite discs to go around, meaning you need to keep the ones you do have safe!

After all, there’s nothing worse than losing your favorite disc golf disc in a tree or water hazard.

It can be frustrating to worry about losing a disc when you want to be thinking about more important things, like playing your best game. But with so many different retrievers on the market, it can be hard to know which one is best for you.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best disc golf retrievers.

best disc golf retrievers

20 Best Retrievers for Disc Golf

Here is the scoop on the best disc golf retriever to make your game better than ever!

1. HUBUISH Retriever

The HUBUISH Retriever is a light-weight and durable golf retriever.

The retriever is made of high carbon material and is long-lasting.

These handy tools come with a swappable double-hook head with anti-slip rubber ends, a storage bag, and a push-and-pull boat hook.

The storage bag makes it easy to carry.

This disc golf retriever is worth the money and works with any and all discs.

It basically pays for itself with all the disc saving!

The disc graber can even save a disc from a body of water. It is a great tool that every golfer needs. 

2. Dynamic Discs Dynamic Retriever

At 16’, the Dynamic Discs Dynamic Retriever can retrieve from just about anything!

This disc golf grabber can be collapsed to 18.”

This Dynamic Disc retriever can become easier to store by shrinking.

Plus the innovative new disc claw provides you the easiest way to retrieve all of your discs, no matter the long distance, or where your disc golf disc lands!

You no longer have to walk super far on a hot day just to get a disc.

Its unique design is useful for helping you in all sorts of different places. Its light weight makes it so you’re not hauling around an unnecessary piece of equipment.

This retriever has a rubber handle for extra grip. It has a 2-pronged claw for retrieving discs.

It can also be a poking device for a stuck frisbee. Both features make it easier to do so without harming the discs.

Dynamic Discs is one of the top disc golf brands, so you know what you’re getting when you order from them.

We recommend joining their mailing list for exclusive offers, a buyer’s guide, and sales events throughout the year.

3. MorrTec Disc Golf Retriever

The MorrTec Disc Golf Retriever is made of stainless steel and will not rust as a result.

The 3 hooks are also made of stainless steel and have a coating of rubber on them. This means that you can easily grab discs of any size.

So, get your plastic back today, and use this stainless steel grabber to save your discs!

With this golf retriever, you don’t have to worry about not getting your discs back anymore.

You can throw your discs with confidence with this disc grabber. It is a collapsible disc retriever, that can be easily stored in a golf bag.

The durable lightweight retriever is a must-have item that you can use for years to come.

Your primary use of a disc golf retriever would be to help you get your disc back from hard to reach spaces, like a bush of poison ivy.

The MorrTec retriever helps you get back into the line of play, whether that’s from a tree, from small ponds, or other parts of the course.

You’ll spend less time searching for your discs in a body of water, and more time having fun.

4. WeePro Disc Golf Retriever

The WeePro Disc Golf Retriever is a great tool that is able to be smoothly screwed on and off.

It is a grabber tool to retrieve discs.

You don’t need to worry about throwing your discs in the trees anymore.

It is the top golf accessory for recovering the discs. 

This retriever has two screw-on attachments that are able to be changed for a water grabber or strength single hook. The attachments make it easy to quickly grab the disc.

The good news is that it has received some of the best disc golf retriever reviews, so other disc golf lovers just like you have testified to it helping improve their disc golf game!

Just check out the reviews on the Scepter Disc golf retriever! Never worry about a lost disc again!

Additionally, be sure to check out the Rexarm Disc Retriever, or the Disc Gator disc retriever!

5. CAPHONT Disc Golf Retriever

The CAPHONT Disc Golf Retriever has a sponge handle that can lessen hand pressure while using it.

It allows you to control the telescopic rod at any moment. The handle is made to be more comfortable for the user.

It is designed to not slip which allows you to keep a firm grip on all of your favorite discs. 

Additionally, it only weighs one pound and will be nearly weightless to carry, alongside your disc golf discs.

Once you fold it up, it can be placed in the bag without taking up extra space.

This stainless steel golf retriever has the sole focus of helping people retrieve their discs, and lasts for a long time. 

6. Scott Chen PRO Retriever

Are you looking for a great option for a durable disc golf retriever? Look no further than the Scott Chen PRO Retriever.

It has been manufactured to be sturdy with the deep groove connection.

It is not easily broken which makes it a better option than other, more flimsy options.

This retriever is one of the more popular disc retrievers, due to its durability and ease of use. This allows for a greater range of disc retrieval!

The golf retriever was made to be easy to use extends to up to 9.5 feet.

It can be used to retrieve discs anywhere from water to forests and it is rather functional to retrieve discs with ease. It has a soft grip handle that makes it easy to hold. 

Additionally, be sure to check out the Champ Clamp, a great alternative!

7. RETYOVE Disc Golf Retriever

The RETYOVE Disc Golf Retriever has 3 interchangeable hooks with rubber coating that ensures they can get maximum grip on the discs.

Plus the hook can be used to retrieve all types of discs, using a long string.

The wings nut and reinforced screw on the several-foot pole ensure that it can be tightened by hand.

This retriever may seem standard compared to other grabbers, but the similarities end there.

8. Hyper Disc Golf Retriever 

The Hyper Disc Golf Retriever is a 3 in 1 including the golf retriever, the towel, and mini disc.

All of this included makes sure that you are prepared for everything on the course.

The mini disc is used in tournaments, but it could be used for a fun mini game.

So, if you have some sort of GoPro or other action camera attached to your disc, you can easily clean it after you retrieve it with the towel that the Hyper Disc team provides.

Your disc will have less dirt on it, which can make a bigger difference to your game than you think!

The golf retriever expands to 10 feet and is ideal for retrieving the discs out of trees. It also increases the lives of the discs.

The retriever is eco friendly as discs don’t end up littering the land. The robust steel makes it of superior quality.  

9. Bird Dog Disc Golf Retriever Pole

The Bird Dog Disc Golf Retriever Pole is a stainless steel pole that extends to 15 feet.

It can make sure that you never lose your discs with this retriever. It is a great tool for expanding your disc golf equipment. 

While this grabber tool is a more expensive option, any money spent on it will pay off as you save money using it.

You’ll wonder why you waited so long to get this pole in the first place! The retriever has a double hook among its attachments.

The attachments ensure that you retrieve any type of disc from any situation. 

10. Grip Stick Golf Disc Retriever

The Grip Stick Golf Disc Retriever is made of alloy steel which makes it durable.

It is a handy tool that expands to 14 feet and collapses to 15 inches. The stick is able to be effortlessly stored and carried. 

These tent poles are essential to grab the discs back.

11. VOOADA 3 in 1 Retriever

VOOADA 3 in 1 Retriever is the perfect portable golf retriever.

It can easily be carried and stored in a bag or disc golf cart. This makes it a more compact unit than its competition.

Every part of the pole is closely connected to make sure it does not shake when used.

The pole is stable as it can extend to 16 feet. It collapses to as little as 16 inches.

This retriever is great for those who enjoy outdoor disc golf.

The best thing you can do to help yourself on the outdoor disc golf course is to have easy access to your discs, no matter how much space you’re playing into.

This retriever has a far maximum reach, allowing you to grab your discs from far away and get back on the playing field. 

Additionally, be sure to check out this telescopic disc retriever, available on Amazon!

12. InZone Kwik-Stik XXL Disc Golf Retriever

The InZone Kwik-Stik XXL Disc Golf Retriever is next on our list for the best disc retriever.

It can retrieve at a long distance with it being 22 feet long.

The amazing part is that it can fold down to just 18 inches. It can also fit in most bags.

This retriever has a patented full-width wire frame head that can dragged through the water horizontally. You can also be use it vertically as a hook.

The folding frame head design of this retriever makes it easier to pick up the discs and float to the surface.

13. Dynamic Discs Golden Retriever

The Dynamic Discs Golden Retriever even goes as far as retrieving sinking discs by using a patented folding powder-coated mechanism.

It is easy to use and takes very little time to do it. 

It is so small that it could even be stored in your back pocket. This makes it a great way to store a great tool on the go.

To use it, you need to simply pull the throw rope.

Next, you have to toss it beyond the disc and pull across the disc to grab it. It will scoop and retain the disc at the end of the rope. The end of the string is strong, so you don’t have to worry about it fraying.

This dynamic disc is more reasonably priced than some of the other options.

14. SMORCURA Disc Retriever

The SMORCURA Disc Retriever can be used for all kinds of discs.

It is a reliable choice as it is strong and sturdy and can be used in all sorts of scenarios.

The surgical stainless steel will ensure that it will last for a while.

This retriever has a winged nut and reinforced screws that make it difficult to become loose.

The also pole has 3 interchangeable tip screws. The heads can change as needed.

The rubber coating ensures that the retriever is gentle and will not scratch the disc. 

15. Faivykyd Disc Golf Retriever

The Faivykyd Disc Golf Retriever has a thumb nut that can be put together by hand.

The logo can make it easier to retrieve in the water as the logo is easy to see.

This crescent arc design water grabber is perfect for retrieving the discs. It is suitable for retrieving all types of discs.

16. TITIANTY Disc Golf Retriever

The TITIANTY Disc Golf Retriever is resistant to all weather conditions.

The hook’s outer layer is rubber to prevent scratches on the discs.

The outer layer is for the safety of the player. Additionally, the small hook is the only way to go when you need help grabbing even the slimmest of discs.

The sponge handle for this retriever gives you an extra grip. It allows the user to have a great user experience. It reaches up to 10 feet to make it easier to retrieve discs. 

The TITIANTY Disc Golf Retriever has a lifetime guarantee to allow you to have the best of the best. 

17. Hive Disc Golf Accessories

Hive Disc Golf Accessories make sure you can easily grab your disc from hazards.

It also is durable from heavy metal construction.

This metal ring disc design is an improvement of the collapsed disc retriever and can grab from more disc resting angles.

It stirs up less dirt in the water so you will be able to retrieve better. 

This retriever easily folds into a tiny disc golf accessory that fits into any bag.

Another great thing about it is that it also has a safety ring to prevent slips. The rope is over 20 feet long to ensure you have plenty of it for retrieving. 

It is a great choice if you are looking for a disc retriever.

You can also order the Hive Disc Claw, making your accessories part of a combo pack for all of your disc golf needs!

18. Remix Double Claw

The Remix Double Claw is the ideal retriever for all disc golfers.

It can extend up to 16 feet and shrinks to 18 inches.

It can easily become portable as it folds. You can carry it around easily in your backpack, purse, or disc golf bag. 

The retriever is a double pronged claw for easy retrieval. The top and bottom claws work together to get a firm grip on your disc.

Other retrievers, with a familiar design with short claws, have a hard time grabbing the disc properly, but this isn’t an issue with the double claw retriever.

This disc retriever saves you money from all the discs it saves by preventing more discs from being going into landfills.

19. LQLMCOS Disc Golf Retriever

The LQLMCOS Disc Golf Retriever is resilient to different weather conditions due to being made of stainless steel.

The handle has a sponge layer to make it feel more comfortable and not slip.

Plus, the double hooks in the retriever are covered in a protective layer of rubber to prevent scratching the discs.

20. SMORCURA Disc Golf Retriever

Are you looking for a retriever that has wing nuts? Look no further than the SMORCURA Disc Golf Retriever.

The retriever features wing nuts and premium nails on each tip to tighten by hand. This retriever would be the perfect addition to your disc golfing equipment. 

Additionally, it is also multi-functional with 3 interchangeable screws.

If you order it on Amazon, you are likely to get free shipping! 

Final Thoughts

It’s a simple call! Don’t wait, add find the best prices and add your perfect disc retriever to your shopping cart today!

With so many great disc golf retrievers on the market, you are sure to find the perfect match for you!

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