20 Best Tennis Shoes For High Arches [2023]

It is very important to find the best shoes for your foot type! If you are an individual that has high arched feet, it is key to find the right fit for you when purchasing shoes. The most important factor at the end of the day is your comfort! Finding the best tennis shoes for high arches will help keep your feet comfortable.

Having high arches can be very difficult when it comes to shoe options. Nobody wants to have feet pain while playing on the court! One of the main causes of foot pain is simply wearing the wrong shoes. Luckily, tennis shoes focus on the extra cushion and support overall.

We are here to help! Here is the scoop on the best tennis shoes for high arches!

1. Skechers Arch Fit Big Appeal Sneaker

A great pair of shoes for high arches is the Skechers Arch Fit Sneaker. These comfortable shoes are very beneficial for flat feet and are a good option for the tennis court. This shoe is available in a solid black color and extra wide width for individuals with wider feet.

This brand is known to help with support on the individual’s Achilles tendon. With lots of additional support, a new pair of Skechers with a removable sock liner leaves consumers with many positive reviews. The upper part of the shoe is also cushioned, leaving with excellent support on their feet.

2. Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Shoes

Another useful pair of shoes for individuals with high arches is the Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Shoes. These are the best sneakers for individuals who need to spend a lot of time on their feet. In addition, these Cloudfoam shoes are available in many colors as such as grey, white, navy, and even purple tint as well.

These are very supportive shoes because of their super lightweight feel and good support memory foam. In addition, these breathable mesh upper material-made shoes have great support for a cavus foot as well.

3. Nike Air Max Women’s Motion 2 Athletic Sneaker

One of the best shoes good for high arched feet is the Nike Air Max Women’s Motion 2 Athletic Sneaker. The Nike Air Max is the right shoe for helping both flat feet and high arches. Similar to the other shoes listed, it provides the individual with complete comfort while being worn for many hours at a time.

With a very breathable mesh upper and traditional foam material, it contains excellent arch support for the individual for hours at a time. Lastly, these shoes are great for running or walking up steeper slopes or even rocky surfaces.

4. Adidas Lite Racer Adapt Men’s Athletic Sneaker

Just like the Adidas barricade shoes, the Adidas Lite Racer Adapt Unisex Athletic Sneaker will keep you running for a long time. They are a good choice for working out, long runs, and are a good fit for being on your feet for hours at a time.

Similar to the Adidas Women’s Cloudfoam Shoes, they are very light on your feet while wearing them throughout the day. This style of the shoe comes in many colors and is currently available to purchase online or even in-store! Overall, Adidas makes great fashionable shoes that are for everyday wear as well.

5. Asics Gel Contend 7 Women’s Running Sneaker

Another great option is the Asics Gel Contend 7 Women’s Running Sneaker. Asics are known for giving great extra support to the individual and are the best running shoes for low arches as well. Asics is a great choice if you are an individual who loves to take hikes, long walks, or even walk for everyday wear!

Available in many colors such as white mist, french blue champagne, sheetrock pink, and many more are available now online or even in stores! It is also known as the Amplifoam, because of its great comfort feel when being worn.

For instance, an individual with a different foot type will still be able to find the correct pair of shoes best for them, while choosing this brand. Have foot pain? With plenty of cushioning in the midsole and an internal heel counter, the Gel-Contend 7 will keep you running for miles!

6. Men’s Saucony Endorphin Speed 2 Sneaker

Another great option for high arches is the Men’s Saucony Endorphin Speed 2 Sneaker. With a very breathable mesh and amazing heel fit, it is a great shoe to choose while running long distances as well. This style of shoe comes in multiple colors such as arctic chill, royal blaze, and even concord jade!

In addition, it is great for running intervals and even on hills because of its very lightweight feel. With a tighter and snug feel, it allows the individual to run at a faster speed when racing against others. With multiple colors and width options, it is a very excellent shoe to choose overall! This pair is one of the best tennis shoes for high arches!

7. Women’s Saucony Peregrine 11 Sneaker

The Women’s Saucony Peregrine 11 Sneaker has great arch support and is also a neutral running shoe. With a responsive and aggressive ride, it is more of a narrow shoe compared to the other models. In fact, it is made out of a mesh and rubber material, plus they are waterproof as well.

While feeling super smooth on roads, they also have a lower feel than most shoes. As a result, these sneakers fit quite snug but, it has a wide toe box with more room than other shoes. This sneaker is designed for individuals to run fast in, compared to other models of shoes. With a slim-like shape and feel, it will have you racing through dirt paths quite quickly with its spikey bottom.

8. Women’s Skechers Uno Stand on Air Sneaker

The next great pair of shoes that benefit high arched feet is the Women’s Skechers Uno Stand on Air Sneaker. Plantar Fasciitis is very common and is known for causing heel pain among individuals. This pair of Skechers is an excellent choice for improving plantar fasciitis and reducing pain in the foot arch as well.

Great tennis shoes just like the previous model are made of synthetic materials that have different qualities compared to leather. Furthermore, these bright red Skechers are not just beautiful on the outside but also on the inside, which contains lots of cushioning, reducing foot pain.

9. Women’s Brooks Ghost 14 Sneaker

The Women’s Brooks Ghost 14 Sneaker is a great choice and has the best support for ankle pain. Brooks Ghost is a great supportive shoe for the foot type that even has heel spurs as well. This very neutral and popular running shoe is also great for everyday wear leaving you with extra comfort!

With a DNA Loft in the midsole part of the shoe, it gives the individual a very smooth ride when being worn throughout the day. Lastly, the Brooks Ghost sneaker is overall a fantastic style to consider because of its many great qualities and comfortable material.

10. Hoka One One Mach 4 Men’s Sneaker

The Hoka One One Mach 4 Men’s Sneaker is another type of shoe that contains the best features for high arches. Any Hoka shoe is known for offering shock absorption, and are good shoes that have a smooth transition as well. It is also known as the Profly, because of its lightweight feel while being worn throughout the day.

While offering added comfort for the individual’s joints, it also includes a rounded sole as well. Lastly, the Hoka brand is known to run a little bit more narrow than other shoe brands, it is still a very reliable and useful shoe to consider.

This shoe is another one of the best tennis shoes for high arches.

11. Women’s Asics Gel-Nimbus 23 Running Sneaker

The Women’s Asics Gel-Nimbus 23 Running Sneakers are not just breathable, but also the best walking shoes on very hard surfaces as well. Having higher arches may be difficult, but there is no need to worry about Asics! In addition, many consumers have nothing but good news when purchasing Asics, because they are the best sneakers for also cushioning ankle sprains.

Asics are known to come in different shades of colors available. For example, colors of blue such as light blue, aqua, white, reborn blue, and even black are waiting to be purchased!

Asics really have a fantastic rubber sole, causing amazing grip to the runner or walker. In addition, they are the right pair for running marathons or even just walking in the park on a sunny day. These are beneficial for running on steep slopes and rocky surfaces as well.

12. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 Running Shoes

Running shoes just like the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 provides extra stability for wide feet while running long distances as well. In addition, this shoe is also a fantastic running trainer that has great use in the gym. With a solid rubber and herringbone pattern included in the shoe, it provides quality comfort and flexibility as well.

However, shoes just like the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 are incredible in the fact that they are useful for any activity. This style of Nike is designed to run quite fast. For instance, running on flat, rocky, or hilly surfaces, is not a challenge at all with these workout sneakers as a result.

13. Women’s Fresh Foam Arishi V3 New Balance Sneaker

Motion-control shoes just like the Women’s Fresh Foam Arishi V3 New Balance Sneaker provides fantastic arch support. As a result, motion control shoes are very impactful to consumers because of heel cup support, as well as supporting heavyweight for flat feet.

With great quality and stability, they are amazing for someone who has bunions or even wide-toe boxes. Since New Balances are suitable for plantar fasciitis and even help lower limbs, they are a great shoe to consider overall. Nobody wants to deal with plantar fasciitis, choose New Balance as an option to help!

14. Women’s Asics Gel-Kayano 27 Sneaker

For instance, this model is quite similar to the Asics women’s gel-venture. In fact, the Women’s Asics Gel-Kayano 27 Sneaker has a supportive ride for stress fractures, containing a removable insole as well.

Overall, do you ever feel like no shoes are comfortable enough to wear for many hours at a time? This type of shoe contains custom orthotics, which are an important factor for being on your feet all day.

The Gel-Kayano gives the individual a bouncy feel while walking, which reduces a hard surface feel on the bottom of the feet. This is another pair of the best tennis shoes for high arches!

15. Saucony Women’s Omni Walker 3 Shoe

The Saucony Women’s Omni Walker Shoe is super comfortable in all the right places! Since wearing the wrong shoes for your feet can sometimes cause an Achilles tendon tear or injury, this well-known walker shoe is excellent for just that!

In addition, this specific shoe is also completely true to its size and its width as well, leaving it easier for consumers to figure out their correct foot size when shopping. While this walker shoe continues to alleviate foot discomfort, it also has fantastic arch support as well for individuals with high arches.

16. Nike Legend Essential 2

The Nike Legend Essential 2 sneakers come in multiple colors with a very stable heel. In addition, it has lots of flexibility and grip similar to other models as well. The lightweight and long-lasting combination is a bonus, plus it is not too narrow at all either.

The model above is a rose gold color and has side-to-side support under the toes. Their recommended use is mainly fitness/working out and sports activities. These well-made training shoes are made to keep up with the individual when working out.

17. New Balance Fresh Foam More v3 Running Shoe

Any New Balance shoe is a great option for individuals that have wider feet. These shoes come in various models and widths, even including extra-wide widths for consumers. The New Balance Fresh Foam More v3 Running Shoe was always on the top picks list for buyers interested in longer runs, just like any New Balance shoe.

This version three shoe is excellent with having many color options for each season throughout the year. For example, colors such as blue, lime, black, and even white as available to be purchased online or even in-store!

18. K Swiss Hypercourt Express 2

With frequent breathability, the K Swiss Hypercourt Express 2 is another example of a tennis shoe that is fantastic for high arched feet. Cushioning is one of the most important factors to tennis players, and these shoes are specifically designed to use on the courts!

These Hypercourt sporty shoes are made for just about everything! Available in both black and white, the K Swiss is a really true-to-size shoe overall. From basketball to volleyball to tennis courts, these shoes are very long-lasting and light on the feet, which is completely beneficial at the end of the day!

19. Asics Gel Excite 8 Running Shoe

Shoes just like the Asics Gel Excite 8 Running Shoe, are a good choice for improving the EVA midsole. Since this midsole helps disperse the individual’s weight, it also provides great stability as well. Available to purchase in colors such as grey, black, white, and even aqua!

In addition, the foam-like material is also the best option for individuals suffering from shin splints. You will never see flat shoes from this brand, only excellent support, and comfort only! Since shin splints can be a tough condition to have, Asics got you covered!

20. Women’s Wilson Rush Pro 3.5

Lastly, another shoe fantastic for high arches is the Women’s Wilson Rush Pro 3.5, which is one of the best tennis shoes amongst tennis players. Cushioning and comfort are key to playing sports at your full potential, and Wilson has you covered!

If you suffer from bunyons or even pain on the ball of the foot, a spacious toe box is a way to go! A spacious toe box is a very important factor to consider when browsing shoes because no one wants to have their feet feeling squished when they are playing on the courts! As a result, the Rush Pros are a perfect fit that contains a wide-toe box, leaving enough room for your feet.

We hope this list of the best tennis shoes for high arches helps you find the right shoes for you!

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