20 Best Thermometer for Pizza Oven Infrared Options (2024)

One of the most fun dishes to make on your own or with a group of friends is a home cooked pizza. Using the best thermometer for pizza oven you can insure it is cooked to perfection.

It’s the meal that allows everyone to personalize their toppings. The best way to make sure your pizza is being cooked to absolute perfection is to invest in an infrared thermometer.

Pizza ovens differ from regular ovens because they cook things at drastically high temperatures. In order to make yourself aware of the hot spots within your oven.

An infrared thermometer can quickly gauge each area for the accurate temperature of a pizza oven without direct contact.

There are so many thermometers to choose from! From the Etekcity infrared thermometer with the etekcity lasergrip to the Metris Model Thermometer.

But don’t worry, we made finding the best kind of thermometer for a pizza enthusiast easy.

Here is the scoop on the best thermometer for your pizza oven!

Best Oven Thermometer

1. KIZEN Temperature Gun

The first thermometer is the handheld KIZEN brand temperature gun. This particular thermometer is highly recommended for cooking use and checking the surface temperature of your food. It is also easily charged with just two AAA batteries.

KIZEN Temperature Gun for pizza ovens

The bright display screen shows the accurate temperatures in large numbers which makes it effortlessly readable.

This laser thermometer gun is extremely simple to use. All it takes is a quick scan of the surface and then one click on the trigger to gauge the temperature of the oven.

The KIZEN infrared thermometer is versatile and is known for its accurate temperatures that will allow you to make the perfect neapolitan-style pizza.

2. Ooni Thermometer

The Ooni thermometer is commended for its laser guide and many product reviews point out how easy it is to use.

People rave about how helpful it is to use the IR thermometer! It’s perfect to help people know exactly how hot the pizza stone is in their Ooni Karu stainless steel oven.

This useful tool will help everyone at home make sure they avoid throwing out burnt pizzas ever again! For pizza enthusiasts, making sure to have an accurate infrared thermometer on hand is extremely important.

3. Vesogy Infrared Temperature Gun

The extended battery life is one of the best features of the Vesogy infrared temperature gun. The auto-off function ensures that the device will not waste its energy.

yellow Vesogy Infrared Temperature Gun for taking food temperature from a distance

Measuring food temperatures and gathering readings for other inanimate objects is the best feature of this thermometer. It’s perfect for measuring the temperature of your pizza steel from greater distances!

A probe oven thermometer is more difficult for home use and can open the door to more danger in the kitchen.

The handheld laser gun thermometer is less likely to need replacement parts because it is not physically touching any surface that is incredibly hot. Being able to gain the most accurate readings from a far distance from the oven keeps the industrial instrument in good shape.

4. Pizzaz

One of the best pizza oven thermometers is the handheld temperature gun created by the brand Pizzaz. Many thermometers don’t exceed a maximum temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Pizzaz infrared thermometer understands that pizza needs to be cooked at a very high heat level and accounts for a wide temperature range.

The screen on this thermometer is backlit with a blue color to account for times when you may be cooking outside after the sun has gone down.

Even in the dark, you will be able to read accurate measurement readings. This feature is a very smart addition as there are countless households that have their pizza ovens located outdoors so they can make the perfect outdoor bread for their perfect pizza.

5. Chef Pomodoro Thermometer

Infrared temperature readings are easy to measure with the Chef Promodoro thermometer. Making sure your pizza is being cooked at the right temperature is a thoughtless task when you use this temperature gun. One of Chef Promodoro’s thermometer features includes adjustable emissivity settings.

yellow Chef Pomodoro Thermometer for pizza

The thermometer has a red laser that shoots out when scanning the surface it is aiming to measure. Its high degree of accuracy helps ensure every home cook who uses it will feel confident in the kitchen no matter who they are cooking for.

6. Food Inspector

The Food Inspector digital infrared thermometer is one of the most important pizza accessories you want to have in your kitchen. This brand has over 20 years of experience and is available for purchase at numerous locations along with online stores.

This infrared thermometer is on the pricier side of the options, but it is worth every penny. This temperature gun has a spot size ratio of 16:1, which is more accurate than almost any other similar product currently on the market.

This is one of the best thermometer for pizza oven, grab one today!

7. Metris Model Thermometer

The Metris Model is one of the best infrared thermometers to use in the kitchen. Different surfaces have a variety of different temperatures, and this temp gun has a dual laser pointer which allows for enhanced and the best accuracy readings.

This product contains an industrial applications feature that other thermometers offer but is sold for half the price! If you are trying to find a well-liked product that is in the mid-price range, look no further, it’s right here.

8. ThermoPro Temperature Gun

The ThermoPro temperature gun has a distance to spot ratio of 12:1 and a very quick response time. Knowing that this thermo-gun produces accurate results and has a fast response time is something to consider when looking to purchase this instrument.

Having the ability to take the temperature of your pizza oven almost immediately is a luxury the ThermoPro provides. This thermometer will turn off automatically after 90 seconds of no use.

Adding the feature of an auto shut-off was a good idea, so people never have to worry about wasted energy when using the ThermoPro infrared thermometer.

9. AstroAl Digital Thermometer

Built-in thermometers are what some people are typically used to when measuring their oven’s temperature. The AstroAl digital infrared thermometer emphasizes the importance of taking the temperature of the hot surface from a safe distance. 

red AstroAl Digital Thermometer with battery for pizza ovens

There can also be trouble with the oven thermometers that are already inside it because the readings of built-in ones aren’t known to be accurate.

This temperature gun should not be used to gather measurements of body temperature. The LCD screen of this IR thermometer has a backlight feature to help make sure it can be seen in the dark.

10. Gozney Thermometer

The Gozney infrared thermometer leaves little worry if you are cooking your pizza at the wrong temperature. Both gas-fired pizza ovens and the best wood-fired pizza ovens have the ability to cook a scrumptious pizza with just the right amount of crispiness on the crust.

The first step before cooking your pizza should always be checking the temperature within the pizza oven. This temperature gun is user-friendly and has the ultimate goal of enabling people to cook fantastic food on a regular basis.

11. Cuisinart Infrared Thermometer

People that are familiar with kitchen accessories have most likely heard of the brand Cuisinart. This brand has tackled the inclusion of products with infrared energy with their creation of the infrared surface thermometer.

Cuisinart thermometer for wood fired pizza oven thermometer

One of the emphasized details of this product is the ability to measure the temperatures of the oven floor or even the oven door. This eliminates the restrictions on only taking measurements of the air temperature. Every surface in the kitchen that produces thermal energy can be measured accurately.

12. HONON Thermometer

The HONON thermometer is a top pick if you are looking to invest in an infrared pizza oven thermometer on a budget.

Making sure you are cooking your pizza at the right temperature ensures that home ovens get the job done just as well as ordering pizza for delivery.

13. Inkbird INK-IFT01 Thermometer Gun

The Inkbird INK-IFT01 can gather infrared temperature readings from a range of negative 58 degrees Fahrenheit up to 1,022 degrees Fahrenheit.

orange Inkbird INK-IFT01 Thermometer Gun for best thermometer for pizza oven

The laser within the thermometer is precise and helps assist with honing in on the exact surface you want to be measured. And good news, this temperature gun is lightweight weighing under one pound.

If you’re unsure about this one, just check out the product review! People are loving this thermometer.

14. Inkbird Rechargeable

The Inkbird Rechargeable is helpful when measuring the internal temperature of an object. The versatile design is sleek and easy to grip.

The majority of temperature guns operate on battery power, but this one comes with a cord to charge it which is one of the most important features.

Being able to recharge the thermo-gun will make the product last longer. Purchasing a kitchen product that will stick around for a long time is one of the best feelings.

15. Inkbirdplus Thermometer

The Inkbirdplus has adjustable emissivity and is for surface use only. This thermometer comes in two different colors. Plus, produces consistent results and accurate readings that come back in under a second.

green inkbird plus thermometer best infrared thermometer for pizza oven

When aiming to gather temperature readings in the kitchen, it is a letdown to invest in a product that doesn’t work efficiently. The Inkbirdplus infrared thermometer ensures you have zero wait time when taking the temperature of your oven.

16. FKM Thermometer

A general rule when shopping for an infrared thermometer is to take into account the comfortability that comes with using the product. The FKM temperature gun includes a temperature alarm that goes off to alert its user. This way if the measurement exceeds the limit that they set before use, it will alert them!

It is no longer a worry that your oven goes over or is under the right temperature for what you want to cook your pizza at.  

17. ERICKHILL Temperature Gun

The ERICKHILL temperature gun comes with a free meat probe thermometer when you order the product. This thermometer has a large screen that ensures you won’t need a second glance to see what the temperature reads.

Erickhill temperature gun for best infrared thermometer for pizza oven

Measuring targets from a greater distance comes easy with this thermo-gun that requires no contact. It is encouraged when using a pizza oven, you measure the temperature before you put the pizza in, and again around the time you think the pizza is ready to be removed from the heat.

This no contact thermometer is great for any home!

18. AHOSOUTLY Thermometer

The AHOSOUTLY infrared thermometer is not costly and allows for an instant read. It measures both lower temperatures along with higher degrees as well. It has an auto power shut-off feature that will help extend the battery life of the thermometer.

Additionally, the built-in precision laser is helpful when having to take the temperature of a surface that is surrounded by various other surfaces.

19. GoolRC Thermometer

The GoolRC digital industrial thermometer has super strong induction and is easy to hold. The features all contribute to keeping the product petite and lightweight. The screen size is small, and there are only three buttons on the thermo-gun.

GoolRC Thermometer for pizza oven

No need to question if there is enough room in your cabinets, this infrared thermometer won’t take up much space in your kitchen at all.

20. Holdpeack Thermometer

The most interesting feature of the Holdpeak infrared thermometer is the mobile App that connects the temperature measuring gun to your device via Bluetooth. Making sure you check the temperature of your pizza oven is important before starting to cook.

Having access to your oven temperature and being able to log data on your mobile device is extremely convenient. Keeping track of the previous data you gather while cooking allows you to stay on top of your kitchen appliances and ensure they are working consistently.

Best Pizza Oven Thermometer Guide

To make sure you are getting the best results while cooking pizza at home, investing in a good infrared thermometer is highly recommended.

It is also a product that can be used when cooking several different types of food that rely heavily on being baked at a specific temperature. 

We hope that this guide helped eliminate some of your worries. Making pizza at home is a meal that should be fun for everyone. Make sure to find the perfect infrared thermometer that will aid you during your cooking journey.

That’s the scoop on the best thermometer for your pizza oven!

20 + best pizza oven thermometers best thermometer for pizza oven

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