20 Great Things About Turning 20

Most 20-year-olds are going through the stress of school, jobs, friends and trying to balance them all. Take it from me; things will get better! You learn to adapt to dealing with daily stress. And no one is judging you for crying into your pillow from time to time. While being 20 may not seem like the most refreshing age to be, I have 20 reasons why it is.

  1. People take you more seriously now. Tacking on –teen to the end of your age can make employers, professors and the silver-fox you’ve been eyeing at the gym put you in the “just a kid” category.
  2. You’re still one year away from becoming a real, official grown-up who’s responsible for bills, decision-making and all of the other pressures that come with adulthood. Enjoy being 20 and carefree while you still can.
  3. Creepy older men in bars will still see the band on your wrist and see you as a young, innocent girl, and, possibly, a ticket to the Sex Offender Registry. So they’ll still leave you alone. Milk that wristband as long as you can.
  4. No, you’re not technically a teenager anymore, but your friends will still see you as the same vibrant, full-of-energy young person you were yesterday.
  5. You have two entire decades before you have to go through your 40-year-old, real mid-life crisis.
  6. If you’ve seen Friends, you know that the sitcom that originally glorified “20-something” as the best years of your life. You will have lots of laughs, love, awkward moments and fun — many amazing things to come in the next ten years.
  7. Speaking of Friends, the famous sitcom also turns 25 this year. So did Forrest Gump, The Lion King and Justin Bieber. You’re not alone in this 20s thing.
  8. All birthdays = free things. Restaurant dessert, Starbucks and many other things come free to you when it’s your birthday.
  9. Now that you’re out of your teens, that weird relative who knows nothing about you will stop giving you unicorn-covered sweaters.
  10. People who would generally throw a $10 bill in your birthday card will usually give you $20. This helps both parties. You get more money, and they can do the oh-so-clever “a 20 for the 20-year-old.”
  11. The idea of being 21 and the fabulous trip to Las Vegas that will probably never happen is arguably cooler than actually turning 21.
  12. The morning after you turn 20 is going to be WAY less painful than turning 21.
  13. Your parents can continue to pretend that you’ve never done a keg-stand or had a sip of any alcohol.
  14. You are only one year away from 21. Legal everything.
  15. Your cake may be bigger to support that extra candle on top.
  16. Everyone treats you like the queen, you are on your birthday, no matter how old you are.
  17. All of the social media revolves around you. People from far and wide log on to wish you a happy birthday.
  18. Calories aren’t a thing on your birthday, no matter the age. Go wild and eat that 6th piece of cake!
  19. You can eat whatever you want. Friends and family come together to celebrate you, and that means you get to pick the meal and place you go.
  20. No matter the age, birthdays are special. You made it another year. This may not be the ideal age, but 21 will happen soon enough. Enjoy being young while you still can.

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  1. I’ve been drinking since I was 16…?
    Besides, where I live the legal age to do so is 18, so your list don’t really help my journey. Jesus christ i’m turning 20 and won’t have a single thing to expect

  2. This list is ass, ran out of things to talk about at number three when they brought up sex offenders, completely diverted the topic and started talking about being 21 at number eleven :’)

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