20+ Best Shoes For Orthodics [2023]

Looking for the best shoes to wear with orthodics, but don’t know where to start? Well, you came to the right place. 

One of the most common reasons a podiatrist or physical therapist might recommend orthodics is from repetitive strain on the feet. Strain happens when excessive pressure is put on the foot while engaging in physical activity.


For people with foot pain, orthodic inserts are a great option. Orthodics provide relief, support, and prevent future complications. Prevention starts with finding the right shoe for you.

Here is the scoop on the best shoes to wear with orthodics orthodics!

1. New Balance 840 v2

The New Balance brand is one of the top industry leaders because of their extreme versatility. They design their products with ergonomics and comfort in mind first.

The 840 v2 is one of New Balance’s neutral shoes. A neutral shoe simply means they are designed with more cushion.

Many people have flat feet, while others have high arches. This type of shoe finds the perfect balance to help both foot types. 

You get a wide variety of sneakers, and even child’s shoes. This can be a great shoe for your child’s foot to prevent future health problems.

Made with a breathable mesh upper and roomy toe box, these shoes are for narrow or wide feet. They are also compatible with a wide variety of orthodic insoles.

This pair of New Balance shoes is a great option for you!

2. Women’s Coral Loafer

If you need a shoe that keeps you comfortable and professional, Hush Puppies Cora Loafer’s are it. These are the best dress shoes for you and your orthotics! 

Not only does this loafer come with a built in cushion, but it provides a great base for your custom orthotic inserts. 

Cora Loafer’s are an excellent choice in preventing sore feet. The soft and flexible materials make these a great choice for days that require more hustle.

These are a simple dress shoe that showcase your personality. There are many different colors and styles available for you to choose from!

3. Clarks Ezera Walk

The Ezera Walk is a very personalized shoe. It includes removable insoles that are compatible with different orthodic inserts.

This shoe walks with you, and gives you better support on the heel of your foot. For preventing further foot issues, you need support on both the arch and heel. 

With this shoe you are guaranteed a comfortable fit. They are a good choice when you have problem feet and want to feel pressure release from your ankles or knees.

4. Allbirds

Allbirds are one of the softest and best shoes for your orthodics! It is soft and itch-free on the inside, but still gives you durability on the outside. 

Materials in this shoe are ethically sourced, promoting a healthier planet and environment. This should make you feel good wearing them.

The Allbirds shoe is ideal for day wear and custom orthodics because of the removable footbed.

5. Gdefy Energiya

Energiya is designed with a purpose, to keep you focused on the activity at hand. The use of VersoShock technology and a VersoCloud spring cell sole support orthodic needs!

Gdefy shoes give you the strong foundation to keep you moving. They are specifically made for boosting comfort and stability during a long time of activity.

Energiya comes with a high instep and deep toe box for people with foot problems, maximizing comfort. This makes them great shoes to wear with orthodics. 

The great thing about Energiya is it functions as a casual wear shoe. You can sport this shoe with anything in your wardrobe.

6. Ryka Devotion Plus 2

With Ryka women’s shoes you can get more out of your everyday activities. 

Ryka designs their shoes based on women’s natural foot shapes, and have tailored it to their personal preferences. 

These wide fit shoes give you great support, and are good for any different type of foot structure. For people specifically with a narrow heel, these are the right choice for you. 

Doctor’s have also recommend Ryka for plantar fasciitis and other foot conditions.

7. Vionic Walker Classic

When you take a step in your Vionic Walker, you feel instant support. It is a classic shoe that keeps you on the move with ease. 

In these high-stability shoes, you get Active Motion System technology. It combines a podiatrist-designed orthotic with a flexible and cushioned outsole.

Since there is a removable insole, this is another great shoe choice for your orthotics!

The front of the shoe has a breathable mesh upper and wide toe box. With the cushioned outsole, this shoe provides long-lasting comfort.

These walkers are good fit for a long day at work, or your everyday activities. 

8. HOKA ONE Bondi 7

The HOKA ONE is a great shoe for your orthotics. If you are looking for a shoe that molds to natural curves of your foot, then keep reading!

This casual trainer gives you the light feel you desire when running or walking. They are a great help when you have a long workout ahead.

The shoe is made up of a mesh upper that keeps the shoe breathable, and the KURUCLOUD midsole helps absorb any impact. 

Overall, HOKA’s are great shoes to wear with orthotics. They have a light feel, and create motion control which is perfect for flatter feet.

9. Saucony Cohesion 13

Cohesion‘s are one of the best forms of comfort. With the Women’s Cohesion 13 Running Shoes, you can now run farther than ever before!

With the use of VERSARUN cushioning technology, the foot bed absorbs impact and reduces pressure on your feet. This removes the chance of abnormal wear.

Segmented rubber outsole flexes with your foot as you stride, offering a smooth feel and delivering long-lasting wear. 

The stylish upper is very breathable as well. If you have your own orthotic device these are the appropriate shoes with the right insole.

10. Saucony Echelon 8

This Saucony shoe improves your performance in a range of activities. 

This shoe fits needs of professional athletes. With the amount of stability and cushion embedded into the sole, training for the next marathon will be easier than ever before. 

The goal of this shoe is to make sure athletes perform to the best of their ability. Essentially, they are designed to carry you all the way to the finish line.

Features in this shoe maximize your performance, allowing you to focus on the activity instead of equipment. 

For our sporty consumers, these are the ideal shoes to wear with orthodics.

11. Ryka Dash 3 

The Ryka Dash 3 walking shoe walks with you. It has the comfort you need to get your steps in for the day, and goes well with your foot orthotics. 

These new shoes include a breathable mesh upper in with a supportive leather overlay for a long-lasting shoe. 

On the inside you get extra depth, with a molded EVA midsole giving excellent support. The outsole is made fully rubber, providing great traction, durability and flexibility.

With it’s light and fun design, this shoe has a lot of personality that anyone will love. Get the comfortable feeling of the Ryka Dash 3 shoes with your orthodics. 

12. Merrel Antora 2 Eco Dye

If you are an adventure seeking individual, the Merrel Eco Dye is for you. Now you can reach even higher. 

These are designed to fit your needs as well as your environment. These shoes come in a variety of styles so you can find the right fit for your next hike.

Merrel offers these shoes in a wide and regular fit, and they tend to fit naturally to your feet. 

The rugged shape of the sole allows for maximum traction to grip on muddy and rocky terrains. We also can’t forget about the recycled fabric that supports a healthy planet.

These shoes are great shoes to wear with orthotics, and on your next big adventure!

13. Ecco soft 7

Ecco’s Soft 7 are a collection of shoes that bring a lot to the table. 

This collection offers a plethora of sneakers, winter boots, and dress shoes that provide comfort and are perfect for your own orthotic inserts.

These shoes provide the best way to enjoy comfort and style. Ecco puts a modern twist on your everyday walking shoe. 

If you want a shoe that you can pair with your brand new outfit, Ecco’s Soft 7’s will be for you. These shoes are some of the best for your own orthotics collection.

Ecco’s site offers lots of different shoe styles, and even have comfortable flip flops for the summertime! 

14. Orthofeet Coral Stretch Knit

Coral stretch knit’s are what comfort is all about! This orthopedic shoe comes equipt with adjustable arch support relieving tension in the foot, ankle, and knees.

Stretchy and breathable material allows for a wider fit. If you find narrow shoes bothersome, the coral stretch knit is your best bet.

In addition to insoles serving as functional orthotics, you will feel heel pain relief on the ball of the foot and arch. 

With a number of styles, colors, and every shoe size you need, finding the perfect pair is easier than ever before.

For long days on the job, these are comfortable shoes to wear with orthodics. 

15. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 

The Brook shoe is known for the amount of support that is layered into it. It is important to have shoes that can absorb impact on your next run or walk. 

With these Brooks, you are provided with more softness so you can feel overall comfort. The shoe also forms naturally to your foot, so you have the high performance you need while training. 

The Brooks Adrenaline are the ideal choice for plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is a disorder of the connective tissue supporting the arch of the foot. This is from long periods of standing, increase in exercise, and body weight.

These shoes are a number one best seller on Amazon, and a great pair of shoes to wear with orthodics.

16. ASICS Fuji Lite 2

The ASICS Fuji Lite 2 shoe is made to boost your stamina. This is the best option for someone who likes a pop of color in their shoes!

The Fuji’s are made to adventure! They are constructed with special foam that make the inside of your foot feel relief from any pressure. If you desire to get the most out of your activities, step into this shoe. 

You won’t feel these shoes dragging you down on the track. They are lightweight and easy to slide on and off. 

The Fuji Lite 2 allows you to reach faster speeds and get more traction navigating the trails.  

17. New Balance Womens 847 v4  

The New Balance 847 v4 delivers more cushion by combining two different foam together. This also allows the shoe to be more durable and handle more wear and tear.

These motion control shoes also allow for more stability when you are on the move. The ROLLBAR stability post system controls rear foot movement. 

The synthetic leather is a strong material that makes your shoe durable. With a mesh upper, you get an airy feel and more air flow. When walking outdoors, the rubber sole gives you solid traction. This keeps you focused on the trail ahead.

These shoes are available in retail stores for about $100. This is a great price for a shoe you will get extensive use out of with fit orthotics.

18. Orthofeet Joelle Stretch Knit

With Joelle Stretch Knit’s, you get a variety of features making them great for your orthodics. 

In this shoe you get additional arch support, heel support, and overall pain relief. This shoe fits the needs of overpronators with its firm heel counters. The heel cushion provides more spring so you can feel the relief in every step.

You get a wider toe box, making these perfect for people with general foot pain and plantar fasciitis. This is a great pair of orthotics to help your feet stay healthy.

The soft, padded interior with a stretchable upper provides breathing room, while the velcro closures on top allows you to worry less about tripping over your laces. 

Adjustable straps on this shoe makes it easier for people who need stability with shoe inserts. 

Overall, this shoe forms naturally to your feet and provides the great arch support you need. This makes them a great shoes to wear with orthodics.

19. Dr. Comfort Meghan Shoe

If your goal is to find a long-lasting shoe for your orthodics, worry no more.

With the Meghan shoe, you are given built-in arch support and premium materials making these one of a kind. 

We can’t forget to mention that with the strong outsole, you get an immense amount of traction while on the go.

Dr. Comfort shoes provide you with extreme comfort, durability, arch support, and even a roomy toe box for wider feet. Designed to keep you feeling great at the end of a long day.

20. ASICS Gel Quantum 180  

The ASICS gel quantum 180 are athletic shoes that push you further than ever before. If you plan on walking or running those extra miles, these will be great shoes for your orthotics. 

With a greater emphasis on stability, your foot will refrain from moving too much. This prevents strain on the heel of your foot.

ASICS provides a removable sockliner that helps contain freshness and makes them great shoes for your orthodics. 

The removable insole also makes them great for a pair of custom orthotics.

You don’t have to worry about the durability of this product. There is a solid rubber outsole to protect you against harsh weather conditions such as rain or snow.

Orthodics are commonly used as medical devices for foot problems. Since damage to the foot can be irreversible, the best course of action is to practice healthy habits moving forward. 

Foot ailments do not have to define you, or stop you from having an active life. Finding great shoes to wear with orthodics starts here. 

Online shopping for shoes is easier when you get specific recommendations. Some people worry about a websites privacy policy and how information is stored when browsing, but here you can find everything in one place.

For more scoops on the best shoes to wear, check out Best Running Shoes For Women With Narrow Feet and The 15 Best Minimalist Barefoot Shoes!  

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  1. i tried my custom orthotics in the hoka. it all depends on which one and size. for me so far none of the hoka are working.
    on your list, are any stiff soled shoes? i know the hoka has a stiff sole.

  2. Hello, I really found your website very helpful. Now I know the names of the shoes that I need to shop for. Thanks so much.

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