20 Best Solar Plexus Chakra Stones

Crystal healing is one of the best ways to open and re-balance the Solar Plexus.

The solar plexus chakra meaning is represented by the yellow stones or yellow crystals and manages our sense of self and is therefore linked to our feelings of self-confidence, self-image, and self-worth.

There are all kinds of crystals with different meanings behind them. These stones are a great way to relieve negative energies and negative emotions to create positive energy within oneself.

About the Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus chakra stones play a very valuable role when it comes to healing the area of the body near your belly button!

Because the solar plexus is in charge of guarding a majority of your internal organs, as well as assisting in issues regarding self worth and personal power, making sure this chakra is clear and cleansed is very important!

This includes your digestive system, nervous system, immune system, adrenal glands. If you want a good flow of energy and inner peace then I suggest using the power of the chakra and stones.

A Solar Plexus Crystal can be an effective way to balance and realign our chakras, and when our Solar Plexus chakra is balanced we are imbued with self confidence and can have harmonious interactions with others!

The Chakra System

The Chakra System is a complex network of energy channels connecting these wheels and is mapped throughout the whole body, much like a spiritual nervous system.

When the solar plexus chakra is imbalanced, healing stones and crystals can help restore healthy energy flow and balance.

It helps to explain the movement of this life force or “energy”, and can help us understand ourselves.

The chakra is our body’s energy power-house and the 3rd chakra is called manipura, located at the navel.

Solar Plexus Chakra imbalance can also cause fatigue, overeating, excessive weight gain especially around the stomach, digestive system disorders, hypoglycemia, and diabetes.

The base Chakra is all about survival, instincts and stability.

Solar Plexus Chakra Crystals

Here are 18 of the best stones and best crystals to use for the Solar Plexus.

1. Citrine

The ultimate summer mood stone, Citrine has a luscious light and heartwarming harmony to it.

This success stone is used to cleanse and balance. Increases personal empowerment, confidence and even some good luck.

Because of its ability to remove negative energies from the environment and replace it with positive ones, this makes it a great happy stone for a happy life – a joyful stone.

Citrine is thought to bring the most positive energy to the entire body. It is considered one of the most powerful healing crystals for the Solar Plexus Chakra.

It’s great for many bodily organs, as well as the digestive system, you can even wear it as citrine jewelry.

2. Amber

With orange, red, and brown the Amber stones is beautifully plucked from the beginning of time.

It’s full of organic bright energy that warms the heart.

This stone is used to cleanse and balance, increase mental clarity, promotes confidence, heal emotional, mental, and physical imbalance.

Commonly known as the “stone of healing”, it’s a powerful stone that radiates warm and grounding energies. It’s also among the many metaphysical properties.

3. Calcite

Calcite is an energetic amplifying stone, meaning that it takes a pinch of power and turns it into a potful of confidence and charm.

This stone is very energizing and healing.

It’s great for anyone trying to break out of old patterns or overcome shyness.

4. Tigers Eye

A protective stone, tiger’s eye is good for grounding, cleansing, and balancing.

Known to give you courage, strength, and self-confidence. It stimulates taking action while it helps release fear from the body.

This stone is also great for grounding and balancing while also managing to cleanse at the same time.

The yellow tiger’s eye is an excellent stone. Tiger’s eye is a great stone as it radiates energy.

The tiger eye deeply connected to the sun, which rules the Solar Plexus Chakra.

5. Pyrite

Known as “fool’s gold” this sparkly golden gem is a solar plexus chakra bliss.

It’s known as one of the most popular crystals for healing the Solar Plexus Chakra because of its flame, energy, and life bringing warmth.

It’s a wonderful energy field that blocks negative energy and stops outside forces from affecting your mood.

This stone radiates positivity and screams self-confidence!

6. Yellow Jasper

This golden glory gem brings the energy of the sun, helping to chase out the darkness and fill you with light and positivity.

It’s known as the stone of protection as it absorbs shades of negativity meaning you can go about your business without worrying about outside forces bringing you down.

Yellow Jasper is great for both balancing and activating the Solar Plexus chakra and can therefore be used to increase self-confidence and self-esteem as well as resolve issues from misalignment.

7. Yellow Topaz

This sweet and sparkling stone is a promise of brighter days.

With its bright yellow color this detox stone is great at flushing the system and ensuring that blockages and remnants of negative energy are cleared out, making way for waves of positive energy to wash right through.

Like many heart chakra stones, Yellow Topaz is also able to help you learn forgiveness and understanding particularly when it comes to setting lofty or over-ambitious goals for yourself. 

8. Agate

Filled with volcanic energy and warm colors, this gem loves to spring clean all those emotions you’ve been clinging too.

It’ll make sure your soul isn’t cramped with chaos and you are clear-headed, full of energy and are proactive.

Agate is especially good for those who are quick to anger and need help moving their passion into more positive places.

9. Yellow Tourmaline

Yellow Tourmaline has magnetic magic that helps it to pull in bad vibes and dissolve them in an instant!

A stone good for detoxifying the body, it’s used to cleanse, activate and balance.

Purify your mind, body, soul and energy with this gem mitigate all the negative energy away.

10. Lemon Quartz

This solar plexus chakra is a type of quartz cleanser is a bubbling bounty of goodness that brings shades of happiness, clear thinking, and a lighter touch to the table!

For those who find themselves constantly weighed down by worries and dark energy, Lemon Quartz can be exactly what you need to send a ripple effect of sunny rays right through your life.

11. Sunstone

Fiery and bright the Sunstone is here to help you bask in the warmth of deep healing.

This stone invites positivity but also acknowledges that there’s space for a full spectrum of emotions.

It’s a great stone for improving your self-esteem, self-confidence, and sense of self-worth, so can be wonderfully used as a stone for recovery after a difficult time. 

It encourages emotional intelligence, self-worth, confidence, and the clarity we need to communicate our wants and desires with the world.

12. Moonstone

This warm peach Moonstone delights the solar plexus!

It’s believed the Moonstone has been a connection to the moon with a light in the darkness offering protection.

This gem is the third eye of the chakra and is a stone for “new beginners”.

It serves a purpose for strength and inner growth. It soothes emotional stability and stress, and stabilizes your emotions, providing you calmness.

13. Mookaite

The golden Mookaite stone has become very popular for its strong connection to the Earth’s electromagnetic current.

It’s a nurturing stone that supports and sustains during times of stress. It brings peace and feeling of wholeness.

Its energizing powers help you to make decisions, especially when you are having a difficult time.

14. Carnelian

Carnelian is great for improving confidence and courage. This is a stone of action that stimulates ambition and drive so that you can pursue your lifelong accomplishments.

It strengthens your power and helps manifest your goals into reality. It’ll give you a little push onto the path you’re meant to be on.

Carnelian stimulates feelings of warmth and joy that aids in concentration.

If you are having low self-esteem then this is the stone for you as its one of the most effective crystals for confidence and self-worth.

15. Golden Quartz

Golden Quartz is said to be a master healer. With its high vibrational frequencies, it easily raises energy flow and intent, while also releasing blockages when needed.

This gemstone supports healing in all aspects of your life.

It also stimulates the immune system and cleanses the organs to bring the body into a sense of balance and harmony.

16. Bumblebee Jasper

Bumblebee Jasper comes in a variety of the color yellow and is characterized by its black and white stripes, hence the name it was given.

This is a stone of positive energy and protection. It’s an ideal stone for balancing the Solar Plexus chakra, but also looking after and maintaining its energy flow.

It enables you to accept change, find new opportunities, increase your self-esteem and make decisions without relying on emotions.

A reminder that the possibilities are limitless because the only limits are the ones you put on yourself.

17. Golden Heliodor

Golden Heliodor is part of the variety of Beryl family and can come in a range of different yellowish hues.

Known as the hope stone, it is incredibly motivating to those lacking energy needed to achieve their goals. Some common ways are it can attract positive energy particularly within the career sector of our lives.

Some common ways are it can attract positive energy particularly within the career sector of our lives.

18. Peridot

The Peridot stone is an energizer and cleanser for the solar Plexus. It also aligns with the Heart Chakra, bringing bountiful healing and forgiveness.

Peridot teaches you to learn from past experiences, while also releasing them. This allows you to flourish with new self-confidence and self-worth.

19. Yellow Calcite

Yellow Calcite is associated with the solar plexus, self-confidence and hope. The color yellow brings bright and full energy like on a cool sunny day.

It is said to be effective at clearing out old energy patterns and increasing personal motivation and drive.

20. Orange Calcite

This calcite variety is a very positive and uplifting stone.

It’s orange rays mirror that of the sun, producing and unleashing certain endorphins within the body.

7 Major Chakras / Energy Center

  1. Root Chakra – located at the base of your spine

2. Sacral Chakra – located just below your belly button

3. Solar Plexus Chakra – or Manipura chakra, is located in your stomach area.

4. Heart Chakra – located near your heart, in the center of your chest

5. Throat Chakra – or Vishuddha, is located in your throat

6. Third Eye Chakra – is located between your eyes

7. Crown Chakra – is located at the top of your head.

More on the solar plexus stone

There are so many different solar plexus chakra color stones from ancient times, that help with physical healing, physical symptoms, emotional balance, and personal growth.

Theres an element of fire in every stone that will lead you in the right path.

The most effective Solar Plexus Chakra stones are the ones you choose. You know your body and mind better than anyone and it is up to you to choose the perfect stone.

If you maintain a healthy diet and spiritual energy your solar plexus chakra stones will work in the best way possible.

There are many healing stones for the sacral chakra stone including Unakite, Carnelian, Snowflake Obsidian, Orange Calcite, Red Jasper, Citrine, Sunstone, and Golden Mookaite.

If you are looking for the stone of courage it’s the Bloodstone. With red throughout and its fire element and fire energy make it a power chakra.

The strongest protective stones are:

If your our sunny Solar Plexus Chakra needs a pick me up from time to time a yellow flower is perfect for making that adjustment. Even try wearing yellow clothes to brighten your day even more!

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