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220+ Best Quotes from ‘One Tree Hill’

The beloved 2000s show known as One Tree Hill follows the complicated relationship between half-brothers Lucas and Nathan Scott who live in a small town in North Carolina. Their competition heats up both on the basketball court and at their high school as they navigate through life. Relationships come and go for the brothers as they endure the drama that comes with living in a small town.  

If you enjoy watching early 2000s tv shows that revolve around high school drama, then One Tree Hill is the show for you! 

Here’s the scoop on the best quotes from One Tree Hill! 

Brooke and Haley in one tree hill
(2003) One Tree Hill

1. “It’s the good girls who keep diaries. The bad girls never have the time. Me… I just wanna live a life I’m gonna remember. Even if I don’t write it down.” -Brooke Davis 

2. “Happiness is not a destination. It is a mood, it is not permanent. It comes and goes and if people thought that way then maybe people would find happiness more often.” – Julian Baker

3. “You never worked so hard for anything in your life, except your fake ID!” -Peyton Sawyer

4. “You know if I ever met the devil, I figured she would be hot and holding a basketball.” -Lucas Scott

Nathan and Lucas
(2003) One Tree Hill

5. “People are going to label you. It’s how you overcome those labels, that’s what matters.” -Brooke Davis

6. “Give me regret as long as I can keep the good memories too.” – Lucas Scott

7. ”You think you know me, but you don’t, and that means you don’t know what I can do.”-Brooke Davis

8. “We all know graduating plus partying equals Brooke Davis minus her clothes.” -Peyton Sawyer 

9. “Somebody please tell me you’ve got love figured out, because I got news for you; it’s pretty darn messy right now.” -Brooke Davis 

(2003) One Tree Hill

10. “When all my dreams come true, the one I want next to me. It’s you.” – Lucas Scott

11. “I’m sticking with the shoelaces. The hearts say I like you, but the shoelace part isn’t too mushy.” -Jamie Scott

12. “I have a lot of skeletons in my closet, and apparently half of them are naked.” -Brooke Davis 

13. “We fell in love, and at some point, the people we love forgot to love us back.” – Kevin Scott

14. “You have one chance, one life. And what you do with that is up to you.” -Peyton Sawyer

Haley on one tree hill
(2003) One Tree Hill

15. “I’d rather lick a puss-infected wound than ever go on a date with Chris Keller!” – Brooke Davis

16. “And once you lose yourself, you have two choices: find the person you used to be or lose that person completely.” – Lucas Scott

17. “You don’t get to have me, not my body, and sure as hell, not my heart.” -Brooke Davis

18. “There’s nothing wrong with fairy tales. Everyone ends up happily ever after.” -Ellie Harp

19. “Sometimes I think we waste our words and we waste our moments.”- Clay Evans

20. “Never expected the cheerleading squad to have more drama than the drama club.” -Haley 

(2003) One Tree Hill

21. ”One day, you’re 17 and you’re planning for someday. And then quietly, without you ever really noticing, someday is today. And then someday is yesterday. And this is your life.”- Nathan Scott

22. ”I gave you my heart, and that’s all I can give you, and if that’s not enough, then I’m not enough.”-Haley James Scott.

23. ”That’s what I am afraid of; not being enough, not good enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough.”-Brooke Davis

24. ”There’s nothing romantic about death. Grief is like an ocean.”-Haley James Scott

25. ”You ever look at a picture of yourself and see a stranger in the background?”-Lucas Scott

gregory harrison in one tree hill
(2003) One Tree Hill

26. ”So, I’ve been thinking about this whole being happy thing, and I feel like people get lost when they think of happiness as a destination.”-Julian Baker

27. ”I come in here, and I sit in silence and hear the echoes of who we used to be.”-Peyton Sawyer

28. ”Don’t cry for a guy, let a guy cry for you.”-Brooke Davis

29. ”It’s like misery is an old friend, and it tricks you sometimes into thinking it’s always going to be there like you can’t be happy, but you can.”-Peyton Sawyer

30. ”I believe in true love. I believe in love at first sight. I believe love conquers all.”- Haley James Scott

Sam Walker
(2003) One Tree Hill

31. “Welcome to the dark side my friend, deception for lunch, payback for dinner, and pie for breakfast.” -Brooke Davis 

32. “Sometimes people have to cry out all their tears to make room for a heart full of smiles.” – Lucas Scott 

33. “Sure, maybe I started a fire once, and I did discharge a firearm recently, but it was an accident.” -Deb

34. “Love can be for a boy or a girl or a place or a way of life or even for a family. Where you find it is up to you.” -Brooke Davis 

35. “Most people are stronger than they know. They just forget to believe in it sometimes.” –Keith Scott 

Dan Scott
(2003) One Tree Hill

36. “My pen is the barrel of a gun. Remind me which side you should be on.” -Peyton Sawyer 

37. “Honey, you’re lucky that I’m pregnant!! I think it’s time you get your insecure, cheating, skank ass out of this house right now!” -Haley James Scott

38. “It’s hard missing someone, but if you miss someone that means you’re lucky; it means you had someone special in your life, someone worth missing.” –Nathan Scott

39. “The rest of your life is being shaped right now. By the dreams you chase. The choices you make. And the person you decide to be.” -Haley James Scott

40. “Passion, unattended, is a flame that burns to its own destruction.” -Lucas Scott

Jake in one tree hill
(2003) One Tree Hill

41. “I am who I am. No excuses.” -Brooke Davis 

42. “You can drive at 16, go to war at 18, drink at 21, and retire at 65. So who can say what age you have to be to find your true love?” -Jimmy James

 43. “You might wanna take a long hard look in the mirror and see if the person looking back at you is the kind of person you want to be.” -Keith Scott 

44. “I guess now it’s hoes over psychos.” -Brooke Davis 

45. “It was more than just a comet because of what it brought to his life: direction, beauty, meaning.” -Lucas Scott

Sophia and Chad
(2003) One Tree Hill

46. “The artists, and the scientists, and the poets…none of them fit in at seventeen.” -Mouth McFadden

47. “People that are meant to be together always find their way in the end.” -Brooke Davis 

48. “Six billion people in the world. Six billion souls. And sometimes, all you need is one.” -Peyton Sawyer 

49. “Nathan looked good tonight, no wonder you’re pregnant.” -Rachel

50. “After graduation, everyone will probably go play basketball, or sing, or start record labels. And I’ll have to start all over – alone.” -Nathan Scott

James Lafferty
(2003) One Tree Hill

51. “Why? Getting a little too ‘Outsiders’ for you?” -Lucas 

52. “Life is too short to play games. If you love someone and want to be with them, then go get them.” -Haley James Scott

53. “There’s no shame in being afraid.” -Whitney Durham 

54. “Whenever you’re having a bad day, someone else out there is having a worse day.” -Lucas Scott

55. “You’re still young. We both are. I think we just forget that sometimes.” -Haley 

Sophie Bush in one tree hill
(2003) One Tree Hill

56. “Stand up for what you believe in. The truth matters, so tell it, no matter what.” -Haley James Scott

57. “I am fluent in boys and I’m pretty sure that ‘what’s the rush?’ doesn’t mean ‘let’s have a baby now.'” -Brooke Davis 

58. “Just think, you could be a big part of someone else’s life and not know it.” -Lucas Scott

59. “That pain in your stomach, that pain in your heart, it goes away.” -Keith Scott

60. “Sometimes we fight through the regret and remorse of our mistakes, our malice, and our jealousy and the shame we feel for not being the people we were meant to be.” -Dan Scott

Chad and Hilarie
(2003) One Tree Hill

61. “I gave you a second chance, Peyton. And you blew it.” -Brooke Davis 

62. “You can’t measure a dream.” -Nathan Scott

63. “Relax, I’m pregnant, not elderly.” -Haley 

64. “You can’t see it, but underneath my sunglasses, I’m rolling my eyes.” -Peyton Sawyer 

65. “Sometimes, my heart aches at how my life has turned out, in a good way.” -Brooke Davis 

Craig and Chad in one tree hill
(2003) One Tree Hill

66. “Sure, Haley and I have our differences, but this test doesn’t show how hard we’ve worked to keep this relationship together, or that I can’t stand it when we’re apart, or that every time I look at her I know that I’m gonna be with her for the rest of my life.” -Nathan 

67. “Well buddy, you found my birth control patches. Those fix a whole other problem. Next cabinet.” -Brooke Davis 

68. “Does this darkness have a name? This cruelty, this hatred. How did it find us?” -Lucas Scott 

69. “There’s only one Tree Hill, and it’s your home.” -Karen Roe

70. “It’s you. When all my dreams come true, the one I want next to me is you.” -Lucas Scott 

Paul and Barbara
(2003) One Tree Hill

71. “It’s giving your heart to somebody. That’s the scary part.” -Peyton Sawyer 

72. “Tragedies happen. What are you gonna do, give up? Quit?” -Nathan Scott 

73. “When the silence gets too loud, and I really start to miss everyone, I tell myself the same thing: I can’t see you, but I know you’re there.” -Haley James Scott 

74. “This is all Alex’s influence! That bitch has been a pain in my pilates perfect butt since she rolled in here from rehab and landed here.” -Brooke Davis

75. “Some are running scared. Some are coming home. Some tell lies to make it through the day.” -Peyton Sawyer

(2003) One Tree Hill

76. “Not as insensitive as murdering your brother.” -Rachel

77. “I guess evil does a body good.” -Nathan Scott

78. “Naked in the backseat? That’s so last year it’s two years ago.” – Brooke Davis 

79. “You have to step outside of the person you’ve been, and remember the person you were meant to be.” -Mouth McFadden 

80. “Imagine a future moment in your life where all your dreams come true, you know? It’s the greatest moment of your life and you get to experience it with one person. Who’s standing next to you?” -Peyton Sawyer 

(2003) One Tree Hill

81. “That’s right, I’m the sister who actually sleeps with guys.” -Taylor 

82. “You’re like an evil Disney character who feeds her servants’ porridge and pays them in buttons.” -Alex 

83. “Most of our lives are a series of images, they pass us by like towns on a highway. But sometimes a moment stuns us as it happens and we know that this instant is more than a fleeting image. We know that this moment, every part of it, will live on forever.” —Lucas Scott

84. “If you hurt her, I will hunt you down in the Outback. And I don’t mean the steakhouse. Although, I’ll go there too.” -Julian 

85. “I’m the one that has to drive home with slut written on my car.” -Quinn 

Sophia Bush
(2003) One Tree Hill

86. “You look good covered in balls.” -Clay 

87. “Good morning, slut! You can get your things and go now.” -Haley 

88. “I’ve come to the conclusion that if having things turn out the way you wanted them to is a measure of a successful life, then some would say I’m a failure.” -Whitney Durham

89. “Your elevator list! Come on! The list of people you’re allowed to have sex with if you’re ever stuck in an elevator with them.” -Brooke Davis 

90. “Who knew my subconscious could be such a bitch?” – Peyton Sawyer

Sophia in one tree hill
(2003) One Tree Hill

91. “Happiness comes in many forms… It’s okay to let yourself be happy because you never know how fleeting that happiness might be.” -Lucas Scott

92. “Please, your thank you’s send people to the free clinic.” -Haley James Scott

93. “Sometimes people play hard to get to make sure that the other person’s feelings are real.” -Brooke Davis 

94. “But even in his darkest hours, he knew in his heart that someday it would return to him, and his world would be whole again.” -Nathan Scott 

95. “I’m just Haley. That really should be enough.” -Haley James Scott

(2003) One Tree Hill

96. “I’ll miss you too little brother.” -Lucas Scott

97. “You’re tougher than anything life throws your way.” -Brooke Davis 

98. “The heart has reasons that reason cannot know.” -Lucas Scott 

99. “Did you do something slutty?” -Brooke Davis 

100. “I say give me regret, as long as I can keep the good memories, too.” – Mouth McFadden

Sophia and Michael in one tree hill
(2003) One Tree Hill

101. “Your work should be your passion, not the place you hide when your love life sucks.” -Alexander 

102. “The only people that tear happy people down are those that are unhappy.” – Haley James Scott

103. “Sometimes, it’s easy to feel like you’re the only one in the world who’s struggling, who’s frustrated, or unsatisfied, or barely getting by. That feeling is a lie.” – Lucas Scott

104. “I’m student council president, captain of the cheerleaders, founder of ‘DW not I’ and girlfriend of Raven’s star shooting guard, Lucas Scott.” -Brooke Davis 

105. “Your future as a basketball player is totally secure. Your future as my husband, not so much.” -Haley James Scott

Moira Kelly
(2003) One Tree Hill

106. “My name is Lucas Scott. I’m a senior at Tree Hill High School. I play basketball…at least I used to.” -Lucas Scott

107. “What you gotta do is figure out what you’re afraid of because when you put a face on it, you can beat it. Better yet, you can use it.” – Whitey Durham

108. “I just got that feeling. The stillness I used to feel before dawn. The feeling that the world could be perfect.” -Nathan 

109. “Now I know how this dress looks on a witch.” -Brooke Davis 

110. “Once upon a time in a kingdom far, far away a girl and a boy fell in love. And then another girl, supposedly a friend, secretly taped how they fell in love and decided to use it against them. So tonight I will give you an authentic and very unauthorized reenactment of Nathan and Haley, a fairy tale.” -Brooke Davis 

Hilarie Burton
(2003) One Tree Hill

111. “Your marriage sucks. Fix it.” -Lucas Scott

112. “Dude, macaroni, and cheese is the food of the Gods.” -Haley James Scott

113. “Have you ever wondered what marks our time here? If one life can really make an impact on the world… or if the choices we make matter? I believe they do. And I believe that one man can change many lives. For better… or worse.” – Lucas Scott

114. “Okay, putting aside the fact that I do look pretty good considering I’ve been on a plane for like a day and a half, you cannot ambush me at the airport with flowers and a nicely tanned end-of-summer body, considering the way we left things…three months ago.” -Brooke Davis 

115. “As you know from my emails about Dan, I have been one miserable bitch. You?” -Deb 

James in one tree hill
(2003) One Tree Hill

116. “I don’t want to drink. I just wanted to be upside down.” -Bevin 

117. “Everything you wrote to me, I feel it too. I just didn’t know how to put it in words.” -Chase Adams 

118. “I live with my friend Rachel, she is so funny and she had all this plastic surgery and she just got suspended and now… she is kind of… missing.” -Brooke Davis

119. “But I do know, we should’ve stuck to the interstate and not taken the back road just so Haley could see this sandwich shaped like Elvis.” -Lucas Scott

120. “You’re right, she’s dead and as far as I’m concerned so are you!” -Peyton Sawyer 

(2003) One Tree Hill

121. “I’m the one with no prom dress, no boyfriend, and a black eye, you get to go to prom with the boy you love, so you win. Why do you even care anymore?”-Brooke Davis 

122. “What else do virgins have to do at night?” -Rachel

123. “Why is it that it’s so much easier to forgive a stranger than someone you love?” -Haley James Scott

124. “You know, say what you will about the ravages of sports in this corporate age where overpaid athletes expect prima donna treatment, but there’s still something so unifying about sporting in its purest form, when athletes rise above themselves and touch greatness, and in doing so remind us all that we all have greatness inside of us.” -Mouth McFadden

125. “Our friend here is pregnant and in a lot of pain and this bitch is about to get her ass kicked.” -Peyton Sawyer 

(2003) One Tree Hill

126. “Oh, but we’re not alone in my bedroom. We have the forefathers with us.” -Haley James Scott

127. “Okay, I’ll go first. Hi my name’s Rachel and I’m a dumb ass who’s failing calculus and really likes to hit on married guys.” -Haley James Scott

128. “What are you laughing at? Your I love you’s send people to their grave.” -Brooke Davis

129. “You try sleeping with the teacher?” -Haley James Scott

130. “I love you, Luke, but I’ve chosen darkness.” -Peyton Sawyer 

Sophia Bush
(2003) One Tree Hill

131. “Shove it up your ass; I know I’m an addict. Live a week with these people and you will be too.” -Deb

132. “Absolutely! Clothes Over Bros has a long history of child labor.” -Brooke Davis 

133. “Wine’s not even alcohol. It’s like, grape.” -Alex

134. “Luke, I’ll get those CDs later … thanks for the sex.” -Peyton Sawyer 

135. “She doesn’t wanna see her high school sweetheart slash your brother Dan slash the jerk who abandoned Lucas slash the father of Nathan, the team’s star player slash my wrists if I hear the story again.” -Haley James Scott

Sprague and Daniella in one tree hill
(2003) One Tree Hill

136. “You’ve got some ugly toes, girl.” -Nathan Scott 

137. “Dear diary, my daddy doesn’t love me. P.S. stay out of my stuff!” -Peyton Sawyer 

138. “I can describe Lucas in one word… bastard.” -Nathan Scott 

139. “What do you want, a gold star?” -Haley James Scott

140. “You look pretty when you smile Mama, I missed it.” -Jamie 

(2003) One Tree Hill

141. “I’m supposed to be the one with the relationship problems, you’re supposed to be the bartender that’s a little rough around the edges and listens to all my problems.” -Alex 

142. “We’re all crazy Hales, some of us just hide it better than others.” -Nathan Scott 

143. “Someone once said that death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live. I could tell you who said it, but who the hell cares.” -Haley James Scott

144. “When you’re passionate about something, you put everything you got into it.” -Brooke Davis 

145. “All I know is that if I could see my mom, I would stay up all night talking to her.” -Quinn 

Vaughn, Antwon, and Cullen in one tree hill
(2003) One Tree Hill

146. “My father always made me feel like I wasn’t good enough. Any time I had any success he would remind me of my failures.” -Julian Baker

147. “I ruined the wardrobe, wrecked everything with the only guy who makes my world turn, and punched that whore of an actress. And the only thing she ever did wrong was sleep with Crocodile Dundee.” -Brooke Davis 

148. “My lead actor looks like a cross between Richard Simmons and one of the Village People.” -Julian Baker

149. “You are responsible for raising the woman who changed my entire world. I’ll never forget that Lydia. Thank you for saying yes.” -Nathan Scott

150. “Sometimes our relationship seems so simple and easy… but lately it just seems like a mess. And there are days when I would like to dive into that mess.” -Brooke Davis 

(2003) One Tree Hill

151. “Why are you a cheerleader? I mean, no offense or anything, but you’re about the least cheery person I know.” -Lucas Scott

152. “Haley, you got a tattoo for God’s sake. Obviously, this whole thing with us means a lot to you.” -Nathan Scott

153. “Did you see Brooke Davis’ mom? I would totally hit that. Like today, I would hit that.” -Josh 

154. “Too many girls at our house, not enough cereal.” -Jamie 

155. “Zero may not be a size, but right now it’s your IQ.” -Victoria

Bethany and Chad in one tree hill
(2003) One Tree Hill

156. “Television is funny, isn’t it? It can erase all your mistakes, or hold them against you.” -Mouth McFadden

157. “I think I’m pregnant… I’m freaking out.” -Brooke Davis 

158. “So thank you for being such an amazing son of a bitch last night. You really made this a no-brainer.” -Peyton Sawyer

159. “You either smoke or get smoked. And you smell like smoke.” -Jamie 

160. “I’m a wooden tool that wears body spray.” -Nathan Scott

Hilarie and Chad
(2003) One Tree Hill

161. “Dude, having you around is so much better than having a puppy.” -Clay 

162. “Falling in love is the easiest thing you’re ever gonna do. It’s the most exciting thing, the most powerful thing.” -Dan Scott

163. “Yeah, but if you keep yelling, the freaking zombies are gonna get us.” -Haley James Scott

164. “You know the first memory I have is sitting in my father’s lap holding a basketball. I spent my entire life trying to get me to the NBA, now he’s gonna take it away.” -Nathan Scott

165. “You can’t erase who we were or what we had, no one can. We burned so bright together.” -Sara 

(2003) One Tree Hill

166. “I don’t trust her around men…she’s like one of those herpes from mythology!” -Brooke Davis 

167. “It’s mine, bitch. And your fat ass isn’t invited.” -Rachel Gatina 

168. “Nathan, it’s hard enough for me to compete with all the girls at school. What, now I have to be a porn star?” -Haley James Scott

169. “If this was a movie, you’d kiss me right now.” -Julian

170. “Sometimes when you look back at your life certain moments stand out: the day you graduated high school, your wedding day, the day you found out you were going to be a father. Most of the time they happen in that order. Most of the time.” -Lucas Scott

Chad in one tree hill
(2003) One Tree Hill

171. “School was never my strong suit either. It’s good we’re both handsome.” -Dan Scott

172. “It’s funny, you know all these years we called him Skills, I always thought it had something to do with basketball.” -Lucas Scott

173. “Actually, I was thinking maybe we could just stay in, have a quiet dinner, kiss a while. And there is a chance that I could be rocking some slightly dirty girl lingerie underneath these jeans.” -Peyton Sawyer 

174. “You know Miss. Ham, if more teachers dressed like sluts, attendance in this place would skyrocket.” -Nathan Scott

175. “Come get the crabs at Carl’s Crab Shack.” -Brooke Davis

(2003) One Tree Hill

176. “No, you were rehearsing. That’s over now.” -Nathan Scott

177. “What is wrong with you? Crack-whore!” -Brooke Davis

178. “You have any idea how many guys in the room wanna nail your wife right now?” -Chris Keller 

179. “This means that I would actually have to study to get into college.” -Brooke Davis

180. “You know, it’s real punk to be up at 7 am doing inventory.” -Peyton Sawyer 

(2003) One Tree Hill

181. “Hey, be careful with that. It’s Venetian, and I’m not talking about Vegas.” -Brooke Davis 

182. “Are you writing a new song or planning on killing me?” -Nathan Scott

183. “You’re my family now Haley. The only true thing I have. I don’t ever want to lose you.” -Nathan Scott

184. “So you bring me into a creepy cemetery and tell me that you’re leaving Tree Hill for good? Luke, who’s gonna raid thrift stores with me and lie to the lost and found and claim stupid stuff, huh? Who’s gonna do that with me now?” -Haley James Scott

185. “Well, I should get home. That stripper might call me.” -Mouth McFadden

(2003) One Tree Hill

186. “This whole good guy thing is new to me.” -Nathan Scott

187. “I, I, almost drowned in the balls at Chuck E. Cheese.” -Haley James Scott

188. “Hey, I want you to know that I’m here for you and whatever you need and if she’s not home, I might actually give you a sponge bath.” -Brooke Davis

189. “Nathan, you’re not going to pass French if you keep renting movies.” -Haley James Scott

190. “Please tell me you were stuck in a land with no phones.” -Karen Roe

Bethany in one tree hill
(2003) One Tree Hill

191. “You know, for an hour you almost got me to believe that you’re not a son of a bitch but, God, you fooled me again.” -Haley James Scott

192. “You sure you don’t wanna sleep with me until the ceremony? I know I look pretty sexy right now.” -Nathan Scott

193. “No. Far too much clothing.” -Brooke Davis 

194. “What difference does it make if you sleep with a popular guy, or you go to the right party, or you know the moves to some moronic cheer to do with some lame ass game I could care less about?” -Peyton Sawyer

195. “You know, Sheri, I came down here wanting to give you the benefit of the doubt, but clearly you’re still the same petty little bitch you were in high school.” -Karen Roe

(2003) One Tree Hill

196. “Happiness doesn’t come cheap. Hell, if it did, we would all be smiling.” -Dan Scott

197. “The only thing I’m ashamed of is the person I’ve been for the past few months. That’s all gonna change.” -Nathan Scott

198. “Hey, it’s me. Look, I’m at the airport. I’ve got two tickets to Las Vegas. Do you wanna get married tonight?” -Lucas Scott

199. “Oh, well, by the way, there’s a half-naked girl at the back seat of your car. I just thought you’d like to know that.” -Whitey Durham 

200. “It’s the rule of life – the prettier the girl – the messier car; kind of a turn on.” -Keith Scott 

(2003) One Tree Hill

201. “Sometimes people write the things that they can’t say.” -Haley James Scott

202. “You ever had something that you knew that you were better at than… almost anybody else?” -Lucas Scott 

203. “Oh, the magazine pages are sticking again, you little pervert.” -Haley James Scott

204. “I think that you’re my girlfriend, and I like to spend time with you.” -Nathan Scott

205. “You still make my heart race. Seriously, feel this. My heart is full of joy and love and pride for you.” -Haley James Scott

Barry in one tree hill
(2003) One Tree Hill

206. “Alright. How about, I hate you bitch you ruined my life. Does that do anything for ya?” -Peyton Sawyer 

207. “You mean your slutty little tramp stamp?” -Lucas Scott

208. “Peyton, I hate you. I wish you’d never come back. You ruined my life.” -Lucas Scott 

209. “You made that decision for me, the moment you pulled that trigger.” -Nathan Scott

210. “Don’t you find it creepy that your dad hangs out around a high school gym?” -Haley James Scott 

(2003) One Tree Hill

211. “Make a wish and place it in your heart. Anything you want. Everything you want.” -Peyton Sawyer 

212. “I’ve spent four years working these endless hours to fill this void that all the success in the world is never gonna fill and I realized that what I actually want is to have a family.” -Brooke Davis 

213. “How about Peyton puts on a nice dress, watches Lucas get married, gets wasted, and has drunk, meaningless sex with some guy at the reception?” -Peyton Sawyer 

214. “Please don’t leave me again. People always leave.” -Peyton Sawyer 

215. “It’s in the garage. Boxes are marked ‘whore.’” -Haley James Scott 

James and Bethany in one tree hill
(2003) One Tree Hill

216. “It’s fine Haley, daddy’s gonna make everything better for the little rich girl who got everything she ever wanted!” -Peyton Sawyer

217. “You wanna hear the sound he made before he took that last breath? Oh, cause I can still hear it, exactly how it sounded. Does that make you happy? Are you glad that my life isn’t perfect?” -Lindsey Strauss

218. “Go ahead, let’s cry little rich girl.” -Peyton Sawyer 

219. “My name’s Peyton. Fake blonde Peyton. I don’t have a boyfriend. ‘Cause I’m a bitch!” -Lindsey Strauss 

220. “You didn’t think I could get my novel published, maybe you just didn’t care, because it wasn’t about you, or what you wanted.” -Lucas Scott 

221. “No mushroom, Brooke. Okay? No mush, no room, no mushroom!” -Peyton Sawyer 

222. “Fine. I will call him. But if he does not sleep with me after this, it is your fault.” -Brooke Davis 

223. “Lucas, look me in the eye and tell me that that kiss did not feel exactly the same as it felt three years ago.” -Peyton Sawyer 

224. “What’s underneath all the clothes Brooke Davis?” -Owen Morello 

225. “Why are women so screwed up?” -Lucas Scott 

(2003) One Tree Hill

226. “We walked in and Bitch-toria was there waiting.” -Haley James Scott 

227. “Luke if you can’t trust that our love can make it one year, I don’t understand how we can be talking about forever right now!” -Peyton Sawyer 

228. “I want you to go home and hit the sheets … preferably alone.” -Whitey Durham 

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