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21 Organic Beauty Products Everyone Should Try

With the beauty product market continuously bursting with new products, it is hard to decipher which ones are reliable and which ones are not. Will this one make me oily? Will that one make me breakout, etc. I am sure we can all agree that we do not want to spend anymore money than we absolutely have to on the products we absolutely need! So, I made it my mission to try only organic beauty products and I was not disappointed. I found several new brands and products that I will be switching to. Goodbye synthetic beauty, hello organic and fresh 🙂

I have the scoop on 21 organic beauty products that you will want to add to your beauty regimen in no time.


Shower Polish Body Wash

Pharmagel’s body wash, as the bottle states, is a “botanical-based” body wash that includes aloe vera. This body wash is amazing. While in the shower, the wash exfoliated my skin and the smell was amazing. I enjoy Pharmagel’s Shower Polish compared to my regular shower scrub because it doesn’t dry out my skin. I notice that after each shower my skin isn’t left red or dry.

Enzymé Ex-Cell Facial Scrub

This facial scrub contains papaya plant extract. For those of you who don’t know, papaya has major topical benefits. Papaya can moisture skin, reduce wrinkles, reduce under-eye circles, reduce eczema and psoriasis and help control acne. Pharmagel was really thinking when they included the papaya extract in this facial scrub! Anyway, my favorite part about this scrub is that there is a nice, but not overwhelming, scent to the scrub. You can exfoliate in a gentle peace and end with a radiant, glowing face.

Nutra-Lift Facial Masque

Normally I am not one for facial masques but since I was such fan of Pharmagel’s other products, I figured I would give this one a try. The Nutra-Lift Facial Masque ingredients include kaolin clay, Vitamins B, C, E and humectants. According to, Kaolin clay is currently the most popular clay used to purify, detoxify and moisten skin.  The Pharmegal masque was brilliant. I “wore” it for about 20 minutes and then rinsed it off with warm water. Afterward, my skin was left feeling smooth and soft! I felt like I had just gotten and fancy facial. I definitely recommend getting this masque.


H2O At Home

Hydrating Serum

I have never used a hydrating serum before so I was excited to try H2O’ At Home’s product. It comes in a beautiful glass bottle. The top two ingredients of the serum are water and aloe barbadenses leaf extract. You apply two times a day and your skin absorbs the serum right up. It is amazing and it smells even more amazing. When you pump the serum out it looks a milky which, I assume is due to the leaf extract, but it works wonders. During the winter months I have a hard time keeping my skin moisturized and just by using this serum a few times, my skin is doing much better. This serum can also be used to alleviate redness, tightness and irritation. Take a chance on H2O At Home and try their serums!

Balancing Serum

I said I had never used a hydrating serum but now I realize I have never used any serums before! This review is the first time. The Balancing Serum is for skin that needs help balancing and purifying oil production. So, if you are like me, you could use a jumbo size of this cute, little glass bottle. The Balancing Serum is a mixture of essential oils with additional organically farmed products. You may be wondering how a serum created of essentials oils could maintain the balance of extra oils on your face? I wondered the same thing. However, H2O At Home does not leave you stranded! The oily texture of the serum promotes rapid absorption into the skin, so there is no need to worry about a greasy residue. Also, this serum is to be used at night time. I made the exited mistake of using it in the morning… Include it in your “brushing teeth ritual” before bed and go to sleep relaxed. 🙂

Precious Oil Anti-Aging Serum

This body serum is a must just because of the scent. I wish I could put a scratch-and-sniff on this article! It is a delightful mixture of sandalwood, vanilla, ylang ylang and jasmine. As the website describes, it is a “true elixir of youth for the body!” This serum is the answer to your anti-aging worries, ladies. It helps produce collagens and preserve elastin fibers, which are two different proteins basically responsible for keeping us look young. They help the tissues in our bodies “snap back,” if you will. I used to moisturize with coconut oil after my showers, but this has kicked that to the curb. H2O At Home’s serums truly are remarkable.


FREEDOM Deodorant

This may be TMI but… I have a TERRIBLE time finding a good deodorant! I have tried men’s, women’s and clinical strength deodorant and can never quite find one I like 100 percent. I have also heard dangerous deodorant stories so I have decided nothing is safe anymore. That was until I learned about FREEDOM deodorant! This deodorant is aluminum free. That means it is safe for women to use. Moving on: as a part of my other job, I work in a stock room moving boxes, running around and flinging flinging myself to get boxes to the top shelf. This work can get pretty hard and I don’t have time to be smelly or reapply deodorant. With Freedom deodorant, I don’t have either of these problems! They have natural scents, such as lavender citrus and bergamot mint. They also have a “Sensitive unscented” if you have sensitive skin. 🙂 Great deodorant, great coverage, great scents!


Bel Essence

Intensive Anti-Aging Treatment 

This anti-aging cream is smooth, silky and made my skin feel luscious. The ingredients of this treatment include nine natural plant oils with important vitamins and antioxidants. The main oil that surprised me in this treatment was avocado oil. Thank goodness it is included because it promotes soft skin. I enjoy this product because I use it early in the morning before work and right before going to bed. My typical day is normally from 4:30 a.m to 9:30 p.m. and this treatment keeps my face feeling fresh all day. It is used for anti-aging but it helps my face feel moisturized as well.

Anti-Aging Eye Lifting and Firming Oil Serum

I struggle from dark eye circles on. the. DAILY. I could use pounds of cover up and someone could still ask me if I’m tired or have allergies. This serum was like a gift from the serum gods. The Bel Essence scientists have used their magic oil power to combine oils known for anti-aging and skin rejuvenating properties to help cure, firm and lift the skin around our eyes. Or, in my case dark circles! One of the main ingredients in this oil treatment is castor oil. Castor oil penetrates deep into skin, hydrates and softens it. Remember the elastin and collagen we talked about earlier? Castor oil also helps the production of those guys, and therefore helping with your anti-wrinkle. Yay! Also, if you’re a nerd like me, this treatment is in a bottle with a pipette (little dropper thingy) so it is fun to use.

Anti-Wrinkle Oil Treatment

So, have another drink of green elixir… any Wicked fans out there? Okay, moving on. I like to think I don’t have too many wrinkles yet but you can never start to prepare too early! I wasn’t sure where to apply this oil treatment so I started around my eyes and below my eyes. I figured that is where wrinkles could start and I feel like I can already tell a little bit of a difference. As Bel Essence say, “Argan oil is the elixir for anti-aging.” Jam packed with antioxidants and vitamins, it has a reverse effect on aging. I can’t stress enough how amazing all three of these products were using them hand-in-hand. You could use them by themselves but I recommend them together. You will be oiled up, wrinkle free and basically, live forever. 😉

Hug Your Skin

Super-Food Mask

Do you ever feel like your face just looks tired? I feel like mine looks tired like how my body feels tired. If you catch my drift. My Super-Food Mask came in a .17 Fluid OZ container so I researched on the website how to use this mask. Kind of like a juice cleanse, you can use this mask once a week to rejuvenate your face! When you do a juice cleanse for seven days, you are left feeling refreshed. When you use a Super-Food Mask once every seven days, your skin feels cleansed of unwanted oils, makeup and grime. Simply apply, set for 20 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water. One of my favorite parts of this mask is that it includes rose hip oil!

Chocolate-Face Mask

This mask is nothing short of looking and smelling like chocolate pudding… I was tempted to taste it but I didn’t. Like the Super-Food Mask, I apply this mask for about 20 minutes and let it set. You can do it for a shorter time but, let’s be honest, I am lazy and wanted to lay down as long as possible. Once you are finished, rinse it off in warm water and feel the silkiness of your skin! also recommends alternating between this mask and the Super-Food mask if you happen to enjoy both. It is super hydrating and will leave your skin showing immediate results. This mask is also gluten free, vegan and organic so it is safe for everyone to use. 🙂

Face Cleanser

This face cleanser isn’t like your regular face cleanser. It is in a little tub and comes with a wooden spatula! You put a small amount on the spatula and then massage it into your skin. Right away I enjoyed the product because it was different from other cleansers. Also, it removed my waterproof mascara which almost NEVER happens with other cleansers! I like to use this cleanser when my face is feeling super dry or when I have just left the shower.

Floral Tonic

This little bottle of Floral Tonic should be renamed “amazing, wonderful, I love you, tonic water.” This tonic water can used to remove the face masks I mentioned above,  to rinse makeup off or just to rinse your face after a long day. It is a cool, refreshing water with a nice floral scent. It is honestly just a great refreshing way to wash your face. I feel like I have a new face after using a bit of tonic water. Some ingredients include Rose, Cornflower, Roman Chamomile and Lavender. I always love doing a face mask because I know Floral Tonic is in my future 😉

Face Oil

I use this oil when I am not feeling like using my moisturizer. Typically my moisturizer leaves behind traces of oil and this face oil doesn’t. Sounds silly, right? My skin absorbs the oil and keeps a nice fresh feeling all day. I think my personal trick is to just use a few dabs in the places that matter. An exciting fact about this face oil is that it is a nourishing blend of botanical bio-extracts that are formulated to stimulate skin cell renewal. So basically while you are looking fresh and clean, your skin is working to renew itself at the same time. also urges that this face oil is great as a base for makeup! Remember: a little goes a long way.

Make-up Remover

Like the face cleanser, the first thing I noticed was that this make-up remover worked on waterproof mascara! Either I’ve found an awesome product or I’ve got to stop wearing waterproof mascara… Anyway, you might be surprised to find out that some of the star ingredients in this product are green tea, grape seed oil and carrot oil! This remover doesn’t sting your eyes (thank GOODNESS) and doesn’t dry out your skin. Also, while removing makeup, it also conditions your eyelashes. Who doesn’t love a good conditioning of the lashes? If anything, it moisturizes ya! I would recommend this remover over any basic synthetic remover I have used in the past.

Under Eye Revive

Under Eye Revive does exactly as it says… my dark circles are no match for these organic products! I learned that just a dab will do ya and kick the dark circle’s butt. This product is simply amazing. If you have eye circles form allergies, fatigue, inheritance or stress I suggest trying Under Eye Revive! All organic and all for your dark eye circles. Try it. You won’t be disappointed.


Colorado Aromatics

Rejuvenating Face Cream

It’s called a face cream but it is also called a rejuvenating cream so I decided to use this cream on my hands! I tried it on my face and enjoyed it but I also enjoyed it on my hands. During the winter, my hands fail to stay moisturized and I get what I call the “winter dry.” My knuckles get cracked and gross. This face cream is smooth and full of oils to moisturize your skin. It also has essential oils in it which makes the cream smell wonderful. I noticed a complete change in my hands within days. I recommend this cream to anyone who may have dry patches of skin on their face, legs, arms or hands! Also, if you have dry skin after showering, definitely use this. It has helped my skin immensely.


Facial Repair Serum

You may have guessed from the name but the main ingredient in Tumerica’s product is certified organic turmeric. According to Tumerica’s website, Tumeric has anti-inflammatory properties that make it a top-notch fighter in treating conditions fed by inflammation. Because conditions such as acne are caused by inflammation of the skin, turmeric is a great ingredient to use! Enough about the ingredient though, and more on this product. I found I enjoyed using this serum after my showers and before bed. This is because it contains coconut oil, jojoba oil and reship oil. After my showers, my skin is rather dry and needing as much moisturizer as possible so this serum is perfect. Hours after my showers my skin was still soft and silky, not dry and flaky. Also, my skin didn’t appear oily! Don’t fear: the mixture of essential oils in this serum will not leave you with oily skin 🙂

C2 California Clean


V-Factor is an over-the-counter product for vaginal dryness. I’m not going to tell you my personal experience because that is too much personal information. However, I will tell you I recommend it if you are looking for or need a product for dryness or discomfort in your lady regions! All the ingredients are completely natural and include aloe, tremella fuciformis (anti-aging supplement), quinoa extract, sodium hyaluronate (hydrates skin) and plant extracts. If you are curious about these V-Factor supplements and would like information head over to V-Factor page.

C2 Ageless Starter Kit/Skin Kit 

This glorious kit includes 4 products, a.k.a four steps:

  1. Advanced Hyaluronic Hydrating Primer
  2. Apple Stem Cell Serum
  3. Citrus Stem Cell Moisture Lock Creme / Ageless Face Oil Squalane + Vit E / Ageless Body Oil
  4. Mineral Sunscreen (if you so choose)

A huge shout out to the scientists who put this together because I cannot do makeup, beauty regimens or anything to save my life. I am glad this came with instructions because it is possible I could’ve started with the sunscreen. How it works, or how I make it works is like so: I wash my face with my personal face cleanser and then I use the primer. After the primer comes the Apple Stem Cell Serum. Yep, you guessed it. I am very familiar with serums by now. 😉 For step three I don’t use all three of those moisturizers listed (obviously) because then I would be a bottle of lotion. I choose one, depending on my skin type, and dab some on my face. A packet comes with the kit so if you are unsure which to use, have no fear, the C2  scientists are here! After step three, if you are going out and need the sunscreen, feel free to put it on. I have used it when I am outside for games and I find I don’t end with a sunglass tan. I love this regimen because I don’t end up greasy or oily and I can use the same regimen in the morning and at night! All organic, same instructions and easy use. Triple yay 🙂

This post is a bit wordy but definitely worth it. Try out/use one or all 21 of these products and you will be wrinkle free, dark-eye circle free and more refreshed than ever. These organic products will not disappoint. Also, they were are carefully curated by wonderful scientists that care for the environment and your wellbeing! From now on I will be delving into the world of organic makeups, beauty products (even more) and anything else I can get my hands on. Enjoy!


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Cindy Jones

Thursday 15th of March 2018

Thanks for the review of Colorado Aromatics! Glad you liked it.

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