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25 Best Artificial Turfs For Dogs

If you are a dog owner then you may be wondering what the best artificial turf for dogs is. You want to have grass they can play in but without any chemicals that could hurt them.

best artificial turf for dogs

How To Find The Best Artificial Turfs For Dogs

As dog owners, we want what’s best for our furry friends. But you also want a beautiful, low-maintenance yard. You can have both with artificial turf designed specifically for dogs.

Dog-friendly artificial turf has a number of features that make it the best choice for yards with four-legged family members.

The best artificial grass is durable, comfortable, and easy to clean. There are various factors that go into choosing a great artificial grass, so we’re here to help make that choice simple!

25 Best Artificial Turfs For Dogs

Here is the scoop on the best artificial turf for dogs!

1. Bethebstyo Dog Grass Mat

Our top pick is the Bethebstyo Dog Grass Mat!

Perfect for dogs and pets of all sizes, this mat features naturalistic fake grass that looks and feels just like the real thing.

High-density and durable, it will withstand all weather conditions and can even be cut to size without fraying.

An essential part of potty training, this mat will make the process easier for both you and your pet.

Save yourself time and frustration with the Dog Grass Mat Fake Grass Pee Pads!

It’s the perfect choice for owners looking for a more durable product for potty training, all without any unpleasant odors.

2. GOLDEN MOON Artificial Grass Turf Tile

The GOLDEN MOON Artificial Grass Turf Tile will instantly add some beauty and curb appeal to your home!

These tiles are perfect for your yard, deck, balcony, patio, or rooftop and will provide you with a lush, green space that is easy to maintain. 

The high quality materials used in these tiles are 100% environment-friendly and recyclable, so you can feel good about your purchase.

The drainage system in these artificial grass mat tiles is top-notch, so you don’t have to worry about mowing or cleaning up after your new turf, and you can rest easy knowing the color won’t fade after long, hot days.

Many doggy daycares employ this turf tile, so you can be sure that your new lawn is made of artificial pet turf that your dog loves!

3. OLONBIN Dog Grass Pads

If you’re looking for a stylish, easy-to-clean way to potty train your pup, look no further than the OLONBIN Dog Grass Pads!

This is the best turf for heavy use by your pet.

This stylish potty solution features a 4-layer system consisting of a synthetic grass mat, absorbent mat, non-slip mat, and tray.

The artificial turf has been designed to resemble real grass, giving it a more realistic look, and making it more appealing to your pup.

This is a perfect solution for when you don’t have a ton of space, but want your pet to have a safe place to play or use the restroom.

Plus, the tray is easy to clean and comes with a pet urine collection tray to make cleanup even easier. This tray is a good idea for owners of large and small dogs alike.

4. Fortune-star Artificial Turf for Dogs

Check out the versatile artificial turf that can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes: the Fortune-star Artificial Turf for Dogs

This turf is perfect for training and playing with your beloved pet, as well as adding a touch of green to your indoor or outdoor decor.

Made of high-quality and environmentally friendly materials, the Fortune-star Artificial Turf for Dogs is soft and lush, just like real grass!

It’s also easy to clean. You simply remove any water or pet urine with the drain at the bottom of the turf. 

No matter what the weather is like, you can enjoy a beautiful green lawn all year round with the Fortune-star Artificial Turf for Dogs.

5. GOLDEN MOON Artificial Grass

Looking for a beautiful and durable artificial grass mat that is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use? Look no further than GOLDEN MOON Artificial Grass

The artificial grass mat is made of high quality anti-aging particles with masterbatch, which has been tested for color degradation, durability, and fire resistance.

The outdoor turf rug has a rubber-backed which is non-slip!

This synthetic lawn is an excellent choice for fake turf because it is low maintenance, there are no toxic chemicals within, and it can help bring your backyard together no matter the size.

Besides, it is fadeless with UV resistance, meaning it won’t discolor, like a more natural lawn might.

The UV rays won’t make your real turf look faded or worn, which gives you the best results for less upkeep.

The artificial grass mat provides great decoration for both outdoor and indoor areas with a beautiful natural appearance and high temperature resistance by 3-color woven. 

So why wait on getting a great low-maintenance alternative that will be useful for a long time?

6. Petgrow Realistic Artificial Grass Turf

Next is the Petgrow Realistic Artificial Grass Turf

The grass is 1.37” in length and 70 oz total face weight per square yard, making it one of the densest artificial grasses on the market.

It also has a 4-tone color scheme that looks and feels like real grass due to its different colors.

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your indoor or outdoor space, Petgrow is perfect for all projects. 

Plus it’s rubber backed with a drainage hole, it’s easy to clean and dries quickly, no matter if you’re cleaning liquid or solid waste.

Best of all, it’s environmentally friendly and saves you money in the long run.

7. LOOBANI Dog Grass Pee Pads

Next up is the LOOBANI Dog Grass Pee Pads

These pads are designed with rapid drainage in mind, so you won’t have to worry about any puddles or wet paws.

They’re also low maintenance, so you can sit back and relax without having to worry about mowing or special treatments. 

8. Zodaca Artificial Turf

A way to make potty time more convenient for your furry friend is with the Zodaca Artificial Turf

This artificial grass rug provides a soft and comfortable area for your pet to do their business, indoors or out.

Perfect for avoiding early morning and late night walks, or times when you can’t take your pet outside due to illness or bad weather.

The turf rug is also great for creating a realistic-looking lawn on your balcony, around the swimming pool, or as a front door mat for guests.

You won’t need to take an extra trip to the dog parks for your pet to use the bathroom, meaning both you and your pet can remain close to home.

These high density rugs supply you with proper drainage for your pet to do their business without any pet odors afterward, and without harmful chemicals that would hurt your pet.

Made of high-quality materials with drainage holes to help wash away urine and waste, the turf mat is easy to clean and built to last.

9. Goasis Lawn Store Premium Synthetic Grass

The Goasis Lawn Store Premium Synthetic Grass is perfect for all your indoor and outdoor projects! 

Made from high-quality materials, our artificial turf is eco-friendly, pet-friendly, child-safe, and UV protected.

It’s also fire resistant, water resistant, and weatherproof, so it can withstand anything Mother Nature throws at it!

Plus, the slip-resistant backing will keep the mat in place, no matter what.

You can add a square foot or two of green to your yard with this turf system, replacing any dead patches of real grass you may have!

Whether you’re looking to add some green space to your yard or event venue, or you need a durable surface for a pet area or playground, this premium synthetic grass turf is up for the job!

10. XLX TURF Artificial Grass Tiles

Introducing the XLX TURF Artificial Grass Tiles!

These tiles are designed to look and feel like real grass, with a lush, soft pile that’s perfect for any outdoor space. 

The interlocking design makes them easy to install, and the UV-resistant material ensures they’ll stay looking great for years to come.

One of the great things about this turf system is that other synthetic grass products are not nearly as durable as the XLX Turf tiles. The XLX turf products are built to last!

So create a beautiful, natural-looking oasis in your own backyard!

11. SHACOS Artificial Grass

Looking for a lush, green lawn for your front yards that’s easy to maintain? Look no further than SHACOS Artificial Grass

Made from premium quality synthetic materials, our artificial turf is durable and resilient, not to mention incredibly realistic!

With a thickness of 1.2 inches, it’s soft and lush underfoot, just like natural grass. 

Plus, it’s water permeable, so any spills will drain away quickly, and it’s easy to clean too.

This is one of the best products for uneven surfaces, as it can fit nearly any space, whether it takes heavy weight or sees heavy traffic in and around your home.

So why not give your garden or patio the green makeover it deserves?

12. TAOAT Fake Grass

The TAOAT Artificial Grass is a high-quality, low-maintenance alternative to natural grass.

Made from top-quality PE and PP synthetic materials, our artificial grass is incredibly durable and realistic, providing you with year-round green enjoyment.

The thick, 1.2″ grass blades are soft to the touch and create a lush, natural look that is perfect for any indoor or outdoor space. 

And because it is water permeable with built-in drainage holes, SHACOS Artificial Grass is easy to clean and dry so no more mowing, watering, or fertilizing! 

13. TURSTIN Artificial Grass

Another great choice is the TURSTIN Artificial Grass

This mat is made of high-quality polyethylene and polypropylene yarns, with a black latex permeable backing that is anti-skid and durable. 

The realistic grass appearance will provide you with year-round green enjoyment, while the good air permeability and drainage keep your floor dry.

This artificial grass door mat is a great alternative to real grass, and is the perfect way to add a touch of nature to your home without a lot of time or maintenance!

14. JLTKJ Artificial Grass

The JLTKJ Artificial Grass is made of premium PE materials.

This artificial grass looks and feels real, providing a realistic training experience for your furry friend.

The synthetic turf is soft to the touch, safe on sensitive paws, and features rapid drainage to avoid any messes. 

Best of all, this artificial grass can be used for more than just potty training!

Place this mini artificial lawn with a shorter pile height in your pet’s cage to make them feel more comfortable.

Or use it as a mud mat to collect dirt from your pet’s muddy paws before it gets tracked into your house. 

15. HQ4us Dog Grass Pad with Tray

Next up on our list to help you find the best artificial turf for dogs is the HQ4us Dog Grass Pad!

This 2-piece set comes with realistic artificial turf that can be replaced on a daily basis, and a black rubber back that ensures the turf stays in place.

One of the more important things about this fake grass is that it is also resistant to biting, making it a great option for puppies who are still exploring their mouths.

Because it is so durable, you can let your dog run on this turf, without being worried about it being destroyed from some more rough play in your outdoor space.

The specially designed drainage grate also helps to separate the disposable pads from the grass, making it easier to clean up after your pet. 

16. Fortune-star Artificial Grass Rug

The Fortune-star Artificial Grass Rug is a high-quality artificial grass rug that looks and feels realistic.

This rug is soft and dense, with a deep green color that will stay vibrant year-round, making it one of the best products for those searching for pet-friendly artificial grass that has a more natural look.

It’s perfect for indoor or outdoor use, and easy to clean!

Made of durable polyethylene and polypropylene yarn, this rug is built to last against fading and wear. 

This is a great way to create beautiful, pet-friendly landscaping without all the hassle and maintenance of natural grass. 

So give your dogs the gift of year-round green turf enjoyment!

17. ZGR Artificial Garden Grass

If you’re looking for a lawn that looks great and is easy to maintain, look no further than ZGR Artificial Garden Grass

This heavy-duty turf is made of high-quality materials and is designed to last for years.

It’s perfect for any indoor or outdoor space, and requires no mowing, watering, or fertilizing.

Simply hose it down with any garden hose once in a while to keep it clean and fresh-smelling.

It’s also non-toxic and safe for pets and children, making it the best option for pet owners with families.

You can basically create your own pet zen garden with this grass as well!

18. PET GROW PG1-4

The PET GROW PG1-4 is a grass rug that features grass that is about 1.37 inches in length and is made of high-quality synthetic material.

This makes it super durable and you can watch out for any dog poop.

It also has a rubber backing with drainage holes, so it can dry quickly. Plus, it’s perfect for all indoor and outdoor projects. 

And since there’s no mowing or watering required, it’s an excellent surface for pets and kids to play on.

19. CABASAA 6 PCS Artificial Grass Tile

Here is an easy and effective way to create an artificial grass patch that fits your needs. Check out the CABASAA 6 PCS Artificial Grass Tile

The interlocking design of these tiles makes for easy installation, while the hook fitting style ensures that they remain rigid and in place.

Plus, the tiles are durable and easy to clean, you simply unclip and move them as needed.

20. PICK FOR LIFE Potty Patch

Looking for a convenient and easy-to-use potty solution for your dog? The PICK FOR LIFE Potty Patch is perfect for you!

This triple-layered design features artificial grass on top of a washable pee pad, with a durable base that collects and separates urine.

It’s the perfect solution for apartment training, as it’s comfortable and realistic in appearance.

Plus, the drain hole ensures excellent permeability. Keep your floor and carpet clean with this product!

This grass patch looks and feels real, making it the perfect place for your pet to relieve themselves.

The natural appearance of the grass will make your pet feel comfortable and relaxed, making potty training a breeze. 

The Artificial Grass Patch is made from non-toxic polypropylene material and is soft and lush under your pet’s paws.

21. Cestavie Artificial Grass Rug

If you are looking for a high-quality artificial grass that looks and feels like the real thing, check out the Cestavie Artificial Grass Rug

This artificial grass is made of advanced UV resistant yarns, polyethylene fabric, and durable latex backing.

The 4 tone patterns are soft, lush, and with 0.8″ blade height, they look just like natural grass. Perfect for all indoor and outdoor projects!

This artificial grass is non-toxic and lead-free, making it an excellent surface for pets and kids to play on.

It is also great for patios, camping, tailgates, entertainment areas, and home décor.

22. PETMAKER Puppy Pad

The PETMAKER Puppy Pad is a three-layer potty training system that makes accidents a thing of the past. 

From puppyhood to old age, this easy to use and clean grass mat provides a sanitary place for your pet to relieve themselves both indoors and out.

Perfect for apartments, balconies, and patios, this potty solution is far superior to disposable pads. 

Not only will you save money in the long run, but you can also avoid any messy accidents.

Easy to set up and clean, this mat features a durable collection tray that collects liquid waste for easy disposal. 

23. PetSafe Pet Loo

The PetSafe Pet Loo is perfect for busy pet parents or those that live in small spaces. 

The covered waste bin and Wee Sponge powder work together to trap smells and keep the potty odor-free.

Plus, the Pee-Pod slides out of the base for easy clean-up, and the synthetic grass mat is easy to clean with water. 

The Pet Loo is perfect for smaller spaces such as RVs, campers, apartments, and patios.

It’s also great for medium dogs, like Beagles, Cocker Spaniels, French Bulldogs, and Corgis.

24. MTGRASS Artificial Grass Turf

Next up on our list for the best artificial turf for dogs is the MTGRASS Artificial Grass Turf

This top-quality turf is perfect for both pets and people, featuring mixed woven straight and curved blades for a realistic look and feel.

The high-quality polypropylene material provides superior anti-slip and resilience properties, making it perfect for indoor or outdoor use. 

Whether you’re looking for the perfect fake grass for your dog’s play area, or want to spruce up your balcony, patio, or deck, this turf is perfect for any space.

It’s also great for parties or small weddings!

25. ALTRUISTIC Artificial Grass

A way to add some life to your outdoor space is with the ALTRUISTIC Artificial Grass

This thick and realistic grass is perfect for any outdoor living area, and it looks and feels just like real grass!

With a 4-tone color scheme, this turf is soft and lush, and it will provide you with year-round green enjoyment!

Made of high-quality synthetic materials, our artificial grass is durable and easy to clean so you won’t have to worry about the smell of dog urine!

Plus, it’s safe and friendly for both pets and children. 

What To Remember

When picking any artificial turf product, it is important to make sure you are getting the right pet-friendly turf. The good news is that synthetic pet turf is usually made with premium materials!

So whether you are looking to replace a real grass lawn in your back yard or for something for easy cleanup indoors, you are sure to find the right product for you.

Be sure to check the square feet on the products because they come in all different sizes.

That is the scoop on the best artificial turf for dogs! Now you and your pet can enjoy the outdoors.

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